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This man is on fire: Not only that, who knew he was so handsome, right girls? A simple haircut, new suit, and a strong commintment to lead us all to save the country.

If you haven’t seen this, watch it now. Really. ON FIRE. Hot, hot, hot!

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Nobody’s Perfect: Glenn Beck

Nobody’s Perfect

As you know, I’ve watch Glenn Beck often, and I have often spoke of his obvious support for anybody for President besides Donald Trump. So, what’s he doing here? Giving credit to Trump for his accomplishments?

Does he know something we don’t? Does he know that President Trump is NOT going to run again for reasons we don’t even know about but he does?

While he HAD to admit Trump’s many wins as President, it’s the only smart thing to do. After all, Glenn lost a LOT of money when he kept trashing Trump during the 2016 Presidential election. To his credit, he sort of apologized, and got his ratings back up. Due to his trashing of Trump, he had to fire a LOT of people in his company. It’s been a struggle to build it back up, but he done so, much to his credit.

And here he is at CPAC giving the speech before the President. Notice that Glenn came out all dressed up in Texas style, which I thought was…a joke frankly. It reminded me of when Michelle Obama wore that Gingham dress in Iowa..or was it Ohio? No matter, she came out as ‘Sunnybrook Farm”—the little woman of the farm who obeys her husband, and it was really stupid. I really can’t see Glenn on a horse, although he claims everyday he is now a ‘rancher’ with crops and cows, and…does he shovel the stalls out?

Nobody Wonders.

It’s like Ted Cruz being a Texan. Somehow, I still think of Cruz as a D.C. politician. Sorry. That’s just me.

That is one thing great about Trump. TRUMP never pretends to be something he’s not. What you see is what you get.

And while Glenn Beck is now trying to hang his hat on the hottest star, (Saying nice things about Trump) there is one thing that Glenn does do well. He has a good show, with some really good guests. His books are always very well researched.

But this Nobody cannot help but wonder…just how sincere is he when it comes to Donald J. Trump?

I guess…we’ll see.

Still, good speech Glenn. Now, just keep your horse on the right track this time. Stay out of the mountains of isolation and come on down to the river where the rest of us are all drinking the same fresh water.

Really, be all you can be:

You say you are a real America who values are ours?

Well…we’ll be watching.

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Jordan Peterson: It Shouldn’t be Personal.

How long have the Trump years been filled with the hatred of Russia? How many times, when we DO get to hear Putin, does he sound more logical than OUR leaders?

And why, are the democrats intent on destroying Putin? AND the Rinos?

President Trump, tried very hard to establish relationships with every leader of the world. And now, they are destroying Trump…again.

The One World Government insists on destroying all countries, to be able to form their one tyranical system of world rule. Therefore, Trump and Putin were main targets. And China, played them against each other, to make the way for China to be the One World Government. The big question is: Who will rule that great dictatorship? XI, Prince Charles, or Klaus Schwab?

The other day, I met a young 18- year- old who said he really liked Jordan Peterson. Every single person I know, my age, has NO CLUE who he is.

I must say, it was an inspirational minute of my day.

And here’s another: The dire warnings of Jordan Peterson—

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Nobody Flashes

Trump is speaking in Wisconsin tonight. To me, he still looks sad, but nevertheless, he gives the same speech mostly, but the people love him.

Steve Bannon said the most sensible thing this morning. He said, while he loved DeSantis in Florida, only Trump can handle the foreign mess that the country is in now. I think he’s got a point. Trump, as you see here, has a keen eye on finance and the banks, etc, and maybe someday DeSantis can become President.

Still, the democrats are going to be ruthless. So is China. We all are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

President Trump is still mentally, at the top of his game. A mountain of energy. And that alone is amazing.

So, enjoy…this smart man who knew China well…ten years ago.

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Daddy’s Little Girl….

My internet was out all day yesterday, we had one of those “weird” storms.

So, finally this morning I saw this….must be getting bad when your Daddy has to come out and claim that Trump is the enemy of the planet.

More like the enemy of you losing your vast fortunes by staging endless foreign wars. Speaking of the Constitution, George Washington warned Americans of the VERY thing you are always involving us in.

Guess you didn’t know about that do you Dick?

And anybody who thinks that statement is true, seriously needs to remind themselves that THIS man who has been in charge of most everything and in every administration for DECADES, and is one of the main reasons we lost so many trillions of dollars and millions of deaths (on both sides) in the Iraq/Afganistan wars, and WHY China now is dominating the world, and being allowed to come in and take us over.

You want to blame the fall of the republic on somebody? I’d say, this man had a lot to do with our current situation.

Eisenhower warned us about you. (Beward of the Military Industrial Complex.)

And this ad proves that his daughter NEEDS to win her state. And they NEED the votes of Wyoming. So, that’s a GOOD sign at least.

Things must be pretty bad when Dad has to come save you.

I say, Get out of Dodge DICK, and send your own daughter to fight in a foreign country on the front lines. Iran? Go ahead, show us how BRAVE she is.

After all, President Trump went to North Korea and stepped over the lines to shake hands with a ruthless maniac. That took courage.

Did you OR your Daughter do that? Would either one of you do that?

Oh, and just in case you weren’t paying attention?

Trump won. Biden didn’t. Yeah, Everybody knows it.

You lost. And you might think your ‘word’ is still good in America? Spent too much time in the White House Bunker did we? Get off the phone with George. Get a life.

I’d say, Bush’s farm in Paraguay might need a new Defense Secretary. Go for it. And take Liz with you.

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WHY THIS Nobody Loves Tucker Carlson

Yep. Yesterday as predicted by just about everybody, another “Rino” won in Missouri. Eric Schmitt won the primary for Senate and Eric Greitens lost. Glenn Beck I’m sure help put him over the top. But to be fair, the propaganda of the left is very strong in Missouri, and this IS Bush territory. (That’s another blog.)

So, what does this mean? Don’t commit adultry if you are a politician, and then NOT lie about it. Also, personal attack ads DO work, especially if Trump supporters like you.

Will Eric Schmitt turn out to be another sweet talking RINO like Roy Blunt?

Who knows? But I will say “I told you so.” the first time he turns against Trump and sides with the RINOS.

What to do? Why, I turned to Tucker Carlson, who sums up everything we are thinking. At least he’s still on.

And I personally needed the inspiration.


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THIS is why: The 2nd amendment is Important

Sorry, I got tired of listening to ALL the conservatives on the radio saying that there was NO WAY that Eric Greitens would win the election here in Missouri, and every one of them called it already for Eric Schmitt.

Frankly, this kind of leading propaganda, at least on election day itself, should NOT be allowed. Too many people on hearing that one person or another has no chance, will just not vote. I remember hearing that same BS when Trump was running for President: Obama, Pelosi, everybody was saying that no WAY Trump would win.

And he did.

So, the next step? I enjoyed this. We must NOT lose our guns. Period. End of story.

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Nobody Wonders

It’s primary election day here in Missouri, and ALREADY it’s confusing. Yesterday, I wrote my support for Eric Greitens, whose personal attacks by the RINOS have been relentless. Then, late that night Eric said that he had talked to Trump and Trump had given him his support. All of Trump’s family, and all his associates ALSO gave their support, as has Steve Bannon on his network.

BUT…this morning I woke to find a message sent to my phone by Eric Schmitt saying that Trump had supported HIM!

Well, that’s a first.

Then Eric Greitens released a video this morning saying that the WARRIOR comment in Trump’s treats meant HIM.

BECAUSE Trump is playing it both ways, and not using the last name of either man, means that Trump isn’t sure who’s going to win, and whomever wins he must work with them. Hoping I’m sure, that the smart people will know he really supports Greitens because his family, and all his associates do.

Nevertheless, we ALL know there are more RINOS in the Congress than MAGA people, so…therefore, what will happen? Trump knows that he must get along with even the RINOS.

Trump IS above all…pragmatic. That’s why he went to North Korea.

To make matters worse, Glenn Beck STILL hates Trump, and he had Eric Schmitt on his program this morning, telling everyone Schmitt was leading, and basically Glenn called Greitens a scumbag. Personal attack. The old Glenn, when pushing for his friend Ted Cruz for President back in 2016, was just as nasty.

I still say, Glenn has a very deep personal reason for not liking Trump…and it has nothing to do with helping our country or his policies.

Because he won’t tell us what that is, means to me, it’s personal.

I have one thing to say to Glenn Beck: SNAP OUT OF IT!

Dear Glenn Beck, you know nothing about Missouri, or it’s history. And just because YOU Have Windmills and solar panels doesn’t mean we want them.

NOW…. because we still have electric voting machines, and the RINOS have always managed to put their men in power here in Missouri, we’re not sure what will happen.

 I remember Roy Blunt ALWAYS talked a good game. But in the end, he voted against Missouri. I still think Eric Schmitt will be another Roy Blunt despite all his fine talk. Roy Blunt was excellent at hiding his RINO tendencies and I think Eric Schmitt will be the same way.

On another note, my husband and I were reading a Proposition being voted on, and here…YOU read this because I think it’s nebulous and can be used any way any politician wants to if it passes:


Saint Louis Country Proposition A

Simple Majority Required

Shall the Charter of St. Louis County be amended to permit employees to discuss the internal operation of St. Louis County which an employee reasonably believes amount to mismanagement with the media other parties or individuals, and prohibit disciplinary action from being taken against certain St. Louis County employees as a result of said employee making any such disclosures about County operations, including by not limited to the reporting instance of mismanagement, conflicts of interest, unlawful discrimination, specific danger so public health and safety and violations of any law, rule, policy or regulations , as set forth in Exhibit A of Ordinance No 28,452 on file with the St. Lous County administrative Director and the St. Luis County board of election commissioner?


When I first read this, I thought, oh, that protects whistleblowers…right? Vote yes. But my husband said, “Wait a minute. It says any employee.”

Here in North Country, the man who runs it is Sam Page. Sam Page (D) pretty much destroyed ALL the businesses and schools here by mandating complete Covid lockdowns for two years, when all around us, everybody was opening. Nobody in his administration could say much.

NEVERTHELESS…if you read further the “unlawful discrimination” would be used against our police force, which is already disappearing, after Ferguson. Our crime rate is ridiculous, and that’s because of Page and Cori Bush destroying the police force. It also means that even Sam Page can’t be prosecuted for his many crimes.

IF you read this like any other legal document, the word “employee” should mean the same throughout the document. BUT…here it can have a double meaning…not to mention that public health and safety violations of any law could also GIVE Page or whomever the protection to keep locking us all down when another pandemic hits.

My husband was right. At least I have changed my mind about voting yes, to no.

As usual, the democratic lawyers are good at writing a broad enough legal BS that it can mean whatever you want it to mean. The democrats do this ALL the time with our own Constitution. The second amendment doesn’t mean what it means…etc.

Am I right? Or…is it really a good thing for whistleblowers?

What will happen?

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody Flashes: Trump backs Greitens!


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THIS Nobody Supports Eric Greitens for Senator of Missouri

Nobody Knows

Here in Missouri, we’ve been waiting for President Trump to give his endorsement for his choice for the Senate seat. The contest is really between Eric Greitens, our former Governor, and Eric Schmitt.

Here’s what’s been going on: Karl Rove has led a relentless attack on Greitens, since he was governor. The RINO’s hate him. They have spent a buttload of money making sure he does NOT get elected.

Eric Schmitt on the other hand, has been promoted on Newsmax, FOX, and just about every national TV station in the country, lauding how he went after Biden on school’s being locked down, and other very conservative things sure to appeal to the regular conservative’s heart. The fact that none of it will really get done, is ignored.

On the other hand, since Greitens admitted he had an affair with his hairdresser, both her AND his wife have been after his gonads, basically, and Karl Rove has been behind THAT movement. Nothing like a good sex scandal to blow your opponent out of the water. Unless of course you’re George H.W. Bush or his son, both of whom had affairs.

Here’s the news:


Despite Greitens leading Schmitt by 6 points in polls prior to the release of the ads last month, his lead has slipped to find him lagging behind the Attorney General by 17 points as of this week. The Hill reported the fall in Greitens’ poll numbers is partially attributed to allegations his soon-to-be-ex-wife made earlier this spring after she testified under oath that he physically assaulted her and their three-year-old son.


I hear this ad on the radio, and it was SO disgusting—to think that a man would knock his sons teeth out, it did remind me of the ad they put out on Trump, that he had prostitutes pee on Obama’s bed.

Do you see the tactics they use here? Clearly, anyone that would put on the air something that proves a man guilty until proven innocent is the way Karl Rove and democrats work. And the more disgusting it is the better.

Let’s not forget the three impeachment proceedings of the Trump Presidency. All made up.

Still, there are a lot of dumb people her that might not want to vote for Greitens simply because of it.

Quite a while ago, I saw an ad talking about how Eric Schmitt was really trying to work out a deal with China and Lambert field. To bring China into Missouri. It was a big deal, and a lot of our republican representatives were really pushing it. Pushing it SO much that whole neighborhoods around Lambert field were forced to abandon their homes, in order for a huge runway to be built. In fact, the whole area around the airport has been completely transformed. TWA left, and giant hills were built so that you could not even see the runways. Before this transformation, there were dozens of hotels, and restaurants where you could watch the airplanes take off.

ALL of them, all of them are gone. Boeing has moved, and losing contracts to AIRBUS, and instead a VAST complex of empty warehouses that go on for miles have been built, and AMAZON is now taking up a huge portion of those warehouses.

AMAZON…CHINA…what a better deal!

Eris Greitens: “These politicians push legislation to allow Missouri farmland to be sold to Chinese communist party-owned companies. It is disgusting,” former Gov. Eric Greitens, another one of Schmitt’s opponents in the race, told Breitbart News Saturday last year.

If you saw this area now, you would swear looking down at the airport that it was a deep bunker built to look like North Korea hiding its nukes.

This went on even during Bush, through Obama, and it was done by the time Trump took office, BUT.,.that huge airfield that was built?

Nobody lands there. Not one plane. This Nobody thinks it’s just waiting for those big planes from China.

Eric Schmitt was behind this. It WAS voted down by me, and most of the people in Missouri.

(See ad on link below)

So, that ad I saw, about this, has disappeared, and in its place are ads saying the Eric Greitens is in bed with China.

Please. They have done the REAL polls and know that the conservatives here know that Eric Schmitt was trying to put China here.  

Who does Trump support? Since these terrible ads by Karl Rove have been doing a scare job, let us guess. Giuliani, Wayne Root, and Kimberly Guilfoyle have all come out and supported Greitens. All loyal Trump supporters.

Greitens was a great Governor. And I do not believe all the crap they are saying, because that’s the way they cheat and lie.

They are STILL lying about Trump. Horrible lies. It’s what they do. LIE.

So, I hope that these stupid “Polls” they use to manipulate not only the people but our politicians, I hope the people wake up and vote who they want, NOT what some poll tells them who would lose.

I even heard Dana Loesch say Eric was against the 2nd amendment.

Really? A Navy Seal against the 2nd amendment? What is she smoking?

Dana Loesch is also for Ron DeSantis, which tells you, she is on the RINO side. For the same reason everyone is attacking Greitens:

Loesch thinks Trump can’t win.


I hope for the best. I hope the people from Missouri remember that the news is full of B.S, and vote for whom they wanted in the first place.

And what does Trump really think?:

Remember, if sex were so important to the democrats and rinos they would have taken out Biden and his son LOOOOOOOG ago. Biden took showers with his daughter according to his daughter, and Hunter?

Well drugs and prostitution are the LEAST of his crimes.

Do not vote for Greitens because he cheated on his wife….He admitted it, unlike Bill Clinton.

Vote for him for what he can do for Missouri, and as governor, he did a lot.

And that is my Nobody Opinion.

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Nobody Wins With the 4th Revolution

Tip-toeing through the news this morning, I was trying to find something to opine about:

Prince Charles getting a million dollars from Bin Laden? Well…why not? Bill Clinton AND the Bushes both got MILLIONS from the Saudi’s to build their fabulous libraries and foundations, and Trump just got slammed for having them at his golf tournaments. Is there an understood arrangement here that if our President do NOT develop our oil, then the Saudi’s will build their legacies? (Nobody Wonders)

Or…FOX kicking Trump off their network? Or the fact that FOX is obsessed with the Ukraine war and how those poor people need MORE money for weapons. That’s all FOX talks about it seems: WAR.

Or…watching all the poor white families in Kentucky being wiped out by floods. (Global warming)

Or…Biden getting Covid again? Please. He’s past his expiration point and he makes too many gaffs.

As if our stress levels weren’t high enough, I’ve been watching my ‘adrenal’ glands being destroyed because we spent the day yesterday TRYING to hook up old VCR boxes so that I can start getting rid of all my old VCR tapes. Now, any movie you want to watch is streaming on TV. THOUSANDS. And I’ve got two huge boxes of old video tapes I do NOT need. Nobody really does. TRASH.

We had 6 video players, and ALL six were trashed. Either they ate the tapes, or were just totaled for whatever reason. We thought for sure we’d find ONE. But no. It’s the new mantra of EVERY big company: do NOT make anything that lasts more than a few years. It’s just the norm now.

To get rid of them now , WE have to pay someone to take them, or throw them away…which brings me to this very important point: Computers, video Games, telephones, moniters, old TV’s: ALL the big tech that has been developed in the last 30 years, were sold to China. At one time, trash was our BIGGEST export to China. For years.

Now, China has all the old tech, and can reuse it all. By the way, China has really cut down on buying our trash. They got all the chips now, they don’t need our trash anymore.

And you won’t hear anything in the news about old tech trash being a problem anyway.

If you think that’s bad, imagine the electric car batteries, and solar panels, and windmills that will be piling into the trash heaps. Nuclear waste? Ah….well…as long as there’s no earthquakes….

And don’t get me started on all the plastic grocery bags and ‘masks’ killing our oceans. Remember when they told us paper bags were pollution so they switched us all to plastic?

And PLEASE notice— tech trash, and its disposal, is never a concern of the global warming idiots.

The fact is NOBODY talks about tech trash. Food, paper, that gets taken back into the gound but plastic?

So, having trouble trying to decide on a subject to write about, I started watching this video thinking…oh…45 minutes? No way. I have too much to do.

But, once I started, I couldn’t stop…and I was so depressed after watching it, my adrenals collapsed me onto the bed and I slept for over 20 minutes. In the middle of a Sunday afternoon.

If you CAN handle it, I’d watch it. But remember, these guys are NUTS. Wacko. Evil. Insane.

ALL the newest tech is destroyed within a few years. They want to TECH up humans? Do you REALLY think those humans will remain alive forever after the first virus hits their brains?

Or will they, once connected to the internet, be trashed like the rest of all products, because that’s really what humanity will become: Trash, to be used and thrown away. Listen to this video and watch how they talk about”HUMANS”.

I put in some laundry, and gave it a more measured thought. Until THESE monsters start connecting themselves first to their great metaverse, (They have no intention of doing, trust me on that.) humanity should fight this with every breathe they take.

Once again, it’s all about the money, and control.

By the way, many of you know this already, but then again, don’t be like me. “Overly sensitive.”

Or you might end up sleeping your life away.

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Nobody Flashes: Dinesh at his Best…

After I watched this, I realized I have never heard of this before, anywhere.

Dinesh never gives up trying to save the country, from his excellent movie “2000 Mules” proving that the President Trump did win the election, to this….he explains why the country never changes, the “4th” branch of government, and how Trump had a plan to get rid of the swamp.

Enjoy! We need MORE men like Dinesh, he’s incredible.

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WHY Ted Cruz, Kamala Harris, and Marco Rubio Should NOT run for President.

Nobody Flashes…

When Obama became President, there was a vast discussion on the actual proof of his RIGHT to ever run for that office, since many thought, and even he claimed in his Harvard Yearbook, that he was from Kenya. He was NOT a natural born citizen. Notice, this lady does not mention Obama.

(Nobody wonders why.)

He shouldn’t even have run for the office.

There was so much talk about it, that Obama came up with a birth cirtificate, and tried to laugh it off.

Many claimed that document had been manufactured…which said he was born in Hawaii. Jerome Corsi wrote an exellent book proving that he was NOT a natural born citizen. Donald Trump at the time was susupicious AS was Hillary Clinton, who brought it up in the first place.

Anyone who discussed it was branded a ‘conspiracy nut.” End of story.

This Nobody was convinced it was true, after the woman who gave his birth cirtificate the ‘approval’ died in a plane crash off the coast of California while all others on the plane survived.

In the video above, the woman — gives a much detailed explantion of what a Natural Born Citizen is. And by all accounts, Kamala Harris, Marco Rubio, AND Ted Cruz would not be eligible to become President.

And she explains why.

But who is going to care? Really?

While we have watched the Constitution being shredded year after year, no politician in Washington D.C. EVER does anything about it, when one of their own breaks the law.

But the founders thought it WAS important, and for good reason.

Too bad they didn’t include the demand that no President can be senile when taking office.

That’s how far our leaders REALLY don’t care about us.

This is a land where MEN rule, not our laws…and certainly not….our Constitution.

John Adams would be appalled.

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Nobody Remembers: Slavery in Africa

Often, when I get bored of listening to Beck or Bannon, I turn to this remarkable woman. She’s on OAN, a station the libs are trying to rid of. (One America News)

Her I.Q. must be off the charts. Here she gives a great lesson in slavery and it’s history in one African nation, and how the movie they just made about it, got it all wrong, and instead made it about racist white people.

That’s how they rewrite history.

Don’t miss it.

If they get rid of OAN, I hope some of the other stations pick her up and gives her her own show to continue.

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