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I post this link for my good friend, (Who gave a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner!) who will remain a secret because she has her own chickens and for the first time in my life, I got to hold one!

OMG..they are so soft!

I will NOT share her name for fear people will rush to her…and she’ll forget me! Besides, because I want more of her eggs, I know that those little chicks she purchased today were my fault.

I’m SORRY. (Okay, just a little.)

At her house, in the country, I tasted a REAL egg from a real chicken, for the first time in my sheltered life. I don’t know what they do with storebought eggs, but…okay. I don’t wanna know. The difference between a real chicken egg and one from Wal-Mart…is like comparing a dirty sky with a sunset.

(Those of you who enjoy fresh eggs and HAVE chickens know what I mean.)

She happens to live in paradise with cows, horses, pond fish, geese, ducks and…well, also a wonderful family and great neighbors who actually could discuss….wait for it....the state of the country.

So, while I hope this end of the U.S. doesn’t happen, I’d like to share it his tweet with her and whomever she would like to share it with…also, my readers.

They already know I keep up on all this stuff. THIS lady has REALLY done her research. And you won’t see her on any TV set. BUT…the good news is…ELON MUSK allowed this on Twitter!

So, there IS hope! Enjoy…(or not.)

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Will Global Soccer Overtake American Football?

Nobody Remembers

How many American families had turkey, then watched football yesterday? Football has the edge in American stone, the Thanksgiving passtime for America, and for many, it is still the best part of the day.

But, have you noticed, that like our LGBT diversity lesssons, soccer has slowly been introduced all across America? The baseball fields have been replaced by soccer. All are young kids are being thrown into it.

I know a man who does NOTHING but travel all over the country for his young girl’s soccer tournaments.

Here in Missouri, I have watched whole baseball diamonds being replaced by soccer for the kids.

St.Louis lost it’s football team, and downtown, we will have a brand new gigantic soccer stadium. It opens soon.

So, Nobody Wonders: Are the kids being groomed for world soccer matches to match the world government?

You KNOW what I think. Yes.

Maybe Football will survive, but, leading up to Thanksgiving we saw, advertized on all cable stations, a soccer matchup between the United States and Scotland. As if, Americans cared. Gee. We are finally being let into the global network of Soccer. How nice of you guys.

SOCCER is the sport of the global world. NOT American football.

Just another nail in the coffin of American tradition? Yep.

Will soccer one day surpass Football in America? It’s a good question.

And by the way, the American soccer team changed it’s flag colors from the stars and stripes to the ‘gay’ rainbow colors. Footall is just not gay enough I guess.

Nobody wonders…when ARE the men going to stand up? Or like Paul points out: Never, they are paid to play and obey.

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Nobody Flashes THANKS!

I hope all my readers have the BEST holiday with family and friends. Really.

On another note, many of us miss Rush this year. And probably many family memebers…

So, on this day, may God be with you all.

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Nobody Flashes Mrs. O…

Mrs. O, one of my most prolific and educated readers, is having trouble seeing some of the video’s.

Elon Musk allowed this video on Twitter! Wonders never cease.

It’s kind of gruesome in spots, but God bless the doctors and morticians who put this out, because, how can they fire the guys who take care of the dead bodies? Can’t have bodies laying around can we now? Most of them are not part of a vast ‘network’ of state controlled medical system. And they show what’s coming out of the dead, and the blood, and the ‘fake’ clots.

God bless these people. .

This is by far, one of the best video’s ever put out about the real motive of the vaccines. It might take a while to watch it, (I did in in 15 minute intervals) but don’t miss the ending.

So, Mrs. O…or any of my other readers, IF you can’t see this, send me an email. I sent this to a friend in an email, and not only did I lose my internet connection, but my cell phone went blank at the same time…

AND I got a blank GREEN SCREEN on my cell phone at the same time.

That was a first.

Nobody Wonders if this video, which came out today, was the reason Fauci ‘retired.’ Coincidence?

I think not.

I hope it goes round the world.

Thanks Elon.

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Nobody’s Fools: Ted Cruz, Gutfield, and Rand Paul

And all three of them make Christopher Ray look like the lying scumbag he truly is.

Enjoy…I did.

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Nobody Blames Their Mother…Okay…No I don’t.

Nobody’s Opinion

I stayed away from Politics today. My husband and I were out looking for deals on ‘appliances’: Why? Because NEXT year we are being told, we might not even have FOOD to eat, or even electric. My electrician told me that ALL the prices are going up next year and I’d better buy now.

I believe him because he used to do all the work at Boeing. SO…

 We went to Best Buy, Lowe’s, Home Depot, all the major big stores, simply because the old mom and pop stores went out of business years ago. We used to buy our appliances at Sears…the oldest retail company in America—now gone. To me, that’s a sure sign America died. What are you going to do?


One salesman told us they still had one store in Chicago.  

The old stove top in my kitchen is so old, they don’t make it anymore. Out of four burners, one bit the dust in 2006, and you can’t buy a replacement…anymore. That’s happening with most everything, have you noticed? Sorry, they don’t MAKE that part anymore.

Frankly, I think they were saying that in my knee replacement when I was in the operating room.

So, we thought…hey, lets get one of those shiny electric ones…and my girlfriend said, “I have one, you can’t get anything off it. I had to use a razor once to scrap it clean.” Okay. On top of that, you can’t use cast iron on it. WHAT? EVERYTHING tastes better when cooked in caste iron. Those plastic pans are much like the plastic bottles…. it’s PLASTIC coming at ya, probably attaching to those pesky blood clots from the vaccines floating in your DNA.

I think they’ve thought this all out. HOW TO SLOWLY KILL THE POPULATION. I would have loved to be a little mouse and heard all the elites tell creative stories on that subject. ANYWAY…

I asked the salesman about not being able to use cast iron on them and he said, “Oh, you just LIFT it up very carefully, and put it aside.” Then he admitted he once had a glass top and now owns a gas stove.

“Well, I can’t get gas because I’m SURE my long hair would catch on fire.” I have often started boiling water and gotten bored and went into another room to read or write something only to come back and find the water…gone. I get bored easily. My husband always is walking around the store saying, “Have you seen my little girl?” because I will wander off to look at everything…focusing on standing still is something that I NEVER mastered.

 I pictured my local fireman saying “Lady, we couldn’t get to your burning house fast enough, the truck was being fixed and the part hasn’t come in yet.”

Anyway, we are looking at these glass top stoves and I noticed that it says, one small burner is a ‘warmer’ and another small burner will ‘melt’ and one BIG burner will boil.

You tell me: How would YOU take that? That’s PROGRESS? What the heck does THAT mean? I can cook a stew, but only WARM the corn? Melt the butter to go on the corn? WHAT?

They wanted $1,200.00 for it. What good is having only one burner to COOK on? Sure, it’s pretty, but I only make gravy on Thanksgiving. Why would I go from three burners down to one?

My husband liked the way it looked. “We’ll take it.” He said.

“ we won’t.” I said, as I turned to him and made a face…” We need to look around.”

Let me say this up front: I’m not into cooking. My MOTHER was not into cooking. We have a few recipes like all women handed down generations, but with all the ‘steam vegetables’ in a bag made in 5 minutes, and two-minute Betty Crocker potatoes in a bag mix, who wants to peel the potatoes, stand in the kitchen half the day, and wait for the water to boil?

Not me. Give me a cracker. ALL the woman I know post their MEALS on FACEBOOK…and I say “REALLY?”

Your biggest moment of the day was that potato salad you made with apple slices?

Sorry, I do NOT want to sound like that old hag of a mud puddle– Hillary. I envy any woman that enjoys cooking and is good at it, it’s an art.

I’m just not that woman. When they told me in Girl Scouts that I had to get a bag for cooking…I quit Girls Scouts.

So, my husband has taken over the cooking mostly. And I, being of sound mind, encourage him. BUTTTTT—

When it comes to spending over $1,000 dollars just for maybe ONE boiler that works?

I HATE to waste time, and that’s a sure time waster.

We ended up coming home, and finding something at Amazon, that we both liked. For half the price.

And THAT’s why Jeff Bezos can go up in a penis looking rocket for 15 minutes and come back down and declare he’s giving his fortune to global warming.

I’m always telling my husband: “You wait. Pretty soon Amazon and Walmart will be the only stores left.”

And by the way I don’t buy that news that Amazon is going to deliver my stove by a flying drone. Nope. Amazon will say, “You can pick it up at this location.” And ALL those Amazon drivers will be obsolete. You think THEY want to pay gas for those big trucks? Do you really think electric trucks will save THEM money?

Let me know. I’m already getting messages saying, “You CAN pick your Amazon package here” and that’s because most of the drivers can’t read addresses.

Yes, I’m proud of myself. I fought for FIVE burners that get hot and STAY hot. And I will be a happy camper unless there is an EMP attack, and ALL the electrical grid goes down.

THEN…well…I DO have a lot of trees, and my husband is great with barbeque.  

Like I said. He’s happy I don’t like to cook, because…no telling what would happen.

God only knows. Or maybe, not even God can tell why I wander off into space when it comes to cooking.

Someday, I plan to ask him.

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Nobody Says It Better than Kate

Her name is Kate, and she is British, she’s a Christian, and if you think I’m crazy, then I stand in line with her. It’s not crazy when you have facts to back it all up.

She’s a nurse who is putting the puzzle pieces together, and…well…I’m glad I watched it.

A remarkable woman. Kate. She is educated. And Wise.

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Nobody Flashes: Paul Harvey-It’s a Wonderful Life

Most of us had NO idea, but we watch and wonder just how some things, never change.


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Robert Tried to Warn Everyone…

Nobody Flashes

Everybody on cable, Beck, Bannon, Newsmax, all now admit that the midterms were stolen, and well, HEY, the GOP is just not as clever as stealing as those really clever democrats!

Rascually rabbits! We’ve just got to be more like them! Steal it back!

Yes, that’s what we’ve come to. For years, we heard the screaming, the proof, watched treason comitted time and again by our leaders, and watched them laugh at the Constituion, and nothing is done to arrest any of those that have destroyed our lives.


I could write about this, but not today. It’s Friday, I’m going into survival mode:

The only leaders who helped us was President Trump. And OMG…He’s going to need a platoon of men to protect him for the next two years. Who could imagine what crimes they would resort to? Honest men are having a problem believing any of it.

I posted this, because there are men trying to tell us what’s coming. Trying to wake us all up. Robert is one of them

Not many people now can afford to go out and buy bars of gold. But silver? Yep.

Sorry, they are burning it all down, and on purpose, and as fast as they can.

It is, what it is.

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Nobody Wins

While Ameica was watching President Donald J. Trump annouce his running to be President in 2024, this new tyrant, right out of evil movies….

This new tyrant was mouthing off his Hitler plans for world domination to the ‘leaders’ at the G-20 meeting, where XI was the main tyrant who is working with Klaus and Gates, and it seems our own TURTLE and his wife, to transform the world into their one world government.

And while Russia seems also to be doing the bidding of China, who really doesn’t want to DESTROY America’s resources, with nuclear war, we can only imagine the meetings in secret. Biden went hiding when the all-important dinner of world tyrants came about.

We should be watching THIS guy. He is leading the destruction of the human race. Let’s call him what he is: a tyrant which should be STOPPED.

All politics lead back to this man.

He is helping China to take over the world, and if you don’t see that, then go watch football while you can. Soccer will soon take it over in America.

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Trump is Running…So…Where’s his fire?

Nobody Wonders

It’s almost as if he feels he has to run, but the fire is gone.

I’m listening to President Trump right now, and he sounds…defeated. Most of his speech, like many of his speeches, is all about what he accomplished. He has been doing this same speech over and over for years.

Not much is said about WHAT he will do. His soft voice, his words…he sounds beaten.

How can we blame him? He didn’t even mention what happened in Arizona. Maybe he knows that he doesn’t stand a chance of running because the GOP has already planned to beat him.

It’s all rigged.

They’ve been working against…Bush, Obama, The FBI, the Clintons. THE WORLD.

But he’s such a nice man, he doesn’t want to let America know that.

Sure, you might get more votes, but you GOT that in your last election, sir. THE MOST IN HISTORY, AND WHAT? They’ve got it rigged, and very few of the GOP will change the rigging.

At least, that’s what we feel.

I’m getting off now. He is still talking about his record. We KNOW about his record. What he should have…is fire. Teddy Roosevelt fire. Hell raising fire.

It’s gone. Maybe he doesn’t need this anymore.

Maybe he will be the last President of the United States. The last real one. I’ve said that before.

He says the same words, but his face, his voice, his softness…all portend…he’s tired.

He is simply going through the motions.

What happend to him should not have happened to any man.

This is not the fight that we need. And I feel…hopeless that they broke him.

DeSantis/ Rino/ will get help from this speech.


Brazil is out in the streets. Is Gates right? Are they setting up Trump to lose again so that we all take to the streets?

America…needs divine intervention.

Trump has lost his fire.

I’m going to bed.

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Nobody’s Fool: REP Jim Jordan-This is How Dr. Fauci Continues to Help China

Nobody’s Fool:

Every man and woman on the planet should watch this. China is doing DNA virus building to take out certain ‘races’ and WE are giving them the DNA for our own destruction.

NO? Listen to these doctors that tell Jim Jordon what they fear more than anything.

This is why Jim Jordan should be the next speaker. He is fearless. And it’s also why they won’t choose him.

Dear President Trump: Jordon for VP? If Kari Lake wins Arizona, he would make a good choice. Still, you can count on one hand the real GOP warriors in Congress and Jim Jordan leads the pact. It’s time you pick someone who won’t stab you in the back. And he is one of your most ardent warriors.

If you care about your health, you might want to watch this.

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Democrats Cheat, Spit, and Laugh in the Face of Patriots.

Nobody’s Opinion

Wow. You cannot make this stuff up. We all thought they would cheat, but to this extent? We all knew that they couldn’t lose the Senate because they didn’t want Biden impeached. Now they can keep that destroyer of America in for two more years. But to the extent that they put a brain damage moron in?

While for weeks it was clear that the GOP would gain seats, according to every poll watcher and news pundit broadcasting, we are now finding that due to the vast talent of incredible cheating done whenever they could manage it, and in the most important states, the democrats are claiming victory after victory.

Arizona cheated in broad daylight…Jesse James bank robbers. Right in broad daylight. And walked away laughing an grinning.

And who came to their defense? DeSantis? His state is such a mess right now, two hurricanes devastating the infrastructure, that I’m sure running for President would get him out of trying to fix that mess. And to be sure, he had a LOT of help from outside his state to fix it.

The mockery of the American voting system is on the world stage for everyone to see. And what’s even more incredible is the news reporting the belated dumps of votes going on for weeks as being normal and totally believable!

We also find out that all the money going to Ukraine, was laundered and went back to the democrats. How many young men gave their lives so democrats could keep their jobs?

Just like the stolen Presidential election, the judges will hold off hearing the cases until well after it counts.

So, where does that leave us? Will any America EVER vote again when it’s clear, the whole system is a mockery and they are so brazen about it, they know Congress will do nothing. It’s the biggest insult to the American people that any party has ever done.

They fixed it. AGAIN. And the GOP stood by and let them. And the GOP, will go along and say it was a fair election, because let’s face it, even if they win the house, it will be by such a narrow margin that there are enough RINOS in the house to stop everything. Turtle will remain. Or be replaced by another RINO.

BUSH and OBAMA are expected to come out and probably try to blame the people who follow Trump.

THEY BOTH sold us out to globalization long ago.

I was shocked this week to hear David Icke trash Trump and support DeSantis. Everybody must get on the global socialist network or lose their big mansions.

And Candice Owen? You know, she came out today and said that SOMEBODY told her that Trump was mad at her. REALLY. She started trash talking him.

 Did you know that she is MARRIED to the son of a Rockefeller? Bet you didn’t know that.

They play the masses like fools. And they have threatened us, killed many of us, destroyed our businesses and damaged our country almost to the point of no return.

And it was on purpose.

When Pelosi stood up and shredded Trump’s speech, she SHOULD have been arrested right there on the spot and lost her position. But…oh well. She’s has the right to free speech.

But not President Trump.

AMERICA: Our government is no longer to be trusted or believed.

And the attacks are being ramped up today. Every day I open the news on Bing and most of the title are HORRIBLE headline about Trump. It’s not news. It’s communist propaganda.

For Mike Pence to come out and say that Trump put his family in danger? GIVE ME A BREAK.

That man should be cast into the bowels of traitor history… he’s no better than Fetterman.

So, here’s the real question. We no longer can vote our way back to our lives. They won’t fix the system in a million years. They had time to do it, they did nothing.

We don’t have that long.

And January the 6th proved that Biden would send the full force of every American institution to jail us, silence us, or starve us all. If that doesn’t work, he’ll up the war with Russia, and send as many men and women to war to be killed as he can.

China owns Biden, and therefore us. China would love the war between America and Russia. They can sit back and reap the rewards.

They are TRYING to make us so mad we form militias. Too many of us still have guns, and that would give them an excuse to take them all away.

But there must be another way.

As Thomas Edison once said. “There is always another way…FIND IT.”

I hope Trump runs, and I hope the crowds grow bigger and bigger and all those republicans who sabotage him, are shamed into the deepest holes of hell.

Ostracized. Belittled. Put back into the bowels of hell from which they came from. Ridiculed.

Now is the time for new leaders to come forth.

NOW is the time…for the good men to save us all. They are out there; they are just trying to keep their families safe. Keep their jobs. They HOPE that America will return.

Don’t believe anything you read about Trump. Anywhere, unless it’s from his own mouth.

Remember, what the Bible said: the foxes come in sheep’s clothing.

And they are many.

Nobody Wonders. The Canadians stood in the cold for days.

Will the blacks and white, Hispanics and Chinese Americans, unit to stop the communist insurrection?

It’s up to us to start talking to all of them.

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Pope Francis Helps Destroy Christians?

Nobody Flashes:

You are not hearing about this in America anywhere, but the video does not lie. They are forming a one world religion, and like the Chinese, the one religion that won’t be allowed will be: Christianity.

Does the Pope know he is being used as a tool for tryanny forever?

Is he just another Joe Biden? Stupid? Too old? Or, what?

I’d like to know the answer to that from any Catholics. Please.

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