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I have had a massive computer crash. Long story, but they can’t seem to fix it. We’ve had a lot of medical expenses coming up this year so I must be in ‘budget’ unlike our government. Not sure if I can afford to replace it at this moment in time.

Being the nobody that I am, It might be some time before I get back up.

I’m writing this on a very old computer. Anyway…

It is what it is. The country around me is falling apart very fast so I’m using my time to prepare for the worst, which I hope, doesn’t come to any of us.

Mrs. O…take care.

Amfortas, onward dear Knight.

Everyone else, keep the faith.

You can still reach me at joyanna5150@

We are but small matter in the vast universe, and so, every day matters.

As Steve Job so wisely said: pretend every day might be your last, he did.

I plan to do just that, and hopefully, it will mean something to something or someone.

It’s all we can do, right?

God bless us all. God help us all. Take care my friends.

This is not the end, just…as they say…I am leading the life of quiet desperation. I am at the fork in the road, and must decided which road to take. I’m just not sure yet.

And so it seems…nothing changes for the ‘nobodies.’ Life sometimes is much like a car accident.

It just…hits you. LOL Okay. Not funny.

Untill later….or as the song goes, “Until we meet again.”


P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’m that little tiny star next to the little tiny star on the left. You can’t see me, but really, that’s me.

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One World Government? Elon and Jordan: Not so good.

Nobody’s Opinion

Elon Musk and Jordan Peterson do agree on this: The elites who are becoming the tyrants of the world, cannot go on. They will destroy the planet.

But, let’s be frank. It’s their motive to ‘cull’ the population. They have flooded the Western countries to destroy them from within. We all know it. We all see it.

I’m sure niether one of these men suport Trump.

Nevertheless they both agree on this: a World government is insane.

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Mothers: Who came first? The chicken or the egg?

Have a great day all you wonderful moms!

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Nobody Knows The Propaganda Cupcake in Hank’s New Movie:A Man Called Otto

It’s a good flick, on cable. Filled with great script writing, and the fine acting of Tom Hanks as an old white guy living in a small community where he is known as the grouchy old man who misses his wife who died.

It’s a tearjerky, of course. Kind of reminds me of the recent Clint Eastwood movie where he takes the young Mexican kid neighbor under his protection.

Yeah, that was WOKE. Yes, that was Clint Eastwood.

But the woke messages in this film never stop…and the release on cable, on the VERY same day MILLIONS Of illegals are invading our country, was planned to ‘ease’ your heart to accept and care for these very lovable and giving Mexicans.

THAT was planned and on purpose.

Tom plays a man who wants to kill himself after his wife dies, but a latino couple with two and a half kids end up stealing his heart. He decides to live. They NEED him.

WOKE Otto gives a car and compassion to a transvestite, whose father kicked “her/him” out of the house. Big trans message there.

In the end he dies of a heart attack and gives ALL his posessions to the young Spanish woman and her family. He teaches her how to drive, babysits her kids…

The message? You old white people who just want to die because your country is changing need to accept the Mexicans with open arms and give them all that you can. Leave them all your stuff when you die.

We’re trying to get you to do that.

And they do this message in such a way as to really brainwash you. Don’t you WANT to be good like that Spanish Lady who was so kind to you?

Nobody Knows if the screws of the “You’d better do as we say OR else” is being used on all our actors, by Klaus, and now, even Elon Musk.

But, it’s going to take more than a movie for the patriots of this country to ‘feel’ sorry for all the illegals and just hand over their property.

Because what’s coming over that border? Is NOT a Hollywood movie.

And we all know it.

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Nobody Remember Clinton’s Crimes

Nobody Remembers

While we are all ‘shocked’ at the Biden crime family getting rich off foreign deals, let’s not forget that the Clintons showed Obama and Biden just how it was done:

I was throwing away some old paper clippings when I found this article in the Globe World…a tabloid, dated March 20, 2017.

Here’s a few spots I will ‘quote’ from the piece called Hillary Bribery Scandal!


Crooked Hillary Clinton was caught red handed taking bribes and selling her influence to foreign agents—and former President Barack Obama was her accomplice, sources charge!

The scandal was over a “$418 million NO BID contract—from the sale of warplanes to a foreign country—awarded to New York-based L3 Technologies! Consummated in secret during the final hours of Obama’s presidency, the shady deal authorizes the corrupt Kenyan government to buy more than a dozen American -made attack planed.

L3 Technologies is a Clinton campaign contributor, never produced the type of planes involved in the order! But a competing firm in Morrisville, N.C. IOMAXUSA, Inc, does product the aircraft and didn’t land the contract even though it would have only charged $180 million.

The $13 billion a year defense contractor’s political action committee began financing Hillary’s two White House campaigns as far back as 2005.

L3 boss Bernard L. Schwartz, now 91, is one of Bill’s closest pals and showered the former commander in chief with $1.3 million in campaign donations.


And don’t forget how often Hillary got cash from China. A Chinese agent Ng Lap Seng was charged with bringing in suitcases full of cash as part t of a bribery scheme. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of their criminal actions in the East.

Hillary also got money from Putin and his cronies. In return of ‘millions’ of dollars for the Clinton Foundation, Hillary encouraged American tech companies to pour cash into the Russian version of Silicon Valley.

Clearly, the democrats have been making millions of illegal and very lucretive trade deals with communists for decades and getting by with it. The reason China can now nuke us is thanks to Bill Clinton, who ‘gave’ them the technology to do it.

Wow, that got hushed up didn’t it?

Biden is now controlled by the CCP, who is PAYING him to destroy America.

I realized after going over this saved piece of old news, that nothing will be done to bring Biden, the Clintons, the Obamas, any of them for how they traded our country to make themselves rich.

And guess what? They know it. Who remembers the years of Clinton corruption? That we’ve been there, done that, and the media just brushed it aside?

They just replace one corrupt politician with another and now…we take it all for granted.

Because, it’s just how it is.

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ATF: Coming To Disarm

Nobody Knows: Will this might be coming to all our houses soon?

While they let blacks and hispanics, and hardened criminals walk our city streets and kill, who are they trying to disarm?

The guys who abide by the Constitution. This man was great. He did NOT give over his guns. And he was nice. And he makes the guns for our police and the Seals, so it’s no wonder they came after him.

I find that this is a sign that in order to take over America, they must destroy the military AND the law abiding citizens so that the illegals and criminals and cartels can start the wars.

What else are we suppose to think about this? Nobody Knows.

Do NOT give up your guns. You are protected by the 2nd amendment.

Learn from this man. He was perfect.

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Nobody Flashes: VERY Important News Everyone Should Know

First: Buffet has man arrested for speaking the truth against his buddy Bill Gates. Then you see the REAL Buffet’s dancing nonsense about how he has nothing to do with how money is spent, and the sychophantic crowd doesn’t care that Buffet is suppose to have an independent voice on this platform…no, Buffet is King. Dare to speak against him, and you will go to jail.

Pretty telling, and pretty scary.


In the second video we are all being prepared for the invasion of an army of military aged men, and NOW the Chinese are sending as many as they can. Biden is sending troops down to make SURE they get on the buses and make it to all the red states in order to be able to vote in the next Presidential election. Remember, the Bush family was the first to initiate this merging of Mexico and the U.S. They finally got China to help them out. In fact, Obama, Clinton AND Bush are going to provide planes to imigrants to get them all in as fast as possible.


The third video is proof that the whole Covid virus and vaccine was released to kill off as many as possible, from a man who knows. And it’s not over. They want to mandate this vaccine to the world.

Will Gates and Fauci be thrown in jail for the their crimes against humanity?

Hardly, they are on a fast track to destroy many more.

It’s so diabolical, like the gas ovens in Germany, NOBODY can even fathom such evil, and yet, it’s here.


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Nobody’s Fool: The very British Paul Joseph Watson

Hey amfortas! This is what I was trying to say…over in America the ‘diversity’ card is played almost every minute of the day, but I couldn’t find the usual ‘too many white people’ reporters saying a word, but Paul did. He in his usual entertaining way, pointed out that some black reporter in Britain thought the Royal Family is too...white. Ha ha ha.


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Nobody’s Opinion: Beck’s Dark Future

I had a very long Sunday, and I looked into my email late, and saw this. As usual, I got about 28 minutes into it and it stopped playing.

This happens to me when I watch Glenn on Cable. Something really interesting will start and then…”blank”

Not sure if they can control moments in Tapes or live TV yet, but well, I’m sure they can. Then again, it might be something around my house’s reception….but I doubt it. They WANT to censore this stuff, so I’m going with the obvious answer.

Anyway, Glenn is superb here. He goes over so much stuff that I’m sure is worth watching because pretty soon, if what we see happening all around us, and all the threats we are recieving daily on the news, he might soon be shut off too.

And nobody masters the ‘chalkboard’ like Glenn.

Enjoy…if you can.

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Nobody Flashes: Genuis VS the King. What?

This video of this little girl was so unbelievable I almost wondered if it wasn’t A.I. created. 3? Really?

And then, the coranation of the KING. Almost seemed to me like a what bunch of kids would do playing dressup, except it’s NOT A.I.. His crown alone was so obscene, if not for tradition, it seems so…Let me say it again: Obscene and silly.

Nostradamus said his reign wouldn’t be long. Well..duh.

And they wonder why the American people wanted a BUSINESSMAN to run our country.

Oh, Chi-Com Biden didn’t go. It seems China and the King of England are now…in competition. Also, I noticed that the crowd outside the Palace was almost 100 percent white. No blacks. No Muslims. ALL WHITE. And yet I bet not one reporter said anything nasty about that.

Giving a crown to someone because of their BLOODLINE is just about as stupid as giving political positions to anyone because of the color of their skin.

Too bad we can’t get GOD on our cell phones and ask him about it.

Anyway, enjoy little Mozart. What is she going to do with she is 4? Write symphonies?

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Nobody Flashes Christopher Hitchens on Islam

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Nobody Knows What Walt Disney Would Say Today about Our Democratic Congress…

But I think we can guess. Communism, is taking over our country. Obama was raised by Commies. He’s behind a lot of what is happening right now. It was the Unions that destroyed much of the big businesses here in America, and they went overseas.

Glenn Beck was wondering WHY the American people don’t rise up? How? With guns? When there is NO representation in Congress, the American people are trapped. Obama has supplied all the governmnet agencies with millions of guns and ammuntion.

It would end well.

It’s a shame what the ‘commies’ are doing to Disney’s wonderful creations. Someday, Disneyland will be nothing more than a cheap amusement park.

Wait, it will LOOK like a cheap amusement park, but only the very rich will afford to go there.

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Nobody Knows…About Dennis Michael Lynch

I centainly didn’t know about this guy. I hardly ever watch Newsmax because I figured out that it was set up to get the audience from FOX, but it was still run by RINO’S…So I go from OAN, to Glenn Beck, to Bannon, to several others on the conservative cable networks.

I’m glad I listend to this guy. He has excellent info on how Newsmax and the conservative Cable networks are just as controlled as the left cable TV is. Of course, many don’t know that. Being as he was ‘fired’ from Newsmax, much the same way and BEFORE Tucker was from FOX, his insight into it all is excellent. He makes a lot of sensible points. Hey, I’m now a fan!

If you don’t know about Dennis Lynch, give him a listen! We need all the common sense we can get.

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Will China PUT the First Trans Into the Presidency?

Nobody Wonders

I just read Kurt Schlichter’s essay on Townhall, about Michelle Obama and how she might be a threat for the upcoming 2024 election. The Michelle Obama Nightmare Scenario (

He’s a very entertaining writer:


She’s not a particularly driven woman. She’s lazy and frivolous, and she enjoys floating around the Mediterranean off Nice with adoring zillionaires on huge, environmentally unsound yachts mocking the saps who buy into the climate change hoax. Being president is a lot of work, and she doesn’t seem like somebody who really cares a lot about working. She just wants stuff, and right now she’s got stuff. Nor does Barack Obama particularly seem interested in getting back into politics. He was the one president who never seemed to like the job, and he gave the impression that he felt being president was a painful duty, proving that there’s something to like about everyone.


In the end, he wasn’t sure. But Newt Gingrich seems to think that’s who the democrats will run.

After all, they will block Kennedy’s son from even getting close. They didn’t let JFK Jr. NEAR the Presidency, that plane crash let Hillary get to New York. Do you really think the elites with all his talk of the vaccines are even going to let him NEAR the Presidency?

(Laugh here.)

Nancy’s Nephew the great ‘destroyer’ of the paradise that was once- upon- a- time California, Gavin the ‘Just don’t plug your electric car into today, or deliver your supplies with your Disel gas, or run your air conditioner or mow your lawn or take a shower…Newson…’ THAT GUY? What black person would vote for HIM? Uh…maybe that’s why they are flooding as quickly as possible millions though the borders.

Whomever they pick will have to face Trump or DeSantis.

So far, we have President Trump, whom every media including your favorite conservative pundits on radio and cable swear is hated too much, (Ignoring their own eyes, his record, and the masses who want him.) DeSantis is probably not going to get it, because of how he GOT reelected than dished his native Floridians to travel the world.

Too soon. Big mistake. If he would dish Florida, he would abandoned the United States.

Nikki Haley? Please. It’s like they threw her in there just to get women votes from Trump.

Asa Hutchinson? Who? Why? Deals made with China and Bush? Nobody would even vote for him.

Larry Elder? GOP black. Next to Michelle? Can he get Bruce Springsteen to get him up on stage?

And then there’s Vivek Ramaswory, who talks a great game, but how can you trust him? Harvard…rich tec CEO…all the background of an elitist. But still, he reminds me of Newt. Great talker, but in the end, may be a globalist.

Which brings us back to Michelle.

If you have been paying attention to the last decade, China now controls most of our politicans and CEO’s, and is waging war inside of America. If China can get Busch Beer and Disney to commit suicide, put Biden in as President,—if all member of Biden’s cabinet are gay, and China controls the United Nations, then unless Trump has a trick up his sleeve and a lot of patriots to help him fight this global takeover, then Michelle Obama WILL be the next President. Because that’s what China wants.

(Wouldn’t Hillary be pissed off?)

And then, she will come out as a trans. The first TRANS as President of the United States. You are already seeing this ‘idea’ being promoted across the internet.

China would LOVE it. The final “FU America, We win” card to be played.

If THAT doesn’t’ spark the civil they want, then nothing will.

Just saying.

Couldn’t happen?

Tell me, how’s your 401K?

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