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I love birds. My first pet was a duck and I was absolutely heartbroken when it got eaten by some wild creature who broke into it’s outside pen one night.

Yes, Flapper became, probably some mountain lion’s dinner.

From there I went into parakeets. I’ve had one or two of them most days of my life. So, this story is sort of funny…

Friday, I was sitting at my computer when I heard a very loud squawking. You see, I have four parakeets and here’s the problem:

You buy these birds when they are babies and you can’t tell what you’re getting until they reach puberty. I ended up with three green males and one yellow female. Everything was going fine, until, I suppose they all reached puberty, and then, the fighting started.

No, the boys were not fighting over the female. SHE was attacking THEM. She was relentless. And Friday, she really did it. She bloodied my oldest male almost to the point of losing his eye. A real Hillary Clinton.

Needless to say, after visiting my vet, who knew about as much about birds and my TV cable repair man, I went out and bought her a brand new cage…and supplies…we are talking about $200.

I spent the whole day designing that cage so that she could sit NEXT to the boys and not harm them. I talked to some expert who said I might just have a “mean” bird, but I don’t think so…she just wants love. And she gets pissed when she doesn’t get it.

I know a LOT of women like that and they can be ruthless.

By the way, her name is Corona because we bought her during the last eclipse, which might explain why she’s so ‘strong.’

But, here’s the punch line. After I got the two cages side by side, I stayed and watched the birds for a few hours. They are in the kitchen so I had lots to do, and I wanted to see which one of the boys would miss her the most.

And guess who did?

The guy she beat up. They were BOTH trying to get next to each other.

This is so much like human life….I just have to laugh. Really. What can you do? Seriously.

Of course, you know this means I have to somehow pick out a bird to put in HER cage so she’ll forget about him. I want to get a girl, but I think I’ll have to try to get a boy, because if she beats HIM up, I can always put him in the cage with the other boys.

If I get a female, I’m back in the same hole.

I barely have room for the kitchen table now. Another cage? I’d have to knock out a wall.

I just wanted you to know why I didn’t do my Nobody Reports on Friday, so now I can report….

Nobody Reports that I had a major distress going on. Cabby looks like a parakeet Freddie. and I had two doughnuts in one day from the stress, and half a bottle of Tawny Port.

I think I got the better deal.

Why do I like birds so much? They sing like angels. Nothing in nature is as sweet as the sound of birds.

As you listen to this bird sing to the baby, how can you deny that birds truly are wonderful visions of God?

Damn the fields of Windmills.

Let the hurricanes have them all. Leave us our sweet little souls of songs.


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Nobody is Proud of Missouri


Nobody Reports:

The line to see President Trump was over 2 miles…

The more they attack, the stronger we get.

I’m proud of Missouri.

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Hillary Clinton is right: We Must uphold the “rule of law.”

Nobody Wins

The Constitution? Has anybody even looked at it lately?

That’s the question on my Nobody mind. When was the last time the democrats even thought about it?

The democrats like to talk about the constitution, but for years they have been developing a sure-fire unconstitutional way to destroy their political enemies.

They try them in public by starting rumors. An abattoir of lies. All they do is state a suspected crime, and then act as if that crime is committed. And the most effective weapon is and always HAS been: the sexual crime. They used it back in the beginning of our republic, and they are still using it still today.

Democrats. Carefully constructing the crimes out of thin air. For two years they’ve pushed the Trump colluded with Russia crime. Now it’s the Kavanaugh wouldn’t get off the girl in the bedroom crime.

They convict the republicans in the courtroom of the public domain, claiming their guilt, most of the time, without proof, as in Judge Kavanaugh’s case: saying they are guilty and ruining their lives without even the benefit of a trial by their own jury.

This is against all fairness, and our own constitution.

The accused have no rights. None. Even if proven non-guilty after a long time, the democrats have already used the ‘HE DID IT!” mantra and they post it throughout their many avenues of cable networks, video declarations, and now Hollywood stars, that the man is assumed guilty before he even gets a chance to defend himself.

This insidious and tyrannical weapon of mass destruction is used every day now by the democrats. In fact, they have institutionalized it into our very culture, with the #metoo movement.

They used it on Judge Moore, and many, many others.

And to make it more effective, they’ve even used it on their own liberal media stars…

It’s a necessary sacrifice that is an end to a means….a means to control and KEEP their power.
Any women can say a man ‘offended’ her, and the man is presumed guilty. (And then the women will vote!)

Hillary Clinton just yesterday said that we all must adhere to the “rule of law.” So, nobody says that we should ALL cry out and say:

“We agree with Hillary Clinton on this. Without the “rule of law” we are a lawless nation.”

We need to get back to the rule of law and unless Christine Ford can PROVE that after 35 years that Judge Brett Kavanaugh committed some crime, the whole thing is considered a joke. She must show up in front of Congress (since there WAS no crime committed) and stand her ground.

She either shows up Monday, or she’s a proven liar. The Judge, by law, has a constitutional right to defend himself, whether she likes it or not.

And by the way, “Hillary”: the rule of law means that Hillary Clinton should stand trial for her many crimes against the United States.

President Trump is right. We have no attorney general.

It’s time we got back to being the republic that our fathers, sisters, and brothers died for.

Without our Bill of rights…and the ‘innocent” until proven guilty that is embedded in our laws, we have no ‘rule of law.’

This communist tactic needs to be stopped.



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Hillary Clinton: You Can’t Fool All of the People ALL of the Time—Sweetheart.


Nobody Knows—

How much I long for this women to be put away forever for her many crimes, and why Americans should start demanding this women go to jail. Watching her is like watching the grim reaper.

Really. What she did in Benghazi…..was despicable.

I could barely stomach this interview. I felt like I was watching the most evil women on the planet, even though I realize that she can’t commit all the crimes that she has gotten away with all by herself, she has the complete cooperation of CNN and MSNBC and even the Bush family. She has the backing of powerful forces all over the world and she knows it.

Hillary talks, of course, about Russia…in the interview I saw on TV, (a part not here) she claims Russia was scared of what a great Secretary of State she was and didn’t want her elected. “Putin is playing 3-D chess, Trump is playing checkers.” she said.

Oh…what were YOU playing when you sold Putin our uranium, hummmm Hillary? Chutes and Ladders?

She keeps talking about how corrupt the Trump administration is, and yet, the economy hasn’t been this strong in decades. She is upset that he got rid of all the draconian regulations, while Americans are ecstatic to have the government off their backs.

Hillary speaks in platitudes. That’s it. BIG WORDS. Which sound ominous. It’s like listening to your grandmother tell you that grandpa forgets his teeth…and she says it over and over. It’s annoying. Repeat the lie enough….make it big enough.

Yeah. We get it. 

Trump is attacking our very institutions, she says. The very institutions that she used to attack him. We all know that she helped corrupt those institutions.

Unbelievably she says they should ‘right the Constitution again!” This from a lady who wants to get RID of the Constitutional electoral college. She wants a democracy instead of a republic. ALL of our founders were dead set against a democracy.

Hillary plays on the ignorance of the masses, and she wants the FBI to look into this sexual mess.

She cares so much about Christine….too bad she spent so much money harassing all of Bill’s rape victims.

What is so astounding, is that after all the crimes she has committed, she keeps talking about the “rule of law.”

“There shouldn’t be one set of rules for democrats and another set of rules for republicans.” she said.

Well…how come YOU get off Scott free with Mueller? OMG…I can hardly stand her.

The REAL truth is our ‘rule of law’ has already been destroyed because her crimes go unpunished. What we have all seen is there is one rule of law for the Clintons, and one rule of law for everybody else.

Hillary should stand trial for no other reason than the classified documents on her basement server that got so many of our agents in China killed. (Let’s not go into the Clinton death list.)

Yes, China hacked Hillary’s email server.

And if she hated Putin so much, why did she sell him our uranium to make bombs? That’s treason. She made a lot of money off that deal.

It’s about time that the American people demand their day in court, and put this monster of communism, and all her comrades of crimes in jail forever.

Sorry..she just makes me so mad.  Hillary Clinton even makes Rachael Maddow look like a Saint.

That’s how evil that women is.

I know I shouldn’t let her get to me…but it’s just not possible.

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Nobodys Perfect: Dianne Feinstein

Nobody’s Perfect

I don’t know about you, but as all the facts are coming out about a liberal/ pusseyhat wearing/ hysterical radical leftist professor being almost “KILLED” by Brett Kavanaugh 35 years ago, I’m ready to turn it all off.

I’d rather clean my gutters out then listen to these false accusations.

Come on Joyanna, how do you know they are false?

Really? You can ask that?

Which brings us to the imperfect woman of the week; Diane Feinstein.

Dianne Feinstein, who is at the end of her rein in Congress, is leading the charge to SAVE the United States from having a Conservative Supreme Court.

Desperate Times call for…the good old, “Let’s accuse him of RAPE!” game, and destroy him…attack. Besides, she is leading the way to stop all conservative Supreme Court nominations.

I don’t think Diane gives a hoot about Christine. There is much more at stake and we all know it.

The second amendment.

Feinstein very famously said that if it was up to her, ALL guns would be banned in the United States, and that progressive dream is much more important than protecting woman’s sexual assaults. After all, it was the women’s movement of the sixties that ‘liberated’ the women to have free sex just like the guys! 

Hey, what fun! Except the women ended up with having to raise the kids on her own. Thanks to the ‘progressives.”

Without our guns, we will be just another socialist/communist paradise for Feinstein to control.

Feinstein held on to this damning ‘evidence’ until the very last minute in hopes of derailing the confirmation vote until after the election.

Feinstein really doesn’t want us to hear this lady, because it’s the same old sexual scam they use to defeat their enemies because they can’t’ get the Americans to bend to their ‘progressive/Marxist/socialist NOW government. The only way they can rule is by packing the courts and the government with their OWN people. And the Supreme court is a lifetime appointment.

Oh my.

Is it any wonder they are freaking out about President Trump?

Feinstein was just caught having a limo driver who was part of Chinese military complex working for her for years and running her office.

It’s not only Google, Apple, Facebook and Ford who are bowing down to their new Chinese masters…its many of our politicians who are making deals and making money over there. Disney’s practically a Chinese company now. The market for movies is much bigger overseas.

And they have to shore up votes: The me-too movement is all about getting the women vote back: All the single women mostly, because the married women are wise to them. They are losing the black vote and the Hispanic vote, and so they must demonize men.

Women are in ALL cultures…the race card has been overplayed so much it’s starting to look like the joker.

Feinstein isn’t afraid of abortions being overturned. What she IS afraid of is not being able to get rid of the second amendment.

So, congratulations Dianne! You Win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week!

We don’t believe for a minute that you didn’t turn over Christine the abused surfer’s letter because you CARE about her.

We know how you guys work.

How long have you been working on these war plans?

Long enough to forget that you are making the same mistakes over and over again, and you have lost the element of surprise.

Nothing you do surprises us anymore Dianne.

Unless of course, you are wearing a wig. You ARE wearing a wig aren’t you? Is that post traumatic wig wearing you’re suffering from?



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Three Questions: Kellyanne, Christine, and McCartney


Nobody’s Opinion

There is so much contradiction going on in the news, with movie stars, politicians, and TV pundits, it’s hard for the average Nobody to even phathom where these people come from.

Let’s start with Kellyanne Conray’s Husband, George Conray.


Clearly, he hates her boss. So, how can Kellyanne go home every night to a man who is hurting HER career with his ‘opinions?”

“I think it’s disrespectful,” she said. “I think it disrespects his wife.” She said when asked in an interview.

Her husband sounds just as hateful to our President as John Kerry is. He says he is a conservative lawyer, but he sounds like Maxine Waters in drag.

I wouldn’t stay married to him. Kellyanne is so brilliant, and he is obviously just another lawyer idiot.
It’s Hard for me to understand, how any husband would do that to his wife. It’s as if, he’s never even heard her talk.

Amazing. One can only think that she stays with him for the kids.

Like I said: confusing.


The lastest sex bimbo scandal…dug up in the California elite schools of Trump haters. Democrats ALWAYS resort to the sex scandal. It never worked with Trump, but they just want to dirty his name. 

It’s what they do.

Christine Blasey Ford, (Let me remind you serial killers always have three names.) told The Washington Post that in high school, in the early 1980s, Kavanaugh allegedly pinned her to a bed at a party and forced himself on her.

Ford told the Post that Kavanaugh “groped her over her clothes, grinding his body against hers and clumsily attempting to pull off her one-piece bathing suit and the clothing she wore over it.”

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations.

Okay. What was she doing at a party in a one-piece bathing suit? Nobody Wonders why THAT bit is important, Was this a pool party? You tell me this little feminist who loved to surf didn’t come into sexual drunken boys on the beach most of her life? Uh….

Gee…we are suppose to believe that this university alumni has kept quiet ALL THESE YEARS! How many jobs has this man had?

Well, it didn’t matter until the Supreme Court was about to be overrun by conservatives. Karl Rove is BESIDES himself.

I guess at least he didn’t PEE on her bed, so we have that to be thankful for.

The mere fact that Diane Feinstein pulled this little trick at the very last-minute tells us all we need to know: It’s simply that. A trick.
Even if it WAS true, She was NOT raped.

But hey, Bill Clinton DID rape women, and I bet Christine would have kept that little secret forever in her psychological memoirs, and not even told her own husband.

Paul McCartney

How did this man get to be such a political idiot? Which goes to show, just because you’re a genius in one field, doesn’t mean you know anything about another.

Paul has jumped on the Bono/global warming/bleeding heart/ bandwagon of rich billionaire joining it to redistribute YOUR money to the globe.

Just because, he’s getting old and needs to stay in the limelight.

I’m beginning to wonder if there isn’t a bit of fame addiction to all these aging movie stars out to save the world. If you come out to say you want the save the world, it just might sell another concert tour!

Paul has written a song warning us of President Trump being the captain of the ship that is going to take us into the deep ocean of despair.

Come on Paul. Group masturbation wasn’t your only little secret.

Fess up to the fact that the first two to four Beatles albums were not actually written by you and John. (THERE’s a blog I will write someday.)

I’m a big Beatles fan, and Paul has been a major part of my life musically, but in matters of politic?

He’s a drug infested, brain-dead loonie-toon. I still love his songs. Just don’t listen to word he says.

No doubt he’s jerking off with Bono.

What’s that song that John used to sing?

“He’s a REAL Nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, making all his nowhere plans for nobody.”

Like me.

Well…Paul…go swim in your Beverly Hills mansion and leave the nobodies alone. “We’re doing fine.”

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Prayers for our Cities

Nobody Flashes

NEW BERN, NC – SEPTEMBER 14: Volunteers from all over North Carolina help rescue residents and their pets from their flooded homes during Hurricane Florence September 14, 2018 in New Bern, North Carolina. Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina as a Category 1 storm and flooding from the heavy rain is forcing hundreds of people to call for emergency rescues in the area around New Bern, North Carolina, which sits at the confluence of the Nuese and Trent rivers. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

I’m saying a prayer for all the people right now, who are facing years of ‘replacement’ costs due to the flood waters of Hurricane Florence.

A lot of those repairs will NOT be covered by insurance.

Now, how about a prayer for the costs of the rebuilding of every democratic city that has been destroyed by democrats?

Prayer is not enough you say?

Okay, VOTE! 


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Nobody’s Make Great Americans: The Cajun Navy and Henry Davis

Nobody Flashes 

…Two of my most favorite videos of the week.

Henry “Shit yo ass down!” Davis…doesn’t hold back and tells the truth to Obama. I love it.

And a group of great American men and women who go to these disasters and do more good than anybody. The Cajun Navy….who are there today helping out the good people of the Carolinas.

God bless all the great American Nobodies!

And yeah, I’m with Henry.

Obama…sit down.  


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Florence Takes Historical Political Sandal OFF the News

Nobody Reports

Hurricanes. Here we go again: Watch the reporter blow away!

Like me, you are probably watching the great ‘fear’ fest of the newest hurricane—Florence. And like me, you are probably thinking, “Man, are they MILKING this for ratings and big money BIG time.”

Well of course…its what they do.

Hurricanes are part of mother earth’s great carnival of destruction. Having once been through a major one myself when I was a kid…I can’t help but think that NOW…things are much worse.

Back in 1963, when Donna hit Naples, Florida,…the damage was fantastic.

But remember, back then…there were no cell phones, no internet, no days without electricity, and not a whole lot of people on welfare.

The men of the nation had survived WWII. A hurricane was not as scary as Germans firing over their heads as they sat in freezing rain and mud for days on end…

That nation is almost gone now. Those men are gone. Now we have a nation who panics if Wall Mart closes their doors, or their iPhone doesn’t work.

Now, everyone is connected by cell phone. Hardly anybody has land lines anymore, and when Florence hits the beaches of North Carolina, everybody that didn’t leave will be cut off.

Having to sit without being able to text for weeks is going to drive them all crazy.

I have to say, while they encourage everybody to leave the state, I’m not sure I would leave, unless of course I was SURE that my house would be completely taken under water, and I had a relative who was willing to put up with me.

This is no longer 1963. There will be looting, and plenty of it. Not to mention, no water means no toilets. And I hate to break it to the pundits that I listen too, but most people do NOT have the kind of savings that can hold them in a hotel for months at a time.

We are a nation now depended on the grid more than ever before…. And STILL…
The Congress does nothing. Ask yourself why. (ALWAYS follow the money.)

The most damage done will be flooding…basements and houses. You know, the stuff that insurance NEVER covers.

And whatever the middle class has managed to save, will soon be gone repairing out of their own pockets…their house…and their cars.

I know some good people in North Carolina. They once were New Yorkers. They left New York because of the high taxes. They can hunt. They have supplies. They can live in tents if need be…and yes, they are white. So all you twitter people wishing white people off the planet, I hate to disappoint you…more than likely you might want to find those ‘deplorable’ backward hicks.

They just might save your life.

After the storm is over, there will be blame on the President. And NOBODY will ever mention how in his first year alone, he dealt with THREE major hurricanes with ease.

He will do the same with this one.

But…it’s funny, how this hurricane has taken over all the news JUST when it’s being found out there is irrefutable proof that the FBI, The Clintons, and the DOJ all worked together to stage a coup.

Major felonies have been committed….that should be the biggest headline.

And this coup is historical. It’s the first time in the history of the United States that this has happened.

But nobody is talking about it, everybody will be talking 24/7 about a major storm pouring a lot of rain on people who really don’t need it right now.

Hurricanes can come in handy when you want to distract.

Nobody Remembers when Obama was behind in the 2012 Presidential race, and New Jersey was hit by a horrible Hurricane named Sandy. Obama RAN to the rescue, got a lot of photo ops where he promised all kinds of help.

Which of course, never came, but I believe that Hurricane Sandy lifted Obama into a second term.

Let’s hope THIS hurricane is over quickly and we can get back to the business of prosecuting the crooks in the swamp.

In November America needs another huge hurricane out to destroy what’s left of that muddy swamp. .

We need…a Hurricane MEGA.

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Google: Laying Down YOUR Life for Globalization…and Their Bank Accounts

Nobody Cares

Breitbart released this video as “IF” someone in the audience at the Google meeting after Trump was elected, wanted to get it out.

Frankly, I believe that Google themselves wanted it out, so they leaked it themselves. Since now they are censoring conservatives, they almost have to try to convince us low breeding, horrible Nationalists, why they ARE censoring them: It’s for the good of the world you know.

Besides, this video was made too well.

Anyway, I could only watch the first 15 minutes, before I got sick of it. Same old women are going to be raped and die in the streets, gays are going to be attacked…yadayada…borooooooring. 

At first their ‘sadness’ at the horror show they thought was coming with Trump made me think:

“Just how STUPID ARE these guys? What do they do? Spend all their days in front of computers, never getting out into the real world? 

Have they even BEEN to the South of Chicago? No, they are having orgies in their million dollar mansions, where women are drugged and can be FREE to have sex! Yes, that has been reported on, although, so far, if you are a woman working for these guys you dare not turn them in. Silicon Valley is just as sexist as Harvey Weinstein.” 

Google is also celebrating that now, everyone can get stoned. And then you get to the Big boss speaking, where he explains how globalization sure, caused the misery that America is feeling, but gee…if we should all understand what they are doing…feeding the poor in INDIA! You would see the great progress!

Yes, you, dear underpaid office worker in New Jersey, should care about it too. After all, you have much more than the average African.

What a bunch of robber barons. They steal from you, make their components in sweat shops all over the world, and charge you half your paycheck to use their products, which by the way, usually have a shelf life of 2 years.

These speeches are filled with the same old Marxist rubbish. They make their living by being capitalists, but YOU…no, you are not suppose to.

And clearly, they are a danger to us all, because now, we have to get online to do most of our work…and THEY control that highway. And it all about their global market, which they need YOU to pay for.

How in the hell did this happen?

I say, we blame Al Gore.

Anyway, Nobody Cares about how ‘sensitive’ global maniacal power-hungry immature peons postulating about how wonderful globalization has been for the world, or how sad they are that Hillary lost.

The average worker is getting a hand up by President Trump, no thanks to them.

But listen to these guys: They think they are SO important. They are lifting themselves up into the realm of Messiah’s.

Zuckerberg thinks he is Caesar, Google thinks it’s Jesus.

I think we should insist that ONE of these guys, walk on water.

What’s that saying again? “Liberalism is a disease.” ….Stay….AWAY.

Google, laying down YOUR life for their global borderless visions.

Thanks for letting us know.


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Zuckerface and Woodyword: Moving Fast and “Breaking” America

Nobody Wonders

Barnes and Nobles was pretty excited today: I happened to be in one of the last remaining Barnes and Nobles in the Midwest, and while I was waiting at the information center, I ended picking up on what was causing all the excitement: The information lady was on the phone with her boss: ‘Yes sir! You know it’s really busy today, because the Woodward book JUST GOT IN!”

Orgasmic spittle of shear joy was foaming at her mouth.

The only reason she got off the phone to attend to me was because I picked up one of the many Woodward copies sitting on her desk and started to read it.

God forbid it should fall into the wrong hands.

When I went to check out, the lady in front of me, was buying a copy.

I wanted to tell her— “Don’t believe a word of it.” But she was very old, and I figured, ANYBODY who would pay money for that book is beyond reasoning.

By the way, they didn’t have the book I was looking for. But, to be fair, they did have some conservative books, proving they still needed to make money.

As I was standing there, I was wondering just how long Barnes and Noble was going to exist. After all, almost all the Barnes and Nobles in St. Louis have been closed. The libraries in the St. Louis city have been completely transformed into meaningless rubble. And every book I want to read, is not available.

It’s clear where this is all going. In the future, you will only be able to read the books they WANT you to read.

They’ve “nudged” use toward a cashless society in order to have complete control over our money, and they are slowly “nudging” us into a bookless world, where you can only order on your IPAD books, and only those they deem okay for you to read.

Most printed books will be mostly fluffy stuff and propaganda. Already Amazon, the biggest online book store, is banning books it doesn’t want you to read.

Back in 2009, Amazon made headlines after it erased digital copies of 1984 from Kindle devices, although that was over a copyright issue. This is much worse.

“Did anyone reasonably foresee that Amazon of all places would ban books? It’s going to get so bad that you can’t imagine how bad it’s going to get,” tweeted Mike Cernovich.

And yes, it is getting bad.

Today I listened to an Alex Jones podcast because …he’s being taken out by the whole vast corporate global media.

Alex said that Google AND Facebook have moved to China, where they pay little taxes and are learning how to completely control what everybody reads on the internet.

China now pretty much owns them but COOK and Zuckerface will be so rich they can buy the whole state of California if they want to. Zuckerberg has dreams of being the next Caesar of the world.

This bodes badly for our military, because now China will own all Google’s and Facebooks technology. It was our military complex that developed the internet and such, and now, the masters of it will be working for China.

You don’t have to like the man, but you must admit: Alex Jones being censored is scary. While he gets a little too passionate sometimes when he’s reporting, it’s just his style: His content has always been more times than not, more what the truth is than any other site.

Alex was the first and only one to warn us all about the globalists taking over the world to form the one world government which by the way, THEY ALL HAVE SAID SO MUCH and admitted to….so it’s true.

Now the Washington Post is lobbying to have Infowars’ ability to engage in basic business shut down. This is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

In the meantime, I buy as many books as I can for my own library, because I truly believe that someday, and that day may be soon. The great knowledge of our world will be out of our reach.

Remember: Zuckerberg’s Company’s motto was “Move fast and break things.

Zuckerberg is moving fast to break conservative voices and therefore: America.

He now has China on his side to help. Woodward is now doing HIS part.

They know that knowledge is power, so they are making sure that only THEY have the knowledge for the future.

Until the day comes when conservatives can start their OWN Google, we must cling to our guns, our religion, and our precious books.

Yes:  They will have to grab mine out of my cold dead hands.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jon Voight

Nobody’s Fool

Don’t miss this very great and passionate patriotic American Actor share his thoughts with us all.

I just love this man.

What a mind. What a heart. And what courage.

Yes, there IS great hope….thank you Mark Levin for getting him on your show.

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Nobody Thinks Serena Williams Disgraced All American Women

Nobody’s Opinion

Clearly, this is the best example of the characteristic narcissistic behavior of the princess of bad behavior from Serena Williams. Her temper tantrum on the court was embarrassing to every American that watched it.

She was clearly losing. Even though, she was obviously out of shape since she had her baby, it seems she didn’t even bother to get in shape for the match. It was pretty clear to everyone watching that she KNEW the camera was on her, and she was trying to blame her losses on the ‘sexism” of the judge.

Typical liberal attack. Hey, Hillary used that excuse…why not?

She was warned. And unlike the men in tennis who were warned….she didn’t shut up. She kept harassing the man and demanding an apology. She just would NOT shut up.

He was right. She was wrong. And just like Hillary Clinton, she tried to blame her losses on her ‘sex.’

Her coach wasn’t stupid. He admitted right away that he was “coaching” and HIS excuse was “everybody coaches.”

Well gee…if everybody cheats…it should be okay, right?

Serena couldn’t blame it on her black face because her opponent was black. And by the way, was ALSO female.

And to add just how pathetic this whole “I’m a female and you are against me” crap is, Billy Jean King came out and praised her for her tantrum.

Poor Serena. Only 23 grand slams. She’s sooooooooooooo abused.

What was even worse was the way the crowd, who had no clue what was going on, because Serena was trying to act like she was wronged….actually caused great pain to the young woman who beat her. Her tears were one of great sorrow, from Serena’s disgraceful actions.

How DARE you beat the great Black Amazon! How DARE she!

Serena’s actions were those of a thug….a bully. She bullied that poor kid and the umpire. And they both had the class and the smarts and the GRACE to show good sportsmanship.

God bless that judge, and the other judges who didn’t bend to her tantrums.

I actually have heard from some liberal today on TV that breaking a racket shouldn’t be a big deal. Another liberal thought she should be excused because, you know, WOMEN GET EMOTIONAL.

Good lord. Haven’t the liberals been telling us that all women were equal to men? And they should be doing men’s jobs? And…and…if we have a woman President will we excuse her bombing some country….because….you know…WOMEN GET EMOTIONAL? 

There are rules. And the elites break them daily. And when they are stopped, they throw major temper tantrums like little kids.

It’s what the whole progressive moment is doing right now, throwing major tantrums.

Serena Williams might be a good tennis player, but today, she showed how classless she is. And how scared she is that her days are over.

Frankly, I think she should be banned from tennis for a year.

Watch this video, because all the other video’s will soon be edited to support her claims.

Nobody Asks the important question: Serena Williams…just WHO do you think you are? Superfly?

The smart thing to do was to lose gracefully and admit, you just had a child and the other woman just beat you fair and square.

That’s what Tiger Woods does, but then again…you’re not Tiger Woods.

Face it…you’re just an emotional…woman.

Go home and have a good cry, you’ll feel better.

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Science Leads to God…

Nobody Flashes on a Sunday

All you have to do is just take a small thing like the human body, and how ALL of its parts have to work in such perfect symphony, and then like this man says, add to that the fact that the whole universe goes by the same beautiful coordination, and you must come to the realization that most everything in existence did NOT happen in random accidents.

I love these videos.

Enjoy. And have a great Sunday!



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