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Obama, Isis, Russia, and the Clock Kid

Nobody WondersRussain fighter

—Today, a Turkey plane shot down a Russian plane, and does anybody remember that Rand Paul, during the last GOP Presidential debates, warned that if America had gotten into the air space over Syria, an American plane might shoot down a Russian plane and what that would mean? Well it happened. America and Turkey oppose Assad, but Putin supports him, so who knows what game Obama is playing. Putin said it was a “stab in the back.” While Obama said it was Turkey’s right to defend itself. Nobody Wonders, out of the three nations, who are you going to believe?  And since Turkey is with NATO, will the U.S. go to war with Russia?

—-Did anybody really listen to the press event today, with Obama and the French President Hollande? I was putting up Christmas decorations, and got bored of Obama’s droning BS marathon after the first five minutes. Turned the channel, came back about 10 minutes later and Obama was STILL talking, about nothing.  Even Bill Clinton managed to say something when he talked. Not Obama. He’s a pro at saying nothing, and pretending that he is saying something.

A real leader would have gotten on the stage, said: “We are going to smash you. Run.” Slammed a book shut, and walked off the stage. But no…we get a another lecture on how America is still racist, and we had no reason to be afraid of Dash (not spelled right but I prefer to spell it this way) or ISIS, or ISIL, and then Obama went back to giving Freedom Metals to a lot of democrats and one baseball player.

—and by the way, who designed ISIS ‘s uniforms? Black hoods, black shirt’s and white Nike’s in the desert? Jay-Z?ISIS sneakers

___There was another ‘cop shoots black kid’ video today in Chicago, and already the riots are starting. Will Rahm Emanuel side with the cops, or with the black rioters? WILL it get violent? Nobody Wonders if this isn’t all a reason to burn down black neighborhood so that Obama can send billions to rebuild their neighborhood with nice new houses and businesses.  Is this the new business model? Burn down your city and Obama will replace it?

—-Why Obama keeps letting terrorists out of Guantanamo Bay? And why he is opening our borders? And why does he hate American? By his actions, Obama seems to be working for Iran. Nobody Wonders if Obama truly IS our first Manchurian Candidate.

—-Could anything have been more stupid today, than Obama saying that he and Michelle kissed in Paris? Like we care? Like Paris cares?clock boy

—-And one more absurdity: I can’t believe that an American President would HONOR a student who had taken a suitcase to school, that looked like a bomb, and make him an international Muslims Star. Mohamed clock boy, and his family want $5 million from his school, and $10 million from the City of Irving, because now he is suffering in Qatar with an educational scholarship and he wants to be a multimillionaire when he returns to the United States…just like bin Laden!

(Okay. So I added that last part.) ….and on less important matters…I wonder…

–If ANY woman is having sex with Charlie Sheen now…

—if there are cloned people walking among us, and if one of them is Bill Clinton

—-if Henry Kissinger is still alive, and sitting in a wheelchair.

—If Michelle Obama will get the Old Air Force One when Obama get a new oneclock cover up

—why one of my pumpkin pies browned on the top, when the other one didn’t, even though they were both on the same rack and same distance from the top and sides.

—What happened to my lost grocery bag.

—-And who won the pilot race I saw tonight…two jet pilots, were racing  straight up to the full moon, going so high and so fast, I thought I was watching a scene from Star Wars. With the full moon and their trails of clouds in the background, it was amazingly beautiful. Oh, to be one of those pilots…

I dream. I was breathlessly in awe.

Standing in the middle of a street filled with Christmas lights…I felt like I was still standing, in America

WAIT…I wonder if one of those planes was Russian?

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