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It’s Official: Biden Means to Come After ANYONE Who Loves America and Stands in the Way of “Change”

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What did Hitler say? Repeat the lie enough and soon it will become the truth? Or something to that effect. Is this the most absurd statement ever uttered by a President?

Wait…does that top Obama’s ‘truth’ that America was founded by Muslims and was a Muslim nation?

Or “I did NOT have sex with that woman.”

Or “The Wuhan virus did NOT come from China.”

Or “Donald Trump was colluding with Russia…”

Or CIA Director Brennen saying that the NSA did NOT spy on Americans…(Big lie told to Congress)

Or Joe Biden won the election by the most votes in American history…?

Or men CAN give birth?

Or your taxes will NOT go up?

Or highways are racists?

Or Michelle Obama claims that blacks have the right to protest…(and loot and riot…)?

Or China is no threat to the United States?

Or all whites are racists…?

Or Hunter Biden just has a bad drug habit, he’s really a nice guy…?

Or Hillary Clinton’s sale of our Uranium to Russia…IS NO BIG DEAL!!!

Clearly, Joe Biden is now, a clear and present danger.

Our own “president” means to come after any American who does not agree with the ‘fundamental’ Marxist/communist takeover dictatorship that they have already managed to promote with the help of China.

From Inforwars:


BLM riots in the U.S. caused nearly $2 billion in property damages in 2020 alone, and dozens killed.

Ironically, Biden’s remarks come just days after a radical BLM militia group leader during a “reparations” march openly called for killing “everything white in sight.”


Did Twitter take that down?


What Joe REALLY means here is that white people, who live in the country, and love their country, are a lethal danger to his plans for the oligarchy/communists to takeover forever.

In that respect….let’s hope he’s right.

The only danger white people are…are the fact that many of them want to stop the madness of the demented China King.

And we have that right, by our Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence.


And you just admitted it.

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