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Remember The Other George Today When George W. Spins His Version of 9/11

Nobody Flashes

Today, x-President, George W. Bush is suppose to give a speech at a memorial for 9/11.

Gee…George. What took you so long? Will this be all about what? That the men and women of the United States sacrificed their lives in all your Middle Easter Wars? Will it be about how you sent Americans over to fight the wars for Saudi Arabia, and how President Trump STOPPED that deal by making us energy independent?

Are you, trying to put your RINOS back in power? Or are you trying to spin the whole waste over there as a great thing? Will the Taliban become the enemy once again?

Biden has handed you a moment to come back to your own glory on a silver platter?

Will you even MENTION China’s great war on us and Western Civilization?

The war is here at home. Our X Presidents have been the puppets of madmen, for their OWN greed and power, and now they are out to destroy what took years to build.

Funny isn’t it? All those years we never saw any thing much about 9/11. But THIS year, the ceremonies are EVERYWHERE.

So, in respect of sanity, I leave this day with the words of another George.

One who was…let us admit….more honest.

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