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Nobody Wins When This Is Going On

Nobody Wins

We are told how smart the Chinese are, and yet, this stupid woman posted this for the world to see. I guess she thought since she didn’t speak English, nobody would know a thing. Much like how “Nice” the people were in Florida to sell it all the masks to her, and how stupid they were.

This is pretty disgusting. And she should be arrested. Will she be?

Nobody Knows, but even the President has said for us all to be nice to the Chinese here.

And yet we have been so politically correct pistol whipped to obey the “diversity” mantra of the progressives, and are told that good Christians don’t discriminate, it’s now clear how easy it is to take over the country.

It’s hard to know, who your enemies are when they live among you, and smile to your face. And talk in their own language behind your back.

Except there IS one that is clear: And her name is Nancy.

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