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Put the Brain Damaged into Congress? Hey, its Working with Biden!

Nobody Knows

I remember when Obama picked Joe Biden to be his VP. I thought it was the strangest pick that Obama could have come up with. He was old. He was WHITE. He was hardly an intellectual. Nobody knew much about him. And both Obama and Michelle were ‘picked’ because America thought if they voted for a black man, according to Obama himself, all the racist crap would stop.

We found out, that you could not DARE criticize a black man because you would be labeled a racist. Good strategy for the elites. Nobody dared to say anything but praise about the first “black” President.

Hillary was the obvious ‘choice’ for VP since she wanted to be President so badly, and I thought it was strange that she was so happy to be made Secretary of State. Looking back, it’s no wonder. Selling Uranium to Russia and keeping her emails secret made the Clintons a LOT of money. What did Joe get? Well, we found out later, he had Hunter working for HIS big payouts.

Maybe Obama just wanted a ‘puppet’ that would stay in the background and make Obama look good. And Biden did stay very quiet, for 8 years. It was a win/win all around. And now it looks like it was a plan to continue to ‘fundamentally change” the country. China is a good teacher.

So, we all watched as Biden became President. And we ALL know, he’s about as senile as they come. SURELY the democrats knew his mental state, and yet, they rigged the election and Obama kept all his main men and women in the White House to run things.

Another stroke of brilliant strategy.

Now, they are running a democratic rich man named Fetterman against Dr. OZ of TV fame, republican, in Pennsylvania. Fetterman just had a stroke, and is now, mentally deficient. And if you critcize him OR anybody for that matter with any kind of disability, you are ostracized, ridiculed, called cruel, and attacked unmercifully.

You DARE not criticize anybody who is disabled. Like Michael J. Fox the actor.

I have a friend who was impressed with Michael J. Fox’s appearence at comic con. Clearly, he is suffering horribly from Parksinsons. (Remember, Janet Reno suffered from that too.) Sorry to say, I didn’t have quite the same feeling about it, beause I remember when Michael was out trying to get a stem cell research law done (cells used from aborted babies) and he was all over the ads in Missouri getting pity votes…I could tell he was exaggerating his disease for the commerical to get those votes, because in other video’s he really wasn’t that bad. They used Michael J. Fox to pass the vote in Congress and it worked. Did the establishment use him? Or did he get paid big time? Probably a bit of both becuase the FACT is…as Tucker Carlson points out in his video from this week, you are NOT allowed to attack anybody with a disablity. It’s a winning ticket for people who want to retain power and NEVER be criticized for whatever they do. They know, people are mostly good and pity the unfortunate.

BUT…should they hold office? Especially when their brain is damaged?

Why do you think you are seeing more commericals showing leg aputees, and disabled people in them?

I have spoken about this before. I read a book long ago by a psychiatrist who said that powerful people pick only people with emotional problems or who grew up with some kind of disability because THOSE people are easy to control. And THOSE people can be used to silence any oppostion you might have to tyranny. He got this from studying Hilter’s main cabinet and those he used to carry out his orders. I wish I could find that book again, but no doubt, it’s buried somewhere in only elites libraries.

But Tucker goes ever further…he points out an even more scary thought: With Fetterman, they can control him through his computer…and they have all said they want to merge humans with computers…why?

For control.

In the future, isn’t it obvious that’s really what they want? TO CONTROL ALL OF US? They’ve been suggesting this in hundreds of Sci-fi movies for years.

Think I’m nuts? Well, I’m sure Tucker will make a video on that in the future…and I can’t wait.

So, as long as Michael J. Fox doesn’t run for office, how can we not feel sorry for him? BUT…if he comes out saying that our democracy is in trouble if we vote for Trump…then I for one, will not feel sorry for him. Nevertheless, according the the doctor, he might not live that long. Poor guy.

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Nobody Wins—Chapter One

After watching Biden’s State of the Union speech last night, there were TWO strong opinions and observations I got out of it, and so, today, I’m just sticking with one: What is really going on with the Democrats?

I was paying attention to the details, which to me, said a lot.

FIRST: I noticed the angry look on the Sargent of Arms Face as he announced Joe’s entrance. All he said was “The President of the United States”. Not the usual “The 46th President of the United States, President Joe Biden.” Nancy said the same thing: Just “The President”. NOBODY mentioned Joe’s name. As if even, THEY did not want to admit to the lie. Also, there was some white lady trying to walk next to him, as if someone told him he now had to share his spot with a woman, being as the democrats needs the woman vote. The woman kept looking at him with the look as if to say, “Hey, this wasn’t MY idea.”

He was definitely pissed.

By the way, I couldn’t FIND the picture of the two black man and white woman Sargent at Arms walking down the aisle last night. (No surprise)

SECOND: Unlike the usual stoic decorum that we see when these people gather, instead the room looked like a party before a football game. Very relaxed, like a bunch of gabby teen girls excited about the prom. Some dressed in their everyday fancy clothes, because they announced that not everyone would be invited due to COVID. But, right BEFORE the event, Pelosi and Biden lifted the tyrannical ‘Wear a mask or you will be fined or lose your job’ because they wanted America to see Nancy’s glowing smiling and goofy face. AND they didn’t want the majority of the GOP to be catcalling during the speech. The GOP was missing. The “fines” lifted suddenly. Even the Supreme Court, had the two Roberts wannabes and the retiring liberal. To me, it seemed more people from Biden’s Cabinet attended than either side of the two parties.

You could tell Nancy was the RAH-RAH cheerleader throughout the speech looking out at her minions and it was CLEAR they were all directed by Nancy to REALLY hoot and holler and applaud at every statement. From her goofy smile, jumping up and clapping like she was at a rock concert, and trying VERY hard to hold her bottom dentures in. Harris in contrast gave Biden looks as if to kill.

THIRD: Which brings me to this point. We all know the GOP is divided between the RINOS the TRUMP supports. I think, that there has ALWAYS been a split between the Obama fans and the Hillary fans. I think, like most Presidents in the last decades, the PARTY gets to decide who the VP is, and the candidate either accepts it, or is not supported with the finance to run.

Reagan didn’t want Daddy Bush, who was ruled by the globalist Rockefeller republicans. Clinton’s VP was Gore, who still walks the halls of Global Warming elites. Bill Clinton was on record as calling him an idiot. Then there’s Trump with Pence. I’m sure Trump maybe knew Pence, or not, but was so used to crooked politicians in New York, he did not see what was coming. He did NOT see the rigged election.

And do you REALLY think Obama would pick a racist white guy as his President? Obama would always make fun of Biden, and purposely kept him out of the limelight. Harris called him a racist at the primaries, and he picked HER to be his VP?

I don’t think so.

AND do you really think the Clintons and the Obama’s get along? Hillary wanted to be President, and it wasn’t only Trump that got in her way. So, Obama, probably on orders from the George Soros group, made her Secretary of State where they could use her to continue their takeover plans.

Now, Nancy is for Hillary. She’s been seen by her side. Hillary has been praising, along with Nancy, Biden. Hillary wants to be VP. She KNOWS she would lose to Trump and also not sure if the elites would rig the election for HER. Biden could make her VP.

I believe that Biden was supposed to step down, and let Harris take over, so Hillary doesn’t want that and who knows what SHE is promising him?  That’s why we just heard his wife Jill say, “President Harris” a little too much. Jill wants him to step down.

It’s like they are all saying “JOE…you HAVE to go! You knew the arrangement…for God’s sake, this needs to get going.”

But “Joe” has the power bug. He LIKES being President. And I also think that’s why he is never in the White House, but always going home. He cannot control the people in the White House who might come to kill him, but he can if he goes home. Have you SEEN him in the oval office?

Yeah, me neither. And I wouldn’t doubt if Hillary isn’t in the background with Nancy giving him directions.

Harris on the other hand, was promised to be the first woman President. SHE wants to be the puppet behind Obama’s strings. And since she is getting madder by the minute, she sees Biden destroying her with BS ‘She will fix the border’ jobs. So, many around her are quitting. They have figured out; she is NOT going to be president and they are jumping ship.

What I’m trying to say is Obama and Hillary are still fighting for that ultimate office. Right now, Biden is walking the line of the globalists, doing everything they say, and enjoying the heck out of it.

In this, as senile as he is, he did manage to read the teleprompter and acting as if you are senile and oh, “President Harris” ha ha ha…. some of it is an act. Thomas Edison once said he would ALWAYS act as if he didn’t hear when contracts were being signed. Biden is certainly no Edison, but he is a crook, and a liar and has given our country to China, and Biden is for…BIDEN. I suspect, they expected him to follow orders, not be clever enough to STAY in the office. No doubt he’s senile, but not so senile as to know what is best for HIM. Clearly that speech last night was what Joe Biden has been dreaming about all his life, not what he said, but HOW he said it. He’s SUCH a tough guy.

Sooner or later, something WILL happen to him…but not yet. He is doing what the globalists want. They have prompt him up with the war in Ukraine, and that’s the next blog.

In the meantime, the power struggle for the highest office in the land…is being fought out of sight of us all.

The last Sargent at Arms was fired with the help of O’Connell.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) forced out Senate sergeant-at-arms Michael Stenger one day after rioters breached the Capitol, the GOP leader announced Thursday night.

He was replaced with the first BLACK sergeant-at-arms, and now it seems, next time, it will be him and a white woman, and then the first black people on the Moon by NASA, and no doubt, the first President of the world will be…uh…a black person.

My guess? It’s NOT going to be Ben Carson

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It’s Official: Biden Means to Come After ANYONE Who Loves America and Stands in the Way of “Change”

Nobody Knows

What did Hitler say? Repeat the lie enough and soon it will become the truth? Or something to that effect. Is this the most absurd statement ever uttered by a President?

Wait…does that top Obama’s ‘truth’ that America was founded by Muslims and was a Muslim nation?

Or “I did NOT have sex with that woman.”

Or “The Wuhan virus did NOT come from China.”

Or “Donald Trump was colluding with Russia…”

Or CIA Director Brennen saying that the NSA did NOT spy on Americans…(Big lie told to Congress)

Or Joe Biden won the election by the most votes in American history…?

Or men CAN give birth?

Or your taxes will NOT go up?

Or highways are racists?

Or Michelle Obama claims that blacks have the right to protest…(and loot and riot…)?

Or China is no threat to the United States?

Or all whites are racists…?

Or Hunter Biden just has a bad drug habit, he’s really a nice guy…?

Or Hillary Clinton’s sale of our Uranium to Russia…IS NO BIG DEAL!!!

Clearly, Joe Biden is now, a clear and present danger.

Our own “president” means to come after any American who does not agree with the ‘fundamental’ Marxist/communist takeover dictatorship that they have already managed to promote with the help of China.

From Inforwars:


BLM riots in the U.S. caused nearly $2 billion in property damages in 2020 alone, and dozens killed.

Ironically, Biden’s remarks come just days after a radical BLM militia group leader during a “reparations” march openly called for killing “everything white in sight.”


Did Twitter take that down?


What Joe REALLY means here is that white people, who live in the country, and love their country, are a lethal danger to his plans for the oligarchy/communists to takeover forever.

In that respect….let’s hope he’s right.

The only danger white people are…are the fact that many of them want to stop the madness of the demented China King.

And we have that right, by our Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence.


And you just admitted it.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden

Nobody’s Perfect

I doubt if many people would have thought this was the blatant slip of a pervert IF we hadn’t seen all the pictures of him trying to put his hands on every young kid around. We would have thought it was just a comment of a grandpa who is demented.

BUT: The camera remembers:

Yes, sniffing Joe. Can’t keep his hands off….pretty much anybody he finds attractive.

So, is it due to senality, or because he is a child molester?

Nobody Wonders.

BUT…I do recall a point I’d like to make:

Long ago, when I was just 18, I went to New York and I was with some friends who were going to be on the Ed Sullivan show. Being bored at rehearsals, one of the producers took me back to the room where all the camera’s and TV’s were being manipulated. He showed me how they could enhance and even change people’s appearance. He could put stars in people’s eyes…etc. Which makes me wonder what ‘magic’ they can do now.

Anyway, I don’t remember HOW I got up on stage to met Ed Sullivan, ( I think the producer said he wanted to meet me) but he would NOT let go of my very long hair. He kept stroking it, as if I wasn’t even there. This went on for about five minutes. He didn’t say anything to me, just kept petting me as if I was a dog.

The Producer told me beforehand, “Don’t be alarmed. He’s been senile for years. Nobody knows it. He manages to read his lines, but really, he is very senile. He won’t hurt you.”

So, here I am a Nobody to tell you that Ed Sullivan was for his last years on the program, much like Joe Biden. was completely lost and brain damaged.

Having said that…We have a man who doesn’t even have enough sense to KNOW he’s being watched and NOT touch children while the whole world is watching, but Joe…just HAS to sniff and touch.

That means he truly IS worse than anyone might imagine. He has no idea what’s going on around him.

The REAL question is: How long HAS Joe been brain damaged?

All through his Vice Presidency I would imagine. And I bet everyone in Washington D.C. knows it. What a perfect puppet.

Now we know why Obama picked him to be VP. Notice, Joe NEVER spoke when he was VP.

Pretty scary.

Nobody’s Perfect, but then again…it’s pretty scary when your “President” is demented. Joe Biden might just be the first REAL Manchurian President in history.

And he doesn’t even know it. He probably thinks he is still a Senator.

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January 6th: A Patriotic Day. Sorry Joe.

Nobody Remembers

After listening to Joe Biden’s remarks last night on how our “democracy” is under attack from the MOB that attacked the Capitol on January the 6th, and how those Americans are more dangerous than…anything else happening, I’m more convinced than ever that we truly NEED to resist Joe Biden, and all those tyrants in Washington D.C. who are acting just like King George. We might as well be living under a King.

Have we finally come full circle? Let’s look at January 6th from THEIR point of view.

Joe might as well be the reincarnation of King George. That “mob” that was outside the Capitol on January the 6th was there to protest a fraudulent election. A blatant “coup” by the democrats and their corporate sponsors. While Joe keeps suggesting that the crowd was a “minority” all reports indicted that over a million people were there that day. And for that many to show up in this poor economy was nothing short of a miracle. To this day, all video’s of the REST of the crowd has been demolished. It was a lie that so many were killed. In fact that only one killed that day was a Trump supporter woman who was just standing there. Joe keeps lying about that.

When the fence and the National Gurad went up so quickly, there was only one reason for it: The crooks in D.C. FEAR the American people. They KNOW what they did, and they are bound to shut us all down. AND, let’s not forget, I’m sure they get daily updates from the NSA telling them just HOW pissed off the American people are. I’m surprised any of them come out of their mansions.

As we all know, history in America has been rewritten mostly, and if you want to know the truth, you must get it from the very words of the founders.

So, let’s remember shall we? Let’s remember how the people of America reacted when King George and Parliament passed the Stamp Act:

Below is a remembrance from John Quincy Adams own words, on the REASON so many people in America were pissed off at their government : It started with the Stamp Act.


It was known that Andrew Oliver, the secretary of the province, had solicited the office of distributor of the stamps when they should arrive. The person appointed as distributor for the colony of Connecticut arrived, in the beginning of August, from England. The government party received him with an affectation of distinction, and, when he left Boston to proceed to Connecticut, his colleague, the distributor for Massachusetts Bay, accompanied him out of town. In the expectation of a press of official duties, Oliver had erected, near the custom-house, a building for a stamp office. Early in the morning of the 14th of August an effigy of Oliver was found hanging high in air, suspended to a branch of an old tree at the south part of the Main Street of Boston.

By whom it had been placed there never was known, but it soon gathered a crowd of persons round the tree. Hutchinson, as chief justice of the province, ordered the sheriff to remove the effigy, and, if opposition should be made, to report the names of the opposers, that he might issue warrants for their arrest. The sheriff sent some of his deputies to execute their order, but they were overawed by the determination manifested by the people assembled, not to suffer the image to be taken away. The governor convened the council, but they were in consternation, and declined interfering in the affair. He called the council a second time in the afternoon. Still, nothing was done. A crowd of people continued assembled around the tree till late in the afternoon, when the effigy was taken down, placed on a bier, carried in solemn procession amidst the acclamations of a large concourse of people through the long Main Street, and over the floor of the town-house, while the governor and council were in session in a chamber overhead. It was thence taken down to Oliver’s projected stamp office, which, in a few minutes, was levelled with the ground. They next proceeded to Fort Hill, upon which they kindled a fire, and burnt the obnoxious effigy to ashes. Oliver’s house was not far off, and was not spared by the enraged populace. He and his family betook themselves to flight. The fence before the house was broken down, sundry windows demolished and the furniture of the house was roughly handled. Hutchinson undertook to disperse the rioters, not only without success, but to the imminent danger of his own person. He finally effected his retreat—of which he says not one world in his “history.”

The next day, Oliver resigned his office of distributor of stamps: and gave a declaration in writing, and under his signature, to be communicated to the inhabitants of the town, pledging himself to transmit his resignation immediately to England and promising, with earnest asseveration, that he never would act in that capacity. In the evening of the same day the house of the Lieutenant-Governor and Chief Justice, Hutchinson, was surround and threatened. The multitude clamorously called for his appearance in the balcony, to make a declaration that he had NOT been in favor of the Stamp Act. One of his friends expostulated with the people in his favor, and finally assured them that he was not in the house, but had been seen going to his country seat at Milton: upon which they dispersed, without doing much damage to the house.

But twelve days afterwards, on the 26th of August, on the night of the day upon which he had returned to town, his house was again attacked, and destroyed. He and his family having scarcely time to effect their escape from the fury of the populace. The Houses of the register of the admiralty and of the comptroller of the customs without being absolutely destroyed was plundered, and rifled, and robbed by “That worst of tyrants, an usurping crowds.”

That these proceedings were sincerely disapproved and deeply lamented by Mr. Adams, there is evidence more unequivocal that that of attendance at a town meeting. He saw that the end of all popular movements of violence was destruction, and that they were ill adapted, under any circumstances whatever, to the furtherance of justice.


It’s this Nobody’s Opinion that the American people had had enough of the criminals that overtook the election with massive fraud, weaponizing all departments of justice, and destroying any trust at all in them. There were criminals of BOTH parties, who gleefully prosecuted innocent men all throughout the four years (and before) in President Trump’s four years in office. We were just fed up. Like their ancestors before them. The crowds that President Trump drew all over the United States were more than anybody in history could remember.

For years Americans watched a black President let mobs of Antifa and BLM roam through tout the cities and burn them. Cops were attacked. Killed. And the American people were told they deserved it. And now there is reverse discrimination against all whites.

How could this happen after so many Jews were gassed in the Holocaust? We were made to be silence when Obama insisted that Muslims helped found our country. Did you hear ANYBODY say: “PROVE IT!” No. Me Neither.

That was…insidious.

What happened in the Capitol was simple American people who wanted justice. The “mob” was instigated by a carefully planned ‘false flag” because the people in power MEAN to destroy and control the whole country. And they needed an excuse to further their plans to come down hard on all Patriots. There were many CIA false flags planted that day. Pelosi controlled the police, and they LET people in.

So, Joe Biden AND president George W. Bush are trying to make out January 6 as treason to the country. One of the most horrible days in American History.

Excuse my language but…Bullshit.

Over 300 people have been arrested from that day, for what? For the crime of just being there. Hutchinson didn’t have drones poor guy.

All the while, while, night after night, blacks and liberal whites are paid to go out and destroy and kill.

The elites at the top….are scared.

They are scared of what the American people might to…to THEM.

And when they control the courts, and elections can be stolen, and even Presidents don’t get a fair trial, Americans know, there IS no justice.

And THEY know, many have been buying guns.

You think they aren’t scared?

So, they keep saying that January 6, will be remember as an “insurrection,” They think if they just keep repeating it, it will go down in history as such.

Frankly, if those people had wanted to go in and kill those people, they would have.

What they wanted was justice, and they wanted Mike Pence to do the right thing,

He didn’t.

So, how will January the 6th be remembered?

As a day of patriots trying to plead with their government, and their government told them to go to hell.

Don’t let them rewrite it as anything else but that.. While it was a sad day for our country, which was betrayed by a Vice President, it was GOOD day for America. Let’s not let them rewrite it as anything but…what it was.

Patriotic Americans wanting justice.

We are STILL …out here. And they…know it.

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Joe: You Should Have Stayed in the Basement

Nobody Cares

Yes, I forced myself to watch Biden’s big speech tonight, and all I kept thinking was how weak, how embarrassing, how incredibly moronic the rest of the world must think of America…seeing Joe Biden’s great ‘reset’ to China speech tonight.

And the Congress looked like the idiots they TRULY are. Not a brain in the bunch. Mitt Romney was there. Ted Cruz was there. Mitch McConnell was there but looked like he knew he lost the country. Frankly, he’s toast.

Joe took credit for the vaccines. Trump did that. He also took credit for getting out of Afghanistan, Trump did that. In fact whenever he wasn’t sounding like a communist, he sounded like Trump.

Probably because they all know Trump’s was really elected and they were hoping American people would think Biden did all that stuff….like get the vaccines out.

Then Biden turned around and called the nation racist. While all the time saying we need free schools, free health care…and $5 trillion more dollars.

Nancy Pelosi kept talking to someone under her mask. Both Nancy and Kamala looked…terrible.

The coup has already happened. And everyone with any sense know it. To watch this pathetic example of the American government, I must admit…to me it WAS the end of America. They would have done better NOT to have let Joe make a fool of our whole country like that, but he’s not in charge anymore.

Neither is our Congress. We can only guess who is.

Tonight, right before the speech, my husband and I went out to get a chicken sandwich. We went to Popeyes…over 25 cars waiting in line. Okay…we tried KFC…about 16 cars…waiting in line. We traveled about 30 minutes and saw the same everywhere.

Then I realized. The restaurants are closed. Only the fast good places are open. But I have NEVER seen people waiting in such long lines just to get a chicken sandwich.

Never. Was it the moon? Was it the upcoming speech by Biden?

Or…is this the start of the great “RESET.”

I heard someone say that they will pass out trillions of dollars to make everyone think America is back, and then, when they are sure that Trump or AMERICA’s people will remain docile and obey, then the great depression will hit.

I must admit, the whole thing made me sick to my stomach.

How about you?

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Will Americans Submit to Being Punished if we are NOT vaccinated?

Nobody Wonders

Were you just as surprised as me when Joe Biden came out with some kind of ‘law’ that NOW, the CDC says that IF you are vaccinated you can now, go outside without a mask on?

I was. I didn’t know it was a crime. I never wear a mask outside. He talks as if he is giving us all now…permission.

Tell me: When was it a law that if you were not vaccinated you could NOT go outside without a mask on? What did I miss? The only reason people are wearing masks at all is because you can’t buy anything or go into ANY store unless you have a mask on.

That’s force. We are being forced to wear masks.

Okay. So we all obeyed. Thousands of people died in nursing homes and hospitals and were NOT allowed to see their families on their dying beds because…THEY MIGHT CATCH COVID!

Picture the scene: Grandma! I love you…they won’t let me come in because I might give you COVID!”

Grandma dies in front of their eyes. No one can touch.

“Well, at least we didn’t give her Covid…”

When Biden said maybe if we were good boys and girls and all got vaccinated, he might let us celebrate the 4th of July in our backyards with our friends, I thought he was a putz. Who made HIM king?

“We’ll see.” He said basically.

Already some businesses are making their employees now get the shot. We’ve gone from wearing the masks to I’m waiting for it: “You cannot enter this store unless you’ve been vaccinated.” Or…

“Sorry, we have to let you go because we can’t keep you if your not vaccinated.”

I was just listening to Glenn Beck who was explaining that all the banks want to go to digital money, due to the fact that the dollar will collapse, and then THEY can monitor every ‘dollar’ you spend.

And then they will be able to KEEP you from buying what they don’t want you to buy.

We’ve gone from masks, to closing down all businesses and schools, to isolation, and now to gain control of all money transactions.

Is that what’s coming?

Biden and his corporate/communist progressive in arms, clearly want to get to the China model: You either do as we say, (And we will know ALL that you do) or we can make your life miserable. That’s what they do in China.

In China, if you don’t wear a mask, you CAN be punished.

Nobody Wonders: How long before the United States gets to that point? The companies are already on board.

Will the American citizen submit?

Is Biden running our country, or is…China? (Okay, not a trick question.)

From Infowars:


The Communist Chinese government is punishing citizens in some areas of the country who commit COVID-related transgressions such as not wearing a mask in public by deducting 10 points from their social credit score and in some cases putting them on no fly blacklists.

Chicoms Hit Citizens With 10 Point Social Credit Score Penalty For Not Wearing a Mask in Public (

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Gun Control: Joe Biden is Afraid of “Ghosts.” Let’s tell him Ghosts don’t exist!

Nobody Cares

President -nonelect-Biden finally came out today, and completely went around our constitutional second amendment, and declared, that “no amendment is absolute.”

He’s out now to get those guns.

Which means, if Biden wants to declare any amendment out-of-date, he’s allowed to. So, he did.

He just attacked our right to bear arms. President Trump told us this was coming, and we all knew it:

The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.”

And the way he did it was…what? Banning ANYBODY from MAKING a gun? Why, there are all those gun making kits, and millions of people are being killed by plastic guns made in basements, and well…these ghost guns just have to stop says Joe!

In other words, they plan to outlaw ALL guns, and they KNOW that people will make their own, so first things first: You cannot MAKE a gun. Okay. GOT THAT?

What’s to keep us from making bombs? Take away our guns and people will get real creative.

Sort of like how you guys released a virus to kill.

The Justice Department, within 60 days, will issue a proposed rule to make clear when a device marketed as a stabilizing brace effectively turns a pistol into a short-barreled rifle subject to the requirements of the National Firearms Act.

Where in the 2nd amendment does it state that you cannot turn a pistol into a short-barreled shot gun? (The right to bear arms shall not be infringed, Joe. What don’t you get about that? And besides, when the blacks here in St. Louis go on a killing spree it’s usually with a pistol they stole. They don’t stop and put stabilizing braces on their guns. What neighborhood do YOU live in?

The Justice Department, within 60 days, will publish model “red flag” legislation for states.

RED FLAG? What the heck is that? What? If you go to buy a gun will the salesmen come back and say, “I’m sorry, you have a red flag, no can do.”? And will that red flag be because you were one of the half a million people waving the American flag on January the 6 in front of the Capitol, along with your 95 year old grandmother?

The Administration is investing in evidence-based community violence interventions. 

Nobody asks the serious question: when has any democratic administration EVER based anything on evidence? And who decides what is violent?

The Justice Department will issue an annual report on firearms trafficking.

Nobody Wonders if this will include an annual report on our own governments firearms trafficking. Fast and Furious is probably just got another name like, “Hammer and sickle.” Who KNOWS how many countries our politicians are selling arms to. We don’t know, but we should. Deals have been going on for decades, between our politicians and other countries, most of them our enemies. I could go into Obama giving tanks to ISIS..but…that would take up too much space.

The President will nominate David Chipman to serve as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

So, this guy is basically out to protect the Congressmen and politicians from the people Period. That’s his job. That fence is just not enough. The Congressmen want to be able to go out to dinner in other states. They are now, very scared of America.

As everyone knows, if you take away our last right of gun ownership, like all the other countries in the world who have been disarmed, America will die. It’s what’s done in all of history.

Our motto should be:

No President is absolute. But our Constitution is.

We will NOT surrender!

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Nobody Cares About Joe Biden

Nobody Cares.

Did anybody watch Joe Biden’s big speech tonight? I didn’t. Evidently, not many did. Tucker summed it up, as pretty much the fact that the democrats are going to shove communism down our throats and destroy the country. And then act as if they did a WONDERFUL thing. They tell US what we can and cannot do.

In the meantime they flood the Covid-19 with illegals all over the country.

I often get a big kick out of the comments that are still allowed online by the Nobody Americans who know exactly what’s going on. While they kept saying over and over how the majority of Americans loved this trillion dollar bailout to New York, California, black farmers and Bill Gates, what they really meant is “Hey, I KNOW just by giving everybody a check, you’ll love it!”


  • COVID crisis 2020 replaces the housing/banking crisis 2008.
  • Pelosi repackages the TARP strategy as a COVID response.
  • States are bailed out in 2020 like the Too Big to Fail banks in 2008.
  • Union leadership benefit as they did in the 2008 operation.

…And the great reset begins.

House Votes 220-211 to Approve Massive Government Expansion and Bailout Under Auspices of COVID Relief Bill – The Last Refuge (


Here’s some comments from the most noble peanut gallery, that hopefully will at least bring you comfort in knowing,




 March 10, 2021 8:23 pm

 Reply to  regitiger

Pssst.. Trump or no Trump, the Great Reset Agenda 21 New/ One World Order was long planned for 2021.

These people are NOT afraid of us.

They are provoking us to light that long planned fuse. Then they can blame all the pre-planned destruction on US. And as long as the ENEmedia plays along, the rubes and the useful idiots will never know the difference.

Look … free money !! Of course most average voters won’t see the crap that’s happening to them as long as there’s all this shiny bling being flung at them.

And Pelosi and her thugs will keep shoveling out as much as possible before the next election, knowing they’ll probably lose big time.

In a straight stack, one trillion US $1 bills would be a stack 67,866 miles high


 March 10, 2021 6:46 pm

Bill Gates . . . billions to that insufferable weirdo. . . so does this mean he doesn’t really have that much money or people should stop praising HIM for being so generous? It isn’t HIS money!

Romy Swillman

 March 10, 2021 7:13 pm

Stealing the Election, was just to get the License to Steal Everything Else.


 March 10, 2021 7:56 pm

But hey Im getting $1400! Im so happy. And its ONLY going to cost me $17,000. Thanks Joe. (More like $67,000)


 March 10, 2021 8:16 pm

“No Republicans supported the bill in the House or the Senate.”

Not. so. Fast.

They most certainly DID support the bill. Controlled opposition 101: When they followed Mitch, they capitulated to the Democrats and they defended the treasonous COUP.. They are absolutely 100 percent COMPLICIT in every downstream effect therein.

AS IF they had no idea any of this would happen. Give us a break!

very old white guy

 March 11, 2021 7:10 am

What a massive criminal enterprise the U S government has become.


No kidding. And THAT’s an understatement. No WONDER they want a permanent wall around the Capitol. THEY know how pissed off we really are. One guy on the radio day said it all:

“If the Patriots wanted to take over the Capitol that day, with over a million people there, they would have just done it.”

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Nobody’s Thoughts On The Coronation of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Okay. I DID watch that stupid “WHEW, we got out of jail free!” coronation of a demented, foot dragging old “Chinese bunion” of a puppet today, and I’d like to put out a few thoughts on the whole stupid thing.

  1. I got a big kick out of watching the X-Presidents. When they all got to the podium, before Joe’s big moment, it was VERY noticeable that Bill Clinton was walking around alone like a lost puppy dog, and NOBODY would even go near him. Poor Bill. He wanted SOMEBODY to talk to him. Hillary quickly left him and kept bothering Obama, who would sort of ignore her. Bill ended up falling asleep, (I’m sure as a tribute to Old Judge Ruth Ginsburg) and then after the speech, the ONE person who talked to him was the 22 (Or was it 23?) year old young black poet, who pretty much declared that the black race was now going to take over, in her poem. Michelle Obama gave her a BIG hug. Did Bill score? We’ll NEVER know. Unless of course Epstein is not dead.
  2. George Bush had this look on his face that said. “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” He looked, dare I say, scared? Thinking about it, so too, did Bill Clinton, more than a few times. And Joe Biden was literally shaking in his lame Gucci shoes before his ‘moment’…why I kept wondering. What are ALL the X PRESIDENTS so scared about? It was like they were all expecting a bomb to drop on their heads. The ONLY one who was NOT scared was Obama. He was his usual: Pimping and smoozing. In fact, he was one of the last ones off the podium.
  3. As I kept wondering why Joe looked as if this was the last moments of his life, I couldn’t help but notice the REALLY tough looking Chinese guy that NEVER, EVER left his side. He sat right in back of Joe, NEXT TO HUNTER. I thought of that scene out of the Godfather where Michael Corleone is on trial at the Senate, and a hit man is about to expose Michael as the head of the Mafia, when Michael steps into the chamber with the man’s brother.  In other words, if JOE stayed to the script, then Hunter would not die of some secret CIA Chinese poison. The REASON I thought this guy was China taking over America A. There is proof that they helped flipped the votes overseas with the dominion machines…yes, it’s true. BOTH Biden and Joe have made billions from them, and B. When the WHOLE crowd turned around to honor the Flag, that guy did nothing as if to say, “Not MY Flag.” And C. Most secret service men roam around. THIS guy didn’t leave Joe’s side…EVER. Secret Service Chinese man. Very clever. If the Chinese wanted to keep taps on an American President, that’s a good way to do it. How does that make sense? And Most important of all..D. NOBODY on any network even said a word about this guy. He LOOKED threatening.
  4. Let’s talk about the music. Lady GAGA made her entrance like Marie Antoinette dressed as giant red cupcake. She had a huge bird on her chest. I’m pretty sure she was singing to a recording. She is SUCH a diva…but she can sing, and I’m sure she will sell that video to the world at $20 a pop. Now, most artists would have gotten OFF the stage, but not Lady, oh no. She hung around and just like Hillary, kept trying to talk to Obama. Who once again was ignoring her too.
  5. Then came Miss Lopez, who sang the good old socialist anthem of the 60’s “This Land is Your Land. This Land is My Land” and then she shouted out something in Spanish which was probably, “THIS LAND BELONGS TO HISPANICS COME AND TAKE IT!!”
  6. And to please the rednecks and those white privilege people who will soon be put in gulags, Garth Brooks came out and sang, “Amazing Grace.” A prayer for White People, the new hunted terrorists in the land? Then he said he wanted us to “all come together” and ran RIGHT over to George W. to shake his hand and thank him for all the jobs he got when George was President.
  7. Was that the end? No. For some unknown reason, probably because they think someone is going to drop a bomb on their heads, ALL three past presidents had to go with Joe to lay a wreath at the unknow soldier’s tomb. ALL the couples looked not only bored with each other, but clearly, acted like kids told to shut up and do their duty and stay quiet when the landlord comes over. Joe had trouble walking. Hillary and Bill did NOT hold hands. Obama and Michelle, who by the way wore her hair in WHITE mode, not black afro mode, pretty much ignored each other. And even though George and Laura look maybe like they might be together; they too didn’t touch. And I don’t think it was because they wanted to honor the moment.
  8. And by the way, that motorcade that took all those Presidents to the cemetery, was a LEAST 50 or more armored limousines, courtesy of the taxpayers, which to my eyes looked like they cost about  $80,000 apiece.
  9. On a typical silly note, BOTH Hillary and Kamala wore purple. The color of Royalty.
  10. Joe Biden’s speech was…just another boring typical politician progressive, “We will unite as one and whites are the problem, and I will heal everybody and everything and give out lots of money blah, blah…” And of course, every pundit on TV said it was the greatest speech they’d ever heard.
  11. President Trump stole the day. After four years of Hillary and Obama, and Bush claiming he would NEVER leave the White House…he did. With class and style and confidence. He made them all look small, and petty, and the greedy lying criminals that they are.
  12. Yes, the greatest President ever to manage to guide the nation through four years of his personal hell, shine like the most brilliant of them all. Now, history will report that Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, destroyed America. Bit, by Bit, by bit.
  13. And ONE man came back and showed them all up. For a few four years, he showed us all what a President SHOULD be. And we love him still.
  14. And ONE MORE THING: Why did they need ALL those troops?
  15. Fear of the American people? Or Fear…of being killed by China?

Nobody’s Opinion

Was there a bomb aimed at that podium? Or was this, just an excuse for the final coup of America…by force?

We’ll know, soon enough.

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Nobody Flashes

Rudy is on Fire! Nobody tells the story of Joe Biden as well as Rudy, and look at the snob Kennedy…Looking down her nose at a great mayor, a man whose gone to more police and firemen funerals from 9/11 than any other person on the planet.

She’s almost unbearable.

And once again, Trump rallies are filled with people who love him, and Joe Biden just lies.

How in the WORLD can they say that the race is close is beyond comprehension.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden.

Nobody’s Perfect

Fox News today, reported that Joe Biden is leading according to the polls: 51% to Trump’s 46%.

Come on man! 

The guy couldn’t get more than 10 cars to a Hispanics for Biden rally. He even has trouble reading a teleprompter or remembering where his wife is. Not to mention, he promises to raise taxes on everyone but himself. When he does come out of his basement, 99% percent of the time he doesn’t even know what state he is in. It takes him longer to rest than to get tired.

No, Joe isn’t perfect. But they want him to be President so badly, even FOX news will screw the polls into saying he will win the election.

Here, Mark Dice shows video proof: Joe Biden, is not perfect. He still can read, but barely. But to FOX, and the globalists/socialist who put him in this spot…he’s IS PERFECT.

THEY will tell him what to do. He won’t even have to leave the Oval Office.

The message from Joe is: If you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black.

Well, I’m not black. Sorry Joe. Here’s hoping you find your limo driver.


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Nobody Seems To Care that Joe Biden is Brain Damaged

Nobody Seems to Care

Joe Biden has had two brain aneurysms and surgery. This alone should disqualify him, I should know.

Both my parents had brain aneurysms and trust me, even if they are still talking, the brain HAS been damaged.

We saw that with John McCain. During the last year of his life he became a very bitter and angry man, which was also caused somewhat by brain damage. It’s truly a sad country when it’s politicians can be brain damaged and still be allowed to stay in power and make decisions which effect every citizen alive.

John McCain’s brain damage lead to the one vote that effected MILLIONS of Americans and their health care costs.

Being President requires great health. Sadly, the parties and power are so entranced that they will run a dysfunctional man if they think he can win.

They did it with FDR. He won a 4th term, the handlers KNEW he had a stroke, but they ran him anyway. He died soon after he was elected.

Is that what is going to happen to Joe?

Still, Nobody seems to care that Joe is brain damaged…really, someone had to breathe in their nose to wake him up?

And this is the man that is leading in the polls?

And what’s with Obama appearing with him everywhere? What’s up with that?

Does Obama want to be VP? Is it Obama who is really still running the DNC? Can’t these x presidents just GO HOME!!

Nobody Cares at this point. Nevertheless, Joe could fall asleep on the podium, and say that he has no clue where he is, he loves to fondle young children, and he thinks China is BETTER than the United States, and the media will STILL declare him the winner in November.

We are in for a big turning point in world history. Let’s hope, the people wake up.

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Kevin is NOT Black: According to Joe Biden. Sorry Kevin.

Nobody Flashes

Everybody has been talking about Joe Biden saying that if black people don’t vote for him, then, they’re not black.

Kevin does a great job making fun of this stupid remark.

I’m still trying to figure out if Joe is even human, or if his mother dropped him on his head. But Kevin’s rant is as good as it gets.

It’s about the same as when Obama said if you didn’t vote for Hillary, then you were insulting him personably, AND the black race.

Remember that? That didn’t help Hillary get the black vote, and even if Obama comes out and says “a vote for Biden is a vote for ME.”

Something tells me, that won’t work either. Anyway…

ENJOY KEVIN! I sure did.


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