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Nobody Remembers: Lee Iacocca

Nobody Remembers

Quote from Lee Iacocca

“I look around me and I see Wall Street executives being dragged away in handcuffs. I see a national deficit so high that I can’t count the zeroes. I see the government paying farmers not to plant their land while the homeless go hungry on the streets. Something’s rotten out there—and it’s not in Denmark.

“The only way to get this country back on track is to return to good old-fashioned horse sense. We’ve got to start wit the basics: how we raise our kids, how we care for our sick and homeless, what it is each of us truly believes. And we’ve got to remember what America stands for, so that we can take our tarnished values and make them shine again.” Lee Iacocca, 1988

NOBODY REPORTS–Remember, this was written in 1988. That’s how long our politicians have been working in silent corruption.

I tried to upload 8 pictures of Lee Iacocca, but WordPress or Google, or China has decided that his image should not be uploaded being as he was a beloved capitalist. Anyway, it’s getting ridiculous how they are deciding what anyone can post. So…..Here’s pretty much how I feel.


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Obama CONCERNED about Border NOW? Ha!

Nobody Wins

I love it. Watch the news on any day and you can almost predict what ‘disaster’ the politicians and their state propaganda machines are trying to control: After the train wreak in Afghanistan, they needed to redirect the public. So…Give the public a release valve: The usual dog and pony Congress show drilling and slobbering over Biden’s general. Asking WHO made the mess in Afghanistan? Obama’s fingerprints are all OVER that. So…Obama decides to come out and address the problem of open borders…as if HE is not running the country. Oh, no. He’s not. He’s just finding out that his black voters might just be a little pissed off about all the illegals coming for their money.


“We have borders,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News host Robin Roberts. “The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

Of the over 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants who gathered in a makeshift camp under the border bridge of Del Rio, Texas, thousands were allowed into the United States under Biden’s administration.


It’s bad enough that those Generals are trying to rewrite their own horrible mistakes, Liz Cheney came out and made a case for January the 6th. I felt like I was looking through clear water and seeing a bedrock of dirty water covering the mud for miles. The murky swamp is murky on purpose.

So, once again, the Congressmen and women are allowed to express their anger or their thankfulness, and no one is put in jail. It’s always a ‘re-elect ME’ photo opp. It seems Biden was being blamed which means, will Michelle run for office? Will Michael finally come out of the closet and run as the first transvestite? No ‘she’ll run as a woman, IF she runs. I still think Hillary is going to try again. I could be wrong.

Or maybe they will somehow put Obama back in. Or maybe Trump will get in. It’s getting to the point we are ALL so tired of politics.

Which is probably how they like it.

Nobody Wins when your country is so corrupt nobody knows WHAT or who to trust anymore. You just know, you can’t trust the United States government.

Remember, it was Obama who put the immigrants in cages. And it was Obama who opened the borders, by letting them in and putting them all over the country. He gave them DACA.

He is still running things, but he wants you now to blame Joe. Obama is following his old mentor Alinsky: overflood the situation, and render in the chaos.

MEANTIME: Hundreds of really old trees were cut down for his library. I guess trees can now fart. I bet he puts up a few windmills just to look good, and kill some more birds. Personally, I think they should outlaw all these Presidential museums. Have one in D.C. and let that be it. They are just fronts to make the X Presidents money forever in their foundations without having to work or pay taxes.

Nobody Wins when you have the despicable running your country. Yes, the despicable VS the deplorables. Whose going to win this one?

One thing we do know, Nobody Wins if this corruption keeps going.

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Nobody Knows About the OTHER Vaccines

Nobody Knows

Just how many nurses are quitting because they are being forced to either get the vaccine or lose their jobs. In New York, almost a third of the nurses have quit. Once hero’s, where they worked daily to save the Covid sick, they are now villains’.

I have a friend who was a nurse for years, now retired. She got the Johnston and Johnson vaccine because she was told it was the less of the three evils. Her husband, got it too. Now we find out, that she will have to have a booster every year.

If I sent this to her, she wouldn’t even watch it. She called me yesterday and told me she has Shingles. As I reported, earlier this year I had it too. I did watch a video by a doc that says he saw a huge increase in Shingles from people who had received the vaccine. About three years ago, I asked for a pnemonia vaccine because I noticed that most people who went into the hospitals always caught pnemonia. So, now I wonder, did that pnemonai vaccine also have nano-tech that these current vaccines have?

The last 5 years we have seen a major push for EVERYONE to get a flu shot. They even gave them away free at Walgreens and CVS. I remember thinking THAT was strange.

So, Nobody knows whatever is going on with these vaccines, it’s not about keeping people from getting sick.

As we see in the video, it’s about money, and control.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden

Nobody’s Perfect

Yes, supposedly Americans elected a man who had not one, but TWO major brain surgeries, and couldn’t even get 25 people to come and see him. Since all of Obama’s people are still in the major power positions, we can assume that Obama is making all the calls. Nevertheless, it was reported in some tabloid this week (Which by the way is the only ones now you can believe) that Obama won’t take Joe’s phone calls…meaning to the beltway, Obama is going to place Michelle to run against Trump for President.

What we DO know, is while we watch the senile old man have trouble even remembering where the doors to the Oval Office are, not many of us feel sorry for the guy.

For HE is destroying the whole country, while still getting pudding on Thursdays!

He may not be perfect, but for the left and the democrats, he is one of the most successful Presidents they’ve ever had! Why would they get rid of him?

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You Will Eat No Meat, and YOU Will be Happy

Nobody’s Opinion

Yes, Yes…what do you think? Do you think the few elites with their billions are scared of the masses? Or do they really think that they are saving the planet because there are just too many people on it, and so, it’s their job to do what leaders do…cull the herd. Kill off the old and ‘smart.’ Tell themselves it’s work that must be done. Nobody Wonders just who came up with the plans to begin with, and just how OLD is Kissinger anyway?

Nah, you say to yourself. That’s preposterous. It’s just your usual pandemic. These things have happened from time to time, and of course, the rich will take advantage of it if they can, just as they have done throughout history.

There is no WAY a bunch of elites could get together and decide to get rid of a few billion people. Nah. But, what if they could make trillions off of it? Would they do it?

I was thinking about this the other day as I passed my local McDonalds. Have you tasted their food lately? Are you SURE what’s in that meat is cow? Do you REALLY believe that cow farts are destroying the planet? Is it worth getting a double cheeseburger and a coke when every health food guy on the planet is screaming that over 2/3 of the Americans are fat? And it’s OUR own fault? Have you been to the grocery stores lately? Half the food in it is not only fattening but it’s addicting.

You can’t just buy ONE little cupcake; you have to buy at least a dozen. And if you buy just one, there are 8,000 calories in one bite, and that one cupcake costs as much as a McDonalds Happy Meal.

Many Americans don’t have time to FIX dinner. They have to work, get the kids to wherever, drive longer miles just to get a decent price on petfood. And the lockdowns have put pounds on everyone.

Michelle Obama was trying to put gardens in all the cities, because she knew that nobody could afford to even go to the outlying grocery stores. The big stores are not in the big cities anymore…and for a good reason…too much crime.

Or…was there another reason for all those gardens? The meatless society was already being planned?

Everyone needs protein. It’s brain food. I go to this natural health guy who looks…sick. He is proud that he is not fat, but he is lacking muscle. He says he eats sausage, and a lot of veggies.  I also bet smokes a joint every night before bed. But sorry. He just looks…sick. And yet, he swears by his vitamins. And makes a lot of money just selling them to you.

Soon, they are predicting there will be a shortage of food. Just like In Venezuela. Where people starting eating their own dogs. Farmers all over the world are being told to destroy their crops.

But it’s been a month, and nobody wants to wait in line at McDonalds just to get a happy meal. Why do they pack the stores with protein bars? Have you TASTED those crappy things? Horrible. And yet, they are everywhere. Is this the ‘protein’ substitute they are trying to sell us? Forget that steak, just grab that protein bar with the nuts.

The news reporters tell us there is a shortage of workers all across the country, and so, because of THAT, you have to wait in line for 45 minutes just for lunch. I keep thinking that the fast-food places will come back to normal, but…then I saw this:

Are products being held up on purpose, or because everybody in the United States is getting a check from the government? And why do the elites keep telling us that machines will take over most all of the service jobs? Are the long lines just getting us all prepared for what the big companies actually want?

A workforce of mostly machines? Machines that won’t report fraud, scam, or what’s really in that McDonald’s hamburger? They want you to be forced to use your cell phone to order your lunch so that not only they will know what you eat for lunch everyday by having that record, the machines will have it all prepared, and won’t it just be a wonderful world? And maybe, there will come a day when your cell phone will only allow you to order certain items off the menu.

There’s a reason Bill Gates bought up all the farmland, and put in $50 million to develop machines to cultivate the soy or whatever he will be giving the masses. If were up to him, we would eat our own pee and poop. Go ahead, watch the video where he actually endorses it.

Who knows? Solent Green might be McDonalds new future.

And how would we even know what’s in those Big Macs?

So, I’m with the Great Scot and Rand Paul. Why don’t they want us to keep eating meat? Is it the same reason they want us all to get stoned? It’s been known that homo sapiens developed their bigger brains when THEY STARTED EATING MEAT! Veggies are good for you, but watch out, your toenails will fall out.

Maybe like the lions, we are meant to eat meat. Except, you can be sure that the rich will have plenty of fresh meat for their nightly meals. I don’t know about you, but if you watch the video below you might want to stock up on fresh meat. Clearly, they plan to make us all rice eaters. I’ve watched whole cities being cut down, whole towns being destroyed, why not our food?

So, do YOU think the elites are scared of us? I’m not sure. I think they are much too egotistical to believe that anyone would hurt them. Only some other elite.

As Rand Paul said: They can’t arrest all of us. If we would all just stop going to McDonalds, maybe they might…keep making those hamburgers with REAL meat. And go back to giving the young kids a first time job.

Great Scot. I hope he’s right. Someday soon, a cow might be worth more than gold.

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Opera, Beethovan & AC/DC?

Nobody Flashes

One for amfortas, one for me, and one for the road.

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Barney Smarter than Joe Biden.

Nobody Flashes’

I would love to see Barney debate Joe Biden. In fact, Barney would make a much better President. Hey, Joe wouldn’t even have to say a word…he could be himself.

Enjoy Barney!

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The Queen…Still Rules? A Lesson in the British Empire and How It Still Rules

Nobody Remembers….

I remember a conversation I had many moons ago with my friend amfortas, (The Knight and the Drummer) in which he claimed that the Queen of England had no power whatsoever.

Mmmmm…she sure is rich enough I thought. If she is so powerless, why does her family keep amazing so much wealth? According to these two gentlemen, she has the ‘golden pass’ and yes, she has a lot of power.

I was sent this again, in an email. It was probably one of the most fascinating history lessons that I’ve ever heard anywhere, and these two Americans, really backed up their research.

What I really want to know is…are we still ruled by the British empire? Amfortas would be ecstatic. This nobody hopes amfortas listen to this discussion of British history, pass it around to his MENSA friends, and tell me what they really think.

Is it true? Go ahead, have fun with it.

Anybody else like Mrs. O, or Tim, or anybody: Please jump in with any comments.

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So, Australia? What Are You Going to Do?

Nobody Cares

Funny. When Hong Kong was being repressed by China, all the leaders of the world condemned it, and loudly….but DID NOTHING. Now, when Australia is turning into Nazi Germany, we hear crickets. Where’s the Queen on this? Prince Charles? Are they talking?

Anyone care to explain?

At least some of them are fighting back. But, let this be a lesson to Americans.

NEVER, EVER, give up your guns.

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The Great Muslim/Western Civilization Reset. How Long Was This Planned?

Nobody Wonders

Today we watched the Global-puppet bumpkin, Joe Biden, address the United Nations. Everyone looked bored, but John Kerry. He was wide-eyed and paying close attention. What did Joe say? Basically, a bunch of high-sounding platitudes, much of it so hypocritical it was hard not to laugh. He bragged about getting out of Afghanistan, and how America would “come to the help of a friend” in other words, we will send lots of money to Afghanistan. And jumping on board with this is….

Drum roll please: The great reset magicians themselves!

This nobody links you to THIS interesting group that has been making SURE Muslims invade the populations of the West….


Rockefeller group enlisted Obamas, Clintons, Bushes, powerful network for instant embrace of new wave of refugee immigrants – World Tribune: U.S. Politics and Culture, Geopolitics, East Asia Intelligence, China, Geostrategy, Military, National security, Corporate Watch, Media Watch, North Korea, Iran, Columnists: Dennis Prager, Michelle Malkin, John Metzler, Jeffrey Kuhner, John McNabb, Joe Schaeffer, Bill Juneau, Alexander Maistrovoy, Donald Kirk

The Rockefellers decided to launch a new mass migration movement into the U.S., and the sheer size of scope of the network constructed is startling. Click on this link and just keep scrolling down to get a feel for the vast influence the Rockefellers wield.


Be SURE to click on that LINK, and hold your breathe.

It’s hard to believe that ALL these powerful networks are really into flooding all western nations with Muslim refugees. Why in the world would they want to destroy western civilization? Bush, to his credit, decided that America would be flooded with South American young men, but maybe he actually helped with flooding Europe with Muslims by starting those major Middle Eastern wars? But it doesn’t matter how the nations are flooded…it’s all about the Tower of Babel. Mix the cultures, the languages, and you can divide and conquer quickly. After all, these Muslims could be put in other Muslim nations where they speak the same language. That’s common sense. So, why not?

Add to that, many of our GOP Governors:


In August, only about 10 Republican governors supported the proposed resettlement, including well-known “moderate” Republicans such as Larry Hogan in Maryland, Charlie Baker in Massachusetts, Brian Kemp in Georgia, Doug Ducey in Arizona, and Phil Scott in Vermont. But since then, eight more

Republicans have joined in their support for the plan. In total, the 18 states with Republican governors that now support refugee resettlement are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, and Vermont.


But, back to Bush. Many think now, after hearing unrefutably evidence that those two towers were brought down with explosions, that the event was an attempt to get us involved in Middle Eastern wars.  (See video below.) On that day, Bush was busy letting whatever Saudi’s that were in the country, fly out, while he grounded every other plane. This was alarming due to the fact that we were NOT told at that time, 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. Osama bin Laden himself was from one of the kingdom’s most exalted families. His companies build many of our military bases AND he worked with us as a CIA agent.

But, bin Laden was pretty pissed off at the ruling “secular” family. They were getting rich off the oil, and keeping their people poor and ignorant. (Sound familiar?) Thanks to the Bush family.

The Saudi and the U.S. government jointly announced that five Saudi charitable offices overseas had been designated ‘financiers of terrorism.” This foundation had tentacles in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Albanian, Bosnia and the Netherlands. But what are ARE generals concerned about? American patriots. WE are now the terrorists.

What this nobody wants to know is what is Bushes relationship with the Saudi’s, and now Joe Biden has shut down OUR oil production and we are right back into making the Saud’s rich again.

So, while they were trying to get President Trump on Treason, our former Presidents were helping bring about this “global” reset, by fueling mass immigrations into all western nations, in order to destroy and to “Build, Back, better.” This plan could have been born LONG before even Reagan.

Recently, I have read that President Trump had to be part of this plan, BECAUSE…and they have a point. He is promoting the weaponized vaccines: and he worked to put a lot of RINOs in office.

Those facts can’t be denied.

But then again, when you look at that link and ALL the companies and people who are going to make billions off of destroying the world and killing millions of people, you have to wonder.

Look what he is up against? Is he exposing them because there are SO many powerful people doing this? According to this link, most of all the rich, at least 90 percent of them, are on board with this plan to destroy the world, and come back with a China model of global governance.

Nobody Wonders. And yet, how do WE fight for our own country when so many have now decided to burn down western civilization? How do the Australians? The French? The British? Hong Kong? Taiwan? Japan? How?

(sigh) We pray.

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Mrs. S: Cuban Tells Us About Communism

Nobody’s Perfect

We are a world of basically nobodies, ruled by a few somebodies, but such is history, except NOW, the elites are, as they say, “Putting their boots on the neck of billions underneath.”

As Wayne Allen Root noted this week in his blog, communism is here.

The Radical Communist Takeover of Our Country. America is Finished…Unless We Move Quickly. Here’s a Solution. – Root For America

Having said this, I wanted to post the words of a Cuban woman, who lived in Cuba’s communism  under Fidel. I post her words from the book “Does Fidel Eat More Than Your Father? Conversations in Cuba” by Barry Reckord.

Barry went to Cuba in 1971 to talk to the Cubans…and he reports his conversations with Mrs. S.


The block was shabby, overcrowded, two or three to a room, the rooms kept clean by mothers and grannies who had been poor all their lives but impervious to politics, holding on to their poverty because for them the only alternative to bad is worse. (Think Chicago South Side) Left to them Fidel would still be slaying mosquitoes in the Orient bush. Their normal self-interest has been crippled by propaganda and fear. Like Che’s Bolivian Indians, they are “impenetrable as stones”. In Latin America revolutionaries have nearly always ended on the gallows. As a result, young Cubans believe that the foundations of liberty is political awareness, and call elections held without this awareness the “electoral farce.”

A few days later I ran into a hurricane named Mrs. S, a wiry, untidy woman with a bitter mouth although her eyes had a brightness which might have been amusement. The famous Cuban literacy, she stormed, was indoctrination. There was no dissent, Literacy wasn’t everything. Dr Goebbels was a Ph.D. It was like a new dark age in Cuba. The New York and London Times were there in the National Library and the students were so brainwashed they never read them. She had lectured in the States and was not ill and ageing. “And anyway, can’t you see that it is better to be illiterate and poor than spied on?” They know who visits me and who I visit. My God, can you believe it and if any crisis comes, I’m marked for jail. Under Mr. Castro it’s suddenly my neighbor’s duty to know how I live. Everybody knows that in any civilized country your neighbors are your natural enemies. Your house is a fortress.  Here in Cuba every jackass is knocking on your door to give you advice about who you should see and who is dangerous. And if you say to go hell, they feel righteous.

NOBODY: Think about this. Fidel had a system where everyone was spied on. Tell me, what does the NSA do, with every phone call, every internet visit, every bank transaction being recorded? The Politicians and CEOs, our Homeland security is warning everyone of white supremists, Trump supporters are now the country’s enemies and are being stalked everywhere as enemies of the state.


“You tell me this happens in all countries where there is danger of attack, but this thing is inherent in communism. It is happening to Russia and again now in China. Communism wants to destroy man’s indestructible sense of territory, clean up the jungle. They want to take the lock off my front door. You say, I don’t have to go to their eternal meetings, but then I feel disapproved of, I sit here groaning, felling I’m a public enemy. I can’t have leave. I’m a Cuban. I have no family to go to. (We can’t leave America. It’s the last fortress against global communism.) I can see you sitting there, thinking I’m a gusano and that I exaggerate. Well, you don’t live here. At first, I went out into the fields, I stood guard. People, people, people. Even after you lock your door and sit alone by the radio, you dread it won’t be for long. And what for?  So, everybody has it, who wants it? People only desperately want what they don’t have. Don’t they understand that? Our deepest need is to be on our own, different, non-conformist. To avoid other people, no matter how virtuous they are. To laugh at them, hate them, have defenses against them. I am much as a fighter for independence as Fidel Castro. My motto is “Leave people alone.” —to be crooks, exploiters, saints, torturers, anything that satisfies their private needs which no man can measure. Compared with this, literacy, food, hospitals are nothing. You said just now, why don’t I just do the Minimum and everybody would accept that.  I could lock my door in peace. Well, why don’t I? I agree there are several people on the block who do the minimum, or even do nothing, and seem quite happy. ( I have MANY neighbors like that. Biden is destroying the country but they are very happy.) Everybody knows that they like Fidel, even if they are a bit lazy. Everybody knows who visits them but nobody cares very much. I suppose that’s true. They don’t complain of interference. If a crisis comes, they won’t be arrested. But what sort of people are they? Grey people, weak people, not like me. They could live under stones. The world is full of obedient little people, but they’ll never invent anything. Inventors are people basically disobedient: opposed to any status quo. Their instinct is to be different. This is the whole principle of invention and freedom to see things differently. This is what democracies enshrine.

Nobody: True. All the real inventions that affect our modern life were invented in freedom. What did the Muslims give us? Russia? China? Right. They live on mostly American and Western Civilization’s inventions.

There’s more that she said, but I will post more another day.

Communism: NOW we know why they left its history out of our schools. Read Wayne’s blog. Nobody could agree more.  

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The Elites Want YOU…to obey.

Nobody’s Opinion

This was put up in Australia last December, 2020.

Yep. Couldn’t have stated it better myself, and it’s plain as day what the few elites at the top have done.

The Great reset is communism at the bottom, crony capitalism at the top for a handful of elites and their families. And it’s been their plan for many decades, it’s just now put into overtime.

But…in order to get to this utopia for the rich, they had to destroy the United States. And the help has come from our very own American Presidents and their banking buddies.

There is a video tape that I watched last week, where 3,000 engineer, experts in every field, gave witness to how the buildings on 9/11 were professionally brought down with explosions. Most everyone with a brain that watched those buildings fall on 9/11 felt that was the truth, and YET, all news networks reported the lie, that the planes did it. Also, you might recall, there were no families who got on TV and told the world that their loved ones were on either ONE of those planes from Boston. A bit strange, don’t you think? And the attention went to the other plane, shot down…oh, excuse me, taken down by Bush, saving the White House. Come on, there was NOTHING left of that plane.

Building 7 was demolished, it’s been proven. Of course it was…lots of FBI records in that building.

We went to war and millions lost their lives, and Bush kept it up.

Our own government has been lying to us for decades upon decades, and we don’t even know it.

Fast forward to the election of 2016, and Hillary lost to Trump. We now find out that they have been able to rig elections since the election of George W. Bush VS Gore. That’s when the electronic voting machines took over. Hillary was ‘promised’ the Presidency, and got really mad that they didn’t cheat and win for her, but it goes to show, the elites didn’t want her in. We can only guess why.

But Trump was bringing America back. Not good.

Enter Fauci and Gates who released the virus onto the world, AND the vaccine (Gates patent 060606) which will kill millions, and especially those that are old and sick.

Hitler looks like a moron compared to this group of Nazis.

The elites didn’t want Trump either, which is why they put Biden in. The fact that they stole the last election, and Trump walked away, shows that millions of people will not even vote in the next election.

We have become, Russia. China…a whole new fallen country.

Now, anyone who has done their research, like Sarah Palin, knows that the vaccine is NOT a vaccine. It contains nanotech, which will give the 5G towers soon to be placed everywhere in the world, the power to track just about everyone. Forget leaving your cell phone at home folks, it won’t matter.

The plan to get rid of cash and the dollar is coming soon. You will have a chip in your hand and LOVE it as much as you love your debit card.

Which brings us to the great reset. Is President Trump PART of this madness? He put all the biggest RINOs he could find in his cabinet. Why? Will he now be put back as President to lead us all into another World War?

God FORBID…could he have been part of the script? Let’s hope not.

In the meantime, they are destroying as much of America as they possibly can, from the military, to our schools, to our food supply, to our medical care..

And FIRES. Floods and Fires everywhere. That’s WEATHER war. Not every fire is started by lighting or outdated electrical grid. That’s to set us all for more control.

Not to mention, there is an attack on all white people. If you are white, and unvaccinated, you ARE the new Jew.

General Milley, and the FBI, AND the CIA consider YOU. YOU. YOU. YOU white person, to be the ultimate enemy.

I know, it’s hard to believe, but think about it.

These people are…like Hitler before us, like Stalin, like Mao…completely nuts.

All that I’ve said here has been revealed in video’s all over the internet, but they ARE hard to find. They are not allowed on Facebook or twitter, or Instagram…or on your local news.

This Nobody Wonders—

How many people are too far gone in their own ignorance to even be able to believe it? And How many people like this man above, will fight until the end to stop it?

Nobody Wonders.

But, lately, Australia, hasn’t been looking so good.

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Pelosi Refused to Honor Our Soldiers-AMERICANS DID

Well, the TOWNS that they came from did. All over the country the men that were killed in Afghanistan were honored by thousands of “deplorables” but not one second of silence to honor these men, (and women) came from Nancy Pelosi in Congress.

Let that sink in.

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Nobody Flashes Two of my Favorite Songs

Yes, go watch the first on Youtube. I grew up on Sergio Mendez. The second one you can’t HELP but sing along.

I miss…REAL music, don’t you? Oh…by the way, Robert Palmer’s song of love and sex was much more exciting than a bunch of women shaking their big butts at you on MTV’s award shows. At least that’s my Nobody Opinion.

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