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Nobody Flashes Greta the Teenage Viking of Baloney

Nobody’s Opinion


Sounds so innocent doesn’t it? By the looks of her she walked right off the yodel mountain. Heidi she’s not. More like the big bad wolf turned into a monster of a child.

Greta. Time Magazine’s person of the year. And she’s only been on stage for a month.

Go figure. By the way, let’s not forget Adolf Hitler made that same title.

Yes, with all that has happened in the world, the most blatant example of the elite’s globalists wanting to reach into all of our pockets to pay for their global socialism is a 16-year-old…(Is she 16?) be careful not to say a word because she’s an autistic, spoiled brat. And she looks more like eleven.

Sorry. No manners or brains whatsoever from this kid. Notice, her big speech where she blasts the leaders of the world for daring to ruin her future. Notice, that if she was TRULY autistic, she wouldn’t have to read her big rant.

To most of us, she’s being used, and coached, to be an actress next to Tom Hanks. Watch her speech. Her dad, is an actor. Her mom, an Opera singer.

Like Obama winning the Nobel peace prize right after his election, Greta has done nothing to earn that reward, but be a favorite pick of the next elite’s meeting at Bilderberg. They are the ones grooming her and promoting her.

How DO we save the world? Oh my. Get the kids scared to death.

Does she know what she is really saying? I doubt it. What’s important to Greta is that she has a lot of elites helping to pay for her food, her expenses, her very scripted trip around the world….come on. Who is paying for all her trips all over the globe? 

Where are her parents? Where did she get the MONEY to eat all on her own?

They pulled this same stunt this with Michael J. Fox, only he wasn’t young. He was a well-loved actor who wanted to find a cure for his MS. So, they paid him big bucks, and he purposely shook so much when he spoke, and got everyone’s sympathy. The PR was so effective that Congress passed the right to use stem cell research to find a cure.

Nobody Wonders: Was it because of that bill—was that why it’s now actually LEGAL for Planned Parenthood to make millions of dollars (buying themselves luxury cars) while selling aborted baby parts? Hearts, lungs, eyes, all the parts of that aborted baby, make the leaders of Planned Parenthood a lot of money. And I bet, those baby body parts are WORTH much more on the open market if they take the baby at 9 months. Or even AFTER it’s born? Has anybody even mentioned that those organs would make money for the hospital?

Did it help Michael? Nobody Knows.

They are using Greta to not only scare the kids of the world, but to MAKE the parents accept the fact that the elites WANT U.S. Citizens to fund their social programs all over the world. It’s reported that Greta is so smart she is making her own parents give up meat and traveling. Right. Sure. Uh. Okay.

Greta wants green energy: more Windmills, using ridiculous technology that will put us all back in the dark ages. What they REALLY want is to take us off the roads, so we can’t get to them. All those pesky people driving everywhere.

I get the feeling they’d love us all to be in tiny little apartments. In the meantime, their mansions will get bigger, and bigger.

And they want us to stop eating meat.

So, Mr. President, thank you for tweeting that little Greta should chill.

And for bringing out Michelle Obama to protect the little darling, who has admitted she would love to put you up against a wall and shoot you. Where’s the #tag SaveOurGretaFromTrump, Michelle?

You know she’s just a child. It’s really the elites still freaking out about their global government dreams going down the drains, and they’ve found the face that can express THEIR anger, because we can’t attack her.

She’s a child. and autistic.

God Bless our President, he told her to go watch a movie and chill.

And Greta? You, my little angry munchkin, are no Shirley Temple. And by the way…..aren’t you a little old to be wearing pigtails?

Somewhere in America, James Comey is standing in a field of snow and ice, and mad that Time, didn’t pick him.


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Nobody Flashes a Fireside Chat

Nobody Flashes

I just happened upon this video tonight. I must admit, I really hadn’t heard of him before. He calls his video’s of wisdom and opinions: Prager U.

He’s a fellow thinker. Not much of that going around these days.

I was interested in the subject because this is going on in my own family, and I could not figure out why.

But, being as it’s Sunday, and he very much likes the wisdom in the Bible, I thought maybe some of my readers would enjoy this man.

Heck, most of you probably already know him.

Anyway, enjoy. 🙂

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Jim Jordan and Hillary’s New Look

Nobody Flashes

Friday the 13th. My mother had a massive stroke on Friday the 13th. I’m not fond of this date. Not that I’m suspicious, but the democrats wanted to make sure they took the impeachment vote on this date. Like the Muslims, dates are important to them.

Here is MY Friday the 13th nightmare:

This nobody thinks that this is going so much to script, that the democrats all know what the end game is: Hillary Clinton will come back into the race, win the democratic nomination, and Biden will bow out just as Bernie Sanders did last time without even a complaint, and I have no doubt that they have been working on getting as many illegals to vote as they possible can in the next election, and New York, and California will once again put her in the popular vote, and she will say the electoral college is outdated, we are a democracy, and she will take it to the Supreme court,

And Justice Roberts will put forth the deciding vote, and claim that she won. He is Bush’s man all the way.

Or that the Congress should take the matter up as to who won. And the fighting will go on for another four years, and Hillary will claim to be President.

She does now.

This woman is sick. And I for one am so glad she got plastic surgery. Tell me, doesn’t she look like Penny Marshall now? And why is she keeping her mouth closed? Are they still doing her teeth? Ha. The media is saying she is now “glamorous.”

Uh…..not the word I would use.

Okay. Jim Jordan doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Let’s hope that God intervenes somehow, someway and spares us all from that scary scenario.

In the meantime, even though Trump is standing strong, no man should be impeached in such a way as he.

These two people are evil incarnate.

Jim Jordan, on the other hand, has been a real Michael of an angel, fighting every day for Trump and the American people.

We are so lucky to have him.

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The Democratic House: Democratic Despots

Nobody Remembers’

Here’s what Dick Morris had to say last May about what would happen if the democrats tried to impeach the President.

Anybody who watched the testimony on our TV’s the last two weeks, and witnessed the polls of the President going up, see this happening. Dick was right.

The democrats know it will hurt them, but SOMEBODY is pulling the strings behind the scenes and making them do it.

Soros? The Clintons? One thing is certain, it isn’t hurting the stock market or the President.

What we are witnessing is the “mob”. Up to this point the politicians have been using the word democracy. They’ve just in the last few days change it to “republic.”

But Nobody Remembers what John Adams warned us about in his book: “In Defense of the Constitution”

The democrats are now ruling like tyrants in this impeachment process. They ARE the majority, and Adams warned that a ‘democracy” is the MOST tyrannical of all.

“Freedom produces magnanimity and courage: but there is no freedom nor justice in a simple democracy for any but the majority. The ruling party, no doubt, will be active and bold: but the ruled will be discouraged, browbeaten, and insulted, without a possibility of redress but by civil war. It is a mixed government, the, well balanced, that makes all the nation of a noble temper. 

The minority on the contrary will be constantly within the reach of tyranny, and under the arbitrary disposition of the commanding power of the majority. Nor do the minority , under such a government in case of transgression: nor have they any share or interest in making of laws, with the penalties annexed: nor do they become the more inexcusable if they offend;” nor ought they ” the more willingly to submit to punishment, when they suffer for any offence.” for the minority have no laws but what the majority please to give, any more than “when government is managed in the hands of a particular person, “Know what laws they are to obey, or what penalties they are to undergo.”

(Does this not sound like the Nadler/Shift impeachment that we have witnessed? They made up ALL rules, changed the rules, all done in secrecy, and left the GOP with no power whatsoever. Acting like, tyrants.) 

The universal sense of mankind has deemed it so destructive or impractical, that no nation has ventured on it. But if we consider those passion in human nature which cause despots, oligarchies, and standing senate to make sure an abuse of power, we must see that the same passions will ever exist in the majority and their leaders in a democracy and produce the same fatal effects. 

John Adams, the man who wrote the FIRST Constitution of the United States (Massachusetts) which had the three separate branches to prevent a democracy, thought that a democracy would be the MOST tyrannical of all governments.

You could get a wise and benevolent King. But if, like the democrats want to do, we get rid of the electorial college which GIVES us a democracy forever more, New York, and California would run the country, and they would do it as we see now, as tyrants to the rest of us.

The democrats majority in the House, are doing just what John Adams feared, and they are acting as if they can make the President and the Senate null and void.

And this is why they will keep saying “republic” because too many lawyers know this.

It’s up to the Senate AND the President to keep these tyrants in check.



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Sen Hawley: Best Rant of the Day

Nobody Wins

Everyone was encouraged by the conservative pundits to tune into the I.G report today. So we did. And, found out that Howowitz was protecting Hillary, the F.B.I. and saying with a straight face that he found no bias anywhere in his report.

Of course, Lindsey Graham set up the ridiculousness of that absurd claim by just reading FBI emails. The democrats for the first hour kept to the talking points that nobody did anything wrong. After Feinstein spoke, I was ready to turn it off…but there was no need. Unlike the impeachment proceedings, only one station ended up broadcasting the whole thing.

It was obvious everybody was putting blame on the FICA courts, (Need to be looked at) or the lawyer who changed the wording…nobody was blaming the real big guys who controlled the whole thing. Much was said about “We need to look into that so it doesn’t happen again” stuff, which is like saying, “Yeah, people in Chicago get murdered every night. We might want to look into that.” And nothing ever happens.

And THEN, the new Senator from my state of Missouri said this brilliant statement. I’m sure, by the time he came on, NOBODY was watching except for people like me. I was watching because our heater broke and I was under a big pile of blankets waiting for the repairman.

You don’t want to miss the Senator’s excellent points.

Still, Nobody Wins when the crimes are put out there for all to see, and the criminals continue to go…unpunished.

Josh points out that this WAS a coup. But he stops there.

Now, who will step up and start putting people in jail? Anyone?

I’m, not hopeful.

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What Will the Senate Do? Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

WILL the criminals that put together this coup to oust a President be punished?

Since yesterday’s impeachment fiasco by Nadler was such a clear circus of lies by the democrats, where democratic lawyers insisted the President was guilty, AND since the I.G. report came out today which showed the actual coup put on by the Obama administration, the democrats rushed out in the morning, claimed impeachment charges, and said that the next elections would be suspicious, and we are all sure, they will not accept it.

THEN…because they know they are scamming, and it’s all a lie, in order to keep up the voter’s not getting mad in certain states, the whole democratic farce goes on. Nancy comes out and CLAIMS that THEY saved the economy, corrected Trump’s trade deal, and basically signs it and takes the credit for it before he can.

Audacity they have buttloads of.

Rush Limbaugh is explained it all right now, how Trump was spied on by the FBI. The people involved wore wiretaps.

Then Horowitz comes out and says that there was no bias in the FBI reports, which as everyone knows, is a joke. It’s like when Comey came out and said that Hillary had no intent to hide her server, destroy her cell phones, crush her computers, and destroy emails.

I see Hillary behind all of this. The deep state is deep. I wondered if Barr would try to protect the ‘institutions’ and therefore, Nobody Wonders if the members of the Senate going to do the same?

Will we, as usual, just see a few lower plebeians arrested and the top criminals in this coup go untouched? Will Obama’s part in this even be mentioned by the Senate? Trump wants a full Senate trial, but will Graham and O’Connell, two deep state operatives, give it to him?

Or will they just say, Yes, they were bad, bad, things done, but let’s move on for the country’s sake.

Nobody Knows, but if history repeats itself, that’s what will happen. They say that nobody is above the law, but we see time and time again, they mean everybody but them.

IF they do NOT convict Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and the rest of the group, then nothing will change in America.
The deep state, will tell themselves, behind closed doors, well we just can’t do THAT. The whole country would fall apart.

The democrats will still keep attacking, the Bush Rino’s will breathe a sigh of relief, and all the elites will stay in power.
AND the horrible crap we’ve been forced to listen to for three years, will continue forever more, until the globalist Hillary, or another globalist manages to get placed in the White House.

They plan to destroy the Constitution. It stands in the way of their global plans.

And that’s why, what happens in the Senate is so important.

Our president is right: If they do impeach, then we should watch the trial in the Senate.

They haven’t been fair so far, so I doubt if that happens.

Can the President FORCE the Senate to give him a fair trial? Does he not have the right as all of us so, to a fair trial?

So far, they haven’t given him one so….

Nobody Knows.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Nadler

Nobody’s Perfect

In case you missed it, this is a fine example of a tyrant. He dismisses all rules of the House, refuses all rights to the republicans, and guides two lawyers (democratic partisan) to repeat over and over the “He is guilty” narrative. HE even let one of the lawyers come up to the podium and grill the Republican lawyer.

A FIRST in history I think.

Right now, it’s 4.30 pm central time, and they are still going on about how President Trump wouldn’t give the Ukrainians aid, and it’s an impeachable crime.

In fact: A President can give a country aid OR NOT, for whatever reasons he sees fit. Nobody seems to want to remember that point.

The democrats arguments were very weak today, no matter how viciously they proclaimed Trump committed a crime.

Rush Limbaugh has said the real reason for this is to distract from the I.G. report on how the FBI was used to spy on a candidate with information on the biggest illegal coup in American history.

Still, because of his dictatorship actions in court today, Nobody would like to present the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week.

And also thank him. The nation got to see one of the biggest buffoons that ever walked the halls of Congress, and his blatent abuse of the House rules will forever give him a place in Congressional history as one of the most corrupt members ever to host an illegal impeachment on TV.

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Is Rahm Emanuel Going Back to his OLD Job?

Nobody’s Opinion

President Trump and his allies are pushing debunked claims of corruption by Mr. Biden as a counternarrative to impeachment. —New York Times

“DEBUNKED?!” By who? Joe Biden?

I don’t get it. I JUST don’t get it. This morning on George Stephanopoulos’ program they sat Rahm Emanuel next to Chris Christie, who with his typical bug- eyed lying stare….with that “I was Obama’s boy” look on his face, vehemently claimed that the President should be impeached for trying to get another nation involved in our elections.

WHAT!? That’s exactly what the democrats did and it’s on video for all to see.

Chris Christie. Said nothing.

By now, anyone who reads knows the REAL truth. Obama weaponized the FBI, the CIA, AND State Department, to form a fake dozier (Paid for by Hillary) to do research on candidate Trump and put anybody they could get their hands on in jail.

And they use the Ukraine to get it going.

If you are just a citizen too busy with your life to understand the audacity of this statement, your life is easy. ME? I can’t tell you what I think of these scums because the NSA reads everything.

I’ve been reading a lot of Peter Schweizer lately: Clintons Cash, Throw Them All Out, and Secret Empires. Peter is amazing.

All the crimes you knew the Clintons and the Bidens, and the deep state were committing are…well…proven beyond any “Oh, it’s been debunked” BS claim in his books.

But, back to Rahm

Rahm wants to impeach Trump on a “Well, he INTENED not to give the poor Ukraine military aid.” Rahm said this, and yet, he worked for Obama and sent them blankets for eight years, and during Rahm’s and Obama’s reign Russia invaded the Ukraine.

What did Obama do?

The audacity of Rahm…knows no bounds. Rahm wants you to forget that they let Russia attack the Ukraine…but Trump had a phone call.

And he was TRYING to find out their secret multimillion’s dollar payouts.

Add the billions they made in China make the Ukraine look like nothing. Since it’s illegal for politicians to make money off of deals with other country, they just get their KIDS to do it. ‘


Peter Schweizer documents in his book how VP Joe Biden and John Kerry took a plane to China and negotiated a great deal. They’d let China build their military bases in the middle of the ocean, basically taking over control of the Asian sea routs. and Biden agreed that we’d have to ASK China for their permission to cross that very lucrative trading route.

What did WE get in return? Nothing. But Hunter and John Kerry’s boy got billions from China, to pocket, given to them by the China national bank, to their many companies set up for precisely this scam. Talk about Quid pro quo.

From Secret Empire

We are used to the typical “revolving door’ corruption where government officials will carry out politics that then, after leaving office, take a job from those who benefited. But with most of the deals covered in this book, these politicians do not wait until they leave office. The ACCUMULATION BEGINS WHILE THEY ARE STILL SERVING. Rather than personal accumulation, the wealth flows to someone who is important in their life, a child, another family member, or a close friend. Those relatives are NOT required to disclose publicly how much money they are making or from whom. It is a pernicious form of what I call corruption by proxy.

So, Hunter, Pelosi’s son Paul, John Kerry’s boy, Chris Heinz, and I’m sure many of our politicians have been running this scam for years. They all were deep in getting billions out of the corrupt Ukraine, and Hillary was involved in this too.

And the Chinese do it too. Their kids will make deals with our politician’s kids and the money goes into secret bank accounts in Belize or Panama. No taxes. No one knows.

Billy Carter, brother of President Jimmy Carter, famously took money from the Libyans. President Bill Clinton’s brother Roger took money from the South Koreans. President George W. Bush’s brother Neil got a nice deal from a Chinese computer company backed ty the son of the Chinese president.

Now, if politicians can do it, why not CEO’s? Is it any wonder that BOTH Zuckerberg and Rupert Murdoch marred women that were from China?

What I don’t get is WHY the republicans aren’t talking about his. WHY are they not pointing out ALL these crimes committed by the democrats? Why, why…… why…. WHY!!

Nowhere does our own GOP Congress say a word.

Are the democrats that powerful? CAN they have anybody killed.

Trump calls them out, but nobody else is saying much, and the ones that do are being systematically silenced.

Like Drudge. The rumor is: Drudge sold his site.

And as we saw in the townhall with Joe Biden, if you even question him YOU will be attacked—As a fat, deplorable, liar.

So, the vicious attacks and the “There is nothing to see here” will go on.

And the only thing that has been debunked is the New York Times. But then again, nobody here in middle America even reads it.

And back to Rahm. I thought it was funny that he got out of being mayor, and now is on TV again. Does he think he’s going  BACK to his old job at the White House as an advisor to Hillary, or Michelle?

Well…I wouldn’t doubt it. They just move the pieces on the chessboard and the same people stay at the top.

And that’s why, our Congressmen say nothing.

They all have kids.

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Nobody Flashes: Singing Contractors

Nobody Flashes

So, something tells me these two won’t be doing contractor work for TOO long.

Can you imagine hearing these guys working at your house and practicing?


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Pythons, Iguana’s…Not as Dangerous as the Media

Nobody’s Notes

I was talking on the phone to my oldest friend in Naples, Florida this morning. She was telling me about the pythons being everywhere and how they are eating up the deer. And they have a real iguana problem. She is very well off, but not after a very bitter divorce. She now lives alone with her three dogs and two cats, and life is good.

Needless to say, like old friends do, we talked about mostly health problems, family problems, but then it came to talk politics.

Me, listening to the sob stories.

I told her that whatever you want to say about the President, he sure has exposed the D.C corruption.

“Yeah, but he’s not innocent” she said. “And the thing I hate about him the most is how he talks. You know, my parents brought me up to not like that kind of talk.” She was referring to his “Pussy” comment, which everyone has distorted beyond belief. Realize that Janet is single, and her husband was a dirt, so she is very bitter.

What was funny, was not that she is a liberal, but what was upsetting to me, was the ANGER that came out of her. Clearly disturbing.

But here’s the thing in life, AFTER I got off the phone, I thought of what I should have said. How many of you have done that too? I should have called her out on her own verbal language.

This girl, can tell, the most nastiest, dirtiest, most disgusting dirty joke I’ve every heard in my life. After about an hour of listening to her rattle them off, (Her memory is amazing) I have often wanted to say…”Uh, do you know any CLEAN jokes.” I liked her to much to tell her that spending an hour listening to sometimes really embarrassing jokes was not exactly something I cared to listen to.

I tried to tell her that compared to what the liberals do AND say bout him, Trump is really mild. Really? I mean he calls them “Little Marco.” or “Sleepy Biden.” What do they call him? Well, I won’t repeat it here.

I said, “But, they held up his bloody head! What’s he suppose to say.?”

Like a liberal, she didn’t answer.

So, here was my friend claiming to be too ‘proper’ to have to listen to our President, and yet, has one of the dirtiest mouths this side of the Atlantic. I SHOULD have reminded her of that.

And get this: She was tired of hearing about blacks wanting reparations and mad because the Confederate Flag is part of our history.

I know. Me too.

What can you do? Clearly, the iguanas are taking over South Florida. They must be spitting on everybody too.

Why do I write about this? Because I think every one of us knows someone who really isn’t dumb, they just haven’t figured out that they are being brainwashed 24/7. It’s up to us to TRY to talk some sense into them.

Which I intend to do. I THINK my friend can be brought to at least vote for him in 20/20.

But I might have to listen to some more dirty jokes.


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The Anti-Christ Has Elves…

Nobody Reports

Recently, I was talking to a young man who was so down he said that he was sure that even if he killed himself, life would be better…he was reading Einstein. He actually thought his soul would be better off.

WHAT? Where did that come from I wondered…well…look where our young are getting the idea:

“…Some schools even have a “suicide talking day.” On that day, students write suicide notes. They write their own obituaries and discuss what they will look like in their caskets. One student said that before “suicide talking day,” she never considered the possibility of suicide. After that day, she began to contemplate it. She thought that it would “liberate her spirit” so that it would no longer be “enslaved to her body.” In addition, it would help with the problem of global overpopulation. She said that the suicide training made her “brave enough” to commit suicide. – ….”

This is pure evil. And speaking of evil…

Today, Nancy called for our President to be impeached…on the day that the President and the first lady light up the Christmas tree and celebrations in Washington D.C.

Gee Nancy, you are SO considerate.

This ‘good’ Catholic, who claims she prays for Trump, and has no hate in her heart, hates the country so much that she had to deal a horrendous blow to America on a day in which the President Celebrates Christmas with us.

The Anti-Christ has a new elf in the speaker of the House.

She is the devil’s elf. There’s nothing else to say.

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Nobody Cares that Pamela Missed Her Turkey Dinner

Nobody Cares

I was getting madder by the minute listening to these so-called “constitutional” professors at today’s mock trial of impeachment. Democrats are cherry picking quotes of the founders and then twisting the quotes to make them seem like they fit our ‘evil’ President.

Many times John Adams was quoted, and of course, you KNOW I was furious at that twisting. Remember, John defended the British soldiers from the Boston mobs, and it’s the democrats here that are the ‘mobs’. He would have been furious.

As usual, I was yelling at my TV. I should have been saying, “John, DID YOU HEAR THIS!!”

For instance, Pamela Karlan was picked to put up the outlandish claim that President Trump kept people for voting. Then she explained that absentee ballots came about for the soldiers in the Civil War who couldn’t make it to the ballot box. She then tied this to all the blacks, and poor people that President Trump kept from voting in the last election.

Please. Give me a break. 

Never mind that THOSE soldiers were on the record and citizens of the United States. The reason the democrats love the absentee voting is because anybody in the world can fake it, send in as many as they like, and no one will see their faces or ID’s…it’s just as lovely as dead people voting. Democrats ALWAYS cheat.

As she spoke  it was clear: She was a big- time, pussy pink hat, commie Alinsky, Hillary loving, Trump hating moron. As I turned on Rush, I learned that she was on Hillary’s list for a Supreme Court seat.

No WONDER she was mad. And not only that, why…Trump made her miss her Turkey dinner!

Stanford law professor and lawyer Pamela Karlan testified Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee that she was so distracted poring over other “witness” transcripts during her Thanksgiving holiday that she was forced to order a pre-cooked turkey in the mail.

“I spent all of Thanksgiving vacation sitting there reading these transcripts,” Karlan said. “I didn’t – I ate, like, a turkey that came to us in the mail that was already cooked because I was spending my time doing this.”

Ahhhh…she acted as if she just came into this hearing and crammed the night before.

I don’t believe a word of it. I think she had been grilled and grilled again for this moment in her life for months.

In fact, I think this is all like a well scripted play, and the reason I think that is because no matter what fools they are making of themselves they KEEP TO THE SCRIPT: Act One: Mueller Report. Act Two: Impeachment.

Act Three? Hillary (OR Michelle) step in and take over the democratic process and continue to call Trump a white supremist, racists, deplorable, yada yada yada.

Pamela kept talking about Trump acting like a king and the proof was he named his son Baron.

THIS is all a professor can come up with?

One comment I read summed it up: “I get the feeling NONE of these people went to the prom.”

Nobody Cared about today’s testimony. And because of that, nobody is going to care about the rest of it.

All we really care about is the fact that since American history has been erased out of our libraries and school textbooks, how many uneducated people are going to believe these idiots?

Hopefully, they get educated before the next election.

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Nobody Has a MORE Than a Few Wonders

Nobody Wonders

I was wondering about a few things today:

ONE: I was watching the President sitting next to Canada’s golden boy Trudeau today at the NATO summit, and he was talking about a lot of things, and then he started talking about Trade with China. I was on FOX, and then, the audio went out. “We lost the audio” said someone, and they cut to some other subject. I turned the channel To C-Span. Same thing. The picture was there but no audio. Then I turned to One American News. SAME. “We lost the audio.” Every station, the same. Trump was talking, and then…he came back. So. It seemed like someone didn’t want anybody to hear what Trump was saying. Either China cut the audio, or all of our stations cut the audio. Or maybe the global elites cut the audio. Nobody Wonders...just WHO cut the audio, and why.

TWO: How in the WORLD can the press make nasty remarks about the fact that Melania wore a coat during the usual White House Christmas video. She looked stunning, as usual. Really, Melania makes Jackie O. look like a suburban mom from New York, while she looks like a Queen of.perfection out of some fantasy movie.  As Trump would say, “These people are sick.” And I would add, very jealous.

THREE: Now that Kamala Harris has dropped out, Elizabeth Warren is the only woman left standing. And since this whole impeachment thing is just about smearing and hurting President Trump as much as possible, and SINCE Pelosi was sitting right next to Hillary at the funeral of Elijah Cummings….,

and SINCE Biden is not been endorsed by Obama…and SINCE Hillary keeps saying everyone is begging her to get in the race, Nobody Wonders if this whole democratic primary has been staged, by Hillary herself and her minions, in order to make it look like there was no other choice but her to beat Trump and get BACK in the race and back into the White House. Why else would she claim the younger prettier Tulsi Gabbard was a Russian Agent? She needed to get rid of her.

FOUR: Whose funding that clueless idiotic global teen to travel the world and scream that we are all going to die? Right away she gets awards and her picture in big billboards. REALLY? Seriously? 

Nobody Wonders. 

FIVE: Do the democrats know that they are actually causing millions of blacks to vote for Trump in the next election? Is the black vote going to be bigger than the illegal vote? And will the under 25 go out and vote? And WILL Hillary get into the race? Are they that confident that she will win this time? Or are they planning to run Michelle?

Nobody Knows.

But I do know one thing: Wives of politicians replacing their husbands, not because they are worthy, or should, but because they feel entiled…well…it’s just not American.

More like: a Third World Country. Let’s hope the democrats do not stoop that low. (Or let’s hope, they do.) After all, we are not Argentina yet. And if Hillary or Michelle were elected, they wouldn’t have to cry, WE WOULD.

Nobody Wonders if they will run either of these women.

Anybody wanna bet?

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Nobody’s Fool: Denzel Washington

Nobody’s Fool

The incredible advice, from a very wise man.

This should be shown to every one who ever tried and failed.

Pass it around.

This man is NOBODY’S FOOL, and is deeply loved by many.

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