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Nobody’s Fool: Steve Hilton

While Chris Wallace, Dana, Karl Rove, Paul Ryan, and most of FOX are on the Bush propaganda RINO team, at least FOX has Tucker and this guy: Steve Hilton

Here he makes excellent points about how we should disengage from China.

And speaking of China…they got the Wuhan virus research from us, Nobody Wonders, if they got the technology for their new ultrasonic missile system from us too. The fact that the whole Biden administration is claiming “Oh…we just didn’t know.” is a sure giveaway to…well…yeah….probably.

We KNOW President Bill Clinton brought China into the World’s markets, got them up to speed on making them a world nuclear power, and that Daddy Bush was in China, then head of the CIA for years. It seems most all of our politicians love China.

And how many Chinese spies stole basically everything from us?

President Trump was the only President who stood up to China.

Which is why, THEY RELEASED THE KRAKEN! (Or so it goes.)

I like this man. He’s speaks like a true American. So———

Congratulations Steve! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week!

And well deserved I might add.

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