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Nobody Remembers: Lee Iacocca

Nobody Remembers

Quote from Lee Iacocca

“I look around me and I see Wall Street executives being dragged away in handcuffs. I see a national deficit so high that I can’t count the zeroes. I see the government paying farmers not to plant their land while the homeless go hungry on the streets. Something’s rotten out there—and it’s not in Denmark.

“The only way to get this country back on track is to return to good old-fashioned horse sense. We’ve got to start wit the basics: how we raise our kids, how we care for our sick and homeless, what it is each of us truly believes. And we’ve got to remember what America stands for, so that we can take our tarnished values and make them shine again.” Lee Iacocca, 1988

NOBODY REPORTS–Remember, this was written in 1988. That’s how long our politicians have been working in silent corruption.

I tried to upload 8 pictures of Lee Iacocca, but WordPress or Google, or China has decided that his image should not be uploaded being as he was a beloved capitalist. Anyway, it’s getting ridiculous how they are deciding what anyone can post. So…..Here’s pretty much how I feel.


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