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Nobody’s Fool: Laura Ingraham

Nobody’s Fool

Laura Ingrahamm gave one of the very BEST speeches at the Republican Convention in 2016. It was incredible. I also remember Ted Cruz NOT supporting Trump at that convention, but saying “vote you conscience.” Not “vote for Trump.”  I thought it was sad. He could have shown so much more class. Instead, he showed an angry loser.

Laura, on the other hand, is always classy. And a lot smarter than Ted Cruz.

This week she wins the Nobody’s Fool Award for always being on the side of good old fashioned American common sense.

I don’t get to watch her much, so, I really did enjoy this.

Congratulations Laura! It’s hard to follow Hannity, but you do it…and you don’t miss a thing.

You ARE surely, Nobody’s Fool.  Ann Coulter…eat your heart out.

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