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Nobody’s Opinion on 9/11, 2021

Nobody’s Opinion

Yesterday, I actually watched the memorials for 9/11 on various stations throughout the day, and to put any of my thoughts into one ‘essay’ would be impossible. Thomas Sowell has a platform he calls ‘random thoughts’ and so, here are some of mine on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

The morning started out with X Presidents, Bill Clinton, (and Hillary) Obama and Michelle, and Joe Biden attending the ceremony at ground zero. Joe looked like he had to pee, or he HAD peed in his pants. He had that look on his face. The rest of them looked sort of…scared. Bill looked depressed, (Probably because of Monica doing an upcoming film about how he should apologize to her (Never mind that she flashed her naked thong butt at him): Hillary looked soulless as usual, Michelle (or is it Michael?) was standing next to Biden probably to hold him up. I’m sure some of the crowd yelled obscenities at them.

This picture says it all:

They didn’t stay long. One thing I did notice is that VERY few real family members called out the names. They were a LOT of cousins, and kids who never knew their parents. Interesting. I’m sure they were informed of what they could NOT say, therefore, lots of kids. The playing of the flute and violin seemed to be there to GET the people on stage to cry (good for ratings.) Bruce Springsteen sounded horrible and looked as old as Biden. Most of all, and very noticeable, the people who died were all young, and mostly Hispanics. Were they janitors? Only a few Jews. It was rumored that the Jews were warned to stay out of the building that day. And another thing I notice that there didn’t seem to be ANY rich people. At least on the Titanic there were a few. Not on 9/11. What are the odds that no famous rich guy was in the building that day? Mmmmm— MOST of the names did NOT sound American. Except for the firemen and Irishmen. Were they left out? I think so.

Onward to the ceremony in Pennsylvania, where George W. Bush, strutted to the podium to make his long-awaited speech, where basically he SCOLDED the Americans as if we were all children because we were not ‘united’ and it was “NOT THE AMERICA HE KNEW.” He compared all Americans to the terrorist overseas, and it became clear, Bush looks upon all citizens as children to be ruled, and scolded. He’s very mad that the ungraceful children of America do NOT look on him and his actions as anything special, on the contrary. We are agreeing with Trump that he never should have gone into the Middle East in the first place. He wanted our boys there forever more. Clearly, he’s pissed.

THE GOOD NEWS IS: That speech just sealed his legacy as being…atrocious for costing us so many lives and ruining America. I didn’t like it when he said he was so proud that we didn’t blame Muslims HERE. WHAT? Right. That doesn’t give them the excuse to bring in more. No mention of China. No mention of open borders, just…YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME. You’re too divided.

Well, I WONDER why Mr. President. Are you stupid? Or are you hiding your real crimes? Did you shoot down that plane? Were you running scared on 9/11? Sending out dozens of people all over the airwaves talking about how you WANTED to come back to D.C., but nobody let you…sounds like cover-up lies to anyone with a brain.

NOW THE MOST NOTICABLE THING: NO station carried a memorial on the Pentagon. For the past years since 9/11, all three sites had ceremonies on TV. Not this year. Nope. Nobody showed it even if there was one. And the reason is obvious. We lost the war, because China now owns our military, and Biden handed over most all our weapons. They did NOT want the American people to see the faces of the military men and women. So, nobody in the mainstream media even mentioned it. Better to just ignore it.

President Bush’s Speech, AND that skipping of the Pentagon alone is actually good news. It means they KNOW they screwed up and the American people know they screwed up, and they are trying to keep control of their tyrannical takeover.

Today, the press is all over how Trump’s visit to the NYPD was full of smiles and applause, while whole football stadiums were yelling “FUCK BIDEN”. The press was trashing Trump saying Trump was NOT calling for unity as our dear X Presidents were.

And the final proof that Bush was a coward on that day, came with the interview of his beloved mistress (oh excuse me, cabinet member) Condoleezza Rice. If you believe all the baloney she spewed out yesterday, about how Bush wanted desperately to come back to D.C., and Powell was out of the country, and nobody knew about the attack, basically covering and trying to up Bush’s horrible actions that day—the interview speaks for itself.

Giuliani was President that day, not Bush.

Remember as you watch this: Dana was Bush’s press secretary, and Rice was in his cabinet. This is history being rewritten and their old boss being protected: And that’s my Nobody Opinion.

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