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Obama CONCERNED about Border NOW? Ha!

Nobody Wins

I love it. Watch the news on any day and you can almost predict what ‘disaster’ the politicians and their state propaganda machines are trying to control: After the train wreak in Afghanistan, they needed to redirect the public. So…Give the public a release valve: The usual dog and pony Congress show drilling and slobbering over Biden’s general. Asking WHO made the mess in Afghanistan? Obama’s fingerprints are all OVER that. So…Obama decides to come out and address the problem of open borders…as if HE is not running the country. Oh, no. He’s not. He’s just finding out that his black voters might just be a little pissed off about all the illegals coming for their money.


“We have borders,” Obama said in an interview with ABC News host Robin Roberts. “The idea that we can just have open borders is something that … as a practical matter, is unsustainable.”

Of the over 15,000 mostly Haitian migrants who gathered in a makeshift camp under the border bridge of Del Rio, Texas, thousands were allowed into the United States under Biden’s administration.


It’s bad enough that those Generals are trying to rewrite their own horrible mistakes, Liz Cheney came out and made a case for January the 6th. I felt like I was looking through clear water and seeing a bedrock of dirty water covering the mud for miles. The murky swamp is murky on purpose.

So, once again, the Congressmen and women are allowed to express their anger or their thankfulness, and no one is put in jail. It’s always a ‘re-elect ME’ photo opp. It seems Biden was being blamed which means, will Michelle run for office? Will Michael finally come out of the closet and run as the first transvestite? No ‘she’ll run as a woman, IF she runs. I still think Hillary is going to try again. I could be wrong.

Or maybe they will somehow put Obama back in. Or maybe Trump will get in. It’s getting to the point we are ALL so tired of politics.

Which is probably how they like it.

Nobody Wins when your country is so corrupt nobody knows WHAT or who to trust anymore. You just know, you can’t trust the United States government.

Remember, it was Obama who put the immigrants in cages. And it was Obama who opened the borders, by letting them in and putting them all over the country. He gave them DACA.

He is still running things, but he wants you now to blame Joe. Obama is following his old mentor Alinsky: overflood the situation, and render in the chaos.

MEANTIME: Hundreds of really old trees were cut down for his library. I guess trees can now fart. I bet he puts up a few windmills just to look good, and kill some more birds. Personally, I think they should outlaw all these Presidential museums. Have one in D.C. and let that be it. They are just fronts to make the X Presidents money forever in their foundations without having to work or pay taxes.

Nobody Wins when you have the despicable running your country. Yes, the despicable VS the deplorables. Whose going to win this one?

One thing we do know, Nobody Wins if this corruption keeps going.

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