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The Queen…Still Rules? A Lesson in the British Empire and How It Still Rules

Nobody Remembers….

I remember a conversation I had many moons ago with my friend amfortas, (The Knight and the Drummer) in which he claimed that the Queen of England had no power whatsoever.

Mmmmm…she sure is rich enough I thought. If she is so powerless, why does her family keep amazing so much wealth? According to these two gentlemen, she has the ‘golden pass’ and yes, she has a lot of power.

I was sent this again, in an email. It was probably one of the most fascinating history lessons that I’ve ever heard anywhere, and these two Americans, really backed up their research.

What I really want to know is…are we still ruled by the British empire? Amfortas would be ecstatic. This nobody hopes amfortas listen to this discussion of British history, pass it around to his MENSA friends, and tell me what they really think.

Is it true? Go ahead, have fun with it.

Anybody else like Mrs. O, or Tim, or anybody: Please jump in with any comments.

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