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Tucker Explains AGAIN

Nobody Knows…

That I’m taking a writing day off today, due to the fact that I WAS SCAMED AGAIN! sigh.

I spent hours on the phone trying to clean up the mess.

Anyway, Tucker didn’t take a day off, and as usual, he explains everything so well. He goes into our gas shortage and how happy the libs are with it.

Thanks Tucker!

And on a simple Nobody note: No doubt the Bush family, and Cheney are trying to form the republican party around Liz Cheney, and get Americans to back HER and hate Trump for President. I would not even worry about this except Glenn Beck today said something to the effect that we should not put all our cards on Trump.

Glenn did NOT want Trump before. He had to get on the Trump bandwagon, but no doubt, he still wants Ted Cruz to be President.

Hopefully, he is very careful about what direction he goes.

Clearly, Bush is out, Liz Cheney is vicious, and they are going full throttle against Trump running again.

Like I’ve said before: She’s Hillary’s Clone. Pretty sickening. She is also siting the “constitution” in every other sentence.

All we need now is Hillary to come back to declare the democratic nomination. LOL.

Okay, wait Joyanna, you are saying…you SAID you are taking a day off! Shut up!


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George W. Bush: Plantation Owner Looking for the Tree Picking Illegal.

Nobody Wonders

How this man keeps up his VERY FAKE “I’m just a humble Texas American Cowboy who loves America and all the people that come here. ” B,S.? I can barely watch this act of pure American crap. I remember back when I was so awestruck by the man after what we went through with Clinton, and how happy I was that he became President.

I’m older than that now. And wiser.

That’s how GOOD America is at selling you their politicians. Mr. Skull and Bones. Mr. “I am so not raciest that I voted for Condoleezza Rice instead of Trump, and Michelle Obama loves me! Especially after I gave her a breath mint!”

Wow. What a great guy you are George, all in” for those poor people all over the world who want into our country.” Never mind the poverty, the disease, the drugs, the socialist, the terrorist, YOUR heart is in the right place. You SAY you don’t want to get rid of the borders, but there you are, promoting your book on how we should “LET THEM ALL IN!”

This nobody hasn’t forgotten your North American Treaty with Mexico and Canada. Getting those countries ready for your shipping of American manufacturing into their countries. And let’s not forget how you bailed out all your Wall Street Friends with Taxpayer’s money. How you kept the war going on overseas so that you could “SAVE THE GIRLS.” Or whatever sounded good and kind at the moment. Playing on the good nature of Americans. All our men suffered greatly because your war…was a forever war.

You are SUCH a liar.

Bend over America, George W. can’t stop putting his face on every TV., and having the audacity to say Trump wanted his name everywhere.

God, I can hardly stand listening to him any more.

But he does it well. He’s got that “ah shucks, I’m just a old guy.” act down. It helped get him elected, and he still—just this week I heard him complain that he couldn’t find ANYBODY in America to cut his trees on his ranch. Poor baby. Most of America has lost their jobs, but he can’t find anyone to cut his trees?

Come on. He puts the American worker down whenever he can.

Here he complains about who is going to do all the roofs?

Those poor oligarchs. Don’t you feel sorry for them? Whose going to cut the lawns of all the rich people is we don’t let them in?

What a con job. What a farce.

Either he honestly believes that Americans are lazy people and will not do hard work, or he is a bonifide oligarth who thinks labor should be cheap. There is NO doubt that American men would do the work if paid well. But, as President, it was George W. Bush and his Daddy who helped pass the NAFTA, and globalization program which pulled ALL the money to the top. You and I both know, if George wanted to PAY a decent wage to Americans to cut down his frigging trees, he could. He’s just not an American. He’s a “globalist” and everyone is a Nativist. Whatever THAT means.

George is an oligarch. And a racist. AND as much as Obama, he is helping destroy America.

What he is saying is that those poor people in South America will do very hard work, for just pennies on the dollar. Which is GREAT for the ‘service’ economy that George W. help created.

Flooding the country with poor Hispanics is NO different than the plantation owners bringing in the black slaves to pick the cotton.

Plantation owners and Oligarchs wanted the same thing: Cheap labor.

But unlike in the old days, the illegals are getting the reparations, they want the votes.

Which is why the plantation owners wanted the blacks to vote.

George W. Bush can’t stand Trump, and we all know why.

Sorry. I had to get this rant out. Bush’s friends, and there are many….are the deep state.

And NO book that George sells of his immigrants to make us all feel like Americans should have to give up their borders for all immigrants, is going to work.

It’s the NWO plan to flood all the West with immigrants, in order to bring about the World Government.

And George Bush is just doing his part.

He proudly admitted in an interview that he had not driven his own car since 1997.

Yeah. Ride em’ cowboy. Why don’t you take your limo down to the border and pick up some cheap labor, and quit complaining about Trump and his supporters?

Why don’t you take your OWN advice and go paint your dog, and quit destroying our country, George?

You’ve done enough.

To me, your nothing more than a very rich plantation owner, pushing for more cheap labor. Your wars have done more damage than we will every know.

You want…slaves. Just like China has…and…and…and…

A big historical place in history as a great man.

Good luck with that George. You might get the historians to write synchophantic books of awe and wonder…

But the patriotic American…WE…will remember.

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Nobody’s Fool: Mark Dice

Nobody’s Fool,

I’ve enjoyed this guy for much too long.

So, enjoy him with me while we STILL have free speech.

Mark wins the Nobody’s Fool award for the best 1st amendment protection right.

Congratulations Mark!

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AARP: So it is Written, So it is done

Nobody’s Opinion

I was in my 50’s when I started getting the AARP magazines. Well, $12 a year didn’t seem like much and they promised all these great things! With your card you could get discounts on restaurants, travel, movies, car rentals, etc. I’ve gotten the card for over a decade or more and to this day, whenever I presented the card to anybody, they always answered “We don’t take that here.” Even when I rented a car in California, I basically got robbed and paid more than I would have had I NOT used the card.

It’s kind of like insurance. If you don’t have medical insurance, (excluding Medicare) your bill will be MUCH lower. Period. I’ve known people who seem to get results using the AARP card, but I’m not sure how they do it. To me, it’s worthless.

Except the AARP medical insurance BEFORE Obama, was good. Who knows now?

So, I was thinking of not renewing AARP, but much like CNN, if I do, I will miss out on the government’s plans for all people over 50. Because that’s what’s in the magazine now: I like to call it old people enginneirng.

FOR EXAMPLE: in the March AARP bulletin of 2021, one of the article’s title was:


There was a picture of a doctor talking to a patient from his home. It said he sees about 20 patients online each workday. So, let’s add this up. If he is making the $150 (Or usually more) for the talk, he isn’t paying overhead, nurses, office space, and gets to take off his home office on his taxes. All he CAN do is…give pills out.  So, $3,000 a day, and that’s pretty good take. How many people can do that? Obamacare was designed to let the nurses take over, doctors quit in droves. Like the police are doing now, doctors retired in the thousands. When I had shingles, my own doctor was booked up for six months. I went to an Urgent Care. In case you haven’t noticed, the thousands of Urgent Care put up all over the country (transformation) now takes the place of your family doctor. That and Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.

THAT was by design.

BUT how many people reading this magazine are doctors? Or teachers? How many? He is an ‘essential’ worker, what about all the old people who aren’t ‘essential’ and can’t get a job working at home making that kind of money?

AARP says: “Meanwhile, ageism remains a threat, as evidenced by the hard hit that older workers took last year. In December, 45.5 percent of unemployed workers 55 and older had been out of work for 27 weeks or more, compared with 35.1 percent of younger job seekers. Some employers, it’s been reported are replacing laid-off older workers with young, lower paid ones.

Well…duh. And if you are a WHITE older worker, you will be the first to go.

On the very same page is the headline:


Nobody asks: So, YOU know there WILL be another crisis?

AARP Question: “How do we get Americans to save more?”


How can you SAVE more, when you are on SS, and once a year you might get a measly $35 a month raise (While illegals are making around $60,000 a year from SS) and gas, food, electric, interest on the Credit Cards, medical expenses add up to the hundreds every month?

On the next page the headline:


AARP: Don’t expect the same old, same old. Just as the rationing, isolation and economic crisis cause by World War I and the Spanish Flue epidemic led to a kind of awakening of how we assembled, expect COVID-19 to shake up the nature and personality of our public spaces.

Nobody Remembers: Right. You cannot visit the Capital anymore. YOU…are dangerous. The whole world was NOT shut down with the Spanish Flu. And the President didn’t tell you MAYBE he would let you celebrate July the 4th.  And building more bike paths are not going to get everyone to NOT want to go back to their favorite restaurant, which accordingly, 3/4th of them went out of business forever.

 In other words, this keeping people from gathering ANYWHERE will go on forever…especially in restaurants where they can actually get a good steak, and they want you to stop eating meat.

Meat is PROTEIN. Good for them, not you.

More bike paths will be built, and everyone is encouraged to ride their bikes to the nearest computer and to contact virtually. (So, the NSA can record what you are saying.)

Scrolling down the next headline was;


AARP:  Rebuilding trust means ‘creating greater opportunities to encounter people who are different from us, and to come together across generations.

So, it’s my little Nobody’s Opinion that the trust in each other was purposely damaged by the democrats and globalists pitching groups against each other for their OWN power. And they said in that last article that the GEN-XERS should volunteer their time to poor illegals and help them out with school work. Notice, not the old people but the GEN-XERS.

I got all these titles from just two pages.

And that’s why I will probably keep getting the magazine. The future they have planned for everyone over 55 is right there in the pages, and they also want you to know there is NO way your future will look bright OR normal. And AARP is there to “help” you manage your bleak future.

In the words of the great Yul Brenner…AARP says So—as it is written. So…let it is done.”

If you want to know what they have planned for you, join AARP. It’s worth the now $16.00.

After all, know your enemy, and the next time you want to buy a steak and can’t, you’ll at least know WHY.

On a final note: I read it in the bathroom. The only place for it.

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Happy Mothers Day!

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Global Freedom: That’s the New Wave

Nobody Flashes

You won’t hear about this in America, but thousands in Europe are protesting the lockdowns and the masks.


Will it come BACK to the West?

Or will the global elite go further with the tyranny?

We saw it in Hong Kong. We saw it on January the 6th. Brexit.

People WANT freedom.

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Nobody Reports: A Brave Teacher Speaks

Nobody Reports.

THIS is the type of teacher that should be in every school, and it’s about time one of them spoke up.

This teachers does.

It will leave you with hope that MORE teachers speak out about the insanity and brainwashing going on in our schools.

Even if you have seen his viral rant, don’t miss the rest of this.

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Nobody Cares If I Don’t TRUST Fauci

Nobody Cares

I was watching someone this morning, and he was making fun of all the people who are NOT getting the vaccine because of all the video’s they are watching on the internet: much like the one above.

I’ve watched many of them. And there are many done by REAL doctors, who warn everyone that this vaccine was NOT tested. The warnings are many: You will be okay for a while, but then if you do get sick, you will be sicker. This was based on the original tests done on monkeys, who did okay for a while and then got really sick and died. And it’s true this IS not really a vaccine. And then I think…well, I just had a second horrible bout with a ‘virus’ that’s been in my body since I was a kid, chickenpox. As far as I know, there is no ‘vaccine’ for any flu, and according to this guy above, there are many kinds of flu. So, therefore, does the Covid Vaccine really work? And if it does, why are they insisting that everyone, even after being vaccinated keep their masks on? They even admit they have no idea just how long the vaccine will work.

Lots of questions, no real answers.

So, simply speaking it comes down to “Who do you trust?” Do you trust Fauci? Do you trust Trump?

The reporter said he didn’t think Trump would knowingly kill millions of people if the vaccines were harmful. Good Point. But if you look at it from Trump’s point of view, he didn’t have much choice BUT to trust so many well established pharmaceutical companies.

If people DO die down the line, then it’s won’t be President Trump’s fault now will it?

What bothers me the most is that they are pushing for EVERY MAN AND WOMAN AND CHILD ON THE PLANET to have this vaccine, and Biden even said he is trying to get companies to…basically force us to do it.

They are making your kids wear masks, which hurts them all. They now, want to vaccinate the kids 12-18. After that, it will be the babies.

THAT’s when my warning bell goes off.

The government should have NO right to tell you what to put in your body. If Cuomo of New York can willingly kill old people in nursing homes and not be prosecuted, then Nobody John and Mary should have the right to get the shot or not. According to a X-Vice President of Pzizer, he thinks they really DO want to kill millions of people…and that’s why, they’ve made sure that nobody will be able to sue if anyone dies.

That tells me…I’ll take my chances with the flu. Nobody in my family really cares if I do or don’t.

Really. Sooooo….I think I’ll…wait. I don’t trust any of them.

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Nobody Wonders: The Gates Divorce? WHY?

Nobody Wonders

Wow. Bill and Melinda Gates, the PERFECT super rulers of the world are…getting divorced?

Uh. Can we wonder….why?

Are we supposed to feel sorry about this? Heck no…not me.  We must wonder…why did it take her so long? They have three kids that very few people have seen, and by all accounts, they are old enough to take the blow. And since they had no prenuptial (Go ahead President Trump, remind Bill once again WHY that is important.) the kids will probably end up with more than the $10 million dollars that Daddy wanted to give them, as will his wife.

Who may I say, seemed to me to do most of the talking and was a perfect narcissistic match for him, which is why maybe they just both butted heads on too many subjects? If you think you are right because you are the smartest person on the planet, everyone must agree with you, period. Put two in the same room, and you have trouble.

Is Bill controlling? He once memorized every license plate number on every employee that worked at Microsoft so that he always knew what and where they were at all times, until of course, the company became too big for him to do that. So, ask yourself…if a man would do that…the next step is to be able to KNOW where every human being is on the planet, right?

It’s probably just a small tick of mental autism with him. You know I think there is something very wrong with his…reasoning, Bill doesn’t care how many people he kills, just how many he can get vaccinated.

While it’s reported that Bill is only the 4th richest person in the world, you have to argue that’s another lie. He hides ALL his fortune in his foundations, so he doesn’t have to pay taxes. He has his hand in ALL over the vaccines, and will make money on all of them. And as far as his control in other companies?

Please. I bet even HE doesn’t know the hundreds he has invested in.

So what caused this? Was it the fact that Bill has no problem with killing off half the planet? Or, was it the fact that he had rides on Epstein’s plane, and it wasn’t just to sell young girls Windows 10? Or was it because he wants to cut off the sun, and make EVERYBODY stop eating meat? Or maybe it’s because he wants to make sure he can monitor every single human on the planet with a ‘vaccine’ mark on their hands, so he can know whose been vaccinated and who hasn’t? Or, is it because he is starting to look like the most hated man on the planet?

How does that effect your ‘sex’ life? It always looked to me like it was a marriage of…business. She loved to control, and so did he. I’m sure her IQ scores were high, and so were his…and to a computer narcissistic nerd like Bill…well…in the words of Tina Turner…what’s love got to do with it?

Nobody Wonders, if the goals of Bill Gates is just more money. After all, the virus will ALWAYS mutate, and so Bill’s vaccines will ALWAYS have to be updated, every year. Or more. And while the governments are paying for the first vaccines, later YOU will have to pay, or YOU will get sick. They designed it that way. It’s the same thing they did with Windows…NEVER let a product last too long. You lose years of profit!

Follow Bills’ life, and that’s what you see. He’s a genius at monopolies.

His goal…to win ALL the money!

I don’t know. I don’t like either one of them as people, so it will be interesting to see if either one of them marry right away. Maybe she really WANTED to save lives instead of killing them. Maybe that’s where the big difference is.

Or maybe it’s just that she will have plenty of money and her own life, and is sick of his ‘messing’ around. Maybe it’s just that simple.

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson Explains Frank Luntz

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, Tucker does a fantastic job going into detail to explain why the republican party is so messed up.

Tucker never ceases to amaze me. So, Congradulations Tucker! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

You are IN the Zone. Home run champion of the truth “Out of the park” night after night. Master of thought.

We are so lucky to have you!

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It Doesn’t Take a Village OR a Computer to Teach a Child

“It takes a Village.” So said Hillary Clinton in her book, that I doubt very few people even read besides myself. At the time that I read it, if I recall right, I was an angry parent because of my local school that my son was attending. The school is one of the biggest in Missouri, and probably one of the most “woke” in the nation. The whole North Country of St. Louis is democratic, as is St. Louis, and like many of the northern cities, has been run by democrats for decades. And I was enemy number one to every principal I ever talked to. And for good reason. The schools were run like prisons. Parents were kept out of the loop and if you ever went to a PTA meeting, you would find out what a waste of time they were. You weren’t even allowed to talk.

I’m not kidding. They would announce it at the beginning of the meeting: We will not hold discussions tonight.

The attitude was, “This is OUR jurisdiction, you, dear parent, have NO say whatsoever what we teach the kids, or HOW we teach them, in fact, you are NOT allowed into the schools at any time day or night, unless we LET you come in.”

Even after hours. They treated you as if you were a terrorist. And this was in the Clinton Presidency.

Hillary was pushing for ‘pre-kindergarten’ care back when her husband was President. She LOVED how they did it in France: The state provided care for even newborns. To Hillary Clinton, that was the best thing in the world.

The book enraged me, because it is common knowledge that a child’s whole brain is being formed for life between the ages of one and four. It is still growing. And they all should be with a parent, not Hillary Clinton’s clones.

Any parent that even had a complaint was afraid that the teacher would take it out on the kid. And they would. And they let you KNOW they would. Not only that, many of them made the kids keep a diary where they were encouraged to basically ‘snitch’ on their parents. YOU were not privy to these papers. Many parents were not even aware that the teachers were gathering intelligence about the parents. They also picked your child’s classes, what they could take, and what they couldn’t take. You THOUGHT you and your child were doing it, but no. If they didn’t want your child in a certain class, they’d just tell you, “That class is full.”

The people elected to the school boards did whatever the teacher’s told them too. Most of them stayed on the boards for YEARS and nobody ever challenged them. They were basically just there for the money. And the teachers themselves were more like babysitters than teachers. If one child was being bullied, nothing was done. The whole class would be punished instead. And the teacher ALWAYS stayed out of it.

In our high schools, drugs were passed in the hallways. The teachers knew. The black students would scare the heck out of them if they dared say a word. So it’s no wonder drugs are pushed in the schools. Teachers have been muzzled also. They will lose their job if they speak up. It’s a well-planned control system.

My son never talked about school. Never. So, most parents, trust the school, and just assume that their kids are learning. Let’s face it, working, coming home and trying to take care of the kids is so time consuming, most parents are just trusting the system.

What we have found out today is that SO many kids are so far behind other nations its criminal. In science, in math, in reading, and now they give out scholarships on the color of their skin, and they pass kids just so that the school can get their money from the FEDS. ALL the money goes to the administrators. They make over $200,000 and up, and for WHAT? I’ve never seen any of them work. They might show up, but they go on very expensive vacations and the kids suffer.

Yesterday, we were buying an azalai for the garden, and a young man of about 17, was just learning how to ring out customers behind the counter. He was doing fine with the ‘machines’ and then, the electric went out. My husband and I were in a hurry…so we yelled “We have cash!”

The bag of soil was $14.33. The boy looked confused. You could tell he was having a hard time knowing what change to give us when we gave him a five and a ten. He gave us back $1.67 cents. I wasn’t paying attention, but my husband was laughing as we went out the door. “He gave you too much change.”

Today, the kids in kindergarten are given computers and calculators, and all of them are encourage never to do calculations in their head. And I think that’s because, the teachers can’t do them themselves. I can’t tell you how many teachers I would argue with who didn’t even know simple math.

What the HELL are they teaching the teachers in college? Has anybody asked? Sadly, I’ve decided many of them are just as ignorant as the students. Many of them now just give the lessons on the computers and sit there working on their OWN lessons in order to get paid more money with another worthless degree. It’s no wonder they don’t want to actually have to go back to a place and TEACH, when they can stay home and do half the work without leaving their bed. Let the computers teach.

So, I was happy to see that this lawyer did ask. He was furious about critical race theory, which is being taught everywhere now.

It seems, if they can just get white kids feeling bad enough, they won’t THINK anymore. And that’s what the people in power want: a very uneducated, population that will follow the state, and discard the parent. ALL will be slaves to the state. The “All whites are racist” is very important to globalization. So, therefore, Marx enters the building.

The Teacher’s union gives more money to the democrats than any other union. And that’s why your kids, unless you can home school, will never learn how to THINK.

The only good thing coming out of the lockdown is more kids are being homeschooled by parents.

And THAT may just be what saves the future. Unless of course, it’s too late.

Thomas Edison once said:

“If there is one evil in the world today for which there is no excuse, it is the evil of stupidity.”

This nobody agrees. There IS no excuse for making all our children stupid. THAT is…evil.

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Homeschooling Wins Every Time

Nobody Flashes

I hope my dear reader, (Mrs O) does not mind me showing off the talent of her most incredible son. Not only does he play bass (that he built himself) and drums, but is a computer nerd and …well, he’s proof that home schooling and the study of music makes much more intelligent people.

This really is…VERY beautiful. (I’m jealous. I wish I could read music like that and play as well.)

Check out Scott at his website….He plays with just as much feeling as last’s weeks very FAMOUS pianist.

ENJOY! And mucho thanks mom, for sending me the link to her son’s talent.

What a great job…God Bless you both.

Here’s his website, don’t miss it.

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