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Nobody Flashes: Beethoven on Wine Glasses VS Bulldog by the Beatles

Don’t you wonder who in the world invented playing wine glasses? How much you wanna bet it was a bunch of drunk people bored on a Saturday night. I read somewhere that Beethovan wrote this piece for children to start their piano lessons. Now, because of video technology, we can watch this guy, who spent some money on wine glasses and probably an electronic tuner, put his love of music in another form.

So light. So sweet, and very hard to express emotion with wine glasses, but he manages it.

And then to one of my VERY favorite songs of the Beatles. Truly a ROCK song. BULLDOG.

It wasn’t a big hit, in fact, I doubt anybody but true Beatle fans would heard it, but to me, it’s John Lennon’s finest voice and signature poetic words—because nobody ever knew what the heck John’s words meant, but then again, that’s most poetry. The Walrus is still out there.

Paul, to his credit stepped aside and let John soar. BUT…the bass lines on this piece are sheer genius. Paul was a master of the melody, and it shows in his bass playing. Paul should have gotten more credit for his bass lines. John, should have gotten more credit for his voice, which really was more rock than Paul’s.

And the ending? Where they are barking like dogs— Such joy. Notice George Harrison looking at the two of them when they are horsing around with a look like “Really?” ha.

Once again, I am taking this off my “fav” tape that my husband and son felt TORTURED by.

They NEVER see anything I write, so…FREEDOM!

Enjoy! Or not. 🙂

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