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Is There A REAL Doctor in the House?

Nobody Wins

“I wanted to toss him out the window.” said my husband.

Of course, the window had no opening and we were on the fifth floor. He was talking about his doctor, who had just yelled at him from across the room.

“PUT ON YOUR MASK!” he said. And rather rudely.

My husband’s American flag mask was just below his nose. We had been waiting for an hour, inside the room, and while my husband was thinking these thoughts I was thinking “CLEARLY, as a doctor he KNOWS that the cloth masks are worthless? Is he just stupid or what?”

Neither of us said a word, because we were asking for a slip dismissing my husband from getting the vaccine should his company ask for it. The doctor went on to inform us, it was the ONLY letter of dismissal he was writing…to show us how we were the ONLY ones getting this, but he could not FIND it.

“I KNOW I wrote this.” he said. In fact, he had assured me by email that he had written it and had it all prepared. He spent about 20 minutes looking for it on his computer, and since we were the last patients of the day, he decided to write a new one. (No doubt, it was erased.)

“You know, due to his blood clotting issues, the blood doctor told us that this disorder only happens in .00001 people in the WORLD. It’s that rare. We don’t want to take a chance.” I reminded him.

My husband put up his finger and said, “Last year, I cut the tip of my finger off, and the bone flew across the room, and I bled…about the size of a needle point. That’s how little I bleed.”

“Yeah, I once saw him put a deep cut into his hand. NO blood at all.” I said.

Was the doctor buying this? It was all true.  I was wondering if we shouldn’t change doctors…because LAST time we saw him, he was really upset about the mandate for doctors.

 “They want us all to get vaccinated!” he told us, last time we were there. It was on the news that the hospital he worked for, were going to fire anyone who did not get vaccinated. Over 40% of the hospital staff walked out. He said that the emergency ward was really screwed up, and doctors really didn’t know much at all.

We wondered at the time, if he had grown a brain. He was so nice the last time we saw him.

This time not. Dr. Jekyll had stuffed Mr. Hyde back in his coat pocket.

I asked him how he treated his Covid patients, and he admitted, he was glad it wasn’t up to him.

WHAT? I should have asked him. Okay, so who is deciding who lives and dies? If not you…who? Biden? But…we needed that excuse because it really was that important. So, we kept quiet. In other words, the doctors are not deciding in these hospitals the treatments for Covid patients.

THAT’s scary.

“I think your husband has more of a chance of dying from Covid.” He said.

Clearly, an idiot. My husband works with the public every day…and he hasn’t gotten it. Neither have I, although many of my neighbors have, and one lady who is around vaccinated people all day came down with a bad form, and so did her husband. But it was like having a bad flu she said.

The doctor went on, “I have had the vaccine AND the booster shot!” he bragged. Then he went on to say that the virus causes brain damage, nerve damage, and yada yada…I asked him if he had heard of Robert Malone, the inventor the mRNI.

He had never heard of him. “Is he a fraud?” I asked, testing him.

Oh, probably he said.

With that answer I thought it was time to find out WHY this young man, who really had treated my husband’s conditions with great care, WHY the big change…

“Do you have any children?” I asked.

“I have three. One, four, and five.”

BOOM. There’s your answer. Wife doesn’t work, can’t lose his job, really not the brightest bulb in the socket. OBEY. OBEY. OBEY.

Pretty sad that they set up Obamacare, released the virus, and let in millions of sick people to Texas. Shots are free to us now of course, (Really not, because our taxes pay for them.) but trillions are being made by Fauci on these vaccines, and IF you do not go along with the New World Order you WILL starve and so will your family.

I remember when doctors had more b__lls. (You fill in the blanks.) But then again, what could he do? Babies to support.

Later I wondered if some camera was on him, because he kept talking about how the vaccine works etc, and you can’t tell me he couldn’t see the deer look in our eyes. I was wondering if camera’s are put in all the rooms for the hospitals to monitor the doctors AND the patients.

I wondered if he was being monitored by his superiors because he was actually giving a permission slip out.

How can you trust doctors anymore? I was reading in AARP last month how NOW they have decided that Covid can cause damage to the heart. They are already putting the spin out that its the virus that will be causing all the heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes, NOT the vaccine.

NO. It’s the vaccine that can cause damage to the heart. That’s the spin they will use when everybody starts dying. Robert Malone has come out this week to day that it’s actually poisonous.

They know this, and yet, millions of doctors have to choose: Choose your patients, or choose your profession, and who will pay off that student loan then?

What’s the lesson here? Your doctor has no control. Besides: the more sick people, the more money HE makes.

He is, after all, only human.

Final Note: Robert Malone reports that they have found out that the vaccine is actually, full of poison…shhhhh…don’t tell my doctor.


A Canadian cancer vaccine researcher said last week, “We made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now,” said Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist and associate professor at University of Guelph, Ontario. “We thought the spike protein was a great target antigen, we never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic protein. So by vaccinating people we are inadvertently inoculating them with a toxin,” the Defender reports.

There was a peer-reviewed study…the spike protein that the vaccine causes our body to manufacture…gets distributed throughout the blood system, but probably even greater concern for is this evidence that the vaccine itself — that carries the little blueprint for the spike protein coronavirus — goes throughout the body and seeds all kinds of tissues including at quite high concentrations…un, the ovaries…

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Nobody Wonders: Global Tyranny: Is this 1984 Come Again?

Nobody Wonders

Right now, we are witnessing the most tyrannical threat to the world since WWII. Somewhere long ago, the ‘elites’ of the world, decided to make the world more equal. And so, politicians were paid off, and the governments started handing over their power to the multinational companies. After all, it was a way to let them KEEP their jobs and make them all rich.

Covid was released, and who benefitted? The BIG stores, and all small business competition were whipped off the map. Multinational companies made trillions.

Notice the restaurants were hit the hardest because that’s where most people get good meat.

For too long the elites have wanted to keep people from eating a good steak. They made up the ridiculous lie that cows farts lead to global warming. They now threaten starvation coming.

Should we doubt them? And just who ARE the men behind this?

We are seeing this happen right now. The vaccine for Covid has been mandated by the American “President” Joe Biden. All companies must force their employees to get the vaccine or be fired.

So, First: It’s a MANDATE, not a law passed by Congress. Congress has now put its power in the hands of the multinational companies to force whatever tyranny they want to impose on the people.

THIS IS AGAINST OUR CONSTITUTION. Only Congress can make laws. So, they made a law that said all the President has to do is declare an emergency and voila! THEY can arrest you for just about anything!

Like going to a rally on Jan 6 to protest the Coup.

You see, they just bypass the Constitution with these stupid mandates.

You and your family starve, or you do what we want. If your loved one dies from the vaccine, Congress has given the big pharmaceutical companies a free pass. They cannot be sued.

This merger of the multinational companies with our politicians has been building over decades. And now, CHINA has grabbed that sucker by the balls and is basically bringing the world to its Knees.

The end game: China communistic rule for the planet. Rich suckers at the top. To do that, they had to release the virus, and use fear to take away everyone’s rights. (See video below)

Daddy Bush’s globalization plans for the world is a horror film. Daddy Bush, should go down in history as the man who kicked-started the global erasing of all borders. And there were many others in the background who worked hard on bringing on this “THIRD WAY” as Bill Clinton used to call it.

Whatever you call it, it means permanent horror for humanity:

A Globalist makes this statement from 1975:

Efforts to organize for peace are hopeless in a world of nationalism, and if we are ever going to have an international order, it will have to rest on a new extranational body—the corporation whose “manager, governors, and authorities think in extranational terms, whose personnel are indifferent to the nation-states except as impediments.

He goes on:

Global corporations account for the majority of the economy’s transactions. The conglomerate characteristic of global corporations and the nature of global oligopoly explain a category of structural transformation. The sheer power of these economic giants has out-stripped the ability of states to control them. The nation-state to the global corporation is a threat to the very survival of civilization.

Have we now just handed over our country to China? Have our politicians all worked towards giving our country up too communism to line their own pockets?

Consider that now, you can lose your job if you don’t get the Fauci vaccine. Is that American? Didn’t the Nazi’s do this to the Jews? Is this a very wall planned out takeover from China? The “Sun Zu taking over a country without firing a shot?” And more importantly, how many of our own ruling political class have been bought by China to make this happen?

That’s another blog isn’t it?

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Southwest Airlines: Pilots Stand

Nobody Reports

By now, you may have heard, that the pilots of Southwest Airlines are banding together to fight the vaccine mandate.

Many years ago, I performed as a one woman show in the barroom of a local hotel called “Henry the VIII.” It really was beautiful on the outside, and it sat right on the edge of the airport at Lambert field.

 You could see the runways from its windows. And since it was close to the airport, many a night the pilots would all come in for their drinks. And there were two categories of pilots: The jet boys…the mavericks, the Top Guns, were always pretty drunk, and rowdy, fun to be sure, but Top Gun the movie doesn’t even come close to these guys and their antics. One night I was furious at one guy because he wouldn’t give me back my shoe. He wanted to drink out of it. The table of guys were having great fun watching this guy drink beer out of my red pump.

The shoe was very expensive and I knew he would ruin it, and he would not even pay for it. I was a single parent and had a young boy to support. One pair of shoes meant that I would be short for the week.

That shows…class. (Not) I was right. I walked out shoeless after the job.

And then there were the Southwest Pilot. They came in early. They did NOT drink. They were polite, clean, respectful, and they would sit quietly and listen to me sing. They were more disciplined than American pilots or any of the other carriers. They were just…the top. And they were in bed by 9 p.m.

Once in a while I would talk to them, and always thought, whenever I flew, I would fly Southwestern. They took their job seriously. And they were adamant about being fully in charge of their planes. I thought it was very rare to find such outstanding young men. I once asked them, and they said it was company policy. But it must have been that the company itself only picked out the best to fly their planes.

The jet pilots, on the other hand, acted many times as 16- year old’s.

So, it was no surprise to me to hear that the Southwest pilots were the first to come out and stand up for freedom.

Be sure to see this young man’s video.

For Biden to INSIST that people lose their jobs or get fired, is tyranny, and a crime worthy of Stalin’s worst.

They are mad, and so, cudo’s to this pilot. Let’s hope they inspire more to come.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure not to miss it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Russell Brand

Here’s the good news: More and more outrageous corruption is being exposed and Youtube has yet to ban the video’s. So, once again, this Nobody is posting one man who is trying to expose with simple common sense and his own twist of humor, the many corrupt elites who rule our lives.

You have to KNOW what’s wrong to find the solution right? The main problem is: the system as Russell points out, is set up to protect them all.

Russell Brand proves every day that he is NOBODY’s FOOL. He doesn’t miss a beat.

Thanks Russell!

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Build Back Better with FOOD Shortages!

Nobody’s Opinion

Last night I was reading in an old book called Conversations in Cuba by Barry Reckord, a black journalist who went to Cuba in the late 1960s to talk to ordinary Cubans. He met a young girl who talked about how her life was BEFORE the revolution:


“And you would space out the shopping you know, perfume this week, a long trek all round before you buy a bottle, you’d set your heart on long before. Sandals next week. It was truly a freedom for the few, and what they say we are making in Cuba is a freedom for the masses. So, there will be lines and shortages, perhaps for a long time, perhaps forever like in Russia.”

That girl left for America the next day. She’d rather ‘suffer’ and be able to buy a bottle of perfume working as a secretary, than be forced to cut sugarcane and wait in long lines for food, that she probably couldn’t even get.

Here in my little neighborhood, we still have stocked food grocery stores, but many of the items are sold out immediately and not stocked back for months. You drive down any main street and you see ALL the fast-food restaurants with at least ten to fifteen cars ahead of you just to get a McDonald Hamburger, and you will pay ten dollars more than you did last year for the same meal.

Janet Yellen and our elite politicians, never count the inflation of food or energy in their “graphs” and for good reason. It’s the two thing most everyone depends upon to live.

All over the county of St. Louis, food trucks are being seen in the parks. Our local park now has food truck days, and soon those food trucks will be getting bigger and bigger: Nobody asks WHY?

Jen Psaki has warned Americans to stock up on toys, but Nobody Wonders, should we be stocking up on food also?

Read this: From the All News Pipeline…to me, a scary read, but a warning to at least think about:  

Globalists Warned Of A “Hunger Pandemic” Ahead Of The “Engineered Famine” And “Reset Of The US Food System” Now Pushing Us Towards The Brink Of Starvation (

Need to Know News last year showed in “Engineered Food Shortages and Famine to Justify ‘Reset’ of US Food System” a clip on and mention that in the past five years venture capitalists and corporations invested almost $10 Billion to replace traditional food sources with synthetic lab produced “food”.  They also mention that covid is a method of reducing farm labor to artificially reduce food production.  This was covered in a Rockefeller Foundation paper available online that outlines in caged verbiage how they are accomplishing that task.  In many ways, Covid-19 has boiled over long-simmering problems plaguing America’s food system. What began as a public health crisis fueled an economic crisis, leaving 33 percent of families unable to afford the amount or quality of food they want” is how they word it.  In other words, the fake covid bio-warfare attack is doing its designed job, killing the population off

Sarah Westall opines that the engineered food shortage is being used as a weapon of war as she goes through Farmers being forced to destroy their crops because of the engineered drought – remember that California supplies over 1/3 of our veggies and 2/3 of our fruits and nuts – while the usurper Biden adds millions of more acres to the “Conservation Reserve Program” created in 1985 by paying one and a half times the value of the land to stop production on it.  The USA in the last 20 years has lost over 48,000,000 acres of productive farmland because of insane federal programs like this.  This is ENGINEERED FAMINE. Last year was no different, with even ABC News flying that same theme “The head of the U.N. food agency warned Tuesday that, as the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it is also “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” that could lead to “multiple famines of biblical proportions” within a few months if immediate action isn’t taken.”   It should be obvious that the UN is just pushing the Climate Change farce although the weather is indeed changing as that is the very definition of “weather”.  What caught my eye was the phrase “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” which seems like some sort of warning to us

It’s hard not to believe that this world pandemic was not carefully planned out. When millions are now quitting their jobs due to being forced to take the vaccine…Nobody Wonders: When WILL the people wake up?

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Just Wait Until She Can Talk!

Nobody Flashes

How can you not laugh at this adorable conversation? It’s clear she understands what’s she’s trying to say,…If Only Joe Biden had the same talent.


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Nobody Remembers: Thomas Jefferson’s Words on Slavery

Nobody Remembers

Here’s what Thomas Jefferson, whom the “woke: generation thinks were in support of slavery due to the fact that he owned slaves, put in his FIRST draft of the Declaration of Independence, (June 1776) which was later crossed out by two Southern states, or they wouldn’t sign it.


He (The King) has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life & liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither. This piratical warfare, the opprobrium of infidel powers is the warfare of the CHRISTIAN king of Great Britain. Determined to keep open a market where MEN should be bought & Sold, he has prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this execrable commerce: and that this assemblage of horror might want no fact of distinguished die, he is now exci4ting those very people to rise in arms among us, and to purchase that liberty of which he has deprived them, by murdering the people upon whom he also obtruded them: thus paying off former crimes committed against the liberties of one people, with crimes which he urges them to commit against the lives of another.


Later it was against the law in Virginia to free slaves, or to free slaves if you were bankrupt. Jefferson was that at the time of his death.

And yet, the REAL words of the founders have been hidden deep within the minds of American historians for most of our lives.

Once I was in a Social Security office inside an all-black neighborhood. While waiting for my spot in line, I was reading a newspaper that was only meant for black people. It was about as full of hate propaganda for America and police as you can imagine.

But, just imagine if Jefferson’s words were printed in that newspapers.

Have YOU ever seen those words before? I doubt it. They have kept the words of our founders out of all our history books, at least the ones they don’t want you to see.

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Why WE Need an IQ Test for our Politicians

Nobody Flashes:

I had NO time today to work on WordPress.

So, please enjoy this little video of Jordan Peterson.

I keep watching him over and over…he’s delightful.

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Take the Next Small Step…

Nobody Admits

Okay. I admit it. I’m NOT a big computer person. Even though I’ve had computers since the first 3.1 version of Windows, I always learned just enough to let me type. Because, that’s mainly want I wanted. To type. Read and type. Read and Type. Read and type.

I did take a few computer classes at the local community college, but came home ….you guessed it. Just typed.

I’m a simple nobody. When Discs replaced the old 45’s and LP’s I didn’t really get very excited. After all, I was used to sound coming out of JBL 4560’s with giant horns on top. Music was music, whatever form you heard it in.

But computers update every other month it seems. And WordPress updated about three months ago, and I, once again, did not have the time to learn all the new bells and whistles. When my computer was hacked, I suppose it ‘hacked’ many of the basics inside. So, like a normal nobody I Google how to fix it, and WHAAAAAAA? Do WHAT? Say What? And then…what? You’re KIDDING ME.

Anyway, until I figure it out, or find the time to sit down and figure it out, you will probably just get words, and video’s. I love the pictures. Remember, Tom Edison said he invented the motion picture because he thought using the motion picture in schools would be much more effective than memorizing boring stuff. Without old Tom figuring out how to put visons upon a screen, we wouldn’t have YOUTUBE!

Of course I rationalize…I remember when Tom Edison wanted to find out something, he told his kids Dot and Dash, to go look it up in the books, lay they all out on the floor, and he would then read them. They did his research for him.

I don’t have a computer expert in my house. And I would NEVER name my kids Dot and Dash.

My husband is even worse….so, bear with me. As this wise guy once said…take the next small step…

That’s what I’m going to.

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Nobody Remembers John McCain

Nobody Remembers

Back in 2001, McCain was the darling of the media. After he lost the Presidency, he made a habit of “crossing the aisle” to join hands with leading progressive democrats. And he hated Trump. He ran a terrible Presidential campaign…on purpose. For that he was rewarded a funeral reserved only for Presidents. He help give us Obamacare, and ISIS, among other things.

Which brings to today. Remember the McCain-Feingold bill? McCain said “Americans are beginning to understand that the special interest and the big money rule in Washington. “

It’s much like Pelosi declaring she is doing the “people’s work” whenever she sees a microphone.

It’s usually the opposite.

McCain said he was not trying to eliminate special interest groups ‘because all of us are special interests’…right.

(NOBODY NOTES: I just tried uploading 10 pics of John McCain off the internet, and I received a message saying that I could not upload them for ‘security’ reasons. Mmmmm…I might have to get my own website if I can’t figure this out. You all know I love my memes. )


“McCain-Feingold tilted influence in our political system toward the ideological extremes. For centuries, political parties played a moderating role: Because they comprise a broad coalition of interests, parties had to mediate among competing constituencies, looking for ­middle-ground positions that would draw maximum support. Traditionally, they used their preponderance of resources to impose discipline on extremists who threatened party comity.

But McCain-Feingold pushed soft money away from parties and toward interest groups, many of which prefer to focus on highly contentious issues (abortion, gun control, environmentalism). These are not necessarily the issues of greatest concern to most Americans, especially during difficult economic times. With the parties in retreat, is it any surprise that our national political debate has taken on a more extreme tone or that fewer moderates are elected?”

Anyone who’s witnessed the billions of dollars spent on presidential campaigns in modern political history knows money’s corrupting influence is alive and well. It’s also time to end the public financing of presidential campaigns in light of the court decisions.


Basically, we have John McCain to thank for George Soros, and just about any ‘special interest’ group that wants to buy a Presidency. And that includes China, who cleverly used this bill to buy their own politicians to do their bidding.

In the end, John McCain was not only brain damaged, he did a LOT of damage to the county. Just as we are seeing now, and if you watch this video, you will see, WHY nobody ever gets arresting for plundering you and me.

They are just doing their ‘job.’ And that job is LEGAL. Thanks to good ol boys like John McCain.

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Nobody’s Fool: We have TWO this week…

You have to wonder…how many men and women of the world think :We’ll be alright…just get the shot and shut up. This woman pretty much sums up half of the women in the world who are beside themselves with despair. Here in America, they’ve ask the FBI to look into mothers who are “terrorizing” the school boards for teaching their kids garbage and making them wear masks all day.

There has been many a day, I felt just like her.

How do you deal with so many fools? She certainly is NOT one.

And I couldn’t miss posting this excellent video by this blog’s most posted man, who gets right to the point with extreme sense and clarity: Paul Joseph Watson.

Here he explains why putting refugees up in a hotel is not exactly a great idea. More than once I have witnessed the Muslim women completely ignoring their bratty kids inside of stores, here in St. Louis.

Thanks to them both, for reminding us there is STILL sanity.

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People of the World–RESIST

Nobody’s Opinion

We saw it start in Hong Kong, the protests started there. Why England who had control at one time, gave it up is beyond comprehension. But China wanted Hong Kong. Obviously, since Tiananmen Square left the China image in such tatters, China knew they couldn’t come in and shoot everyone, so they did the next best thing: They released a bio-weapon upon the world. That solved the Hong Kong problem, the Trump problem, and pretty soon, Taiwan will be their next target. Japan will go next. It seems they already control Australia, and if you read the comments from Canada, Canada also.

They have been calling it a pandemic. What it is: Is total war. War against freedom loving people in every country. China is going into full blown control, and they are using the globalists to do their bidding.

Only the globalists think THEY are in control. We’ll see won’t we?

America has a president who is doing EVERYTHING that Xi would love. Flooding the country with unknown drugs, criminals, and disease. Using Covid, they’ve already broken the economy. The military, our schools, our health care system, all being destroyed. A whole airport in Kabul is given to China. And Pfizer, with the help of the new NAZI general Fauci, is buying the military of Australia to lock and destroy THAT country. The Australians are now mustering a stand, but will, China win?

Clearly, China is taking over the West, with the help of our richest politicians and CEOs. Bought and sold.

Communism is being FORCED on Americans. FORCED on the world. So when I turned on my TV and saw a bunch of WHITE people standing outside of the first Broadway show to be seen in over two years, Aladdin, and raving about how they are ALL vaccinated and how wonderful the show was…it made me sick. These people have NO clue of freedom. No clue of their own ignorance. No clue of what destruction comes with the Covid plans of taking over the world…under a dictator’s heavy boot.

And so, good thing that America still has its guns.

The FUCK JOE BIDEN chant is reverberating throughout every stadium in America. Proving, that they can make you lose your job, your house, your life, but they can’t shut you up can they?

Remember, Sam Adams said it only took a small minority to light the fires of freedom. But, this nobody thinks there is more than a majority who are waking up to this despicable tyranny.

Looks to me, like the Western world has loved it’s freedom, and like America in 1776, it is NOT going silently. In a way, if they keep taking our jobs and our children, and our lives, things might get…going.

China wants a global takeover? Well then, we need a GLOBAL resistance.

Any ideas? Any Ayn Rand thoughts?

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Jews VS Jesus VS Allah VS the State;

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a rabbi trying to explain, why Jews don’t believe Jesus was the Messiah. It’s pretty confusing, and I’m sure a strong Muslim Cleric would pretty much say same the same thing. It all comes down to what religion do you pick. And what your founding ‘books’ say.

The book of communism says “the state” is the god.

This Nobody thinks, most everyone on the planet thinks there is some kind of God, and are hopeful someday that he will send somebody down to save us all from all those OTHER tyrants that just seem to keep us all down with so much ease. The suffering of the human race never ends does it?

The Jews say Jesus had his chance, and blew it. But they also claim to be, let’s be real here: just like the Muslims, the TRUE chosen ones, as do the Christians if you think about it.

Because every Christian will tell you that unless YOU go through Jesus Christ you will not go to heaven or be saved when he appears again.

In the meantime the Catholics have Joe Biden’s second cousin as the Pope.

And they WONDER why, people are confused.

Frankly, maybe that’s how somebody came up with reincarnation and Aleins.

Religion was just too complicated.

And yet: CLEARLY, humanity needs it as much as they need love.

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