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Trump VS the GOP: Round 347

Nobody Wonderstrump-fight

It’s amazing the news, isn’t it? The new headline is “Trump is destroying the GOP!” To the average American, who has, according even to Bill Clinton, hasn’t seen a raise in decades…well, how about giving us some fireworks to celebrate? Bring us a case of beer!  Good! Let them go back to their mansions. trump-destroy

The twist in facts here, is not that Trump destroyed the GOP, they destroyed themselves for the last three elections, by acting JUST LIKE DEMOCRATS!!

And the people are tired of them all.

All the big rich DemiGoops are coming out against the people’s choice. Glenn Beck thinks Hillary is the lesser of the two evils, proof that too much alcohols effects brain cells.

(I really hope they chip him soon. We NEED to know where that man is at all times.)glenne-and-hillary

Case in point, Ted Cruz. Everyone from Paul Ryan to Rush Limbaugh to Mark Levine to Glenn Beck fought long and hard for Cruz….and when the people picked Trump, they just couldn’t understand it.

It was simple: Ted Cruz pulled a dirty trick in Iowa. He…uh…he cheated just as surely as a Hillary Clinton. He lied and said Ben Carson dropped out of the race, so he could win.

The American people liked Ben Carson. It infuriated us, and it should have infuriated all the conservatives in power. But it didn’t. They ignored it. The established conservatives HAVE no morals, and it was clear to the person who does know the difference between right and wrong, that what Cruz did was WRONG.

The democrats have always played by the golden rule: the ends justify the means. It’s the old Scarlet O’Hara quote…murder, cheat, lie, steal…anything to become the President. gone-with-the-wind

Too bad Hillary doesn’t have her figure, we might be able to swallow it more.

Even during the last debate, Hillary was trying to justify her lying, manipulations, cold-hearted political actions, by telling us..HEY! That’s what Lincoln did to get rid of slavery! He HAD to do that to get the idiots in Congress to agree to his positions!

Fine. Except Hillary is not Abe Lincoln, OR even Scarlet O’Hara, who by the way, saved her own family from starving and actually worked the fields with them.

Can you see Hillary picking cotton?

Hillary’s not there to save America, but herself, her husband, and her many donors. She pretends she is out to save the world, and by dang it if she has to murder, cheat, and bend all the rules to do it…SHE WILL! It’s that important to her.

So, go ahead GOP. Vote for Hillary. Join the democrats. Let it be known that the United States is no more.

AS God is OUR witness, we will not forget who betrayed the people. dont-tread-on-me



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Donald Trump Gives Bill Clinton’s Rape Victims a Stage, and Then WINS the Debate!

Nobody’s Opinion

First, let me say that BEFORE tonight’s debate, my husband and I put up the first political sign we have ever put in the Yard: Trump/Pence. And who knows? Pence is, now, I’m sure, being heavily lobbied by his good buddy Paul Ryan to condemn Donald Trump, and become the replacement for the GOP.

The RINOs were all waiting for tonight:  This was their big chance to get Donald. But after tonight’s debate, where the old Donald Trump came back in full swing, Pence would be stupid to take them up on it.

I won’t go into the debate, if you didn’t watch it, I’ll tell you what happened. Hillary looked the best she’s ever looked, in a very classy and I’m sure very expensive black and white pants suit, but every single word that came out of her mouth, was memorized from years of BS pontifications: She care deeply about the children, she’s proud of her record, she wants to TAX the rich…yada, yada, yada.

Trump, the original Trump,  came back to us tonight. I think in the first debate he was listening to all the FOX news people and others to tell him to be more “Presidential” and he tried very hard to do that. But when he did that, he just stood there while she attacked HIM.

It’s a RINO thing. “Don’t offend anybody.” But, once again the established elites made a big mistake. If they had pulled the ‘sex scandal’ on anybody else but Donald Trump, it would have worked.

Wow, Fly takes Bold chance.

Wow, Fly takes Bold chance.

But tonight, the long-awaited sensible response to it was Bill Clinton’s rapes. Yes, rapes that Hillary not only put up with, but even tried to cover up. 

And it’s a big mistake to think the American people still love Bill.

So, Trump brought out Bill’s rape victims, and let the world know, he’s not afraid of Bill Clinton.  Trump sat the girls in the front row. He gave the media broadcast they SHOULD have had many, many years ago, but didn’t, because the media works for the elites.

Hillary’s words sounded great tonight, but so did Obamas, when he ran, remember? But, she still comes off as smug.

And one more thing: I read that Michael Reagan was appalled that Trump brought those women to the debate tonight.

 Whenever I hear Michael say such stupid things I ALWAYS remind myself that he was adopted.

Watch the video: Rape is a crime that leaves a scar forever.

So, what’s next in the arsenal of the Bushes and Clintons?

Nobody Knows. But you can bet, they are not going to stop.

I find the best thing to do now, is to just turn off the TV when they start trashing him.

Works for me.




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Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary Can’t Draw a Crowd

Nobody’s Perfect

No matter how many times we hear that Hillary is leading the national race, you sure can’t believe it when you see the crowds they draw.

I mean, come on. We are supposed to believe that all those people who stand in the rain, outside for hours to see Donald Trump all over the country are NOT going to vote?

Here’s the crowd that went to see Donald Trump in Colorado just a few days ago:

Trump in Colorado....with hundreds more outside waiting to get in.

Trump in Colorado….with hundreds more outside waiting to get in.

Waiting for Hillary to speak in Charlotte, N.C.

Waiting for Hillary to speak in Charlotte, N.C.

And nobody is coming to see the most she might get a few hundred.

And yet, the corporate news media keeps repeating over and over…”It’s a close race! Trump just might beat Hillary! But…she has the lead!”

As usual, they WANT you to not even bother to go to the voting booth.

The reason Hillary stays on her plane and broadcasts her two-minute rants, is because people really don’t care about Hillary Clinton. She knows it, and so, she finds just about any excuse not to show up anywhere. And the media covers for her.

I’m surprised the church didn’t catch on fire.




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Nobody’s Fool: Leo Dunson

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a man who tells you WHY he is voting for Donald Trump.

And it’s PERFECT.  Perfect.

I really can’t add anything to his points.. all I can do is, ask everyone to spread this around.

Clear voices are needed now more than ever.  It really was, outstanding.

So, congratulations Mr. Leo Dunson. You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

Do NOT stop spreading the word. And thank you, Mr. Dunson, for being a great American.

May God bless you.


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Nobody’s Fool: Phyllis Schlafly: “Donald Trump is a choice, not an echo.”

Nobody’s Fool

Sadly, we lost probably the greatest conservative woman’s voice of America this week, and I am saddened that I never tried to meet the great lady.

I first got turned on to Phyllis by Ann Coulter. When I started writing, long before I even thought about blogging, I used to read a lot of Ann Coulter. And it was Ann, who told the world one day about who HER idol was: And it was Phyllis.

So I learned from Ann, that this woman, who had been vilified for YEARS and YEARS by the liberal press, described as some sort of right-wing wacko, was none of that. In fact, she was one of the most incredible American women in American History. Somehow, she found the time to not only fight the Nazi-feminists, year after year, but raise a big family…and because of Phyllis, America was greater.

I always wanted to meet her. After all, she lived in my town. Why didn’t I make the effort?

Because I KNEW, she was giant. I was just a nobody. And it’s too bad she didn’t live to see Trump win.

Everything you need to know is right here in Ann’s moving tribute to the great American Lady:

Please read it. You will hardly believe that any woman could do so much. I myself have just begun to learn her lessons.

And EVERYTHING that Phyllis says in this Breitbart interview is right. Everything. I don’t think I could be more in accord with any other conservative.

When I declared my enthusiasm for Donald Trump at the start, I couldn’t understand why all my friends didn’t support him. But…knowing that Phyllis Schlafly supported him, let ME know.

I was right. There are few conservatives in the public media that have even a small nimble of her great mind. phyllis

She was NOBODY’S FOOL, as you will read in Ann’s column, she stood the spitting, the hatred, the lies, and just kept going.

She was simply, the quintessence of the American woman.

And I thank God, for giving her to us. She wasn’t a star, a celebrity, most politicians treated her as a nobody. They kept her off our TV.

But, like our founders, who were all pretty much nobodies, she forged a legacy of truth.

R.I.P Dear Lady. Your light stills shines, in this St. Louis Town….in the hall of great souls.

So, if your up there Phyllis, Congratulations! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the last century.

Now, get us some divine help down here and get us a win! There is one thing you have shown us all: the power of sheer persistence.

If anybody can get God to use his divine help in this election……you can.


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Nobody’s Fool: Donald Trump

Nobody’s Fool

As everybody knows, since Trump did his immigration sit-down with Sean Hannity last week, in which he seemed to ‘soften’ on immigration, the elites have jumped on that like a Mexican jumping bean in heat…they said he ‘flipped-flop’ on his promises to be strong on immigrants.Trump and Pina

Even Rush Limbaugh hinted how shocked he was. Who knew that the one to bring amnesty to the United States would be none other than Donald Trump?

And then he took a vacation.

But today, Donald Trump…ONCE again, ‘trumped’ them all. He went down to Mexico, and held a conference with President Pena…and he was…fabulous. Strong. Sincere. Gracious. Commanding.


Everybody, from CNN, to MSNBC, to FOX NEWS…were appalled…not only that the Mexican President gave Trump the platform, but that Trump had the nerve to do it.

They just can’t hold a good man down now can they?

I don’t know much about this President Pena, but clearly, he is NOT a puppet of the two amigos who made the North American Treaty: Fox and Bush. Can you imagine what the Bush family is going through right now?

Somewhere tonight the Bush family is FURIOUS. I can just hear George W. saying, “Mom, if you had JUST kept your mouth shut.”

Mitt Romney who never in a million years thought to pull this off when running against Obama, is writing checks to Johnson.

But, it was Vicente Fox who was the most furious:Fox and Bush

“First of all, let me tell you, he is not welcome to Mexico. By 130 million people, we don’t like him, we don’t want him, we reject his message. I don’t understand why President Peña has offered this opportunity. I think it’s nothing more than a political stunt. Trump is using Mexico, he’s using President Peña to boost his sinking poll numbers. I think the President Peña is taking an enormous political risk by hosting Trump. If he’s gone soft on Trump, it will hurt him greatly. He will even be considered like a traitor because we don’t accept to be offended like we just heard and that should not happen — he comes here with a smile on his face. I think this is a big mistake on part of President Peña.”

And yet…Pena welcomed Trump and the two leaders were gracious, and for the FIRST time in my memory, both spoke about their loyalty to their own countries…as it should be. Pena spoke of how he cares about all Mexicans, and that means the ones that LIVE in our country.

Donald was smart, mentioned the wall, and said how the wall would benefit both countries.

Not since Ronald Reagan’s speech at the Berlin Wall has there been such an impressive moment and speech from an American leader.

And THEN, showing the energy of a man in his prime instead of 70, Trump comes home and gives the best speech on immigration ever given by any politician EVER.NAFTA jobs

Come on. He laid out the most extensive plans…and did not miss a beat. I’ve NEVER heard any candidate running for President ever be more succinct and passionate about immigration.


You would have thought FOX would have led off with the news of Trump’s Mexico visit…but no. Fox didn’t mention it until the END of the news broadcast. As if, it was unimportant. Now, everyone, on EVERY cable channel is nit-picking it.

I have never seen anything like this in my lifetime. Trump had one of the most incredible days ever in the history of American politics and they are downplaying it, as if it never happened.

What is becoming quite clear is how state-controlled our news networks are. Prada with a happy face. Prada the American way.

I’m not sure why the Mexican President met with Trump. But I would like to believe that in this world of global cartels, corruption, and political tyranny’s there are still leaders who want something better for their people.

If Pena worked with Trump, the Mexican people wouldn’t HAVE to come to America.

They could stay in the country that they love.

The old Trump came back tonight.

And Hillary can say it was a failure all she wants: The truth was there for all to see.

He’s BACK.Trump on Drudge

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Donald Trump…Shows GREAT and True Compassion For the People.

Nobody Reports

I was just saying to my husband while we were watching the GOP convention tonight…”He should get Jon Voight” and right after I said that…here he came:

And then there was this:


Trump’s speech tonight was more than just the same old stuff.

It was the speech that we have been waiting for, ever since Reagan left.

I loved it. From the heart.

But them, you know that. I hope you got to see it, because this truly is the last stand of the America people.

Anybody that is “undecided” after watching this speech tonight, do not have brain. It’s that simple.

By the way, none of the 16 candidates could have done better, and with more heart.

God Bless Donald Trump.

Oh, and by the way, as expected, the ‘pundits’ are still cutting him down. Chris Mathews just said that the words “Law and Order” are racist.


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Young Black Trump Supporter Triumphs Over Black Lives Matter

Nobody Knows

I got this video off infowars email: It’s pretty good. A young black Trump supporter argues with an old BLACK LIVES MATTERS man on the street.

The old guy is convinced that Trump is a racist. Of course, there are no facts to back this up, in fact, the young man points out that just the saying “Black lives matter” is racist and he tells the old guy: “All lives matter.” which is true.

The young man keeps his cool throughout the argument, but the sheer ignorance and anger of the black man shows through. Unfortunately, old black ignorant men aren’t’ the only ones that have been brainwashed by this repeated propaganda: The white lady in the video reminds me of many women I know.

I posted this today, because, I found it hopeful. Eight years ago, you would not have seen this.  If Obama has done anything, he has shown many black people that he was all talk.

But today,  I was listening to a local conservative radio station and the guy kept attacking Trump. Why, HE knew a Muslim man who ran a restaurant, and he was friends with this guy, and he based his whole life’s opinion on Muslims on this restaurant owner, who by the way, had been in the country for over 25 years.

So…you know one nice white man, therefore, ALL white men must be nice.

Do you see the stupidity in that? He didn’t.

Somewhere in the vast Bilderberg building of Dresden, the plan was hatched out to attack Donald Trump with just sheer vicious propaganda…because not only are they running out of time, Trump keeps making complete sense, and as we have seen, they are twisting EVERYTHING he says. And they are doing it on every station.

For instance I listened to this moron on the radio repeat over and over that Trump wants to ban ALL MUSLIMS.

That’s NOT what the man said. He said, to put a halt on the ones coming from terrorist countries.–Which any person knows,would be Syria, Yemen, and probably Saudi Arabia. There are Muslims all over the world, so that’s NOT every country.

The viciousness that Obama and Hillary came out against Trump prove to the informed person that the House of Saud is one of their BIGGEST donors, and Donald Trump would put a big damper in that. Not to mention, he would prosecute Hillary for her crimes….and the Saudi’s would be pretty mad not getting their payback, which IS to bring as many Muslims into the West and get a firm establishment in order to sooner or later, take the countries over.

That’s, as Wild Bill, pointed out, is how they’ve done it for centuries.

Anyway, I’m getting off subject.

The good news is that many more blacks are starting to see the light. The smart ones, the ones who are working and feeling good about themselves…they are increasing and will be less likely to go vote for Hillary.

We must not give up hope.

Today this guy said that over 70 percent of the people hate Trump. “That’s a FACT.” he said.

Right. Donald Trump had more votes in all of GOP history…so…where’d all those people go?

After the attacks on Paris, the cops in France, went into every Mosque, and they found tons of guns, bombs, all kinds of weapons.

Obama has forbidden surveillance on the 2,000 Mosques here in America, and he did it the FIRST day in office.

We have a huge Mosque here in our city, and I have NEVER seen more than two cars in the humongous parking lot.

So…if there are no people going there, the Muslims aren’t using it, then what IS in it?

You tell me…






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Nobody Remembers the Scot, Adam Smith

Nobody Remembers

—-That our American historians conveniently left out of the history books the fact that the American political experiment had its roots in Scotland.

I certainly knew that our founders got a lot of their ideas from various popular political writers from overseas, but not how many of them were from Scotland… until I read the book “How the Scots Invented the Modern World.” by Arthur Herman.

There was one Scot in particular that was used as one of the cornerstone of America, and that was Adam Smith. Adam Smith

Here’s a few words from the book, P. 219, and comments on Adam’s book, “Wealth of Nations”

“Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production: and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer. ” This was precisely what the existing British system failed to do. It put the interest of the producers and merchants ahead of that of consumers, who only want low prices and a ready supply of goods. Merchants often prefer the opposite. In fact, Smith understood that much of the British government’s disastrous trade policies came at the instigation of the London merchants themselves, who wanted to protect their livelihood.

His overall picture of the typical businessman is certainly unflattering, and reading it must have made some of his Tobacco Lord friends slightly uncomfortable. He notes that while they often complained about high prices, “they say naught concerning the bad effects of high profits. ” He spoke  of their “mean rapacity” and “monopolizing spirit” an suggest that–

“the government of an exclusive company of merchants is, perhaps, the worse of all government for any country whatsoever.”

And do we not, now, in 2016, have a government that caters to an exclusive company of merchants?Monopoly

Isn’t that why Paul Ryan and his band of merry globalists, are so against Donald Trump?

The monopolies will be broken up, and OTHER people, ordinary people, can once again enter the market?

But, getting back to the Scots…Donald Trump’s mother was Scottish, and Trump spews common sense with every speech.

Yes, that philosophy of the individual intellect and common sense with the emphasis on education…that spirit came out of Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Many of these men came over here, and brought that great commons sense spirit with them.

We haven’t seen it too much lately.

And maybe Donald Trump is just the Scot to bring that great American tradition of commons sense, back.

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Donald Trump & The Elite Drunken Birds of Fraud and Waste



Nobody’s Opinion

Remember when Donald Rumsfield, on September the 10th, announced that $2.3 trillion dollars had gone missing from the Pentagon?  The next day the Accounting Office of the Pentagon was destroyed on 9/11. The subject was never brought up again.

The media hardly EVER talks about the trillions, and billions of our tax dollars that are wasted every single day, and in the meantime, nobody in our government ever goes to jail.

Last week, the battle was ignited between the economic guru, Paul Ryan, against the billionaire, Donald Trump.

I’m hoping Trump puts water boy Ryan in his place.

Paul Ryan, wants to basically cut Social Security and Medicare…but Donald Trump says…no. We don’t have to do that, just cut the waste, get the jobs back, and pay the people who got their money basically stolen out of their paychecks, let them get what they deserve.

Damn right. The government is a greedy money hog and they have been raping the American taxpayers for years.Sales TAx

For instance, nobody knows what happened to the trillions that were taken from the Pentagon before 9/11,…but somebody DID find out, that when Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Department, you and I, and every hard-working man and woman in this country, were building Mosques all over the Middle East thanks to Hillary Clinton.

I didn’t know that…did you? (see video above)

Donald Trump should bring THAT little bit of information up in his speeches, don’t you think? In the meantime, American roads, and bridges, and cities are crumbling. But little Johnnie Jihad is being given a nice place to train.

Yes, trillions of our taxes, are wasted every year, on the most stupidest projects:

Some of my favorite are funding for stupid things like these:

What makes goldfish feel sexy?

It must have been a hard task to find THAT out, because they wasted $3.9 million of your tax dollars on it. They could have least done the experiment on Salmon..something that people need more of.

Where does it hurt the most to be stung by a bee?

$1 million. I might have thought this one worthwhile if Harry Reid would have been the subject.

How many shakes does it take for a dog to dry off?

$390,000 dollars were spent on this experiment. Hey, I would have done this for a mere $100,000 and saved the government money.

And my personal favorite:

Do drunk birds slur when they sing?

That cost $5 million. They could have found that out in five minutes…just slip Hillary a few and ask her to sing “God Bless America.”  That would have been for the cost of a bottle of vodka.

Wait…I’m insulting the birds..’s HARD to believe the government would waste our money on such ridiculous stuff…unless of course the point of the government is to bankrupt the U.S. so that they can form their One-World-Borderless government.

And that IS the point…clearly.

So…next time you hear the arrogance of Paul Ryan, saying that Donald Trump needs to come to HIS table of economic conservatism..ask yourself how much more of a sucker do you want to be?

Read THIS list from the Heritage foundation, which includes such annoying revelations as this:

Washington will spend $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job.

It’s clear, Ryan…you lose. Donald Trump will cut a lot of this crap out.

And America will be greater for it.

I’m tired of watching Obama and Michelle spending billions on vacations while we are browbeat by the elites in D.C. who want MORE from us.

And if Donald Trump does not get elected?

Then D.C. will spend even more money next year….on prostitutes, and we will all have to learn Spanish.

And I’ll be getting drunk with my birds.


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Donald Trump: THIS IS AMERICA!

Nobody Flashes

Sorry….this video was SO much fun, I wanted to give it a bigger format. I hope whoever made this, keeps making more!

If you liked the movie 300, you will get a kick out of this.


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Nobody’s Fool: Dick Morris Explains Donald Trump

Nobody’s Fool

Dick Morris explains WHY Donald Trump beat all 17 candidates…and I don’t think I’ve heard anybody explain it better.

In the meantime, the attacks on Donald Trump get bigger every day. Today he posted a simple “Happy Cinco De Mayo” tweet and you would have thought he was wearing a KKK hat…and eating bananas.

And Paul Ryan said he wouldn’t support Trump, because as we all know, Obama AND Ryan are for the TTP, which as bad as NAFTA was. Trump is sticking to his guns.

Anyway, I enjoyed this video…I hope you do too. It’s one of his best.



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Trump and Eisenhower: Shared Common Sense….

Nobody RemembersTrump poster

Donald Trump gave an excellent speech on his foreign policy this week. Afterwards, Bill O’Reilly had him on his program, and was trying hard to get Trump to admit he was going to send in ground troops to take care of ISIS.

I couldn’t figure out— what was the point of the question? Why was Bill trying so hard to get Trump to tell him what he was going to do? That’s half the problem…I’m with Trump..

Our enemies don’t NEED to know.

The American people are pretty pissed off, not ONLY that Bush did a lousy job, by NOT winning the Iraq War, but then Obama just put more gasoline on the fire, and our boys were brought home to a terrible economy, caused by President’s blunders.  Obama has had many ‘firsts’ but his most unforgivable one is the sheer number of veterans committing suicide.

Not ONE word of concern from Obama. And he slaps them in the face by every action he takes.

Too many lives were wasted on that war…and both George W. Bush AND Barack Obama are to be blamed.Eisenhowe two

Trump’s attitude about war, is to me, a sensible one. I was thinking that, he seemed to be a lot like Ike Eisenhower.

Not many people realize this, but Eisenhower was not really affiliated with any party until he ran for President. When he accepted the republican nomination he said his goal was…

“kick from office an administration which has fastened on every one of us the wastefulness, the arrogance, ad corruption of high places,…the bitter fruit of a party too long in power.,”

He was talking about the Truman (D) administration, which in Ike’s words, was full of  “corruption…reckless spending…mismanagement of foreign affairs.”

That pretty much describes Washington D.C., 2016…wow. We’ve really come far baby.

Truman fought back—-calling Eisenhower “a liar, a fool, a hypocrite, so ignorant of government after a life in the military that he was at the mercy of the party bosses.”

Eisenhower came back with the fact that Presidents “need to build on the successes of their predecessors “and not try to abandon them simply because the previous president belonged to a different political party. “Eisenhower

Boy, does that sum up what Obama did after Bush, or what?

Eisenhower was always called upon for advice by the wimpy democratic presidents who didn’t have a clue of what to do on the world stage. He was a consultant to President Kennedy on the Cuban Missile Crisis (He would have NEVER gone ahead with it.) LBJ, on the Vietnam war, and Nixon. Not that they listened to him.

And Eisenhower gave every single president the same advice, the exact same advice that Donald Trump gave in his speech this week:

From the book, The President’s Club:

Eisenhower’s advice was consistent, from his days as a general, to his years in the White House, to his role as a veteran counselor: don’t fight unless you are in it to win. Don’t waste time and lives with half measure.

The horror of 9/11 can be traced to the policies of President Bill Clinton. The useless war in Iraq, can be blamed on President George W. Bush. And ISIS can be blamed on President Barack Hussein Obama.

In my lifetime, I’ve seen NOTHING but stupid and destructive decisions made by American Presidents. Reagan was the only great President in modern history. Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Obama were all failures, and have all became mega millionaires….while the rest of America was brought to its knees, time and time again.

It’s time we elect a man…who thinks like Eisenhower, who BY THE WAY…was not only a great general, but the country under his Presidency knew only peace and prosperity.

Peace and Prosperity.

Trump says that’s his goal.

Now…let’s get him into that White House before Obama decides to destroy it. eisenhower 4

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Trump Can’t Beat Hillary? Seriously?


Nobody Wonders

Okay. Somebody somewhere did some poll that said that Donald Trump CANNOT beat Hillary. I don’t know who did this poll…probably Karl Rove one night while trying to come up with some sort of NEVER TRUMP strategy, while he was having a few late night drinks at FOX. And I have not heard anybody ANYWHERE on TV or radio, dispute this. Trump VS Hillary two


 Nobody Wonders how anybody with a sound mind, can even believe that nonsense.

The proof that Trump can beat Hillary in a landslide this fall, was seen tonight in the primary results from New England tonight.

REMEMBER: Donald is running against TWO men. Hillary only one. Even a first grader can figure THIS one out:

Rhode Island: Donald Trump       63.8%

                        Bernie Sanders         55.0%  (Oops, Hillary lost that state)

Connecticut:   Donald Trump       57.7%

                          Hillary Clinton          51.5 %

Delaware:       Donald Trump        60.8%   

                         Hillary Clinton           59.8%

Maryland:       Donald Trump        55.5%

                          Hillary Clinton          63.0% (Only time she got a higher percentage, but remember, she only  had one man to compete with.)

Pennsylvania: Donald Trump      56.3%

                          Hillary Clinton          55.6%

Mathematically speaking in the Presidential election, by these stats, Trump would beat her in every state.  He did it tonight.

Trump will beat Hillary in a landslide with the popular vote.

But can Hillary somehow “win” the electoral votes simply because she has been in D.C. so long she can rig it?  And god forbid, would we have another 2000 debacle?

Just think: John Robert would go down in history as being not only the man who gave us Obamacare, but the he one man who gave us Hillary Clinton.

I think, I would blow up his picture and throw darts. wonder


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