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Wow, they Censored Nadia…Thanks a lot BLM

Nobody Wonders.

Today, Biles, the BLM talented BLACK American Olympic gymnastic wonder, quit the team Olympics team. I didn’t see it, I’ll watch it tonight, but I heard someone comment “It showed poor sportsmanship.”

She said she quit due to mental issues, pertaining to the sexual abuse by a team doctor from the LAST Olympic session in which she won gold. She missed a LOT of her landings this time, and so, if she was being abused THEN, why did she do so good, and what was this really about? Her ego? The sports casters have been making her a global sensation, calling her the best athlete of all time. Somewhat of an stretch, but when there is much money to be made in “woke” black and gay hero’s they really milk it.

Biles is great, no doubt about it, but I remember Nadia. Nadia may not have done as hard a routine, but she was SO graceful, so beautiful to just watch. She was perfection. Biles on the other hand is all muscle. Not much grace. It’s like watching two different animals. To be fair, you should not compare the two physics, they are so different from each other, but Nadia, was always…perfection. Biles, hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Maybe she’s just too old. Nadia didn’t go through the ‘woke’ worship before the Olympics. So, she didn’t have that “I’ve got to be superhuman” on her mind.

I watched the team during the first session, of course they didn’t show much of the other nations competitors, but Russia was leading in points. Her scores were bringing the team down, so…she quit. Or so…it was obvious in front of the whole world, she just was having a bad day. But her teammates were all doing good. They counted on her to be even better, but, she had already been anointed. Goodness knows how many company contracts were already signed.

Compare HER attitude to the men’s American team. They stayed in fifth place pretty much throughout the tournament, and yet, their spirits were high, and they put on a great performance. They seemed happy just to be there.

Not Biles. She looked pissed off a lot, and pretty much the diva. Girls can be so vicious. I’m sure there were some bad moments in the teams.

But it takes a true champion to NOT quit. The fact that she stayed to ‘cheer’ on the team, was being praised, but really, are we going to get an Oprah moment out of this? My friend said IF she had stayed, they WOULD have won the gold.


What happened? “Oh…there was a racist comment from …yada, yada…” We’ll see.

Anyway, Nobody remembers the moment Nadia scored the first perfect 10 in the Olymics.


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Nobody’s Fool: Larry Kudlow

Nobody’s Fool: Nobody explains the horror of what Biden has done with regards to our energy and our nation than Larry Kudlow. For all the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA, garbage that we went through for 4 years as the demoncrats went out to destroy Trump, there is not a peep from any of them about giving Russia full control over Europe’s fate.

Hillary gave Russia our uranium…and you can bet…Biden is making a LOT of money off this deal.

So is Merkel.

Sadly, very few people are putting this in the persecprctive that it should be, but Larry does a great job.

Larry, is NOBODY’s FOOL.

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The Demons of Davos VS the People of the World: An Olympic Fight

Nobody’s Opinion

Watching the empty seats in all the Olympic today, was a clear picture of just how powerful this COVID reset has been. No matter how good the TV camera shot are, they can’t FILL in people in the stands.

But the question is: Will this be the new future? One virus being released after another: keeping people all over the world from gathering in crowds at all?

But people are gathering. They gathered in Arizona. Finding President Trump’s speech on ANY major TV channel was hard. Only one or two carried any of it. I doubt many people saw it. But the blast-offs of Bezos, and Virgin Harry’s great rockets, got full weekly coverage. It was so full of gushing billionaire worship, it got nauseating.

The world is now getting angry.  MILLIONS of people all over the planet are rising up against the tyranny that is being forced on them if they DON’T get vaccinated.

From all that I’ve managed to read, the vaccinated still get Covid, and will have to keep getting vaccinated forever more. Masks and controlling our lives will go on forever if this cabal of Davos Demons continue to rule the world.

Sweden, never locked down, and there’s not one Covid Death…so that’s proof in itself that the fear and tyranny being fostered upon the planet is about a communist takeover, not a virus.

Here in America, we still have STATES. The law for mandatory vaccines has not been passed yet, but be assured, Biden will follow Macron’s dictatorship soon, if the states and the local governments do not dictate it.

Here’s Obama’s butt-buddy’s, Rahm’s Emanuel’s statement this Sunday:


Emanuel said, “I agree. I’m the son of a pediatrician…The fact is no child can show up at school without showing their immunizations, smallpox and measles. You have to make this familiar to people. Second is, I would close the space. If you want to participate in activities, you have to show you are vaccinated. So, it becomes a reward-punishment system. You make your own calculation. The fact is there’s data this week that 30% of health care workers are not vaccinated. They have got to lead by example.”

He added, “My own recommendation is the religious community ecumenically, across the board needs to speak up and encourage people. So, you hit all populations with a singular message. I do give credit to the White House, whether it’s Fox TV or Republican leaders, getting a chorus of voices, across the spectrum, not just political, religious et cetera, with a singular message and lead by example.”


First…kids long ago, were all coming down with smallpox, polio and measles. There ARE no children that have died from Covid alone, or even proof that they HAVE it, or proof that they are carriers of the virus. That is a bold face lie. And to use the ‘religious’ community to put pressure on people who don’t get the vaccine is typical tyranny. Something Obama, and his buddies the Emanuel brothers are famous for.

Sadly, lots of Christians will follow this advice blindly, because the churches themselves are being seized by the ‘communist’ state.

But the E.U. has come to obey the Davos Demons and made NOT getting a vaccine a crime: And the people of Europe are not happy about it.

Here’s a few pages lifted from various articles:


Tens of thousands of people in France protested the government’s decision to introduce a vaccine passport and mandatory vaccination for certain professions this weekend. France’s vaccine passport will prohibit people from entering restaurants, bars, museums, and more if they cannot provide evidence of vaccination or a recent negative test.

Similar massive protests against vaccine passports and lockdown restrictions have also been held in the UK, Italy, and Australia.

French President Emmanuel Macron argued on Sunday that refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is not “freedom” because anti-vaxxers infect and kill others through their “irresponsibility” and “egoism.”

World leaders have revealed their true fascist nature by requiring COVID passports under threat of jail time as the coronavirus scamdemic shifts to a more insidious phase of their Great Reset: jabbing every person on Earth with the experimental mRNA shot.


And they have stated from the beginning that that is their goal. Fauci, Gates, universities, and I’m sure we would find out many of the Davos Demons will make TRILLONS off these vaccines that will go on forever more…

Unless, the whole world refuses.

Our Presidential elections was rigged. Tonight, as I watched the gymnastics of the American team at the Olympics, the darling Biles made huge mistakes, and yet, they ignored them all and placed her at the top. To me, it looked rigged.

Of course, it was: It’s all about the money and if you join their cause.

The Demons of Davos against the world?  Who will win?

One thing for sure: It’s going to be an Olympic fight.

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The Greater Good WILL Get Vaccinated–OR ELSE.

Nobody Flashes

As I have told my readers, every summer, I go swimming at my local pool. And this summer, the COVID Summer, the pool has been closed we are told, because the city is going Bankrupt. It’s easy to understand why. It’s been run by democrats for over 50 years. All the major manufacturing industries that the city depended upon, moved to China.

But, instead, the schools grew. I won’t go into the stats here, but to reflex on an incident that happened last week. As I wrote, I got a flyer in the mail which said on August 3, a vote was being put up for higher property taxes, and THESE taxes would go to pay for all community college students, along with building new places and new labs for them to learn. Really, part of Biden’s ‘infrastructure.

MOST of our property taxes go to pay for the schools, and it’s mostly retired people who now live here, and most of them on Social Security. But, the expenses for these schools has grown. Not only do we supply breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also supply free medical care for all the kids under 18. I think we pay quite enough.

Most of the woman that I swim with all go to church. And one women in particular really got heated up when I swam into a bunch of them and asked them if they had read what they had gotten in the mail.

NONE of them had. They all threw it away, mostly because they couldn’t read the small print. I had to get a magnifying glass just to see it. So, I told them they should read it because they would be voting on an increase on their property taxes.

Betty (Not here real name) overheard me and yelled at me, “Don’t let HER tell you how to VOTE!!!”

She practically screamed it at the top of her lungs.

“Well, I just wanted them all to know, that if they didn’t vote, their property taxes were going to go up, and it was to pay for free college to all who lived or did NOT live in our city.

“Of COURSE we should pay for their college!” she screamed.

“Well, we pay for everything else.” Last year, our property taxes went up on average $500 a house to pay for all new computers for the kids and teachers. And they were out all year.

The thinking of this women is I was being selfish NOT to support paying for other kids community college. Realized, that many of us older people, pay for school 1-12 and we don’t even have kids in schools.

Where does it stop this universal welfare?

I have noticed that the progressives are using the churches as promotors of “The collective” hive where you must sacrifice all that you have to the ‘community’ or be branded as an evil person.

As you know, I think Americans are taxed far too much as it is, and now that they are bankrupting the country in order to make it communist so that the few criminals at the top can control the world forever…well…

It’s not going to end well.

But, it’s not just that she disagreed with me, it was her raging hatred that was alarming.

So I said to the crowd. (Who call themselves Mermaids….)

“Beatty is right. You should all read it, and if you think that you want to pay for the college education of everyone, you should vote yes. If you think that you do NOT want your property taxes to go up to pay for college education, then you should vote no.”

She shut up. What could she say?

You can’t argue with stupid, but I’m sure, she’s still ranting to the “Mermaids” about how selfish I am.

What she doesn’t know, is there WERE a more than a few woman who said, “I didn’t read it!” in horror.

Of course they didn’t.

And that’s why the print was so small.

And that’s why, Beatty will be the first to turn me in when they come to arrest those people who will NOT join the state and do what’s “good for the many.”

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Nobody Flashes: Love

Nobody Flashes

I have had dogs all my life, and each one of them, gave unconditional love.

And protection. And laughter. If you are down, just watch your dog smile. It’s amazing how quickly you forget the world.

As many famous people have noted, some prefer dogs to humans.

When haven’t we all thought that at one time or another?


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So, McCloskey Wants To Be A Senator? Nobody Smells a Scam…

Nobody Knows.

We all watched as a President who got the most votes in American history was destroyed with the help of China and rigged machines, AND then silenced on all media platforms, AND then has been continued to be destroyed by Congress.

President Trump was attacked as if he was Putin.

So, remember as I suggest this, that the powers in the world that want to take it over, and put Marxists dictators in place for the “Great Reset”, knows they have to convince the public that it’s all about ‘saving’ America.

Missouri, in any election, has always been a pivotal place. That’s why, even though most of the state is conservative, the governors have always been democrats or RINOS…and they disguise their corruption very well. They always talk as if they are the best of conservatives, and yet, they join the democrats in many votes in D.C..

When this couple, the McCloskeys, were ostracized in St. Louis for trying to protect their home from being attacked, everyone up to President Trump came to their defense. IN that group, there was a BLM woman leading the protest in front of that house, and her name was Cory Bush, who now is in Congress. She is a full-blown racist and got lots of money from George Soros, and then Viola! She now represents all of Missouri.

I thought the fact that SHE was in that protest group very much a coincidence since right after, she went to D.C. Like the Wuhan virus coming out of Wuhan…common sense says: Wait, what are the odds?

It was FIRST reported that McCloskey and his wife were democratic lawyers. And that neighborhood where they lived is very elite and FILLED with Democrats. I know, because I used to date Brett Cervantes, who lived in that neighborhood and whose father was the major of St. Louis for many years, and was responsible for the building of the Arch. But…if you look at his ad for governor, it’s about catering to the conservatives that make up America. Eric Grieten was a very popular governor, and they took him out with a sex scandal among other corruptions. An XNAVY Seal, Grieten truly was a man of the people. And he is running for the job again.

It’s my Nobody Opinion that this whole gun-totting supposed attack on the rich lawyers was a staged event, in order to get the governor the elites really want. And I say this because SOROS’s BLM were the ones ‘breaking’ the gate to get into that neighborhood. Notice his gun. Notice HER little gun. Looking at the scene again, it looked staged. The whole thing. These are VERY rich people, and they would NOT have come out of their house, trust me on that. They would have called the police, or just stayed inside. Notice, them waving the guns around? Didn’t look like either one of them had ever held a gun before.

Fooling the masses is the new scam. Pretending to be patriots when they are not…we just saw this scam with the coffee company who were catering to patriots and gun owners.

Remember the company that sold the patriot coffee? All their ads were filled with veterans and guns etc, and now the CEO has come out and trashed every gun-toting conservative patriotic American. Sorry.

They HAVE to control the top positions, so the globalists lie, cheat, and the propaganda is strong. Missouri has always been a strong conservative state. That’s why, they NEED people they can control at the top. Governor Nixon called out the National Guard to protect the town in Ferguson, but he did NOT send them in. He let the town burn.

I always thought Roy Blunt was a conservative. I thought the Bushes were. Sadly, we have found out just how much they have sold our country to the global interests and their own pocketbooks. They are RINOS. So…

Follow the money. Follow the power, and expect blatant lies at every turn. Just watch the video from McClosky and ask yourself…are you being scamed?

Nobody Wonders. But, when George Soros is handing out the money, I don’t put anything past them.

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Remember, Jeff’s Parents Gave Him the Money to start Amazon…

Nobody Wonders.

Remember when Trump was running for President in 2016 and every bozo reporter reported that Trump got over a million dollars from his father to start his company? How come it was such a scandal with Trump, but not Bezos? Jeff’s parents gave him as much to start Amazon and yet I have not heard one reporter say a bad thing about that.

If you watched the launch of Jeff’s great orgasmic lift-off on TV you would have thought it was the greatest thing since Obama said he was running for President.

While everyone was saying it was such a great thing to witness, all I could think about was the day Obama put the last shuttle on a truck and rolled it into a museum. America ended it’s space program that day. From that day forward we had to pay Russia to take us up. Russia and China have been doing who knows WHAT in space, and President Trump started Space Force. He was trying to save and protect us. Obama was, as usual, leaving us defenseless. China and Russia use space for military attacks. And China does NOT want police on the ground, or our weapons in space.

America has NO clue..

Our media is hyping how WONDERFUL it is that our very rich playboys are funding rockets into space, but for what purpose? To make themselves richer. That’s it. Sorry. Bezos rocket to me was a kid with a lot of money, who will now sell the rich 10 minute trips into space. And if he can get that hotel made up there, he will be even richer.

As I watched this farce, I couldn’t help notice that Jeff had a Texas hat on, and thanked all the people who are now forced, and I say forced to buy from Amazon because OUR STORES ARE BEING SHUT DOWN FOREVER!!!

And then, to rub it in our faces more, Jeff gets off his plane and gives Van Jones, Obama’s communist buddy $100,000 and some other guy into food the same.

If you think Amazon, is NOT attached to the communist Obama you might want to think again.

Today, I got an election notice in the mail. We are being ask to VOTE to subsidize with our property taxes ALL students who want to go to the local community colleges, why does this bother me? Here’s how it starts:

****”For the purpose of updating career training programs to enable job growth in critical industries including healthcare, information technology, financial services, biotechnology, and manufacturing, providing safe and secure learning environments yada yada in other words, our property taxes now will go to fund all students and faculty at the local colleges. But, hey! We can vote on it!

In other words…Amazon has moved it’s headquarters right here to my little city, and built a huge complex on top of where the old Ford plant used to be, it’s right next to the airport and just feet away from Boeing. China people are moving here, and Jeff wants employees from the area, mostly blacks, but he wants the taxes of the poor people left here to pay for their education, AND the teachers salaries, AND future infrastructure of his complex as it grows. So, excuse me if I’m not impressed by the love of Bezos with the new Crony/capitalisms New World Order controlling the masses with communism at the bottom, giving the Bezos full “Get out of jail free” to put as many cardboard boxes into the oceans as possible. No wonder he was having a good time. Jealous you say? NO…just mad.

One guy said it well…he said, so you go to school, work hard, just so you can send your BOSS into space!

Zuckerberg’s going to have to get a cowboy hate and a rocket just to catch up.

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Nobody Wonders: How LONG Have They Been Rigging Election?

And WHY are none of the main media showing this very important collection of admitted liars and frauds?

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Nobody’s Fool: KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov

Nobody’s Fool

Even though this was recorded some time ago, Yuri shows us how dangerous the time in America really is. Biden, Obama, the RINO’s have sold us out to communism.

I found this man warning…so important, I am going to watch it twice.

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Maybe The Cubans Will Join Us in OUR Revolution Against the Communists in OUR Country

Nobody’s Opinion

The Cubans are rising up again in protest of their miserable lives, and it’s not the first time. Revolution has long been a hallmark of world history, and according to the historian Henry Adams, President Cleveland could have solved the Cuban problem without a war. But…he didn’t, and left the door open for communism.

And then, Russia stepped in, where America stayed away.

Older Americans, like myself, remember the Cuban missile crisis. I was just a kid, but I do remember my father digging a fallout shelter in the back yard. Thank goodness Eisenhower came to the rescue.

JFK called him to the White House when it all came to blows, and this nobody believes that Eisenhower gave him the solution…but that’s me. It only makes sense that the top general with World War experience would help JFK, the man who, although had been on a PT boat, he couldn’t have had the knowledge of Eisenhower. And yet, Ike let him take the credit for getting out of it. I bet Ike told him how to do it.

But back to Cuba. The Cubans in Florida are wanting Biden to DO SOMETHING! But, Alejandro Mayorkas, the Cuban-American secretary of Homeland Security are telling the people of Cuba, “Don’t even THINK of coming here.”

The last thing Biden wants is free thinking people who have lived under communism when they are trying to implemented it here.

For example: A student here in America, a kid from Venezuela saw this quote on his college wall:  

“The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and wellbeing – that is, the same rights we proclaimed when we began our struggle, in addition to those which emerge from our dreams of justice and equality for all inhabitants of our world – is what I wish for all,” is the quote.

—Fidel Castro.

Sound familiar? Sure, it does. It’s the U.S. democratic platform.

Cuba, just like America, has blacked out the internet in Cuba so he could crackdown at whim; they have commanded neighbors to fight neighbors; and he sent special forces to forcibly remove people from their homes, to beat, arrest, kill.

We aren’t quite there yet, because WE still have guns.

Recently we watched as Hong Kong BEGGED for America to come to their rescue…why didn’t we? China. China’s released virus solved both Trump AND Hong Kong, didn’t it?

We also now watch as the Cubans BEG America to come to their rescue, and why won’t we? Russia.

We are ill equipped to fight either one of them.

Russia AND China have been busy building their influence in South America. What have WE been doing?


Russia reiterated this week its support for Latin American allies, mainly Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua given the standing “external threats,” stated Moscow’s defense minister General Sergey Shoigu who underlined the historic links with the three countries.

Nobody Wonders  WHY did we pick Vietnam to overthrow the communist, when we could have gone into Cuba to, if nothing else, keep Russia away from our shores? Why did our politicians decide to go into the middle East instead of shoring up democracy in South America?

And WHY invite all of South America to come to America and basically turn us into a communists/socialist’s country?

Nobody Wonders. What was in Afghanistan? Opium. What was in Vietnam? The same.

What was in the middle East? Oil.

Who benefited from those ‘resources’ but the elites? President Trump showed us how to be oil independent and stopped making the Saud’s rich.

We have spent billions protecting Europe from Russia, but we couldn’t spend a dime to protect our own selves from Russia taking over Cuba, and having that threat only a few hundred miles from our shores.  

Russia has Cuba. China has North Korea. Small countries to use as their attack dogs.

Nobody Remembers my classmates in Florida whose parents had brought them here to live a better life. The kids were always the smartest in all the classes, and the bravest.

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Paul Joseph Watson & Donald Trump Jr.

Nobody Flashes

Tyranny is worse in Europe, so, when does this happen here? Nobody Wonders. Here’s two interesting items from last week…the thoughts of two of my favorite thinkers: Paul Joseph Watson, who ALWAYS makes sense and great videos’ and Donald Trump Jr., who says what many of us were thinking: What are the odds that lighting strikes Floyd’s picture. He even reminds us that BRICK is not a conductor of electricity. By the way, you can’t find that Twitter tweet of his even on his website he got so much backlash on that comment.

Don Jr. went on to say “I mean you have to wonder if someone, like a higher power, is telling us something here?!?”

Trump Jr. said that what happened to George Floyd shouldn’t happen anywhere but with murals and statues of him appearing in places across the country, “I’m not sure turning him into a deity and a role model for our children is exactly the right idea either.”

His post included a photo of the destroyed mural and he ended the post by asking for thoughts and comments on what he said.

Many agreed with Trump Jr. with him later saying in the comments “I mean when was the last time you heard of a building being destroyed by lightning? A brick wall that’s not a conductor of electricity? This stuff really doesn’t happen that often”.

“If you’re not a believer ask yourself when was the last time you ever heard of a brick wall being blown up by lightening [sic]????” Trump Jr. said in a later identical post.

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Budgie’s Can Teach Us How to Escape

When I took my husband to the ER yestesday, the whole day I was worried about my little budgie, who the day before had somehow been injured. I have six parakeets, in a BIG cage. Somehow, while I was away, the smallest member injured his foot and beak and the blood was everywhere! I expected him to die right away, as birds do not have much blood, so I put him in a little cage right next to his buddies.

Of course, in the morning (read yesterday’s post) we went to the ER and were gone all day. I made SURE that the little budgie had food and water, even though he was all by himself.

When we came home, I was frantic…because he was NOT in that little cage. I was SURE he was dead…but where was he?

There I was going around the house calling his name. There is an important note. He’s NEVER been out of that cage except to go to a doctor visit. I don’t let my birds fly around…but I did noticed when I left that he wasn’t happy about being in that little cage.

When I got home, I was flabbergasted. You guessed it. He was back in the big cage with all his buddies, sitting on his favorite perch. Even all cleaned up from his blood.

WTH? I thought…did someone come into our house and put him there? (No, all doors were locked.)

Was I just delusional and I put him there myself? (No, I did NOT want him to be in the other cage for awhile.)

Did God swope down and just put him there? (Well, God might have had a hand in it, because clearly, parakeets do NOT like isolation and want to be with THEIR freinds.

After seeing these two video’s I figured out that my little budgie just managed to open his little door, and get into the bigger cage himself.

God made birds smart. Too bad he missed so many humans!

Enjoy! By the way, my little Wickey is fine and singing happily.

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Nobody Visits the ER: or EVERYBODY Should Visit the ER

Nobody Reports

Yesterday, my husband took off work because he wasn’t feeling well. He had just had his yearly check-up the day before, and so, after talking with his doctor, we decided to be “safe” and go to the ER.

Trust me: NOBODY is safe in an ER.

Wow. If you want to know the state of America from how well it takes care of it’s “sick” just go walk around your local hospital. You are hearing on the news that they are overwhelmed. That’s true. But it’s NOT from Covid cases, it’s from the fact that they’ve set up a system that lets everybody else suffer.

Regular people with illnesses are being, let me say this carefully: unattended. Erased. Ignored.

And it’s a system set up on purpose to triage the old.

It’s pretty obvious.

FIRST: and let me make this clear. We were in the waiting rooms for 6 hours, and it was jammed pack, and there was, as far as I could tell, not ONE case of Covid.  COVID, and it was obvious to anyone who had grown up in yesteryear’s medical system, was just another name for the GREAT RESET.

Covid is being used to get rid of the sick, the old, and the ‘useless eaters.’

Our medical system didn’t just break down overnight. It broke down along with the American culture. Now, there are more gunshot wounds, more heart attacks, and strokes, taking place, and if you are OVER 65, I don’t care if your dying of your last breath, that young black kid who just got shot trying to highjack a car, will get first priority. And there are only so many doctors and beds in the E.R. Every hour you might get three or more gunshot victims. Those beds go quickly. And Obamacare got rid of half of all the good doctors.

They retired.

That’s a fact. If you can afford the ambulance ride, you probably won’t have to sit in the waiting room to die, a lesson that some people in my waiting room were kicking themselves over because their 84-year-old mom was sitting in the ‘sick’ emergency room, had just soiled her pants, and they wouldn’t let the family go and take care of her. The family was so upset, as they shouted at each other sitting, of course, in their ‘marked’ seats, which were six feet apart.

Why were they NOT allowed to help their mother? First thing that was ridiculous is that when you walked in, the sick person was told to stay in one room, while the family members were led to a waiting room, which was nothing else but a hallway with kitchen chairs set ten feet apart. Most of the people in the ER waiting room were old.  Most were the elderly, dealing with concerns about their high blood pressure. Most in wheelchairs. So, right away, the family members, were separated from helping their mothers and fathers, slumped over with fear, grief, and pain. No one could help them to the bathroom.

This of course was insane. If you don’t have enough nurses to take care of those sick waiting for hours, you let the FAMILY members help. But no, those members might have COVID!

And by the way…pain is the new ‘norm’.  The doctors can’t help you, period.

My husband was sitting next to a 70-year-old man who had been puking in a bag for over three hours. He was clearly dehydrated. The nearest soda vending machine took about 10 minutes to get there.

I have seen the mess before. I bet you have too. I remember taking my paralyzed mother to a hospital emergency and she laid in a hallway for over 8 hours, getting sicker by the minute. There were many gunshot victims that night.

But at least they let me stay with her. That was in 2001, before the great COVID RESET.

The doctors are being told they ALL must be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Trust me, most of them want their choice to vaccinated or not too. They’re not stupid.

The nurses and the doctors are being blamed for this mess, and it’s not their fault that the CDC is the new dictator of their lives, and they now have to take their orders from the CDC. They know the masks do not work. They have to deal with an insane medical FUBAR beyond their own making.

Their desire to heal is being uprooted to “just do the tests and shut up.” Their own power is being erased.

When we finally got into the ER, for blood tests, the nurse told us we were lucky. The waiting was usually 14 hours, we got in in eight.

But, what I thought was even scarier was the fact that as I sat in a room with twenty other people, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people were texting on their phone. Nobody was talking. I was BORED out of my mind. It was surreal. People are being brainwashed to relay on their cellphones for comfort. And to stay away from other people. I tried to start up a conversation, but it was obvious the “don’t talk to me, you might have Covid” had been cemented in their brains with a powerful propaganda glue.

And they have no clue that they are being trained for the new world of “cellular” connections. People are not to be trusted…your cell phone is.

Never mind that they can’t see faces. This is so you will NOT figure out what’s happening to your life.

It’s on purpose, this great ‘reset.’

I could go on with this…but I’m hoping the doctors will raise up with the rest of humanity and say “NO.”

There IS a better way. They should say…


 But, like the rest of us, they want to not upset their lives or jobs.

It’s insane what they are doing to the world.

My husband is sleeping soundly now. They gave him some kind of cocktail…I’m sure everyone get it.

I can’t WAIT to see the bill.

They have taken the great medical system of America and destroyed it. If you are a ‘somebody’ you will get great care, a senator, or such. But the rest of us?

You might have to go to jail to get treated.

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George Floyd Mural Destroyed: What are the odds? Supernatural?

Nobody Knows

If this had been an image of President Trump on a wall, and it was destroyed by lighting, you KNOW that it would be all over the media, every cable channel, every radio station, that it was an “act of God.”

But…today. Silence. Even the Climate Change fear mongels had nothing to say, fearful themselves that it would be pointed out by somebody that…


What are the odds that this huge image would be destroyed by a lighting bolt?

Really. What are the odds?

Anyone? When is Obama going to come out and condemn….God? Or even blame it on climate change?

Nobody Wonders if they will just repair it. And THEN…Nobody Knows if it happens again, if anyone of the race haters will get the hint.

The only one who knows the answer to that IS… know who.

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