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Remember The Other George Today When George W. Spins His Version of 9/11

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Today, x-President, George W. Bush is suppose to give a speech at a memorial for 9/11.

Gee…George. What took you so long? Will this be all about what? That the men and women of the United States sacrificed their lives in all your Middle Easter Wars? Will it be about how you sent Americans over to fight the wars for Saudi Arabia, and how President Trump STOPPED that deal by making us energy independent?

Are you, trying to put your RINOS back in power? Or are you trying to spin the whole waste over there as a great thing? Will the Taliban become the enemy once again?

Biden has handed you a moment to come back to your own glory on a silver platter?

Will you even MENTION China’s great war on us and Western Civilization?

The war is here at home. Our X Presidents have been the puppets of madmen, for their OWN greed and power, and now they are out to destroy what took years to build.

Funny isn’t it? All those years we never saw any thing much about 9/11. But THIS year, the ceremonies are EVERYWHERE.

So, in respect of sanity, I leave this day with the words of another George.

One who was…let us admit….more honest.

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9/11 Was NOT a Day to Celebrate Bush

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Nobody Remembers

This morning, I was listening to the Brian Kilmeade show. And the more I listened the more ANGRY I got. I’m not sure who he was interviewing, but the man had been with George W. Bush on 9/11. Instead of a remembrance of all the people who lost their lives that day, it was PR promotion for the “greatest” President of all time, George W. Bush.

The excuses that man gave that day for WHY our President ran around the skies for hours and did not go back to D.C. were too many to count, and heard ONLY for the first today. One excuse: there were no TVs in the school that day, so nobody saw the second plane crash. Air Force One didn’t have satellite communications. Bush was telling everyone he wanted to go back to D.C., in his cowboy accent “The People want their dang president!” Then he told Brian that if a pilot thinks that taking the president back to D.C., then he can refuse because his first job is to protect the president. Hinting that’s what happened.


Then Karl Rove came on and the Bush Kiss-a-thon continued. No mention of the fact that Bush should have protected the American people in the FIRST place…no it’s all the “We didn’t know!” George was concentrating on welfare, education, blah, blah…I was getting sick to my stomach.

Bush handled the whole thing with such experience of the Bush family…blah, blah,….

Oh the timing. They really ARE brilliant.

The elites are so transparent its becoming a joke. And how does Trump look in all this? Weak. He had to walk away, promote Fauci, and the vaccine, and who knows? Is he making a deal now?

9/11 should have NEVER happened. For the BILLIONS upon TRILLIONS of dollars spent on all our government employees from the President on down, it should have never happened.

Did Trump know they would release a virus? I’m not sure now. But, Bush was the son of the man from the CIA, the man who helped the New World Order come to fruition. Bush is the institution. Trump…was not. And I believe they kept him in the dark as much as they could. They are still doing it.

And I’m sick of hearing about the GREAT and MIGHTY wonderfully strong President George W. Bush.

Will we be attacked again? Looks like it. They have bought half of the Taliban over here.

The one thing is sure of: EVERYTHING you hear is scripted. And that’s my strong Nobody Opinion.

Yes, I’m pissed. They took a good country, and decided to get rid of it.

God Damn them all. And I can say that because Trump was our last hope. He might be allowed BACK in the White House, but he will be…just another puppet.

Right now, on this day, it’s how I feel.

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