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Forget Halloween…Zuckerberg Is the New Monster

I’m sorry. This guy intents to connect all of humanity, into living their whole lives online. Sure, it’s exciting to him, but be sure, like we all KNOW the top oligarchy in the world does not live on Facebook, only the rest of us will be sooner or later FORCED to.

You won’t be able to get food, or a job, or anything unless they make that job of your obsolete and you have no choice to to work online in a virtual world of basically controlled kid games.

This IS the new nightmare. Taking people completely out of reality, parking them on their computers all day, and what could go wrong?

In the computer world, you won’t HAVE to wear a mask or distance.

See how clever they are now rolling the obedient world into their world?

It’s still Halloween, and I’ve never been more scared.

Trust me, you will want to watch what the elites have planned for your future…and don’t be fooled. Walking through a forest in virtual reality glasses will never match your own five senses.

Facebook has dumbed down billions of people all over the planet, and they’ve only just begun.

Good god. Beam me up Scottie.

Well said. Also, they are changing how people interact with each other. They are ‘distancing’ people from one another causing them to communicate more and more through technology.

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Nobody Wishes Everyone a Happy Halloween!

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Nobody, Learns Your Never to Old to Learn

I was listening to an old cassette today. I remembered that I had made a tape of my favorite songs to listen to while I drove to the Smokey Mountains once for a vacation. And the FIRST song on the tape was Ode to Joy, but a longer version. I tried to find it on Youtube, couldn’t but I did find this, which I thought was interesting. Probably if not THE greatest song ever written, right up there at the top. AFTER Ode to Joy, I had put a Michael McDonald song, “I keep forgetting.” on the tape and I thought today while I was listening to it, that the McDonald song was a perfect follow up.

As I’ve said before, Mike was from Ferguson, Mo, not far from where I grew up, and I used to go listen to him when he was a young nobody playing in local bands. I always wondered why he appeared so shy…never much of an entertainer, but then the Doobie Brothers brought out the best in him. You can tell his St. Louis Blues influence.

Funny story about this tape. I was with my husband and my young son at the time in the car and they HATED my tape. I loved every song on that tape and they hated it all. My husband is an AC/DC lover, and my son was into black rap at the time.

I was deprived….of my favorite tape…poor me. It was a long trip. Ha. Anyway, I figured it was due to the fact that neither one of them had much of an understanding of music. And they didn’t have much of a feeling for directions, either.

Today, I learned from a documentary that there are people are are ‘sensitives’. They just feel things more intently than others. According to this psychologist, about 20 percent of woman and 20 percent of men have this…personality. Animals can have it too.

And that explains me. Good lord. If I only could have been told this at 19, it would have saved me a lifetime of wondering why I never seem to fit in anywhere. If you get a chance to watch it, it’s called “The Sensitive”. You might know one.

Yep. The Nobody does learn.

Hey, enjoy!

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Nobody Flashes—Biden’s Insanity

OMG….Never in a thousand years would we see an American President do this:

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Nobody Flashes: HELP!

Okay. I’ve been attacked again with the VERY same virus that I had taken INTO Best Buy to get fixed.

It’s BACK. I’m sending this from a Bunker hole underneath the vast universe of conspiracy theories.

According to Best Buy Geek Squad techs, they should be able to start up my computer next Tuesday.

So, I’ll be sending this and then very brief updates.

One being, clearly the 3 1/2 trillion was taken right out of the Trump negotiating books, so that they could reduce it down and get in the MOST important things they wanted: which is welfare forever for single mothers with small children, who will get paid money every month for every child, and free daycare, and free college, and that’s just another big government/communistic/cheap labor destroy America movement.

Hillary’s “It takes a village.”

Am I wrong? I don’t think so. If this passes, the GOP is as good as dead because they will legalized all the illegals coming in, and you and I will pay for them all.

Of course, we are doing that now.

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Nobody Knows: How ‘diabolical’ Barack Obama Is

Here’s a new guy I have just noticed: Jesse Kelly. Another pundit to add to the list of the good guys.

Enjoy his thoughts. Even though, he actually was quite kind to Obama.

Good thing I wasn’t doing this. Bill Clinton and Hitler were great speakers too. Something tells me we will be seeing a lot more of Obama simply because he MISSES the spotlight.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Bruce Springsteen

Mr. “Born in the USA” Bruce Springsteen was on the Morning Show with Barack Obama today, promoting their joint book “Renegades’.” Bruce looked like a warmed-up tanned version of Joe Biden. He doesn’t even look like he could do a three-hour sit-down let alone a three-hour concert. But Obama needs this white honky to get votes and acceptance from the old boomers who once upon a time, really identified with his born in the USA song. The song that made him famous. A SONG that lamented the destruction of our country by globalization. All the steel mills closing down…whole towns being destroyed, and Bruce sang about that, and the people flocked to his concerts. Now he claims, everybody misinterpreted that song, but he failed to tell us how in his old age.

He sited Trump’s election due to the fact that Trump’s “carney” ability brought back those same people to the voting booth. And that American feeling of being left out, is a…get this…. a WEAKNESS.

Yes, being pissed off about how democrats have destroyed your country is a weakness. Bruce Springsteen says so.

Obama was quick to say that ‘change’ is coming too rapidly for many people: REALLY meaning that Americans are not accepting communism fast enough, or the new tyranny that will control their lives…deferring the dreams of the few at the top, which is, no meat eating, no driving cars, higher taxes, Obey your masters, and giving all the money you earn to the top leaders like Obama. Obama, who now owns five mansions, and keeps acting like he’s a straight guy married to a typical woman?

Can I barf now?

They start out saying they have faults. Sure. Right. This is political speech to endear you to them as being such ordinary guys, instead of what they are doing…. setting you up to tell YOU how many faults YOU have. Notice they don’t admit those faults.

Watch Obama, one of the biggest narcissists on the planet, who is now ‘coaching’ Joe Biden to leave billions to the Taliban, and bring millions into our borders, is being his very special confident self, and showing a clip of him being so honest and pure in his great soul, he once sang “Amazing Grace” in a church.

Again: Right. Obama is SUCH a religious guy.

I’m surprised the church didn’t instantly go into flames.

Obama made sure to remind everybody that 9 blacks were killed by one white boy and how he has to put up with dirty looks because he’s black. Let’s not talk about how many blacks have been killed in Chicago alone by other blacks. No, that will remind the blacks that the democrats like Obama don’t care about THOSE blacks. Obama is great at telling you the white sins. Obama is actually more white than black, speaking with who he lives among.

So, why is Bruce Springsteen joining the bandwagon of helping Barack Obama? Well, Obama said it himself at the end of the video.

“He’s got bills to pay. “It’s clear: If you are famous, and have BIG bills to pay, and want to keep working, you MUST do political ads for the great Obama. Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and hundreds of other people in Hollywood have come out to support the “great new reset” and why? Having big mansions all over the world, and hundreds of cars and servants, gets expensive.

Because the left controls the media, and Hollywood, drugs, and prostitution, if you want into the world of the elites, you WILL do as they say, and come and campaign for them when they call. And I believe, once you become famous, they OWN you.

But then again, THEY own most of Congress.

Do you think Bruce Springsteen REALLY cars about his fans?

No, I don’t either. Will his concerts again be sold out?

Don’t count on it.

Nobody’s Perfect. Especially old rock n roll musicians, who just can’t keep up with the other Jones.

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Nobody’s Opinion: Will Alec Baldwin Now Go on Tour Against Guns? Or Was this JUST About Hillary?

I was reading about WACO this morning. Remember WACO? Evidently, President Bill Clinton and Janet Reno thought that religious people having weapons was a SERIOUS concern, even though, the compound never committed a crime. Bill and Janet trumped up the charges of child abuse, although later, it was confirmed there was NO evidence whatsoever of child abuse. To refresh your memory, 60 adults and 25 children were murdered. or should I say incinerated that day by Reno’s raid with tanks and gas. REMEMBER: The FBI took the first shots. While four of them were killed, THEY started the fight. Neither Bill or Janet were ever accused of any crime. Bill ended up using the typical lie they all use…President Clinton said that David Koresh was “dangerous, irrational, and probably insane. And he had murdered the children.”

Which brings me to today’s subject: Alec Baldwin just shot and killed a woman on his movie set. I turned to my husband and said, “Watch, SOMEHOW they will make this into a ‘all guns should be banned’ moment. He argued with me. Not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy.” he said.

Well, How about this:

What are the odds? Think about that. What are the odds that the woman he shot husband, was maybe going to testify against Hillary? How many people surrounding the Clintons have died? The list is now over 70, the most famous being Vince Foster, Epstein, and Seth Rich. That doesn’t include the plane crashes, suicides, and my personal gut feeling, JFK Jr. The fact that these people can kill just about anybody and make it look like they had no part in it, is pretty much Mafia history. According to the research I’ve read, LBJ had Kennedy killed, with the help of the CIA and the Mafia.

So, what will happen to Baldwin? He fired his weapons security detail team, and brought in some young bimbo who they will blame it on, and in the meantime, be prepared to hear Alex Baldwin on all the TV networks saying how SAD he is, and how miserable he has been, and guns should be banned, because there are too many people like him that don’t use guns, and we shouldn’t have them laying around the house, yada yada…or something to that end.

I could be wrong, but the democrats have been trying to disarm Americans for decades. My husband said, “If the slaughter of young kids at a kindergarten couldn’t take away the guns, what makes you think Alec Baldwin killing some woman would?”

He has a point. But then again, we’ve witnessed one man named Fauci ‘eliminate’ millions of people with his mandated vaccines and shutdowns. He’s killed more people by his Wuhan research before he is finished, than the total number killed by Mao in his revolution.

And he didn’t even need a gun.

Remember, Alec Baldwin was the man who called his own child a “pig.” The real question we should ask is, why did he point the gun at her in the first place?

Did SHE ask him to?

Will we ever know?

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Nobody Flashes

At least THIS man is trying to prove God exists. Many people, myself included, have wondered about the afterlife, because they SWEAR their recently departed loved one sent them a message to them…vague as it would seem to other people, it usually fits the personality of the person who just died.

I SWEAR my father came back a day later as a turtle, to comfort my son, who was filled with grief…his real father being long gone. We live in the suburbs, and this turtle, (I had never seen one before or since in this neighborhood) walked clear across our driveway, which is pretty long, and right up to my son, and you might laugh, who was 9 at the time, but it looked just like my dad before he died. (He was pretty sick.) That turtle brought the comfort and care that my son needed for many years. as a pet in his room to keep him company.

Was this a coincidence? Or can people’s spirit live after death and come back to comfort their loved ones?

Chris Langan is trying to prove it. Chris says here, there IS a heaven.

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The BEST Nobody Rant in 2019 and Today.

Nobody Reports

This incredible Nobody made this statement in her car in 2019. Every word spoken was true. Nothing I could say or write for today or tomorrow could be as important as her anger, her statements and her clear common sense thinking. And Trump will sooner or later have to explain himself because the poison in these vaccines are now being exposed. It might be more important than anything that might happen in his “reelection” because many Independences got the vaccine because of him.

She is right. ALL my friends and family took the vaccine, and it has caused many of my friends and family to ostracized me.

BUT….I am with her. Are we free? Or are we slaves?

Thanks to Alex Jones for posting it.

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Nobody Knows Just How Treasonous the Clintons Have Been

Nobody Knows

Remember when Bill Clinton wrote about New Orleans and how much he loved it in his book “MY LIFE”? Of course, you probably never read it. I remember not only reading it, but thinking of how STRANGE it was for him to be so loving about New Orleans. Out of all the states in America, he wrote about that city, and how dear the old people in it were to him. This was BEFORE Katrina….Did he know? If there is such a thing as weather manipulation, then he knew. Typical Bill.

Fast forward to one of his last fiction books, where he wrote about a President and what that President considered the most likely attack on the United States: An EMP attack.

Now, with that in mind, watch if you will at least the first part of Bongino’s remarks on how Bill and Hillary are behind China getting this wonderful new weapon, that basically, could put an EMP attack over the United States…and wonder…

Was Bill trying to ease his own conscience, in his last ‘fiction’ book? Is this what we can expect?

Nobody Wonders as much as me.

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AND the Plan:

If you think that this ‘white supremacy’ is a real thing, then remember that there is a Committe of 300, and Klaus Schwab wrote about their plans in the book “Covid, the Great Reset.”

Read this madman’s words, and wonder WHY has he not been arrested? Let me tell you why they don’t want you to see his words: Someone on Twitter posted a picture from his book. I tweeted it, but that tweet disappeared. I saved it in a draft on WordPress, and THAT disappeared. So, here is what that picture of his book said:


Euthanasia for the terminally ill and the aged shall be compulsory. No city shall be larger than a predetermined number as described in the work of Kalgeri. Essential workers shall be moved to other cities if the ones they are in become overpopulated. Other non-essential workers shall be chosen at random and sent to underpopulated cities to fill ‘quotas.’   

At least 4 billion useless eaters shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal-rabid acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food, and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America, and then spreading to other races. The Population of Canada, Western Europe, and North America will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents, until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed for obeying authority without question.

From time to time there shall be artificially contrived food and water shortages and medical care to remind the masses that their very existence depends on the goodwill of the Committee of 300.  

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Nobody’s Fool: Steve Hilton

While Chris Wallace, Dana, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, and most of FOX are on the Bush propaganda RINO team, at least FOX has Tucker and this guy: Steve Hilton

Here he makes excellent points about how we should disengage from China.

And speaking of China…they got the Wuhan virus research from us, Nobody Wonders, if they got the technology for their new ultrasonic missile system from us too. The fact that the whole Biden administration is claiming “Oh…we just didn’t know.” is a sure giveaway to…well…yeah….probably.

We KNOW President Bill Clinton brought China into the World’s markets, got them up to speed on making them a world nuclear power, and that Daddy Bush was in China, then head of the CIA for years. It seems most all of our politicians love China.

And how many Chinese spies stole basically everything from us?

President Trump was the only President who stood up to China.

Which is why, THEY RELEASED THE KRAKEN! (Or so it goes.)

I like this man. He’s speaks like a true American. So———

Congratulations Steve! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

And well deserved I might add.

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“They Will KILL Us All”

Nobody’s Opinion

I flipped on Chris Wallace this morning, and there he was: Fake and fallacious Fauci. When Chris asked him about his ‘financial’ involvement in the vaccine, he skipped around the question like an old pro. Clearly he knew the questions before hand. Chris was trying to look like he asked the tough questions, and Fauci going with the same old line…HE tells the truth, the rest of the world is all conspiracy: as “Those are people that don’t particularly care for me, and that’s understandable because what I do and I try very hard is to be guided by the truth,” he added. “And sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, so they react against me.” However, he has positioned himself as on the side of “science, data and evidence” and those who “disagree” as conspiracy theorists. 

“Inconvenient?” Not a word I would have chosen. MILLIONS have died from Fauci’s funding of the Covid bioweapon, and the fact that he is paid MORE than the President of the United States should tell you something. Fauci knows how to lie, big time. And he is the master of deception. Worse case scenario, he should be excueted for what he’s done. Best case senario: He should at least get off our TV so the world can TRY to pick up the damage he has done. Because it’s clear now: the vaccine has killed more than the virus.

If you have the time, here’s a few interesting reports that I found on Sunday–All are worth the watch. And the last one sums it all up quite nicely.

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