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WHY Again Should We Listen to Karl Rove?


Nobody’s Opinion

I watched Chris Wallace’s FOX NEWS ON SUNDAY yesterday, and it might as well be called the “Make SURE we elect Joe Biden show.” Karl Rove was the most idiotic of them all. While he thinks ‘Uncle Joe” is goofy at times, clearly, he would be the best for the country, he said.

Really? Has George W. Bush made such an idiot out of you Karl that you are endorsing one of the biggest criminals that ever sniffed his way through the halls of the White House? I was certainly amazed when Obama picked Joe Biden as Vice President, how about you?

We are finding out now, why. Joe has kept the lucrative wars going on in the middle East. His own family, five so far, have all made millions…wait…billions off of lucrative foreign deals. And he stood there and helped as Obama sent weapons through Libya to the middle East, and pretty much created ISIS.

Was George W. in on this too? After all, it’s been reported that there are literally tens of thousands ‘government contractors” over in the middle East doing who knows what.

And it wasn’t just Obama flying cash to Iran, George W. was giving millions upon MILLIONS of trash loads of cash to warlords in Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s a good reason that George W., X President said absolutely nothing about Obama’s actions in the middle East. With Joe Biden as V.P., and now Karl Rove, Bush’s main guy in the White House, his right hand man, promoting Joe Biden, it certainly means that the wars over there were all about making money for the new global cartel: Of which Joe, Obama, and Bush were all a member of.

I’m not saying that Obama did what George wanted him too all the time, but clearly, for Karl Rove to be pushing Joe Biden as someone who would be preferable to Trump Is all about the money.

THEIR money. “Follow the money” and “It’s who you know” isn’t just something Dad used to tell you over dinner.

As we have seen in our lives: It’s pretty much a fact of life.

The hour continued with the panel all trying to decide the biggest problem they have in getting Joe in office: Trump’s great economy. While they didn’t exactly promote how GREAT a job Trump has done, they had to admit, it was a problem. Wallace made the comment “Well, England threw out Winston Churchill after he had led them to victory in WWII!” THERE IS HOPE!

Which made me remember how really STUPID the British can be. Or maybe, just maybe, they really did elect him and the Oxford globalist just said they didn’t. I haven’t read enough on that matter to know, BUT…clearly, they THINK the blacks will vote for Joe. One of them said so.

Joe will have to get a black running mate for that to happen. And all we have to do is remind all the blacks of how much Obama helped them all.

Pretty hard to do there Karl.

When all else fails, they all come back to the polls. The polls predict it all: Joe Biden will win the nomination and be elected because no matter how good the economy is, Trump will just not stop ‘tweeting” and the American people don’t like his tweeting which cause the country to be divided, people won’t vote for him.

They all agreed.

You have to ask yourself: What la-la land are these people living in?

They continued to pat themselves on the back and dwell in their Never-Never land where their hopes and dreams of a Joe Biden presidency will happen…because they wish it so.

After I turned off the show, I ALMOST felt sorry for all of them.

I said: Almost. Especially Karl. I’d rather watch him dance then say Joe Biden could beat Trump.

All I can say is: Really Karl? That’s all you can do to make a living?

The only reason Karl Rove, who has missed the gate on the last two election is on FOX so much, is because George W. Wants him there.

Nobody would like to send a message to Karl: Dear Karl…when Trump wins don’t worry.

I’m SURE you could get a spot on Dancing With the Stars.

I’d even watch. 🙂


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Is it God? Neil and Michio

Nobody Flashes that Nobody Knows

I like to listen to these two try to explain GOD. Tyson is not the intellect of Michio, but he loves to hear himself think out loud, and yes, he really messed up the Pluto question, and is an Obama follower, so right there, you HAVE to question his logic on most anything.

Yes, yes, discuss God, but I think the big mistake they all make is thinking God is “Human.”

Ha ha ha ha…Okay. If he is, that would explain a lot of those hurricanes, or even Nadler.

God…just is. We all feel it. Like you feel the end of your toe.

To me, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that science can fit perfectly with God.

And why the great intellects can’t get it, is because it’s just too simple. (Not to mention they love to pontificate.)

Anyway, it’s Sunday. Enjoy!

(P.S. I love the way Michio makes everybody know he thought up String Theory. It’s smart to make sure everybody know your successes, right Mr. President?)

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Happiness….Is Babies and Puppies

Nobody Flashes

A  reminder of what’s important…it’s not Nancy Pelosi.

Babies and puppies. God sure knows how to make us all feel all happy inside.(Well, me anyway.)


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The Senate Should Fight to Save the OFFICE of the Presidency

Nobody Remembers

As I watched the start of the Senate impeachment trial today on FOX, on another station, C-Span, there was Obama’s former ambassador to the U.N: Samantha Powers. Right before her was Susan Rice.

Both of them trashing Trump. No coincidence there.

While listening to Samantha talk about how dangerous Trump was, she said something very revealing. She said that coups were necessary to overthrow dictators in the world, and the main goal of people like her was to promote the “rule of law.” In other words, coups were just fine, and very necessary if the world was going to get rid of ‘dictators.” In fact, that was a goal that they have been doing for quite some time.

And then, in the next sentence she said that President Trump was one of these dictators.

Which means, to me, even though she didn’t say it, Samantha was admitting the coup that Obama forged against Trump was just that: a coup. And perfectly sane.

In the last two days, Nancy Pelosi has been parading around, giving press conferences…as if SHE was the real President. Signing the impeachment documents with a big smile and handing out pens: Pens that look like bullets…symbolizing the destruction of not only Trump, but the OFFICE of the President, because that’s what this is. Congress is trying to take all Constitutional power from Trump, not only so they want to make sure they can impeach him forever if they don’t like what he’s doing, but also to change our form of government to be ruled by…the global criminal court of mendacious, self-serving elites.

They want the U.S. Presidency to be just a impotent ceremonial office. Like the Queen of England. I think this goes beyond Trump.

In the future, as long as the House deems it necessary, they can impeach a President on just about anything. They can MAKE him weak. MAKE him obey.

President Trump has done NOTHING unconstitutional let alone impeachable.

If you strip a President of being afraid to even have a private conversation with another leader of a country, then you strip the Presidential office of all it’s power.

THAT’s what they are doing. Not saving our Constitution: but destroying it.

Presidents have to decide, and most times in secret, what’s good for the country. It’s their right as Commander-in-Chief.

Taking out Salamandi was a Presidential right, and the Congress screamed about it. President Trump saved not only American lives, but many Muslims too. It was a great victory for the world.

Another President, like Trump, had to make a decision also that many didn’t like, and he caught hell for it.

President Truman—when he dropped the atomic bombs on Japan.

From Truman by Margaret Truman

‘Dad had a climactic conference with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to decide the final strategy against Japan. They handed him plans for a November 1 assault on the Japanese home island of Kyushu with a total force of 766,700 men. Some of the chiefs predicted light casualties, but Admiral Leahy strongly disagreed. He pointed out that in the bloody Okinawa campaign just ending, American losses (41,700) had been 35 percent of the attacking force. The Japanese still had an estimated 5000 planes ready for kamikaze assaults. There were an estimated 2,000,000 troops in the Japanese home islands. Facing the Americans on Kyushu would be seventeen well-equipped battle-ready divisions.

On both Kyushu and Honshu, Japan’s soldiers would, if their performance on Okinawa was any indication, fight with total fanaticism to defend their scared home soil. Based on this assumption, General George C. Marshall predicted total American dead on land and sea might reach 500,000 men.

Moreover— and this was a very big moreover— the entire America battle plan was based on the assumption that Russia would enter the war before the American invasion. This would pin down Japan’s’ crack one-million-man Manchurian army, as well as on additional one million troops on the Asian mainland fighting the Chinese. If substantial portions of these troops could be shuttled back to Japan by no means an impossibility, in spite of our air and sea superiority, American losses might be many times that already appalling figure.

The atomic bomb was not mentioned in this conference. Behind these problems loomed another specter, mentioned again and again in cables from Prime Minister Churchill: the possibility that with the Allies heavily involved in the Pacific, there would be nothing to prevent Russia from taking over most of war ravaged, prostrate Europe.

My father saw that conventional bombing, even if it worked, and no one doubted that it might take months even a year, would cause more Japanese deaths than the use of one or two atomic bombs.

My father’s decision, and this I think has been largely forgotten was aimed at saving Japanese as well as American lives.

Okay. So, this is WHY the democrats never mention President Truman?

The decision to drop the atomic bomb was all his. Only the President could make that decision.

He thought it through, and made the decision, as was his Constitutional right.

And if the progressives get their way, no Commander-in-Chief, no President, would EVER again be able to make that decision. Dropping the bomb ended the war with Japan.

That’s a fact.

And THAT’s why, the Senate must shut this down, and SAVE the Constitution, and our three branch republic.

For which we should ALL stand.

Without a President, we will be ruled by a mob. Mostly a New York one. And if it was up to Pelosi, and the Congress to decide to drop an atomic bomb on a country about to destroy us.

WE would all be dead. They wouldn’t do it. If you vote for a democrat, you might just be signing your own death warrant.

It’s a great system. It’s the best system of government ever invented.

Let’s hope they don’t *$&% it up.

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Impeachment From a Parliment of Whores

Nobody Wins

So, finally, the decrepit Nancy Pelosi got her final moment in the political historical sun: The first speaker of the House of Representatives to impeach a President for a really nice phone call, in order to cover up the many treasonous felonies that have been going on for decades in Congress.

That pretty much sums it up.

While the news and the pundits all declare that the democrats were doing this just because they were mad they lost an election, the real truth is that our Congress has been exposed to be some of the most degenerate humans walking the planet, and they have been exposed…who really knew the horrible extent of all their crimes?

Now we know.

Trump has shown the light of truth on their very dark souls. Real patriots won’t forgive. And we won’t forget either.

At least the big muti-billionaires give us all products and jobs. Politicians, we are finding out, are a cesspool of ostentatious liars, blood-sucking thieves, and not deserving of their high paying positions let alone their freedom to walk around.

The big win today was when Nancy picked the very same maniacal maraud of feckless nincompoops, that keep repeating ths same lies over and over so much, that we’ve heard it all before, and are sick to death of it all.

Even the young Swedish Bernie Sanders Liberal will find it boring and switch the channel.

While the speeches were threatening, somber, and full of “We are here for the CONSITUTION!“, the look on Nancy’s face was more like…”Oh…sh*$t”.

They saw the crowd at Trump’s rally last night. They also watched the democratic debate.

Only Meathead Marxists would think it was a success.

After the crowd last night in Wisconsin, and the great reception that President Trump got at the football game, and then the China trade deal today, any Never-Trumpers in the Senate, like my Senator, Roy Blunt, should be thinking about his or her retirement.

If the Senators act all “We need a fair trial” BS, and go forth for days on end listening to Pelosi and her band of losers, America is going to notice. We had too many years of the BUSH: I am so above you all! attitude.

We want it stopped. Sorry, John Bolton can go write a book.

So, despite the fact that they tried to make it a totally dismal day for America, actually…in many ways it was: a victory.

It might go down in history as an ‘impeachment’, but it will also go down as the day America corrected it’s course from the dismal hole of incompetence boobs, or as they were once called in a famous book by P. J. O’Roarke…a

Parliament of Whores. 

To a new course for a better America. It’s going to take time to clean up America, but…with Trump…all things are possible.

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Nobody Knows If THEY Know: America is on to them.

Nobody Knows

Rumor has it, according to some leaders in the Republican Party, that the Impeachment process is going forward in order to protect Joe Biden and destroy Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s chances by making them sit through an 8 week trial in the Senate.

ALSO, it will give the democrats and media more time to trash President Trump, and give the media LOTS of money by boardcasting the event as the “trial of the century.” TUNE IN! On top of that, Mitt Romey and the good old boys of the Bush Rinos will be able to trash him too. They could care less if it hurts the GOP. They want revenge. Even Steve Bannon. He wants the whole trial and all the witnesses who have done this coup to be put on trial in the Senate. He reasoning is “The whole world will be watching!”

Yeah. The whole world will be watching CNN. Don’t think they will get the real version there, Steve. But since your new program is called “The War Room” YOU will be making a lot of money as long as the trial goes on. (I’m not saying he’s not a patriot, but really.)

It’s a win/win for the establishment all around.

Of course, we all agree that Bernie Sanders is nuts, and so today, two bombshells appeared before the debate: Bernie said that a woman couldn’t be elected, according to Elizabeth Warren.  (Really, she waited THIS long to mention it?) and NEWFLASH! The democrats have found MORE crimes committed by Trump with Russia!

Today, James O’Keefe came out with the real ‘progressive’ agenda of Bernie Sanders.

Putting people in Gulags is going to be hard when there are over 350 million gun owners.

But it does show you WHY they want gun control.

By the way: James O’Keefe is a true golden patriotic warrior is he not? Nobody Knows how many death threats HE gets.

Brave man. Don’t miss his tweet. (By the way, if you can’t see the tweet here, go to Twitter. It’s all over there.

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Nobody’s Perfect: IIhan Omar

Nobody’s Perfect

I must admit, I haven’t been paying much attention to this recalcitrant Moronic Muslim. She’s like the pesky fly that spoils your picnic, and you have to keep swatting her away. Thanks to President Obama, somehow she got into the United States, was given some jobs working in the political arena, then ended up in Congress to become the part of what now is known as “The Squad.” The Squad is probably an Obama egg. After all, he surrounded himself with Iranian Muslims. He gave the Iranians cash in order to buy weapons with…and John Kerry ADMITTED it.

Truly, amazing. Follow the yellow/green brick road to the top.

Trump made additional comments about The Squad: “They never have anything good to say. That’s why I say, ‘Hey if you don’t like it, let ’em leave, let ’em leave'”, and “I think in some cases they hate our country”

For that he was called a racist of course.

The Squad of crotchety women, who hate America, are here to change it. Already they’ve influenced impeachment, and some say have taken over Nancy Pelosi.

I don’t say that, some say it. Remember, it’s the Obama bunch.

Some say, that she illegally came here by marrying her brother: But hey– What do you expect?

Since 2016, Alpha News has been following a trail of evidence that suggests Omar may have married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in order to aid Elmi in obtaining U.S. citizenship. The two were married in 2009 and later divorced in 2017. While being legally married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, Omar has publicly identified Ahmed Hirsi as her cultural husband and father of her children.

Yes, sweet little Ilhan Omar not only hates America, she hates Jews.

In a 2012 tweet, she wrote, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.

And she really can’t stand Trump. Especially since he had the audacity to kill one of her favorite Generals. So, she tweeted this:

Wow. What an American! What a patriot! What an ugly Somalian. Some Iranian guy took her up on it:

In Palm Beach, FL Friday morning, an Iranian national was arrested about four miles from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago presidential retreat.

The man, identified as Masoud Yareioeill Zoleh on his passport, was armed with several knives, a machete and a pickax. Zoleh was arrested at Bradley Park, which is on the east end of the Flagler Memorial Bridge, according to Palm Beach police spokesman Michal Ogrodnick.

Police responded to a call at around 9:30 a.m. and found Zoleh, who also had $22,000 on him and had a car parked at the Palm Beach International Airport.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a GOP woman had suggested that the Tea Party attack Obama’s house?

What’s the difference? She SHOULD be arrested for that. Encouraging our enemies to attack our President.

How does she get by with this?

As you can see from this video, she acts like a high school 14- year- old, giggling while someone is talking about our boys being killed at war. Which is fine with her.

But, she really stepped in it when she tweeted that Iranians should be attacking President Trump’s property, because that’s exactly what has happened.

THIS woman, needs to be…gone. Nobody Wonders:

Who paid this guy $22,000?

So, congratulations Illihan Ma-mo…you win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week. You might be perfect for Iran, but as a Congresswoman? I suggest you read history.

No matter WHAT Obama said: America has NEVER been a Muslim nation.

I suggest if you want to attack any of President Trump’s Property you have the guts to do it yourself.

I’m SURE there are a lot of secret service that would just LOVE to rearrange that hat.

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What? Warren and Obama Attack Bernie?

Nobody’s Opinion

Bernie is on the rise. Oh-oh. That heart attack didn’t keep HIM down, no sireee. It’s being reported that this impeachment trial is all about keeping Warren and Bernie from campaigning and getting more popular.

By now, you must realize that the corporations who own most all our TV cable news, are globalists. And we now are finding out, not only how corrupt and FAKE they are, but how many lies are being reported in order for them to determine who wins the next election.

They simply, in their minds, cannot let Trump win another four years. Not after all the hard work they’ve done to bring about the downfall of the United States, as a republic.

Warren is a joke. Hillary won’t let her happen either.

Which is why, they love Bernie Sanders running, because he is introducing all the socialists/communists politics they eventually WANT to use to transform America, they just don’t want to have to PAY for that transition. They want us to pay for it, and so far, we have.

Bernie wants complete control of even THEIR money. Can’t have that.  It’s crony capitalism at the top, and communism at the bottom— that’s their ticket to paradise, thank you very much, and just like China, they want to decide who wins and who doesn’t.

Bernie would take their money. Not good.

And so, on every station, with every poll, Americans are told the it’s Joe Biden who is winning, and who the majority of Americans WANT to win.

Joe Biden. The man who can’t keep away from sticking his nose into every kid’s hair, and then forgets what state he’s in. The man who can’t draw a crowd of even 50 people. The man whose made billions off of illegal deals with every foreign country he got to fly to as VP.

Right. We are suppose to believe that he’s the man, when once again, we see Bernie draw big crowds and why shouldn’t he get support, especially among the young, who do not know any better? The globalists had to get rid of Bernie when he was drawing those same big crowds instead of Hillary. They know that for years they’ve been brainwashing our kids to become global citizens of communism, and Bernie is saying the very same thing that Obama said: They BOTH say that they will fundamentally transform America. What’s not talked about is just how successful Obama was at that already.

The middle class has been effectively wiped out in America. With NAFTA and all the trade deals done by the globalists, we are now simply a service economy. (Which was predetermined by the globalists some 30 years ago.) And because of Obamacare, millions of young people, can’t even get medical care. They can’t afford a house. They can’t afford child care.

They can’t afford a college education, and neither can their parents afford to send them.

The middle class is now, those who can afford $350,000 homes.

The family has been broken up, leaving the state to feed the kids at our schools. Companies are forced to have employees work only part time so they don’t HAVE to pay for medical. And they’ve flooded every cities with refugees and foreigners.

Our public schools are socialist— a parent has no say whatsoever in the crap our kids are being made to learn.

Our medical system is about to go completely one-payer. It’s just about there.

Young men and women can’t afford college to get out of having to just flip hamburgers for a living, because now, the computer jobs are being filled by foreigners, thanks to our Congress.

The whole economy is depended on Wall Street. And you need money to play. They don’t even teach you how to play in school.

They are making us cashless, and making sure books fly off the shelves in our libraries.

They are censoring the internet, while nudging us to all shop online.

Young people can’t buy a house. They have to put off having kids. And they have no future if they can’t agree to put themselves into debt the rest of their lives.

Can you blame the kids for loving Bernie? He sells socialism like a trip to Disneyland. This transformation of America has been going on for decades.

Just yesterday, I tried to get into see my doctor, who is booked up until June. Not too long ago before Obamacare, three weeks tops was the wait. Now…doctors have left in droves. If you really need to see one, you get their nurses who can only do…pretty much nothing. Or take your chances with a Muslim doctor. In St. Louis, HALF of all doctors now are either Indian or Muslim.

You might get Bernie’s free health care, but you will die waiting for it.

Go outside insurance, and it will cost you just as much if not more.

And it’s OBAMA who is against Bernie. WHY? Because he likes the money he’s making off Wall Street. He loves being in the top 1 percent. And he has yet to introduce his pick, who we all know, isn’t here yet.

This weekend, my husband and I went downtown St. Louis. Most everybody stays away from downtown because of the crime. My neighbor up the street lost his son who was downtown at a stoplight and got a bullet into his head. Sorry, it’s sounds blunt, but it’s true. No, downtown St. Louis would be the same as the South side of Chicago, if anybody lived there anymore.

Recently, the democratic city people decided to take a note from London and Chicago and build a huge Ferris Wheel, downtown to draw people down there.  For $24 you can take a ten minute ride. We made the huge mistake of taking it during the day. The Ferris Wheel is pretty cool, but then you look around from the top, and you want to gasp with horror.

I couldn’t believe the sheer magnitude of decay…old buildings, built mostly around the 1800’s. Cracked sidewalks, garbage everywhere. No life. No apartments. No new buildings. Just a city that died somewhere in the late 1960s. As far as the eye could see. Even the railroad station below, where hundreds of trains ran everyday in WWII…empty. While a new attraction, less then ten people lined up to ride.

There was a restaurant across the street. A very expensive Italian restaurant that was in the lobby of a vacant hotel. I was wondering who would DARE to go to this place at night. I would be afraid to even get out of the car, and then I realized that St. Louis has been run by democrats for over 50 years.

I’m sure the Mafia is still here, even if they are underground.

Nope. Too many republicans caused this to happen also. They jumped in bed with the big corporations, transferred our middle class job overseas, and made the U.S. taxpayers pay for the protection of Europe for all these years.

President Trump is stopping that. THAT’s why the E.U. has been able to have socialism for all these years. The U.S. Taxpayers paid for their defense. That’s why we are seeing mass protests in France, and England.

Welfare, just doesn’t work. Trump is cutting them off.

Now that Trump is stopping that, we ARE seeing people revolt. As Margaret Thatcher once said— The problem with socialism is that  sooner or later you run out of other peoples money.

In the meantime, if you want to know just how wacko this Bernie is, and why even the Marxist Obama doesn’t want him…

Like everything else: It’s all about the money.

So, here….here’s a good background check on the only man who can draw a crowd beside our President.

Make sure your kids watch it.


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How Many Birds Did the Liberals Kill in Australia? Nobody Knows

Nobody Flashes

The democrats are SO vicious these last two years, sometimes I just like to get away and watch, animals.

I think, in that proclivity, I’m joined by billions around the planet.

As you know, I’m a big bird fan. Besides dogs…elephants and birds make my day. I’m a sucker for both.

But birds, REALLY fascinate me. I love the sound of birds in the morning, AND the evening. I’m just an audio person I guess.

For instance: I have a young parakeet, who started sleeping in the same spot every night. And when I go to cover up the cage, it doesn’t matter where she is in the big cage, when I say “Go get in your spot.” she has to climb through the other birds, who will peck at her just because, but she will go every which way to get to her spot, for which she gets rewarded with just a verbal “I’m so proud of you!” from me. No food. And I often wondered how she knew I was telling her that. She figured it out on her own.

Trivia fact: Thomas Edison’s wife had a fake tree full of dead birds she had stuffed after she found them dead, and placed on a small display tree on her porch for her own enjoyment. This was in their home in Ft. Myers, Florida. I thought that was so weird. It was not far away from Tom’s phonograph which had his teeth marks on it. He had to put his teeth on the record player in order to hear it.

That’s how deaf he was. He once said he found being deaf an advantage because you could always pretend you didn’t hear what people said: Even though he knew. Came in handy during business meetings, he said.

Anyway, if you like birds and like to watch them do funny things…enjoy.

Tomorrow we go back to the insanity of humans.

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Nobody Flashes a Little Joy

Nobody Flashes’

Sometime, somewhere on the internet I must have admitted that this is one of my favorite songs.

And there it was tonight: Right there for me to pick out and post.

At least it wasn’t a commercial for dog food.


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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Watch for the Netflick Movie

Nobody Reports

Well, there’s certainly no mystery in the youngest Royal Harry, and his newly American “colored” wife leaving the royal family now is there?

The Queen choose President Trump, and THEY hate him. How unbearable it must be for them.

After all, they get to keep their lovely mansion, and their security people, millions in money,  and its obvious the narcissism strikes deep in Harry and in her. And I thought Charles was bad.

Why do they want to quit their royal duties? Because they want to join Obama and Michelle, and become the loved and adored movie stars of the ‘world’ and not have to do all those boring duties. They want to be the world’s most famous couple who hangs out with the other most famous world couple: The Obamas. And start their own foundation where they don’t have to pay taxes and can fly on their very own private jet, with little Archie and his nanny.

I’ve always thought Harry was a bit of a problem. I had a much different opinion of him than my English friend, when he appeared sitting naked at some party in Las Vegas. I mean, clearly it was an insult to the Queen. Everybody shrugged it off, as the Brits will do to protect their love for the Queen, but it was clear to me it was a VERY adolescent thing to do.

So there they went: having the huge wedding, which cost the taxpayers billions, and then they sucked up as much as they could and now, need more attention.

It seems Harry and William don’t get on much. Sorry Harry, you weren’t the oldest. It’s never been fair.

Royal family feuds are pretty much normal in England history. But Harry is so dumb, he was courted by the Obama’s, who made friends with him, and will gather him into their world of Hollywood and riches, while they both lament with insincerity that they don’t like to be hounded by the press…gee…you sure couldn’t tell that when they had their first kid could you?

They acted as if little Archie was the only child born in the world.

And she was a movie star? And look how she puts on that innocent face and tries to get us all to feel sorry for her having to be a “royal” being a new mother and all.

Give me a break.

Posing for pictures with baby Archie is just sooooo draining. And I’m SURE People Magazine paid you a nice price for those first baby photo’s. After all, Angelina and Brad got $15 million for theirs.

It’s so hypocritical…for them to even bring up his mother Diana.

I felt sorry for those boys when Diana was killed. And I always thought, along with I think probably most of the world, it was a hit job.

And the Queen? Well, it just shows, it doesn’t matter how rich you are….there’s always that one in the family who just doesn’t like you. I’m sure, Megan was a big pain in the ass, and she thought: I’m just too old to deal with this anymore. “GET OUT.”

Meghan was chided by conservatives in Britain and America for her anti-Brexit stance. In fact, on her Instagram account, she posted a photo which said, “If EU leave me now you take away the biggest part of me.”

So, the people voted AGAIN for Brexit, and now, the biggest part of Meghan, the AMERICAN is gone.

How long did she live in England exactly?

And where did the biggest part of Meghan go?

Nobody Wonders...but guess what?

Nobody Cares. 

I’m sure the Obama’s are already working on the bio of Meghan and Harry since they are on the board of Netflick: How the Queen mistreated them, and how President Trump will destroy the world. And how they plan to SAVE the world from climate change…or something to that effect.

Or maybe they will just replay Jesus was a homo.

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18 Governors: 18 Traitors: 18 Reasons We Need to Vote

Nobody Cares

When our last governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens, a decorated Navy Seal, was elected in 2017, many of us were simply ecstatic. And last year, for the first in MY lifetime, we got the biggest tax return, ever. We loved this new governor. After the democratic governor, Jay Nixon, the great genius who kept the National Guard on a tight leash as Ferguson burned— (probably on orders from Obama), we were so glad to have a republican to join the all conservative Congress.

Gov. Eric Greitens delivers the keynote address at the St. Louis Area Police Chiefs Association 27th Annual Police Officer Memorial Prayer Breakfast on April 25, 2018, at the St. Charles Convention Center. (Laurie Skrivan/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS via Getty Images)

But then, the usual sexual scandal threw him out, and they put some old guy none of us knew, Mike Parsons, in his place.

The new guy who took his place ended up being on the list of Muslim refugee lovers who recently ignored Trump’s request to stop immigrants from dangerous nations:

Here’s the list:

Kim Reynolds of Iowa – Doug Ducey of Arizona – Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma – Bill Lee of Tennessee – Doug Burgum of North Dakota – Kristi Noem of South Dakota – Chris Sununu of New Hampshire – Gary Herbert of Utah – Pete Ricketts of Nebraska – Jim Justice of West Virginia – Eric Holcomb of Indiana – Phil Scott of Vermont – Charlie Baker of Massachusetts – Mike DeWine of Ohio – Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas – Mike Parsons of Missouri – Brad Little of Idaho – Larry Hogan of Maryland

Tell me: WHY do these men do this to their states?

RINOS to be sure. I could never understand how it seemed that Missouri ALWAYS had a both a republican House and Senate, and yet, somehow manage to always get a democrat governor or Senator, like Claire McCaskill, who thankfully was replaced by Josh Hawley. She acted like she was a moderate, but voted with Obama every single time.

Eric defeated her. YES. And just like Hillary, she was really pissed about it.

Claire and her husband made out pretty well:

Shepard, who married McCaskill in 2002, has come under increasing scrutiny amid media reports detailing his financial decisions and wealth-building while his wife was in office. He reportedly has received more than $131 million in federal subsidies since 2007, the year McCaskill became a U.S. senator, and also invested $1 million in a hedge fund in the Cayman Islands, a tax haven his wife wants to crack down on.

So, while we got a great deal with Josh Hawley, who by the way hid his almost tea party opinions from the RINOS, in our next election we will have to choose between Mike Parsons, and some democrat to be governor.

This is how the ‘establishment’ keeps their power. They make sure the citizens have no choice. We either vote for Mike the Rino, or we get a democrat. Both will vote the same: open borders.

And Mike, is going to flood my little neighborhood with MORE Muslims. St. Louis is becoming the next Michigan. In fact, many of the Muslins in my neighborhood have relatives in Dearborn.

They come in, take over strip malls, and they are getting taxpayer’s money to do this with the help of the churches.

Michelle Mackin has been doing excellent reporting on this: how the churches are the ones helping to destroy us all. If you have a minute, be sure to read her column.

How CAN we believe the lie that we must fight over there, so that they won’t attack us over here, when we have all the governors from all the states bringing them in and basically putting us all in danger?

The F.B.I. have said there are sleeper cells all throughout the U.S. Well, I can tell you firsthand that most all the Muslims in my neighborhood, hate Americans. When you ask them where they are from, they lie, and say, Israel. Then laugh and look at you through their bearded muddy faces and scowls of disgust.

But they are here. Opening up shops everywhere. And our property taxes go up every year to take care of them and their kids. The older people who have paid their taxes and want to retire, are now being forced out of their homes because of the high property taxes needed to support the invasion.

There are now three million Muslims in England. Soon the English will be no more. And I suspect it’s the Muslims that are burning down Australia, but you know, you can’t say that because most of them are under 16.

Clever. You can’t prosecute them. The Muslims have been instructed by top Mullah’s to set fires…did you know that?

Middle School in USA

Nope. Probably not.

So, while President Trump is trying to get us out of the Middle East, our very own churches and politicians are trying to bring the war home.

There’s more than ONE invasion to worry about.

And why do our politicians do this?

I don’t think we need to look further than their own bank accounts…which of course, are all overseas.

And while our President is doing every thing he can to protect us: The globalists are just letting them in through the back door.

Is it any wonder, WHY most EVERYONE hates…politicians?

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Nobody Wonders Why Nancy is Partying?

Nobody Wonders

Let’s see: Iran came out of the funeral in which over 50 people were killed in a “stampede”, (Sounds like maybe some gun went off don’t you think?) and then the next day, Iran sent some missiles flying into American airbases in which they manage to…not kill a single American soldier. Over 15 missiles and…only some damage to structure?

Wow. What are the odds that they all missed?

Nobody Wonders if they buried Salami in his Chevy. Nobody Wonders if somebody took his arm and put it in a trophy some where to be shown as a shrine in some Mosque for the elites.

Maybe some Iraq’s, were hurt by the missiles we are told, but then again, we breathlesly wait for the altered report tomorrow from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shifty.

History will be rewritten on all state channels. After Nancy gets over her hangover.

Tonight, even though Nancy knew she should be on alert, she was instead partying. Clearly, they think this ‘war’ will destroy President Trump, and give them more reason to keep impeaching.

They couldn’t be more wrong. They might get their war, but they might be thinking, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Be prepared to hear over and over again tomorrow: “This war will destroy the President’s chances of reelection.”

Nobody Wonders: What are they going to do if his popularity goes UP?

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Nobody’s Fool, EVER: Paul Joseph Watson

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, the incomparable man of the most direct information on anything hypocritical on the left: Now banned…but still kicking.

Here he describes the hysteria of the left about Iran, and how insane it is.

Nobody’s Fool EVER: Paul Joseph Watson. 


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