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Nobody Likes the Koch Brothers Anymore

Breitbart Headline: 

Billionaire Koch Brothers: Trump is ‘Wrong,’ It’s ‘Morally Right’ to Import Foreign Welfare Dependents

Nobody’s Opinion

I’m going to make this short:

There is absolutely nothing “MORALLY RIGHT” about two billionaires trying to force American citizens to give up their standard of living and their own children’s future, in order to bring in a whole class of foreigners in order to take over their own country…all this in order for the two billionaire brothers to get a cheaper labor force for themselves.

They might as well be democratic plantation owners.

What brazen, impertinent, galling, insulting, meddlesome, inconsiderate, and just plain obnoxious individuals you both are.

If you are really ‘moral’ you would stand behind your President, and your country, before you start joining your comrades in global government.

This is NOT your country to control.

It’s still belongs to the people of America.

Go ahead and feed as many people in the world that you want to. Nobody is stopping you.

But, it’s morally wrong for you to insist that I, or any American must feed the world, and give up our lives and fortunes to do it.

You want to know why the Republicans ignore the masses of people, and why they don’t ‘organize’ like the democrats?

Read about the Koch brothers…and you might find out:

They own half of Congress…but they don’t own Trump.

Thank GOD, he sent us a man who fights for us.


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The Abomination of Desolation: The Deep State

Nobody Flashes

Two thoughts…for a Sunday…

One from the Bible, and one from a great American General:

From the Bible Encyclopedia:

Daniel the prophet described an abomination so abhorrent and loathsome to all moral and religious decency as to leave its abode desolate, and he used the term:

Abomination of Desolation

Many scholars thought that Jesus prophecy that his followers would see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy Place was fulfilled when Jerusalem was destroyed in the yard 70 A.D, when the Temple was desecrated by Roman soldiers and by Jewish Zealots.

Move on in history, to a letter written by General Eisenhower to his wife Mamie, who was in the mist of the WWII abomination of desolation himself in Europe, trying to win a horrible war against the Nazis.

“Don’t forget that I take a beating every day. Entirely aside from my own problems I constantly receive letters from bereaved mothers, sisters, and wives, and from others that are begging me to send their men home, or at least outside the battle zone, to a place of comparative safety.

So far as John is concerned (their son who was in the mist of battle) we can do nothing but pray. If I interfered even slightly or indirectly he would be so resentful for the remainder of his life that neither I (nor you, if he thought you had anything to do with it) could be comfortable with him. It’s all so terrible, so awful, that I constantly wonder how “civilization” can stand war at all. But, God, How I hope and pray that all will be well with him…I am not fussing at you. But please try to see me in something besides a despicable light and at least let me be certain of my welcome home when this mess is finished….”

Nobody Wonders: Can’t we honestly say that the ‘swamp rats’ in Washington D.C., are actually a reincarnation of the same thing?

Are they NOT…the Abomination of Desolation? Do they NOT want to destroy our Constitution and our way of life?

How many of our own politicians would have such high moral character as to write those words?

You can count them on one hand.

The ‘deep state’ have been trying to get us into another world war ever since Trump was elected…RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! And our President stayed away from the war mongering.

Thank God, we have a great American still…in the White House. America was great under the guidance of General Eisenhower.

And that greatness is what Trump truly wants back….and that is why he draws THOUSANDS to hear him.

And that is why, he will do everything to try to KEEP us out of all wars.

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A Kiss To Dream On

Nobody Flashes…

My husband and I are very much enjoying Sherlock Homes remake on BBC/Netflick.

THIS is one of my favorite scenes.

Now THAT’s a kiss to dream of. Sadly, you don’t see kisses like this anymore in the movies.

(Don’t tell my husband.) Lucky for me, he never reads my blog.


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Michael…Not Much of an Angel

Nobody Reports

Did you notice that the news was mostly on Kanye visiting President Trump in the Oval office today instead of this?

Wow. I thought Kanye was good,…but really, more of the stations should have been on this horror.

Those poor Floridians.

If countries can manipulate the weather, as General Wesley Clark insisted was true, you have to wonder what country is celebrating now.

President Trump has had MORE disastrous Hurricanes hit in his first two years…

Nobody Wonders if Obama visiting Alaska may not be a coincidence.

Sure, they can’t make Hurricanes, but…can they direct them?

Nobody Wonders. 

This truly is as bad as it gets.

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Eric Holder Says: Go ahead and KICK!


Nobody Cares

Can we talk about the obvious here? Antifa, BLM, Obama’s eight years of setting racial fires in Ferguson, Baltimore, and many other cities…and now he is backing communist Ocasio Cortez? Hillary said that civility is no longer an option just yesterday, she hates the country so much.

Only AFTER democrats are elected back into office will she allow civility to resume? Tell me…where was she when a madman blasted bullets into a Republican friendly game of baseball? What if that had been Chuck Schumer that had nearly lost his life?

We’d never hear the end of it.

Maxine Waters telling everyone to get in conservative faces…Trump supporters getting beat up, chased down the street, bloodied to the point that now the only safe place to express your love of the President is at his rallies.

Google, Facebook, and Twitter, all censoring conservatives for merely wanting to preserve the country they love, not the global socialist utopia that THEY want.

This morning, while channel surfing, which I tend to do, some book historian on Presidents was claiming that wars bring on mental instability to every President. He then mentioned how LBJ started thinking that communists were behind some of the college protests. The Martin Luther King was talking to communists.

Insinuating he was delusional from the ever ending worries of war. History has proven, he was not wrong.

Oh…that communist conspiracy! So silly!

Hillary was supposed to bring in the “progressive” utopia, and they ALMOST got it. If ONLY we’d get rid of that electoral college…she could run again.

Democrats supporting violence didn’t just start this year. It started way back in the 1960s. Can we call all these last years of insanity, a planned takeover by the communists? Have the Chinese and the Russian gotten so far into our political system that because of President Trump, they have to expose their hands?

KGB experts have admitted to it.

Rand Paul said he fears someone will be assassinated, the democrats are promoting it.

Today on the news it was reported that some man was stopped from blowing himself up on election day on the National Mall, because he didn’t like the way the country was going.

Robert Redford said much the same thing…but instead of ‘blowing himself up’ he left THAT idea of blowing up the White House to Madonna and said he wasn’t going to ‘act’ anymore.

Ex-CIA director John Brennan suggesting that everyone in the government take Trump out in any way possibly? How often do we have to watch the left decapitate Trump in ‘art?’

By the way, John Brennan was a communist, just like Obama was.

Sometimes you have to call a duck, a duck. The only card they hold now is violence.

Eric Holder suggesting that people KICK the conservatives is inciting violence.

Like this:

They have wanted their communists revolution for too many years now, they don’t even THINK they are communists.

They are…socialists.

In the Communists Manifesto the directions are: First socialism, then communism.

Our schools, with the help of the democratic party which CONTROLS our schools, have left the younger generation completely ignorant of the evils of communists.

Today, a billionaire said it best: He called them….EVIL.

Self-made billionaire and Minecraft creator Markus Persson says that the political left has “literally been taken over by evil.”

Well, it’s not like this hasn’t happen before.

And once again, it will be a ‘white’ man who saves us all.

Don’t tell them. I won’t if you won’t.

Let them be surprised. That thought alone is a REAL kick in the head to any progressive standing.


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You Might Want to Think Again About Staying at a Hyatt Hotel

Nobody Wonders

If you are a conservative, and you travel a lot, you might want to pick a hotel which doesn’t really want “your kind” staying there. Hyatt has a lot of hotels in Vegas…which makes you wonder if the Muslims are the ones supplying the mob with most of its’ money.

Yes, Nobody Wonders who REALLY owns Vegas now. The MOBSTER Democrats, or the Muslims? (Or both?) Remember—the guy who killed fifty people did it from a Muslim owned hotel in Vegas, and they NEVER found out why he did it.

Vegas was built on the pensions of unions in Chicago. They want you to think that the “mob” is gone, but the ‘mob’ in Chicago WAS the democrats. And they are still there.

How ELSE would Harry Reid stay in Congress for as long as he did?

The Pritzker family, the family which owns the hotels, Jews from Chicago, have many links to Obama and Hillary, which would explain a lot. Nobody also can guess why this is not being reported, but its one of the big donors to the democrats so we all know why. Follow the money and you realize just how connected the democrats are to the biggest wealth donors in the world.

Remember, the guy who killed fifty people did it from a Muslim owned hotel in Vegas, and they NEVER found out why he did it.

Which of course, they all deny.

Nobody Wonders why nobody ever talks about these connections.

(Thanks to G-man.)



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Nobody’s Fool: Senator Susan Collins

Nobody’s Fool

Last week, the surprising “hero” of the day was Senator Susan Collins. With her vote, Judge Kavanaugh was sure to be confirmed.

I missed her speech, but here’s a bit of it.

She made a lot of sense….crimes ARE committed by men, but crimes are also committed by women.  And she repeated President Trump’s logic that there was no real proof that the Judge did what ‘Dr.’ Ford said he did. Her vote and this speech will be remembered in future American historical annuals of important moments in Congress and Supreme Court decisions.

Nobody Wonders, if whoever sent her the cardboard ‘penis’, now regrets it.

Probably not.

Thankfully, Susan Collins proved herself on the right side of justice in this important moment of our history, and that decision…

Was a wise one. The Senator proved us all to be…Nobody’s Fool. 

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Who Works Harder: Americans or Illegals?

Nobody’s Opinion

“So, where are you from?” I asked the small Hispanic man who didn’t understand a word I had just said. We were outside, and it was getting dark. Five Hispanic men sat outside on my front yard. They were tired and sweaty from nailing a whole new roof on my house. None of them spoke English, but a few managed a smile at my high school Spanish.

“Donde Es?” I asked. The one with the biggest smile and said, “Beer?” They wanted beers, and just like the President, I have only taken one taste of beer in my life, and hated it.

“Sorry” I said, shaking my head. “No beer. We have tequila.” But, they didn’t want tequila, they wanted free beers.

I guess they were used to being given beer after their hard work, and I felt bad that I didn’t have any beer to give them. After all, I could see why the Bushes kept harping on “Americans, won’t do the jobs.” These guys worked their tails off. Ripping my old shingles and roof off, and replacing it with new boards and it WAS amazing how hard they worked. I had to admit, union men would have taken four days and lollygagged around, just to get more pay, but these guys did it in two.

They must have been illegals because they looked scared when I asked them where they were from. “Guatemala” they said.

Admittedly, I was surprised to see illegal showing up at my house, because I had hired one of the most well known roofing companies in Missouri, so I was expecting more illegals to put on my new gutters, ordered from the same company.

But, instead of five guys, I got two very skinny, very poor looking white guys, who lived here in Missouri. They worked just as hard as the Hispanics. But, when they were leaving they remarked that they just don’t get paid enough.

In other words, they were being paid the same rate as the illegals.

This is why I am tired of hearing that Americans won’t do these jobs. It’s true. Why should we?

In reality, what the RINO’s and the globalists WANT, is for the big companies to pay VERY low wages. It’s good for their bottom line.

It’s why Apple makes all its product in China. Is it any wonder that Zuckerberg AND Murdoch BOTH married Chinese women? Murdoch has since married Jerry Hall, but in the end, it all comes down to global markets. The fact that they have destroyed the middle class in America really means nothing to them at all.

What happens though, is illegals bring crime, drugs, and poverty, and the citizens of America are paying the high price for the ‘global’ greed of multinational companies.

We all know it. But, when Presidents say, “They do the jobs Americans just won’t do,” well, a lot of Americans would do those job for a decent wage. And this “diversity’ crap is just another name for “cheaper labor.”

If you really think about it, slavery was all about “cheaper labor.” Some things never change. Just the country they are bringing them in from.

Nobody Wins with this plan.

President Trump is trying to right the global ship of fools.

This nobody is tired of politicians telling us that Americans won’t do the jobs that illegals will do. Most Americans work JUST as hard as any illegal.

And I ask myself if ONE GREEN PEPPER at my local grocery store cost one dollar, and if those illegal workers are so cheap, how come, my green peppers are so expensive?

Nobody Wonders.




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Nobody Flashes ANOTHER Walk Away Story

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a young black man who has seen the light…victim of the YEARS of being on the democratic plantation.

Nobody Thinks this is the BIGGEST secret being kept from the public…blacks all over the country are waking up. The democrats are counting on the black vote, and they are so sure that the blacks will turn out in the midterms to take over the house. They might be in for a big surprise.

Their big black savior, President Obumer, did more for Muslims and Hispanics than blacks. All he did was use them for their vote, and millions of them are posting video’s like this one, to wake other black men and women up.

Thanks to Dinesh D’Souza, and President Trump, they are getting educated.

Because of the strength of our President, and his relentless words and encouragement…nobody gave up the fight for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who we all hope will stay TRUE to the Constitution. What he had to go through was cruel and demeaning.

But that’s who the left have become.

The tactics of the left: vulgarity, anger, violence, is now working against them.

I have hope. Last night my husband and I were walking our dog, when a black lady in a nice SUV stopped to remark about our dog and introduce herself and her three kids….she is new to the neighborhood, and clearly, wanted to be friends. It was a good sign.

The blacks are reaching out…to the Trump supporters.

I can see a day when the eight years of Obama’s race baiting will take a turn, and the nation will be more unified it’s ever been. I can see President Trump winning reelection very easily now.

Tonight President Trump spoke in Kansas to a crowd of 10,000….who do the democrats have that could even compare?


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Rare Footage of Diane Feinstein and Mitch McConnell


Here’s a rerun of Democratic Senator Diana Feinstein making her arguments against Judge Kavanaugh inside the Senate Private sitting rooms today…it was just released a few hours ago…

As you can see…Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is listening politely and carefully, but stood his ground. Like all things…the #Metoo movement is exhausting us all. There is only so many diapers to go around.

Still…It was…a glorious moment in historical Senatorial debate.

Have a great Sunday!


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Dick Morris Explains Globalism

Nobody Remembers

Dick Morris always goes into great detail on most any subject. Here he explains why globalism is not good for America.

It’s rule by a handful of elites.

What he doesn’t go into is that these “elites” are becoming TRILLIONAIRES with the fact that there is no body stopping them from ruling the global money flow in their favor….and they are dictating how everyone else in the world shall live, work, and toward a borderless government with no representation from the people anywhere.

Dick just tips the surface of this subject, but he always knows how to best express almost anything. I always enjoy listening to his thoughts.

If Bill Clinton did one thing right in his career, it was to hire Dick Morris as his advisor.


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Claire McCaskill: Looking More Like Hillary Every Day

Nobody Wins

What’s going on here?. This doesn’t make ANY sense. We have a republican senate AND house…how in the heck does she stay on top?

That’s what I always thought when Claire McCaskill, in one of the reddest states in the union, kept getting elected into our government. State Auditor. Representative. Senator.

Partly, I blame Karl Rove, who decimated Todd Akins the republican running against her in 2012.  Todd said something that EVERYONE took out of context and ran with. Much like we are seeing with Kavanaugh. And Karl Rove led the attack.

Claire has always sided with Hillary and Obama. She claims she will vote NO on Kavanaugh, but not because of the Ford groping incident…no…

“[My] decision is not based on those allegations but rather on his positions on several key issues, most importantly the avalanche of dark, anonymous money that is crushing our democracy,”

Says the lady who benefits from Senate Majority PAC, mostly fueled by wealthy left-wing millionaires and billionaires who don’t live in Missouri. The lady who got caught traveling on her ‘bus’ campaign trail by flying on her private jet.

The lady who lives in a $2 million dollar residence in Washington D.C.

Her and her very rich husband, like Diane Feinstein and the Clintons, have made a nice living by holding positions of power:

Businesses tied to U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband have been awarded more than $131 million in federal subsidies since the Missouri Democrat took office in 2007, an analysis by The Kansas City Star found.

Joseph Shepard’s personal income from his investments in those businesses has grown exponentially during his wife’s two terms in the Senate.

Claire, like the Clintons, hides the fact that she uses government to enrich herself. 

Here in Missouri, we are getting bombarded by her political ads: Now she’s turned to the “free healthcare” Obamacare crap, because, well, thanks to John McCain, and AARP, and the insurance companies, and the corporations who give freely to our politicians, we STILL have Obamacare so EVERYBODY is suffering…but the poor and the very rich.

The democrats are now using the horrible Obamacare they imposed on us, to try to get elected because those mean republicans want to take all your Obamacare/Medicare away.

The new plan is to shift back to health care and blame it all on Trump. Claire says Josh Hawley doesn’t care about pre-existing conditions.

“I support forcing insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions, and Claire McCaskill knows it,” he says.

She has a video ad out with a black woman talking about her sickle-cell anemia and her son’s asthma. She has to get some blacks out, and that’s her typical democratic stock way.

Anyway, just watch the video. It’s pure…Hillary. Pure swamp rat. Pure…typical lying politicians.

She gives me the creeps.

I counted about maybe twenty people in the room…how about you?

By the way mealy man Rove. This time: Stay out of our Missouri.

You screwed us once before. This time, stay away. 

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Nobody Wonders About the Murdoch Boys

Nobody Wonders

On the evening Fox News tonight, Bret Bair did a special on a woman who LOVED Obamacare. I was very surprised that it was at the end of what many people consider still a very conservative network.

She LOOKED like a liberal. She could have been Dr. Ford’s sister. And her story was, as usual, a heartfelt tale of “THANK GOD FOR OBAMACARE!”

It seems this lady, (sorry, I didn’t catch her name) had health Insurance with a company which she worked for all her life. But the company closed and then she got a kidney stone. And then cancer. And thank God, because Obamacare paid for everything.

She went on to say that lots of people who are employed, have such high deductibles, it’s like not having insurance at all! She forgets to mention it’s BECAUSE of Obamacare, that this is so….but I digress.

And so many people just can’t afford insurance, she says. EVERYBODY should have Obamacare…because…you see, she didn’t lose her property when she got sick. Without Obamacare she would have lost her property.

She might have if the state didn’t pay for everything she had happen.

While she was telling her story, she was petting her ‘favorite’ horse. No, she didn’t have one horse, she had about ten.

I don’t know about you, but she had to had some kind of money…enough to have and care for ten horses. I don’t know how much it cost to feed and house one horse, let along more than one, but I bet it’s not cheap.

The lady was NOT poor. And isn’t it wonderful that you and I, the lovely taxpayer, PAID for all her care, and she could go on keeping her horse and house and property, and then there’s feed for those horses, much do saddles cost nowadays?

In other words: The woman had money. Lots of money. Maybe her ‘husband’ was rich, but she acted as if she was single….and couldn’t afford insurance.


To me, this was FOX news putting on an ad for socialized medicine. For the RINO support of Obamacare. And today, the subject that was all OVER the news was that the democrats will be running on health care, and how President Trump wants to take it all away from them.

Many Americans HAD good insurance. Obamacare screwed up our whole medical system, not to mention, you were FINED if you didn’t have it.

At least the President got rid of that.

So, you have to be careful with FOX. They still represent the ‘global’ RINO’s, the BIG corporations.

The money class. Who don’t ever have to worry about paying medical bills.

Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham, Hilton is where FOX MAKE their money, but behind the scenes…

Nobody Wonders just HOW conservative Rupert Murdoch’s sons are since they took over his global business.
Nobody Wonders if they are just more of the global elites who want the ‘state’ to pay for healthcare, so they don’t have to.
And this Nobody Wonders if the subject of Brett Kavanaugh being a mean ice-throwing sex pervert will be replaced by the mean republicans wanting to kill a woman’s right to…health care.

Okay, we don’t have to wonder about that…it’s already happening.

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Nobody’s Perfect: CEO of Twitter

Nobody’s Perfect

I had a hard time this week trying to decide between the various morons filling the airwaves with hated voices of impropriety.

Do I pick Diane Feinstein, who held the ‘abused’ Dr. Ford’s letter until she could leak it for the most public effectiveness, and then blatantly  denying leaking it to the press? Or do I pick the whole democratic congressional caucus who made big damming speeches upon the occasion of Judge Kavanaugh to keep him off the court?

Or how about all the liberal reporters more concerned about the Kavanaugh FBI investigation today during the President’s great historical announcement on the final destruction of that horrible idea called NAFTA? This great news was brought back DOWN into the gutter by the insistence of the liberal media.

Obama backing Cortez in New York? Bill Cosby getting ten years for drugging and raping women? (He’ll be out in sex months, watch.)

Captain America making fun of Kanye West because he supports President Trump?

I was having a hard time picking one. And then I saw this: Christine Fair…a “professor”, who could pass as Dr. Ford’s twin sister.

Tweeting about how white Congress men should be castrated and killed and fed to the pigs.

Wait…Twitter thought this tweet was cool?

Hey! I found the winner. Twitter wins hands down!

They should have never banned James Wood.

Yes, congratulations Twitter. You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for letting the death threats of the wacko left be posted, but you ban brilliant commentaries from the sane.

If I saw that face in the mirror, I’d see Karl Marx too. Nobody’s Perfect when you go to the dark side Mr. Dorsey, and I wonder if you will ban me for tweeting that you must admire Karl Marx to want to look like him.

In fact, go ahead. I’d consider it an honor.



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