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Mike Lindell…His Most Astute Opinion

Nobody’s Opinion

It’s MY nobody opinion today, that what Mike Lindell has to say recently is much more important than whatever I might say today…especially about the machines.

I’m with him on that 100%

A great patriot’s, and worth the watch.

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Nobody Reports: Jerome Corsi…Jan. 14

Nobody Reports

The left tried to get this man…on this Sunday, he gives us hope.

I certainly hope, he’s right.

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Nobody Wonders…Why Now?

Nobody Wonders

I’ve been busy, so, I do have to ask, what did I miss? Why is this classified stuff coming out now? Because Graham kept it under lock and key? The FBI too?

Why did the President not just send in some undercover agents to get it?

Why now? We all know what happened, and this is not exactly news. So…I must admit, I think, since EVERY conservative knows what happened, this will just be yawed at.

The News will be…LADY GAGA! TOM HANKS!

Yeah. Okay. I’ll be watching a movie.

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We The People…HAVE A DUTY

Nobody Knows Part I

WE THE PEOPLE have been assaulted enough. Our country has been destroyed.

WE THE PEOPLE KNOW we have been stepped on, called siliceous names, attacked for the color of our skin with incredulous lies and controlled by the corporate media’s like rats in a maze. We are told what we can do, what we cannot do, and now, we will be punished if we outcry or complain about the lies told to us daily, on the Congress floor, and in our media, by the many criminals and liars that work, not for us but for a corporate state.

If I hear one more politician compare the ‘attack’ on the Capitol to 9/11, I will give Celente a run for best angry rant of the decade: (See Gerald’s rant below at this site, because I can’t copy it.)

Report: Jared Kushner ‘Intervened’ to Stop Pres. Trump From Joining Gab (

They bastardised the founders words on the floor of the House to sell their heinous crimes to America.

Steny Howyer is now on TV comparing this “attack” on 9/11. Liz Cheney, a father whose Halliburton company made BILLIONS in the wars in the Middle East, costing thousands of our young men and women’s lives, has the NERVE to call this gathering of protesters ‘terrorists.” Steny Howyer says the stealing of election was absurd, knowing that the THOUSANDS of testimony and proof the great steal never saw the light of day.

By any court. By most Americans. They are now censoring all the media.


The Tyrants are the democrats. THE LIES ARE unbearable.

The flame of destruction has been fanned for decades by progressives, in all of our institutions. Not by us.

Never by the people. The huge group that showed up on the Capitol that day were there, in hopes for Mike Pence to STICK TO THE CONSITUTION. Which…he did not.

So, here’s the question:

Do we the people have the right to overthrow our government, if that government is corrupt?

The Declaration of Independence says: Yes. WE DO.

It is not only our right, it is our duty. Is, or is it not, part of our rightful right as citizens to overturn a government that is so corrupt, they are now silencing all dissent?

According to Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence these patriotic people had a right, no, even a DUTY, to protest. Did they have a right to violence?

No. But the violence was caused by many Antifa members, who actually brag about it on the internet. That’s a video they are also trying to hide.

When the British came for our weapons in the American revolution, the battle of Lexington was fought, and the shot was heard round the world. For YEARS we celebrated those brave men.

No more. Today, they would be called ‘terrorists.’

This nation is not calling out for ‘healing.’ as everyone is saying. It is calling out for justice. Justices they KNOW will never, ever come. The most popular President, who won the most votes in American History, has been banned. Banned by his “brothers”. Judases. Brutus. Betrayal.


Let me get this straight. The ‘patriotic mob’ who ‘attacked’ the Capitol a few days ago, all waving American flags and Trump flags, with love and peace and heartache, and yes, anger, are now going to be prosecuted, by companies, by the FBI, by their teachers, their employers, their friends, their children,…and probably even their mailman. (This article explains it well.)

Americans forced underground (

Yes, hunted down like animals, along with President Trump, every day of their remaining lives for the ‘sin’ and ‘insurrection’ of even daring to come into their state capital to want their votes counted. You can BET that all the faces of everyone there, has been recorded…by drones and camera’s.

Like the man said in the video…he THOUGHT that building belonged to the people. What DO you do if nobody listens to you?

Not even that. What do you do when your politicians destroy your work, your kids, your lives, and all your pleasures?

So says the new administration, we are Nazi’s.

They are declaring the lie that President Trump called out his supporters to overtake the Congress. But…he didn’t say that. In fact, the riots were well under way before Trump ended his speech, in which he called for peaceful protests. To impeach the President for this is beyond absurd.

But so was his first impeachment. This is not only about Trump, it’s about getting rid of ALL of American culture. It’s about making America into…China TWO.

But they have to destroy the American patriot first.

I must even admit, when I saw the flyer advertising this, I thought to use the words “It’s going to be wild.” sounded more like something Alex Jones would put up. Lin Wood hasn’t helped lately with promoting his twitters with 1776…suggesting revolution.

Yes, those people in that crowd thought they were standing up for their own rights. What little they have left of them. And the video were the woman was shot dead? That policeman AIMED for HER. The men were doing the smashing. Really. Strange.

Oh sure, the FBI, we are being told, is going to just go after the ones who committed crimes right? BUT…

Even if you were not there, patriots are being silenced on all media platforms. They are being silenced for their speech, their patriotic thought, for even daring to come to the capital to express their concerns about the election fraud, and to have their votes counted. ALL the major companies are coming on board. Even talking about your love for Trump can get you kicked off your airplane. Congress now wants to BAN anyone who was there from ever flying again in their life. Ted Cruz and Josh Howley are at the top at that list.

Every single radio station, every media broadcasters, are all apologizing for the ‘riot’ that went on inside.

Here’s what you are NOT hearing, and you WILL not hear NOT ANYWHERE: While Pelosi likes to bloviated about the “Constitution” and she stands for “the People” you won’t hear her claim EVER that the people have a right to overthrow their government.

According to Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence these patriotic people had a right, no, even a DUTY, to protest.

The Declaration of Independence says that we not only have the right but we also have the duty to alter or abolish any government that does not secure our unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Given that the U.S. was formed by settlers who threw off British government rule, there is also an historic precedent for overthrowing the government.


Rochester Institute of Technology Professor Sarah Burns explains that the message of the Declaration of Independence is that we – as a free people – have the right to stand up to an oppressive government. It is based on the philosophy that people have rights that no government can grant or deny.

According to John Locke, the fountainhead of this philosophy: There is no difference between an unjust government and a thief. Just like we are right to fight off a thief, we are right to fight off an oppressive government.


So yes. The election was taken, stolen, and now the real overthrow of America will come swiftly. But it won’t be by the American loving people who supported Trump.

It will be by the corporate/fascistic/ Chinese takeover.

President Donald J. Trump, just might be the last President of the United States of America.

Will GOD intervene? As my reader Mrs. O. suggests: We pray.

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President Trump: The Last True American President, By and FOR the People.

Nobody Reports

If you’re wondering why in the WORLD would Nancy Pelosi go nuts and impeach President Trump for the second time, one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States, a few days before he leaves office, and WHY they are making the American people sit through MORE hours of congressmen and women trashing President Trump ONCE AGAIN, saying the most outrageous things, fueling us with their outrageous lies filled with hatred and emotional political BS?

The same crap we’ve been hearing for four years? Why? What’s the point?

Want the answer?

Take a good look at that picture above. Now, take a GOOD look at who’s in the middle. That’s why. Even back fifty years ago, those American companies would have been standing with an AMERICAN President. The days of an American President being the most powerful man in the world, is gone. We have watched this destruction of not only Trump, but the office of the American President for four years.

Welcome Xi Jinping. America awaits you. We have no choice now, do we?

Joe Biden, a senile but crooked politician, who is China’s puppet, was placed in the office. He was bought and sold.

Sorry America. Biden just got greedy. Everybody knows it. And yet, the propaganda is easy. It’s all now controlled by the same few multinational companies.

And with the control of the internet in the hands of monopiles beyond our control, we are to believe that the American people were so stupid that they WANTED more taxes, a major depression: to wear masks forever and to never gather without the government permission ever again in their lifetime. Yes, they WANTED a demented old criminal hack to be President. One who had never done a thing for America.


Yes, we are being told on ALL our networks that the patriots are the REAL terrorists. Hillary’s deplorables. Obama’s FBI had us listed as such, but now its official. Now they are screaming it at us, everywhere. On every channel. We have to watch them demoralize us all.

(Like watching actors piss and throw up, in all our movie.) Morals and decency be damned.

If you are a patriot, (especially if you are white) you WILL now be punished for your crimes. It has started already. Patriots are being purged from the internet, from their jobs, from their insurance and bank companies. You can get kicked off a plane, for liking Trump. JUST LIKE IN CHINA!


You are getting used to communicating by ZOOM…another Chinese company. Gates is making a killing…computer sales are out the roof. China must LOVE our kids staying out of school.

Another plus. Legalization of drugs! GREAT! Opioids killing thousands…great! China is doing a hell of a job.

Amazon wants to take over our defense. Zuckerberg paid millions to help rig the last election. Now, Disney, Blue Cross Blue Shield, all the banks, they are all getting on board.

MISSIONDestroy the patriots.

Congress doesn’t need to do a thing to control the people, the corporations will do it all for them.

Corporations will not serve you, food, water, electric, insurance, or internet, if you don’t get in line with all their plans for humanity.

You WILL obey. Or you will be miserable.

During the last four years of Trump’s presidency, they have worked hard to make not only the office itself, but America, and all its traditions, impotent and thrown into the history books.  This year, Christmas was canceled. To add to the hypocrisy, Hallmark, has boycotted Senator Josh Hawley for wanting a recount.

Guess who makes all those beautiful ornaments we see in ALL the Christmas Hallmark movies?

(HINT: You’re not Kansas anymore.)

EVERY time Trump tried to get something done for the people, either the courts, or Congress, or the Supreme Court stopped him cold.

EVERY SINGLE TIME. And then, they came back and said he didn’t get anything done. China released the virus on the world, and our politicians blamed…Trump.

Then came the riots. All through Obama we watched them fuel the race card. They are STILL fueling the race card. Whites are evil.

Antifa and BLM have destroyed our history. Our statues, Our beloved monuments. Our politicians protected them. All of them. China colored revolution redo.

Politicians destroyed as many lives as they could. Congress has the right, by the Constitution, to send in troops to stamp out all the riots, but they didn’t. They blamed it all on Trump.

It was THEIR responsibility. Not his.  

Our great Congress did…. nothing.

And now, the greatest American President who survived ALL their attacks, but was stabbed in the back in the end by his own VP, will not be allowed to speak or hold office ever again.

THAT my friends, IS Tyranny.

If you don’t think that is proof right there that our Congress has given over to communists than I don’t know what to tell you.

This impeachment is not only about Trump, but the takeover of the office of the Presidency itself.

Trump was never ever allowed a representation in his first trial.  A right he deserves. His free speech is being forever revoked. The Constitution, ignored.

THAT…is TYRANNY. All the tyrants hide bring out race and the Constitution, like little bratty kids saying “Na na na na…you can’t touch me!”

Never again, will any President represent us, the people. Whoever holds that office will be beholden to the oligarchy who run the money interests of the top 1 percent, and China.

From now on in, we will have Manchurian Presidents. Probably movie stars, like George Clooney, or even Michelle Obama. It doesn’t matter. All elections will be rigged.

China used our own people to take us all over. All those people you see in this picture, and many you don’t, will now run the world, under the China model.

Remember these people when you use their products. Remember Wal-Mart…and the fact that Rush Limbaugh used to promote both Wal-Mart AND Apple.

Has he disowned either one? Uh…I don’t think so. He’s a republican party man, forever.  

So, Xi Jinping has taken control of our country, and has gotten our own CIA, FBI, and major corporations to give him the power to DESTROY what’s left of America. Our past four President helped.

Make no mistake. The communist fueled this ‘black/white/colored revolution all through Obama’s Presidency and it would have continued through Hillary, but they weren’t ready for Trump.

President Donald J. Trump, may be the the last true American President.

And this impeachment WILL go on, because they have to KEEP it on TV and KEEP destroying Trump and the Americans that supports him. Destroying what’s left of the economy is a must.

And anyone that speaks out, will be silenced.

Hillary Clinton said this:


To “remove white supremacy and extremism from America,” she suggested social media and other Big Tech giants must ramp up their heavy censorship efforts even further.

Clinton offered her support for impeaching Trump a second time but argued that, to end “white supremacy,” the president and those who support him must be permanently silenced.


How she dreams….

But this impeachment is about punishment: Never again should any patriotic President be allowed to get into that office again.

I remember when Bill Clinton was impeached. They impeached him for lying to Congress. They SHOULD have impeached him for given uranium to North Korea. And for given China the technology to launch the nuclear missiles to hit our own country. They should have impeached him for NAFTA. But no, they impeached him for Monica.

They should have put Hillary in jail for selling our uranium to Russia.

Let’s admit it. Look around our country. EVERY major city, destroyed. Ripe for the pickings. Bankrupting America had to be done. The Bushes saw to that. Wars. Cheney made a lot of money. Now his daughter is out impeaching Trump.

Both Clinton and the Bushes had HUGE donations from the Saudi’s to build their fantastic libraries where they could live very well off of the ‘Foundations.”

They are not even going to let a streetlamp named after Trump when they get through with him.

Plus…if Trump were impeached, he could NOT pardon. Another reason for the rush.

They are very scared of that pardon. Sure, they control the internet but imagine what Snowdon, and Assange could release. What Trump himself KNOWS.

The whole American system will be destroyed. They have succeeded in destroying elections, next, the electoral college, then…lives.

We will become, China two.

Vaccines will be mandatory. Everything that’s was America is planned…to be destroyed, just as the Chinese Culture was destroyed by China’s ‘colored’ revolution; Our beliefs, pro-life, morals, respect, the right of the individual, all will be gone.


 They say Trump is a tyrant.

Really? Who has put everyone on lockdown forever? It wasn’t Trump.

Who demands obedience, and censor’s speech?

Not Trump.

Who let our cities be destroyed night after night, while we watched cops being killed?

Not Trump.

Who got the most votes of any President in American history and just wanted to make America Great again?

Not Biden.

Congress no longer has to do a thing: the little businesses are all being destroyed, and a few big multinational companies will be left standing to control the people. The last four years, and this impeachment was to put the final nail into America.

So, why is this impeachment going on?

Isn’t it obvious?

For the final destruction of America.

That’s the plan, and they are sticking to it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Patrick Byrne and Heckler


Well, here’s a rarity: A CEO of a successful big company (He started the company of calls out what going on, and gets it right: It a communist color revolution. China is behind it all.

Where he goes wrong, is that he is not paying attention. He thought Trump should have sent in the National Guard to recount the votes. Trump couldn’t….not legally. If he had sent in troops, they would have found a way not to let them see the machines.

He thinks the Supreme Court will finally reign in the progressives…and boy, he is really wrong there. They had their chance. They could care less.

Elections are gone. The progressives have been destroying our rights and turning the country into a socialist nation, bit by bit, for many years, and now, the great global takeover is going full force.

While its touching that he thought China and America could help each other, I’m SURE that had something to do with his business. Notice the Chinese Lady told him they outlawed the beautiful Chinese culture a long time ago.

Most Americans, like the Chinese people, we just hate communism. And now, we are witnessing the Fascists’ takeover…China destroyed the Western economy, got all our companies to give up their total control in order to make money in China, and now, they are being ordered to further the ‘colored revolution’

Congress is on board with China.

And when we finally get pissed off about it, the censorship, the hatred, the swearing to want us all dead, especially white people, Biden will send out the tanks and you and I, will be silenced. Right now, they are just silencing us with masks, controlling our movements, but later, it will be even more draconian. They WILL come for our guns.

But right now, they NEED the whites and Trumpsters to get pissed off, so that they can send out the troops to disarm us all. It’s the excuse they need. So the more angrier they can get us, the better.

That’s why, Twitter won’t take this video below down.

The Nobody’s Fool Award goes to this lady Heckler. Even though Patrick is right about China being involved, this lady showed more guts than him.

They know we are pissed. Now, they just need to piss us off more, so they can complete their communistic takeover.

And now we wait.

(ON another note, this COULD have been a setup…notice all the camera’s and how the men let her talk? They can use this video to say SEE…she says the Trump supporters will come after us.. Yes, this lady could have been hired to do this. Nowadays, you never know.)

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Nobody Is Fed Up With Hillary’s Privilege

Hillary: Impeachment Not Enough to Rid America of White Supremacy (

Nobody’s Opinion

The bitch is back. The traitor who sold our uranium to Russia, who coordinated the biggest  coup d’ etat in America,, paid for by HER, probably with some of the money MADE from the selling of U.S. uranium TO Russia, is bringing bring back the good old race card, and how whites must be eliminated from the earth.

Someday some white person, will ask his mother, “Mom! Why did the white people make slaves of their own people”?

“For money honey. For money.” 

So, the impeachment is just another stone to get rid of ALL of the white people who supported Trump, and who just got tired of being called a racist.

WHITE IS THE NEW JEW. Soon we will have to wear a band to shut us all up. And what’s so amazing is so many WHITE people are really ashamed to be…white.

This is madness.

I went looking today for the book “1984” by Orwell to give to my son as a birthday present. It was sold out in every book store I went to. Also, sold out on Amazon.

Yes, the Nazi bitch is back, and never left.

Here’s her propaganda words, of which, she is well known:

From Brietbart:


Trump ran for president on a vision of America where whiteness is valued at the expense of everything else. (BS)  In the White House, he gave white supremacists, members of the extreme right and conspiracy theorists their most powerful platforms yet, (BS) even claiming that there were “very fine people” among the torch-wielding militia members who converged on Charlottesville in 2017. (REALLY BS)

In Isabel Wilkerson’s new book “Caste,” she cites a question from historian Taylor Branch: “If people were given the choice between democracy and whiteness, how many would choose whiteness?” (WTH?) Wednesday reminded us of an ugly truth: There are some Americans, more than many want to admit, who would choose whiteness.


It’s sobering that many people were unsurprised by what occurred last week, particularly people of color, (I did not hear one black person complain, did you?) For whom a violent mob waving Confederate flags and hanging nooses is a familiar sight in American history. (HOW many years ago was that Hillary? )

Consider what we saw last June, when Black Lives Matter protesters peacefully demonstrating in Lafayette Square were met with federal officers and tear gas. (Okay, was that one out of 300?) If the first step toward healing and unity is honesty, that starts with recognizing that this is indeed part of who we are.

Clinton’s characterization of America as pathologized by “white supremacy” echoed remarks made by former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday, in which the president-elect said rioters who entered the Capitol last week would have been treated “very differently” had they been affiliated with the Black Lives Matter campaign and organization.


It was proven that Antifa started the riot. Busloads stormed the capital. It’s the usual communist propaganda “start a revolution” which is what they want.

I suggest the patriots take a page of Gandhi. Peaceful. But mighty.

We need to send this communist bitch back to China, or Ireland, or back to her home in New York.

I know, I know. They are putting fuel on the fire because they WANT us to fight back.

Like I said, ever since Trump was elected, the blacks here have been very friendly. They have NOT changed.

But, there are stupid people both black and white, who are young, and naïve, and how do we wake them up?

Orwell’s 1984 would be a start…and that’s why they are getting rid of it.  All conservatives now are marked for…. thought extinction.

And if you are white…AND patriotic, Hillary, and Obama, want you…preferably…dead.

Think I’m kidding?

The only one here that has privilege is Hillary Clinton. It’s it’s about time it’s revoked.

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The Destruction of the Constitution and Nancy SHOULD be Arrested.

Nobody’s Opinion

We are watching the most hideous display of treason ever committed by so many of our elected officials since the civil war.

But this one is different. This time, the SOUTH owns all the newspapers. At least in the civil war everyone had free speech.

This ‘riot’ on the Capital has little nobodies like me saying,  “WHAT RIOT?” Some people climbed up the building, but all we saw were a few windows broke. Something the left does every day of the week.

Were there buildings set on fire? Did the people who were let into the capitol by the police, did they destroy all those hundred statues in the rotunda? Uh…why not?

Did THEY kill anybody? Did they walk up and shoot anybody in the head…I mean really, we’ve watched on our TV’s, hundreds of beating of conservatives, whole towns being destroyed, with fire, with threats, with violence…most of it kept off the news by the way. D. C. has had riots all throughout Trump’s presidency, a LOT more violent than what they let us see.

All the while, for 4 years, Trump was holding rallies with THOUSANDS showing up. And NO problems. By all accounts there were over a million people in D.C. and a few got riled up and…killed all the politicians!

Just kidding. They actually THINK that the capital is…theirs. Silly people. They were marching around the place with American flags. (Big mistake.)

So, Pelosi bused in Antifa (In white buses escorted by the police) and a false flag was set to get the crowd riled up, and the WORST that happened was some guy sat at Pelosi’s desk, put his feet up, and somebody else took her computer. Most of the people were marching around with Trump flags.

That was the worst according to the news. Two veterans getting shot…well, that’s their own fault. Move on.

Now, Nancy is screaming for his removal? Uh…why? Well, we can all guess at the corruption she is involved it. I want to know what relative of hers makes expensive ice cream and chocolate.

Rudy wants Trump to release all the classified info, and hey, I’m all for it!

On a good note, will our President have the guts to protect the Constitution from this final coup?

Here A  Lawyer suggests he does, have a right to do so:


EXCLUSIVE: Constitutional Attorney Says Pence, Congress, Violated Constitution, Trump Can Use EAS To Circumvent Censorship – National File

Speaking exclusively with National File on January 7, Constitutional Attorney Ivan Raiklin explained that President Donald Trump’s “only option” to defend the Constitution is to “activate the Emergency Alert System.”

“Because there is an insurrection going on inside of the entire government, funded, supported and fomented by foreign actors, he needs to lay out that case as well, of any evidence of that,” said Raiklin. “Why would Nancy Pelosi call for an impeachment of the President when he specifically said there was going to be a peaceful transition, with less than two weeks remaining, saying they will impeach him unless the cabinet throws him out of office using the 25th amendment?”

“There must be something that will implicate her, that is already in the hands of the President, and she needs him out of office to not be able to activate the Emergency Alert System, to communicate to America what she is also potentially complicit in. There is something there,” said Raiklin. “That something may be somehow associated with Eric Swalwell being on the intel committee, and his relationships that have been exposed recently of potential ties with China.”


OMG, they are ALL crooked to the core. And the hatred that came daily is getting stronger and more insane.

In the meantime, everyone is waiting for their $2,000 check.

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Nobody Flashes Life as it SHOULD BE

A friend sent me this video of one of my favorite songs tonight. (Eagles) As I’ve told before, half of my life was spent making my living as a drummer.

Yes, hard to believe. Musicians can no longer do that…make a living. Once upon a time, it was possible. Local bars, nightclubs, restaurants, all hired local musicians to entertain. The deep state do NOT want people to communicate OR enjoy music ever again, unless it’s their pick, or they LET you. Even the famous musicians are being kept from doing concerts. OMG…unforgivable.

Those days of huge concerts are gone. And Fauci and Gates want them to STAY forever gone. So enjoy this while you can.

And also, you all KNOW I love birds. Don’t ask me why. I think it goes back to my childhood when my first pet was a baby duck. My dad built a pen outside for it, and some thing broke into the pen and ate it. Probably a cougar, because we lived near the swamps in Florida. I was devastated, and have loved birds…any kind of birds, ever since. These people did a GREAT job taking care of this little adorable creature, and look how it paid off.

Just thought, we needed a break to remember what we absolutely, positively, without ANY hesitation need to preserve: Our American way of life.

Boys of summer…might be replaced with women of soccer forever, if we don’t fight back.

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Anger…from the REAL People, and the Unforgivable Memories of the Traitors in Congress

Nobody Flashes: Today, after the thought of President Trump being defeated by the evil oligarchs in Congress and abroad, and the sadness so many of us feel upon America’s future…an evil of Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, Graham, Romney..and the list is endles…an evil much like the dark lord Darth Fader in Star Wars, I thought of this scene and the line spoken by Obi wan.

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can imagine.”

In years to come, will we think of President Trump as being our Obiwan? It seems that way. President Trump did all he could to teach and expose the deepness of the evil or our rulers, and how little they care for any of us.

I think the traitors in Congress will have to stick by their mansions now. The torch has been passed….and the people will not forget, no matter what that evil cesspool in Congress thinks. No matter WHAT propaganda they throw at us.

These are just two video’s released…no doubt there will be more.

Two patriotic Trump supporters were killed in the halls of Congress. And yet, the Congress morns THEM, not at all.

No, we won’t forget. Impeach the President in the last 2 weeks of his stay?


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Nobody Flashes

Like most Americans, I am NOT surprised at Pence, or Graham, or all the turncoat traitors we heard today, but sickened the core at the disgusting lies and the blatant coup that happened all through the four years of President Trump’s great four years in office.

But this ending is…despicable. Over 100,000 people were at the Washington mall yesterday, and the COPS let in a few select group..into the building. .and then it was spread all over the internet that it was insurrection against our government.

THIS nobody thinks it was all arranged, and staged, and done INSIDE so that the video’s could be controlled. Outside, everyone has a cellphone.

Where is the video of the poor girl being shot dead? Where?

Never mind that it was the usual CIA communist tricks to get a riot going. Yeah right. Pelosi has control of the D.C. Cops, and the cops let people into the capitol. And Pence was outside giving a few of them fist bumps.

What does that tell you?

They are shouting that Trump should be impeached, dragged out in chains, as if he MURDERED thousands of politicians. It’s beyond 1984. It’s almost satanic.

EVERY RINO has now shown his evil face.

Last night on Coast to Coast A.M., Jerome Corsi said “I quit.” to George. The new fascists’ government had kicked him off all social media for life. And George has been bashing Trump lately so good for Mr. Corsi.

Will they come after every single person who voted for Trump?

He warned us. We just witnessed the biggest fraudulent election in the history of America. And Rush Limbaugh today, is sticking with the ‘Republican” party. He didn’t bash Trump, but by saying that a friend of his said he will never vote again, he said.

“That’s exactly what they want you to do.”

Oh stuff it Rush.

Tell me Rush, if machines can change ANY vote at any time, and even be done in China, what’s the point? If Democrats now control all voting elections for all time, then what makes you think any America can trust the system EVER again?

Rush, was sticking up for the NEXT election, which will be Ted Cruz, I BET ya, and he’s another great talker that will do…nothing. Just like Bush. Both he and his wife are WALL STREET.

Most Americans are going…”Where do we go to now?”

Your vote, your voice, and your lives DO NOT MATTER.

People are so scared of this virus they will be controlled…forever. Without an internet search engine like Google to be able to reach others, we will be doomed to obedience.

Yes, where do we go? I tell you one thing, we should NOT stop talking.

Trump has…given up. Remember, even George Washington wanted out of the job, and he didn’t have to put up with what President Trump did.

Will Trump continue to fight for the American people OUT of office?

I guess we’ll find out, soon enough.

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Do Woman AND Veterans Lives Matter?

Nobody Reports:

All day long the news reporters were shouting “A WOMAN HAS BEEN SHOT DEAD!” They made you THINK that a Trump supporter went nuts and shot a woman today in the Capital.

There was mayhem in the Capital and you gotta love the hypocrisy. For three yeas we have watched cops being killed, cities burned down, people shot and beat up, and not ONE democrats said a word. The Rinos didn’t say much either. But OOOOOOOOO>>.attack the scared Congress!


President Trump gave a great speech today. A speech of truth. And the crowd, despite all the roadblocks put in their way of coming…(Like no porty potties) they showed up. The election was stolen 80 ways till Sunday, and everybody knows it.

It’s true. He was upbeat, confident, and said he would NOT concede when he won. Great news.

And then, he talked a LOT about how Vice President Pence could help the truth, if he followed the Constitution and sent the verifications BACK to the state legislatures. But, Pence stood with the election fraud. He stood with the RINO”s. With his hometown best buddy, Paul Ryan. He stabbed the President in the back.

That might be a first. But, have you noticed? This seems to be a trend. I can’t beleive that Trump would pick all the people who would stab him in the back to be in his best cabinet positions.

Is that on purpose? Is there a game plan here?

Now, I was thinking today, if I have always thought that Pence would betray Trump. I’m positive President Trump knew what he was.

Despite what all the news is saying, Trump put a big sword into the Republican Party today. He made SURE that Pence would be the man who sent the democrats into office.

No patriot will ever trust Pence again, OR Bush, OR any of the republicans who went for Biden. Like ‘Boy Scout” Tom Cotton. Bush is going to Biden’s inauguation?

Ha. It takes one to know one. You know what? I think I dislike Bush more than Biden. Biden at least told us the election would be a fraud. Bush…well that’s another blog.

So, what will Trump do next? He knows he won. He know that the CIA, the FBI, the Justice Department, just about all of our institutions are lost, will he fight still to stay in office?

Or will he just expose the deep state and say, “I may be back in four years.” Which is silly.

Why should ANYBODY ever vote again? What’s the point, when the machines are rigged?

Nobody Knows, but no matter what, how sad this day is, when the criminals of America have sold us all out, and now plan to destruct us all. China has won.

They might find, we will not go silently.

And by the way, are we going to hear HOW this lovely woman was killed by a cop? Was it a mistake? Why don’t they treat her like they treated Floyd? She wasn’t armed.

I bet, she’s off the news in two days.

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Nobody Wonders…More Fraud Already?

Nobody Wonders

Today the big BRIBE: Joe said that if everybody in Georgia voted for the democrats they would instantly get the 2,000 checks. Better than BEER! We starve you, make you sick, take away your job, but wait…and wait…until JUST The right moment to give you the $2,000 that the Senate wouldn’t give you.

Bribes, extortion, cheating…whatever happens tonight all the above is being committed. Whatever happens, and getting all caught up in it requires a drink or two, so I’m going to bed.

But tomorrow, we shall see…Will President Trump have the final surprise?

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Mark Levine Explains In Detail the Importance of the Georgia Vote

Nobody Reports:

Tomorrow, it’s the big day for America. If Georgia doesn’t elect Republicans, it’s game over. I believe Mark Levine is right.

Another “arrow” with poison was slung at the President today, when a private phone call was released between Brad Raffensperger of Georgia and the President, in which Trump asked for 11,779 votes.

Of course the REST of the conservation was NOT leaked. They held onto that tope, until all the Godfather movies were played on New Year’s Day and then they released the tape, and compared Trump to the Godfather. Not only was leaking the tape a crime, Brad has said Trump should be up for criminal charges.

The Drudge Report blasted this picture:

Trump has been taken out of context SO MANY TIMES, that his supporters know the old trick by now, and it just pisses them off more. BUT, they STILL do it.

THIS released tape came from a man who basically got elected with the help of Chinese, which is a felony, and HE is the criminal. HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED.

From the National File—

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Brad Raffensperger Begged For Chinese Votes – National File

Georgia Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was placed into office in the Georgia House of Representatives in 2015 by a powerful network of Mandarin-speaking Chinese people in the United States of America. NATIONAL FILE has obtained video of Raffensperger speaking at an event with Mandarin-speaking Chinese people, begging the Chinese people to get him more than 100 votes to secure his victory in the election (which he ended up winning by 159 votes). A Mandarin-language newspaper that actively coordinates with United Front, a network controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, even explained the strategy to place Raffensperger into office by use of “absentee ballots” that could be obtained by one Chinese person and distributed to others. Raffensperger is trying to stop Communist China’s geopolitical foe President Donald Trump from gaining a proper accounting of the votes in the 2020 presidential election.

And it’s not just him, it’s the governor too:

Brian Kemp Held Meeting With Suspected Spy to Make Deals With Chinese Communist Government – National File

Republican Georgia governor Brian Kemp met with and made deals with the Chinese Communist Party, according to Chinese-language records. Kemp reportedly “warmly welcomed” the Chinese Consul General from Houston in a meeting in which Kemp invited Chinese business investment in Georgia. That Consul General was accused by the Trump administration’s State Department of running an espionage ring, and the United States closed his Consulate in July 2020. Kemp is trying to stop China’s geopolitical foe President Donald Trump from getting a fair count of the votes in the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. Kemp’s former chief of staff lobbies for Dominion Voting Systems, the disputed election technology company whose machines are used in Georgia. (RELATED: Secretary of State Raffensperger Begged For Chinese Votes).

While not many people will see the news about the Governor and Secretary of State working with the Chinese to cheat on the ballots and throw Trump out of office, they ARE hearing  over and over on every station, Trump asking for votes, and everyone, including Karl Rove are…appalled.

Really? Remember, this stone declaring that the population of the planet should be no more than 500 millions is IN Georgia.

Never mind that over 140,000 and even more votes were frauds, and Georgia was a cesspool of criminal election crimes. Obama visited Georgia right BEFORE the election which should tell you there was major fraud in tact.

Trump was actually being nice and saying…just give the victory I DID win, and I won’t prosecute you…

Trump was being a nice guy.

This nobody thinks Trump should stop being a nice guy, and start arresting some of these guys on espionage and crimes against the United States of America.

I don’t know what will happen in the elections of Georgia. Frankly, I don’t think any of the RINOS care if the Senate goes to democrats or if they ever win again. The RINOS are mostly old, and can retire, and become billionaires.

If it means giving over America to China, and ending their careers, fine with them. But will they be safe in their homes? Are they willing to leave the country when they give it to China?

Why not? They can live anywhere on the planet.

Still, I’m with Levine. Even if you think your vote doesn’t count, if you live in Georgia…VOTE. The rest of us, will thank you. Levine is right. It doesn’t matter if the two republicans hate Trump too.

It’s the matter of control. And freedom. That’s all.

Good luck Georgia!

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