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They Lied About the War: They Lie about the Vaccine

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It’s getting out, despite the media trying to suppress it, just what is in the vaccine that they are almost demanding everyone take.  A lot of people don’t want it.

And I can’t blame them. Especially for their kids.

If you look around at the places where the main stream media is NOT, you will see hundreds of warnings against getting it.

Last weekend, we witnessed the biggest lie by Joe Biden in American history on the pull-out of Afghanistan.  So what makes you think that Gates, Fauci and Biden would NOT lie about what’s in these vaccines? Just the fact that they are going to extreme measure, costing people their jobs if they don’t get, should tell you right there:

Something is not right in Oz.

The X-VP of Pfizer says he believes that it’s a depopulation agenda. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the Pfizer vaccine, (And he says it’s NOT a vaccine)  is trying to warn everyone. In other video’s he says it’s not a vaccine, but actually delivers spike proteins into every cell, and eventually can cause much damage to the heart, the kidneys, the brain..etc. Here he tell everyone why the latest news that the FDA approved it finally, is actually, a lie:

President Trump at first wanted everyone to get hydroxoycholoroquine, and Dr. Fauci immediately made it hard to get or be administered. Ivermectin was said by many who had the virus, that it worked, and just tonight, they are pushing the “Hey, it’s for horses NOT humans!”

You see, IF you know that these two medications will cure Covid, why get the vaccine? Why in the WORLD would you want to deprive Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates their big money payout from the very vaccines they are pushing? (They and their companies have 92 patents on this virus and the vaccines.)

You deplorable you.

They are such good guys they got American taxpayers to get their vaccines into all the countries of the planet!

THINK of the trillions they will make, and YOU will pay for it!

And this medical tyranny won’t stop: the Vaccine contains Oxide nanoparticles. Here’s a few paragraphs taken off various website…explaining what you might be risking..and the question is: Do you really want to risk it?


Leftists are now demanding that physicians who either question the ‘accepted science’ (not the real science) regarding COVID-19, COVID vaccines, masks and other aspects of the pandemic be stripped of their licensure in the latest attempt to use the virus to forward their countercultural revolution.

According to a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for pharmaceutical industries, graphene oxide nanoparticles are the key ingredient in Biotech’s Covid-19 shots, the product which is being marketed as a “vaccine”. But bad news from Japan may have an impact on this marketing strategy.

After two animal trials that resulted in the death of all the animals, graphene oxide was deemed to be unfit for use in humans due to its toxicity to healthy cells as well as vaccine-induced ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) resulting in the immune system destroying itself.

Leading virologist Professor Dolores Cahill, world-renowned virologist Geert Vanden Bossche and Pfizer whistleblower, Dr. Michael Yeadon have all warned of the danger of ADE.

In his last interview, Julian Assange described the advances in this kind of nano-technology which graphene oxide made possible. It is a world in which computers are as small and weightless as dust particles. These mini machines, invisible to the naked eye, would be breathed in or injected. A researcher named Kristofer Pister coined the term “smart dust” in 1997, a reference to wireless microelectromechanical sensors (or MEMS).Graphene Oxide Is the Main Ingredient in Covid Jabs, Says Former Pfizer Employee (

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