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Nobody Flashes: Like a Prayer

Nobody Flashes

Who knew that this old song by Madonna could be so beautiful?

I’d like to thank Donald Mercer for sending it to me, because now I know this group exists.

AND…also great thanks ALSO to Mr. Mercer who’s emails, which are full of great information, I receive each day. If you would like to subscribe to Mr. Mercer’s emails…go here, his email address is, and request him to send you his free newsletter.

I don’t miss reading any of them. He’s a patriot on the frontlines with many around the world, exposing the evil and it’s always good to know, isn’t it? He gives you the latest from just about everywhere and what’s important.

So, enjoy….if you like me didn’t know these guys existed, you are in for a treat.

Like a prayer, fitting for a Sunday.

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Nobody Flashes Beethovan

Nobody Flashes

How can you NOT think of a God when you hear this? The genius who wrote it, the genius who made the piano, and the genius who got this emotion SO perfect. What a touch this man has!

I once read where Rubenstein said that when he played a piece he put his whole life’s experience up to that moment in time into it. And I’m afraid, we don’t see many do that lately.

This piece is…forever. Simple, and beautiful.


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WHY…We need to get back to normal..

Nobody Flashes

Just in case everyone has forgotten what normal life was like for our young men before this dreaded lockdown…young me who didn’t HAVE to stay away from each other, and who could have actual fun….check this out….pretty good stuff! Each one of these young men have excellent ‘chops’…Another reason that we should NOT let the elite ruin our lives forever.


(Thanks to my sister-law-Kim) Who always sends me drum stuff.

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The Loss…is Great: Prayers for Our President and His Family.

Nobody Flashes—NOT Biden—NOT Obama—Not China—

The REAL President whose country and office was stolen from him.

God be with him, and those he loves, tonight and always.

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Nobody Flashes Billy Joel’s PRESSURE!

Nobody Flashes

One of my favorite New Yorkers, one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite New Yorker. The words to this song could be applied to the ‘progressives’ losing their minds at every Trump Tweet.

I posted the concert, because I like how they have the stage set up. Also, Billy Joel has a special talent for putting intelligent words to music, not an easy task. I also LOVE the way he juxtapose the background repeating sequence…sort of Beethoven like.

BUT, here is the original version, which is pretty much a nightmare.


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Joe Hiden…Can We Call You Al? ..whoa…whoa…whoa…yeah…!

Nobody Flashes

Let’s just get away from it all..shall we? First version, second version…Can I call Joe Biden Al? I can’t help it. Listen to the words and tell me it doesn’t remind you of Joe Biden at his press conference today.

“Where is my wife and family? What if I die here?” “Who’ll read my prompter, once my prompter is gone…gone..”


If the words fit, you must admit…it sounds like Al IS Joe.

And then, when you’re locked up with your wife at home…Jensen and wife. Oh, and by the way, there is ONE thing Jensen forgot to do that Paul Simon did. …see if you can pick it out…not that I care. He such a great actor. And sorry, Danneel is pretty good, but she just doesn’t have that stupid funny face of Chevy at his prime. (And I’m sure Jensen is very glad of that.)


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Nobody Flashes American Music While I Still Can

Nobody Flashes:

They can burn down our cities, erase our history, tear down our statues, and threaten us all to NOT GET CLOSE…

But they are NEVER going to make us forget…our favorite American Music.


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Nobody Flashes the Great Bonnie Raitt

Nobody Flashes,

One of my favorite singers. One of my favorite musicians.

One of my favorite songs…

The great Bonnie Raitt, with Bruce Hornsby on piano.

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Two Thoughts on a Sunday…”You Might Have Seen Jesus”…

Nobody Flashes

Everywhere, it is strange. Just went out to get some birdseed. EVERYONE is scared. They are doing a good job of it.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from the past. I like the words.

AND below that, how cell phones have given whomever, the exact locations of everyone.

Not to mention how easy a bio-weapon can stop the world.

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Nobody Flashes “They are MEN!” And They Are From the Ukriane

Nobody Flashes

Another one of my favorite songs, and I LOVE the drummer! The guitar player is hot too.

I heard the original Chicago preform this song years ago right after it came out. At the Southern Illinois University Campus. I think it went on for a good 30 minutes.

We boomers had some really great music.

This is a great song. Fantastic rhythm…GREAT band. If you can’t feel the beat in this one, check your pulse.

Still beating? Then enjoy!

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Nobody Flashes a Little Joy

Nobody Flashes’

Sometime, somewhere on the internet I must have admitted that this is one of my favorite songs.

And there it was tonight: Right there for me to pick out and post.

At least it wasn’t a commercial for dog food.


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Nobody Flashes Christmas Joy

Nobody Flashes

–a man named Tom Bet George who put this all together.

THIS nobody watches this and wonders…WHY do we NOT have a national holiday to celebrate Thomas Edison?

Without Tom inventing how to put sound on a recording, and the light bulb, THIS Tom couldn’t do this.

Anyway, Typical isn’t it? Edison was an individual! Oh my. The globalists want you to think that it takes a village or a multinational company who have inventors work for THEM and their profits, to make the world go round.

Individuals…aren’t celebrated unless their politicians. Bah. Hupp. Edison has all but been erased from American History to be replaced by tech giants.

That’s too bad. Without this ONE man, most of all that we enjoy might not have ever been invented.

Sorry. It’s almost Christmas and I’m bah humbugging. I’ll stop.


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Nobody Flashes: Singing Contractors

Nobody Flashes

So, something tells me these two won’t be doing contractor work for TOO long.

Can you imagine hearing these guys working at your house and practicing?


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When Perfection is Perfection.

Nobody Flashes

Remember the days when singers didn’t have to be so nasty about politics?

Well…this was some time ago, but as a former singer I can’t help but admire the perfection of both Mike and Barbara.

This was one of my mother’s favorite songs, and just for a moment, I can forget what an idiot she is, and marvel at the notes.

After all, I had to sing her songs in many a piano bar.  In fact, one newspaper reporter wrote that I did a pretty good Barbara Streisand. Ha ha ha, I can laugh now.

I don’t think she ever had a better blend with him.


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