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Nobody’s Fool: Young Teenager Gives it To his Idiotic School…

Nobody’s Fool

I’m glad they didn’t give his name, but this young man should be an example to us all.

Listen to this young intelligent mind: We need all the hope we can get, and he delivers.

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Nobody’s Opinion

The terrible news is constant. The other day I flipped on Steve Bannon in War Room and some guy was on saying that we should all just turn off our TV’s and turn to Jesus. I can just imagine some priest long ago telling some man who lost his family to the Black Plague to stop watching the bodies being carted out in the streets and turn to Jesus.

While religion has always been good for the soul, a way to comfort us from the horrors we see in life, I have always been suspicious of the “turn the other cheek” remark, or that you can survive on Jesus alone. THAT can get you killed. We are watching it now being used all over America in the Black Lives Matter Marxist movement.

I was thinking today about our ‘government’ and the crazy thing we have seen over and over: We hear both sides…if you are a liberal, you go to CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and watch the propaganda on most of the TV programs. Every hour you hear alarm about fires, weather, climate change…and how black lives matter.

Add to that the ENDLESS lies of our politicians. Now trying to tell us all that anybody who loves America is a traitor to ‘democracy.’ And if you are white, you are born a racist.

Yes, then we all turn to FOX or our favorite conservative who pontificates about the democrats: they are Marxists, and they ARE destroying our country. WE MUST STOP THEM! VOTE!

Right. But let’s not fix the voting machines. (Proving how stupid we are, and my point.)

Do you REALLY think that is going to happen?

Which is: They all talk. It’s all talk. They continue to do what they want. It’s like they are giving you something to help you release your anger…and your hope. It’s pretty sad really when you think about it.

But. Here’s the catch. Massive crimes have been committed by our so called “Leaders” in Washington D.C. for decades:  Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA (And nuked up China and North Korea) with the blessings of Daddy Bush watching him sign the papers. America lost its jobs. Lots of GOP complained about it, and YET…here we are…watching an invasion.

What can Congress do? Why…nothing dear people! Wait until the NEXT election!

 Obama passed Obamacare…costing everyone’s health care to go up. Many complained…, but now, we just hear silence. Hillary sold Russia our uranium. That crime is completely ignored. Hunter Biden? We all KNOW the crimes of him and his father and YET, all of Congress says…well, he won. Let the media discuss it.

And letting two tech giants run the world…well…let’s not forget Fauci and the millions of our money sent to Wuhan to kill off the old basically. The West just can’t support those useless eaters anymore.

They have the “PLANET” to consider.

We are now…Russia. In fact, Russia is starting to look more democratic.

 And let’s not even count how many of our representatives…lie to the people.

Trump never lied. But that’s all you heard EVERYWHERE: Trump lies! And then they tried to do whatever they could to get rid of him.

What I’m trying to say is: I think our political government has been a well-planned staged game, for years, and we have been brainwashed to think what they say…is honest and true.  The elites in Washington have put on quite a show for the world: They ACT as if there ARE two parties. But both parties have committed egregious crimes against our country, and they protect each other.

They both TALK a great game, but NOTHING is ever done, except they get richer. They now see the world as their playground, and we are just the peasants to be sucked dry.

Call it communism, but As Mark Levine says, it’s American. It’s our own special brand.

About 8 years ago, I noticed that all of a sudden, the TV was FULL of contests. Game shows, where people are pitted against each other. It came out of nowhere. And I thought at the time…what’s up with this?

Games have been used for all of history to ‘calm’ and control the people. Even in sports, the people can feel like they have won, when their home teams win. Their politicians can continue to screw them until the cows come home as long as they can FEEL like…you can still win. There are still umpires to judge fairly.

That’s smoke and mirrors in real life.

Have you noticed, after Covid, the games were all shut down? Biden gets elected and VIOLA! The games are back!

If we think back, you have to admit that this GOP VS DEM has kept the same families at the top of the government. The Clintons and the Bush family ruled us all for over forty years, all the time accusing each other of crimes, and YET…and YET…(Remember, Bush voted for Hillary and LOVES Michelle Obama.)

Do ANY of these politicians EVER get punished for their crimes? Bill Clinton and Daddy Bush were BEST buds. The Bushes never talked against the Clintons. Ever.

And it wasn’t because they are such decent people as they want you to believe.

NO. All that happens is the citizen is hooked on the game of “WHO WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION?”

THAT”S the money ticket that keeps the ALL…democrats and republicans…in their mansions. And they control the outcome…at the very top.

It’s all in the book of ‘How to rule the masses.” Yes, divide and conquer, and never let them know. The Roman Rulers knew it, and it’s always been the case.

Already, the elites know the democrats are destroying us, and we are pissed, and so, the next President WILL be a GOP…he is already hand-picked. And he will promise the moon, but the damage will already be done. As planned.

And Trump will continue to be attacked, because Trump is the man the people really trust.

He destroyed their game of smoke and mirrors.

Today, I got a magazine from Newsmax. Dick Morris said that Trump lost the election. Dick Morris, the man who destroyed the Clintons in his many books. Like Ann Coulter, he has made a lot of bucks choosing ‘sides.”  I must admit, he said that Hillary would win, and she lost. I was surprised. Despite all the video’s he put out supporting Trump, if HE doesn’t know that Biden was not elected, then it’s all about the money.

 It doesn’t matter what person you like to watch on cable. Tucker, or anyone, because in the end, the people who run the world want us ALL to think that what we see in front of us WILL be taken care of. Someday YOUR side will win!

But guess what? It won’t be. They’ve rigged it pretty well.

P.T. Barnum would tell you…it’s all about the con.

And that’s why I was so furious seeing Jenna Bush jump out of a plane in honor of her Gampy.

This Nobody sees no honor in any of them. It truly think our elections have been rigged for many, many years.

It should end in states fighting back…but then again. When the FBI and the NSA are out to get you…

And smart meters will control your house, and “woke” will control your job, and Gates will control your food..

Nobody will this end?

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Happy Father’s Day!

Wow. Censorship is going to a whole new level: I am trying to post a picture of Trump which says:

“I would like to wish all fathers, even the haters and losers a very Happy Father’s Day”

I’m not sure if he said that, BUT…Wordpress will not let me load this picture…so..welcome to the USSA.

Happy Fathers Day…From this Nobody….Hey Dads, have a great day!

My Friend Anthony with his beloved Daughter Elle Gray…Happy Fathers Day!

Dads are needed now more than EVER!!!

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Nobody Flashes…Email

Nobody Flashes: I got this from an email I subscribe to. Thought it was interesting enough to share. Just another ‘nobody’ who puts out his opinions…And while everyone still hopes WHEN the election is proven to be stolen, Biden will leave the White House, this Nobody has to think that the global cartel would NOT let that happen…ever.

Most people with a brain know it was stolen, and already the ‘conservatives’ that SHOULD be supporting Trump…are not.

Like Dick Morris, who said in Newsmax magazine that Trump actually lost the election. We can tell by the ‘actions’ and words of them all…they talk a good game, then prepare us all for the NEXT election, where the next President is probably already lined up. They will do as much damage as they can until then, so even if Mike Pence manages to be put in the White House, and talks a great game of patriotic political lies, the charade goes on.

Well, we can HOPE not. Pray not. And try to fight it, but sorry. I’ve been out of the loop for about 2 weeks.

Anyway, I’m ranting…on a Sunday. Enjoy THIS rant…a man with more hope…


The bad news for you is I am back.   The good news is we are absolutely on the precipice of all hell breaking loose for dems.  They SHOULD have finished the hand count of the ballots by now, and preliminary reports say that Trump has a 254,000 vote lead over Pedo Joe despite the fact that HUNDREDS of thousands of ballots are missing, and there are boxes full of nothing but blank ballots.  Both of those invalidate the election.   The law is SO CLEAR on this.  An audit of the full state will show Trump won by 750,000+ votes.   While that is great news, even better is an insane THIRTEEN states have sent delegates to review the audit process.   Some of the states were hotly contested, but about HALF of them weren’t, and were won handily by Trump.   Despite that, an audit will show rampant fraud and Trump winning by an even larger margin.   I keep saying we MUST know the legit election results for all state and local officials and for all ballot initiatives.   Dems know they are in DEEP trouble.   The corrupt state AG threatened to intervene in the completely legal audit process, and threatened to bring the Dept of Injustice with him which would be genuinely illegal.   An AZ senator posted to Twitter in response a tweet to him saying if he comes near the ballots or the voting machines he can expect to be going to an AZ prison.  He added the DOJ was one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.   WOW!   Republicans are growing backbones, and it is WAY past due time.  We learned that the AZ Rangers are providing security for everything related to the audit showing our side had the forethought to know the depths of evil the left would go to to stop this.   

Some interesting side news related to all this.   Myanmar is in the process of executing traitors over the election theft.   A preview of coming events?   I sure hope so.   Remember one of the last EO’s signed into action by Trump was an EO allowing traitors to be executed by firing squad, hopefully on pay per view.   Another side note is Pedo Joe is trying to close Gitmo.   No chance in hell that will happen.  So the BIG question is what happens next and when.   Most people are claiming the AZ audit will end today, which happens to be Trump’s 75th birthday.   I don’t think so.   CodeMonkey refers to “splunk logs” which are logs that record internet access to the machines.   The audit has been denied access to those logs for obvious reasons, and CM is pushing to get them for review which would obviously delay the end of the audit.   Regardless, we are REALLY close to the end of this audit, and preliminary pseudo-audit news from other states shows rampant fraud which we all already knew.  Let’s assume the audit DOES end this week.   The question then becomes what next which is the quagmire.   This is the great unknown.   Simon Parkes actually addressed this.   He said if the media refuses to report the results, the military will step in.   He said if they do report the results, the dems will then work to discredit them, call for another audit to verify the results, try to delay audits in other states, etc.   In other words, the longest delay game in the history of the world.   Simon Parkes offers no details but said that “wouldn’t be allowed to happen”.   I sure hope so because my greatest fear is they delay this thing until the end of 2023 which a corrupt judicial system could EASILY do.  

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Smartest Man in America: IQ 200

Nobody Flashes: If you don’t believe a word I’ve said about the elites and the vaccine, then maybe you’ll believe THIS man. He pretty much lays it out.

Too bad he can’t stop these “elites” from continuing their tyrannical plans.

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George H.W.’ was NOT Born on Bunker Hill Day: Sorry Today Show.

Nobody Knows’

I was taking a shower this morning, getting ready to go out on my birthday, when I happened to turn on Channel 5 news here while I was getting ready. It was on the Today Show. And there she was…Jenna Bush…getting ready to jump out of an airplane on Bunker Hill Day like her “papa” or “Kumpa”, “Gampy” or whatever she happened to call her grandfather President George H.W. Bush. It was to be in HIS honor, and they were making the BIGGEST deal out of it.

Along with celebrating her grandfather’s birthday, Bush also honored the Army’s 246th birthday on by landing on the historic grounds of the National Museum of the United States Army.

NOTE: George H.W. birthday was June 12th. NOT June 17th. Guess it really didn’t matter though.

Instantly I thought, “Oh gee. Nothing like spoiling MY birthday. A big promotion on one of the most memorable battles fought at the start of the revolution, and the BUSH family wants to take this most important day in American History to PROMOTE the Bush family, which of course wants their people (ALL THE GLOBALIST RINOS) BACK in the White House.

But Jenna wasn’t going to go alone, which she SHOULD have done, to show GOP American women how brave she was. She was certainly young enough to jump alone. NOOOOOOO…like her ‘Gampy’ she needed the whole ARMY platoon to guide her down and all she had to do was talk to the camera.

It was embarrassing to watch. The today show cohosts were all there cheering her on and talking about how brave her “Gampy” was to jump out of a plane at 90.

EXCUSE ME, but how are we, suppose to be impressed by either Gampy OR his granddaughter, when the have the BEST experts in the world guiding them down. It’s un-American. It’s a photo op. If they had jumped themselves, taking a few lessons and been brave, maybe yes, we are impressed. But is it me? Even at my age I would have done it myself. Maybe ‘Gampy’ at 90, but come on. What did he do for the country? Jump out of a plane. Gee. Thanks.

They talked about Gampy’s plane being shot down, (which according to many, wasn’t very suspicious) and certainly, the Bush’s have ruled America, for WAY too many years. Secrets galore. And as I have always said, they claim to love the military, and will do photo ops with them, and not blink an eye as to how many are killed in their many wars.

But Jenna, Her hands were shaking, and they practically had to PUSH her out. (They left a lot of hand shaking out of the video below.) The guy who she was strapped to kept telling her to lift her legs, but she really had trouble doing that. She was scared to death.

Even I, at MY age would not have been as frightened as she was. If Jenna was being represented as the GOP woman to admire in the Bush family, it was…embarrassing to watch. I sort of even felt sorry for her. But this was a BUSH family promotion P.R. B.S. Pretty obvious.

But what this really means is the Bush family desperately wants the OLD GOP establishment to be admired by the American people again.

Even Mitch O’Connell has sworn to block Trump from running and finding someone to beat him. Maybe Jeb can jump out next time.

Right now, Jeb’s kid is running for Governor of Texas CLAIMING he is a Trump supporter.

Less than a year after being elected to lead the oldest state agency in Texas, Land Commissioner George P. Bush has dramatically remade the General Land Office by ousting most of its longtime leaders and replacing many with people with ties to his campaign and family.

And if Texas hasn’t learned by now that ALL of the Bush’s lie to get into office, then I suggest they go visit the border.


They SAY Trump supports George P. Bush. So…Nobody Wonders: When will Trump learn that the RINO”s hate him JUST As much?

Nobody Knows. But I’ve had enough of the BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA American global enterprise, how About you? I don’t care HOW much the Bush family tries to keep their faces in public and HOW much they put down Trump.

As they say, “I’m done with them.”

Here’s some real info on Bunker Hill Day.

Sorry GAMPY…Patriots are NOT King George. That title, belonged to you.

Breitbart News Network

Enjoy the screams.

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Bunker Hill Birthday

Nobody Flashes

It’s my birthday. Bunker Hill Day. I’m off to due the usual things that people do on their birthday. I will celebrate with just my husband and I. Probably buy myself something simple. Maybe have a cupcake. (Ha)

It’s hot here….and in St. Louis, Chicago…the usual black murders go on in the heat of the night. And to me, it feels like Bunker Hill Day is coming soon once again to America, it’s only at a matter of time.

At the pool yesterday, a lady told me she was going to a friend to visit Boston. I suggested she go on one of the many ‘red’ trail tours where the American experience is done with actors and you walk the city and see the places where the country began…So, in honor of all those men who gave their lives on that day…fighting the King’s men on Bunker Hill, here’s a rendition wrote by Abigail Adams to her husband John, who was away at Congress trying to convince the men that they should unit into one country…she could see Bunker Hill from Braintree where her home was:

“The day, perhaps the decisive day, is come, on which the fate of America depends. My bursting heart must find vent at my pen. I have just heard that our dear friend, Dr. Warren, is no more, but fell gloriously fighting for his country, saying:” Better to die honorably in the field than ignominiously hang upon the gallows.” Great is our loss! He has distinguished himself in every engagement, by his courage and fortitude, by animating the soldiers, and leading them on by his own example. A particular account of those dreadful, but, I hope, glorious days, will be transmitted you, no doubt in the exactest manner.

“The Race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong: but the God of Israel is he that giveth strength and power unto his people. Trust in him at all times, ye people, pour out your hearts before him. God is a refuge for us.”

“Charlestown is laid in ashes. The battle began upon our intrenchments upon Bunker’s Hill, Saturday morning, about three O’clock, and has not ceased yet: and it is now three O’clock, Sabbath afternoon. “

“It is expected they will come out over the neck tonight, and a dreadful battle must ensue. Almighty God, cover the heads of our countrymen, and be a shield to our dear friends! How many have fallen we know not. The constant roar of the cannon is so distressing that we cannot eat, drink, or sleep. May we be supported and sustained in the dreadful conflict. I shall tarry here till it is thought unsafe by my friend, and then I have secured myself a retreat at your brothers who has kindly offered me part of his house.

“I cannot compose myself to write any further at present. I will add more as I hear further.

Most people think the revolution began at Lexington, or Concord…but according to John Adams, the men in Congress and most of the country was still divided…the REAL turning point was the fight at Bunker Hill. In his mind, according to his grandson, “The event of the seventeenth of June dissipated the last shadow of doubt in Mr. Adam’s mind of the necessity of insisting for the future upon the impossibility with spirit, to the work of stimulating congress to take the most decisive measures of preparation for the inevitable conflict.”

Not many people think about Bunker Hill. But I do. Every single birthday I am reminded that long ago, brave men fought a tyrant to make sure that their lives remained…in freedom.  

Too bad none of the kids even know about it.

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Eric Clapton…Thank You for Sharing Your Pain.

Eric Clapton Slams COVID Response & Warns About Vaccine Reactions (

Nobody Flashes

Now that I’m back on, I’m still testing the ‘waters’ so to speak. Many of you have offered help and I truly appreciated it. The ‘intruders’ are trying very hard to get back on, and this must be happening to a lot of people because the credit card companies have been very helpful in taking off all charges.

Having said that, my husband is on vacation this week, and so, we are trying to get in some “rest” time…

I saw this video on Infowars, and you can’t even download it. The censorship in the tech world is getting worse.

I’ll write more about this later, but in this interview Eric pretty much describes what many of us have been feeling. I have written about my own son being affected by all the propaganda.

Eric Clapton is not only a master of guitar, it comes to find out, he is a kind, and very intelligent human being..

To suffer pain when you play guitar?

My heart goes out to him.

Anyway, watch it until the end. He really makes great points. And it’s no wonder his great spirit comes out through those magical fingers.

This Nobody would LOVE to hear him play live (which so very few musicians do nowadays) just one more time.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jim Gordon

Sorry, having trouble still…but don’t miss Jim Gordon at his best. Just ignore that first blank video.

The trouble is: No matter what we all know the FBI has done, the top guys, Comey and his replacement are great criminals themselves.

And they were used to get rid of our President.

Jim hits all the marks. Jim also would make a great President.

Now the FBI is the enemy of the people. Who really runs it now?

Nobody Wonders.

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I’m BACK! Well..maybe…

Dear Readers

These last few weeks have been a real headache. I basically suffered a “ransom” attack, by some tech guy in India.

A tech guy who was suppose to be fixing a problem inside my computer, but instead, stole all my passwords (you know all the ones that Microsoft says (want us to save this for you?) and then continued on to buy ‘gift cards’ on my credit cards from Amazon. (And probably other places I will find out about soon.) By the way, I called his number which was ON my bank statement. It was quite a scam. But if you are in India, whose going to say anything if you buy a few gifts for yourself off of Amazon curtesy of that idiot American?

This guy was NOT Russian. He was probably a tech out of Bill Gates main complex.

In the meantime, I have an account at Best Buy, and pay a yearly fee just for things like this, where I bought this computer, that if anything happens they are to fix it for free, so I contacted them.

Be careful about that ‘free’ stuff. As an old history teacher once told me “You realized don’t you, nothing is ever FREE?”

The first guy from Best Buy was from India, and I watched him service online for over 5 hours. Basically he put some Norton software on the computer and just fiddled around, and then ASSURED me the problem was solved.

Uh…two hours later, the ‘intruder’ took over my computer. I unplugged it. Stupid me. I thought passwords were protected by whomever, but NO….they are ON your computer for ANY hacker to see! Thanks Bill!

I had no idea. I actually believed it when the words on my computer said, “This site is secure.”

Ha ha ha ha.

So, I called to have a tech come out to the house.

He was the nicest guy. All he did was talk my arm off about his day, and took some kind of program off. And he kept talking about how he could ONLY stay an hour. But, right to the minute he was gone, and insisted that everything was fine! He also mentioned he was going on vacation, but to request him if it didn’t work and he would come back.

Don’t worry. Be Happy. This is no big deal he insisted.

Okay, figuring I was safe, I went to my banking and voila! There was my intruder, who basically puts up a big Microsoft looking screen that says, “Updates 25%, do not turn off your computer.” and then takes over your mouse. Ha ha ha. Ha.

And THEN a page of passwords appears on the screen and once again, I unplugged it all. Some lady from China did call me on the phone while I was driving and said, “We need more information!” Right. Sure. I bet you do.

There was only one thing left to do. Wrap it up in a blanket and lug it to the store.

A few days go by and I’ve just hooked it up. They really didn’t do much…but they SAID they did.

IF they did not get this ‘ransom’ tech guy off my computer then back to the shop it goes and they send it away, probably to India, where cows will watch the guy laughing while he copies my passwords once again.

THIS means, I have to change every password I ever created in the last 20 years, and NOT save them on my computer.

Thus, the headache.

And I have to contact all credit cards, banks, etc.

And it’s summer. Mask restrictions have been lifted. I want to be at the pool, which, by the way, rose their prices by $100. They know we will pay it. It’s the only pool around.


The last thing I want to do is spend my days doing this, but hey, I just heard “President” Biden announce to be careful of “ransom” attacks on your personal computers!

Thanks Joe! Good to know you are looking out for us all! Send my ‘ransom’ check to me right away, as I blame this on the tech men who this Nobody Thinks are now targeting all conservatives.

Anyway, that’s about it. I should know in a day or two if this guy is really gone.

God willing, I will start back up again tomorrow.

In the meantime….go out and enjoy the sun! What are you doing inside? Why do they torture us? Give me an aspirin.

Drugs. A vacation in Florida before they start passing out vaccine Nazi cards.

Okay. I’m out of practice. See you tomorrow.

I hope.

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It’s Official: Biden Means to Come After ANYONE Who Loves America and Stands in the Way of “Change”

Nobody Knows

What did Hitler say? Repeat the lie enough and soon it will become the truth? Or something to that effect. Is this the most absurd statement ever uttered by a President?

Wait…does that top Obama’s ‘truth’ that America was founded by Muslims and was a Muslim nation?

Or “I did NOT have sex with that woman.”

Or “The Wuhan virus did NOT come from China.”

Or “Donald Trump was colluding with Russia…”

Or CIA Director Brennen saying that the NSA did NOT spy on Americans…(Big lie told to Congress)

Or Joe Biden won the election by the most votes in American history…?

Or men CAN give birth?

Or your taxes will NOT go up?

Or highways are racists?

Or Michelle Obama claims that blacks have the right to protest…(and loot and riot…)?

Or China is no threat to the United States?

Or all whites are racists…?

Or Hunter Biden just has a bad drug habit, he’s really a nice guy…?

Or Hillary Clinton’s sale of our Uranium to Russia…IS NO BIG DEAL!!!

Clearly, Joe Biden is now, a clear and present danger.

Our own “president” means to come after any American who does not agree with the ‘fundamental’ Marxist/communist takeover dictatorship that they have already managed to promote with the help of China.

From Inforwars:


BLM riots in the U.S. caused nearly $2 billion in property damages in 2020 alone, and dozens killed.

Ironically, Biden’s remarks come just days after a radical BLM militia group leader during a “reparations” march openly called for killing “everything white in sight.”


Did Twitter take that down?


What Joe REALLY means here is that white people, who live in the country, and love their country, are a lethal danger to his plans for the oligarchy/communists to takeover forever.

In that respect….let’s hope he’s right.

The only danger white people are…are the fact that many of them want to stop the madness of the demented China King.

And we have that right, by our Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence.


And you just admitted it.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden

Nobody’s Perfect

I doubt if many people would have thought this was the blatant slip of a pervert IF we hadn’t seen all the pictures of him trying to put his hands on every young kid around. We would have thought it was just a comment of a grandpa who is demented.

BUT: The camera remembers:

Yes, sniffing Joe. Can’t keep his hands off….pretty much anybody he finds attractive.

So, is it due to senality, or because he is a child molester?

Nobody Wonders.

BUT…I do recall a point I’d like to make:

Long ago, when I was just 18, I went to New York and I was with some friends who were going to be on the Ed Sullivan show. Being bored at rehearsals, one of the producers took me back to the room where all the camera’s and TV’s were being manipulated. He showed me how they could enhance and even change people’s appearance. He could put stars in people’s eyes…etc. Which makes me wonder what ‘magic’ they can do now.

Anyway, I don’t remember HOW I got up on stage to met Ed Sullivan, ( I think the producer said he wanted to meet me) but he would NOT let go of my very long hair. He kept stroking it, as if I wasn’t even there. This went on for about five minutes. He didn’t say anything to me, just kept petting me as if I was a dog.

The Producer told me beforehand, “Don’t be alarmed. He’s been senile for years. Nobody knows it. He manages to read his lines, but really, he is very senile. He won’t hurt you.”

So, here I am a Nobody to tell you that Ed Sullivan was for his last years on the program, much like Joe Biden. was completely lost and brain damaged.

Having said that…We have a man who doesn’t even have enough sense to KNOW he’s being watched and NOT touch children while the whole world is watching, but Joe…just HAS to sniff and touch.

That means he truly IS worse than anyone might imagine. He has no idea what’s going on around him.

The REAL question is: How long HAS Joe been brain damaged?

All through his Vice Presidency I would imagine. And I bet everyone in Washington D.C. knows it. What a perfect puppet.

Now we know why Obama picked him to be VP. Notice, Joe NEVER spoke when he was VP.

Pretty scary.

Nobody’s Perfect, but then again…it’s pretty scary when your “President” is demented. Joe Biden might just be the first REAL Manchurian President in history.

And he doesn’t even know it. He probably thinks he is still a Senator.

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Nobody Flashes

For many of us older folks, who had relatives who went to war…some who gave their lives, for freedom, I can’t think of a better way to honor those men and women than to promise to NOT let America go to the communist/oligarch’s who now seem to run the world…for money. For control.

Those who are taking away our freedoms and our lives. They ARE hell-bent on destroying America.

Many of our young have been brainwashed. It will be an uphill battle to fight. Once again, it’s going to be a long hall.

I just got off the phone with a friend whose older brothers served. Her father, kept the Eastern seaboard’s electrical grid online during WWII. Her brother repaired the American boats in Japan during Vietnam.

I remember my father, who lost his older brother at Midway. How my mother said my father, who served in the Pacific, used to cry out at night. “GET THAT JAP!” How he told me he could sleep with his eyes open. And he always did. Most of the time.

It was weird to watch.

Those men were so young during the war. I think it was a MISTAKE not to really know this, because, only when I was in my fifties did I learn what a horrible war WWII was. I had to rent a movie from the library. Sure, they MENTIONED it in History class in high school, but it was always boring. They showed movies of men climbing onto boats. NEVER the horror of it. Most of those men were so young…17,18,19. Thrown into hell. They did NOT show any of it in our schools. I believe this was an incredible mistake, because that greatest generation…did not talk about. I also didn’t really learn about the Holocaust until I was in college and my Jewish poetry teacher showed us a movie one day of the thousands of dead Jewish bodies being pushed by tractors into mass graves.

Why didn’t they show this in our public schools? Why coddle us? Certainly high school students should see it.

How can future generations STOP wars if they never the horror of it?

And President Trump had it right. Iraq ALSO was a huge mistake. A waste of lives. We never were told how they messed up Vietnam…except, it seems the drugs and the destruction of America started then.

American men were brave. Good. Strong. Too many of our politicians started playing war games. And now our military is being controlled by some unknown country with American alliances. War, is profit, and good at ‘culling the herd.”

And we certainly are at war now. It’s just not talked about.

What’s coming from the democrats? Somewhere on this holiday someone is remembering blacks being slaughtered sometime in the past. Nothing about the MILLIONS of lives lost in all the wars.

Once again, they are ignoring history. And even more concerning, they are destroying our military with political correctness. And dismantling our police. We will be helpless if attacked, and it seems that’s the plan.

This Nobody Think that memorial day should become global. If they want to have a one-world government…then maybe we should start a one-world pushback.

It’s not only Americans who sacrificed their lives for freedom…every country has a patriot.

So…how do we honor all the lives lost for liberty and freedom?

I think we all know the answer to that: Never give up.

Have a great holiday everyone.

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The Psychological Warfare Subversion…

Nobody Reports:

I thought this was important enough to encourage my own readers to take a look at it.

I posted a few paragraphs from the piece, but you can read it all here at:

The 4-Stage Brainwashing Con That’s Turning America Into a Communist-Run Country (


From fake news to false flags, and from a fake pandemic to fake election ballots, the playbook for turning America into a communist hell-hole is not complicated; in fact, it’s pretty obvious, and it’s happening now. Keep in mind this can all be accomplished inside of 20 years, or one generation.

It’s called “Psychological Warfare Subversion,” and a former Soviet-era deception expert, named Yuri Bezmenov, explained the communist blueprint plan to a “T” nearly 4 decades ago. The Democrats and Globalists running Washington DC and all the Blue states right now are devaluing all things holy and sacred to our Republic, and we are currently knee-deep in the highest “art of warfare,” which involves no fighting at all — just brainwashing through subversion using television, movies, videos, websites and social media.

As Yuri Bezmenov, the KGB propaganda expert once stated:

The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all… but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy until such time that the perception of reality of your enemy is screwed up to such an extent that he does not perceive you as an enemy, and that your system, your civilization and your ambitions look to your enemy as an alternative, if not desirable then at least feasible. That’s the ultimate purpose, the final stage of subversion, after which you can simply take your enemy without a single shot being fired.

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