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“They Will KILL Us All”

Nobody’s Opinion

I flipped on Chris Wallace this morning, and there he was: Fake and fallacious Fauci. When Chris asked him about his ‘financial’ involvement in the vaccine, he skipped around the question like an old pro. Clearly he knew the questions before hand. Chris was trying to look like he asked the tough questions, and Fauci going with the same old line…HE tells the truth, the rest of the world is all conspiracy: as “Those are people that don’t particularly care for me, and that’s understandable because what I do and I try very hard is to be guided by the truth,” he added. “And sometimes the truth becomes inconvenient for some people, so they react against me.” However, he has positioned himself as on the side of “science, data and evidence” and those who “disagree” as conspiracy theorists. 

“Inconvenient?” Not a word I would have chosen. MILLIONS have died from Fauci’s funding of the Covid bioweapon, and the fact that he is paid MORE than the President of the United States should tell you something. Fauci knows how to lie, big time. And he is the master of deception. Worse case scenario, he should be excueted for what he’s done. Best case senario: He should at least get off our TV so the world can TRY to pick up the damage he has done. Because it’s clear now: the vaccine has killed more than the virus.

If you have the time, here’s a few interesting reports that I found on Sunday–All are worth the watch. And the last one sums it all up quite nicely.

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