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The elites of the world, are in full frontal corruption/tyrannical exposure, and nothing is not only NOT happening to them, they are being ignored by most of our Congressmen. ALL of them, pretty much silent.

Bill Gates means to now SPRAY the populations with some kind of chemical that will make everyone infertile…a sort of expansion of his mosquito experiment.

Biden is bankrupting the country, and destroying just about everything American, including his latest destruction of making everyone pay for college tuitions. And if you work for the government, then YOU will get a free ride, how clever of him.

Glenn Beck tonight reported that every single department of the U.S. government is being armed with ammunition and guns. Even the department of nutrition.

So, what are they expecting?

Clearly, a depression: caused by some kind of false flag which none of them will be blamed for. Starvations and riots? They are HOPING. And if that happens….

THIS is how they plan to deal with it…Macron says we will all have to sacrifice, and I’m sure he’s not just talking about France.

They will put the bloody Nazi foot down on us all, and declare it to be for “defending freedom.”

Orwell warned us about this kind of speech.

What they really will be defending will be their freedom to kill, or destroy all our lives. And they are building enough government workers to defend them from the rest of us. We all could be shot by an IRS agent, or just the local Social Security agent.

Nobody Wonders, where this is going, don’t you?

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Nobody Knows

Tucker Carlson says more than I could ever say…about the illegal and pathological raid on President’s Trump house, but what I do want to say about the raid on Mar-a-Lago is that our major institutions are now run mostly by criminal communists who really don’t care about the law, are ABOVE the law, and if you believe that Trump had nuclear secrets tucked in Malania’s underwear than I suggest you take a few more hits of that bong.

You’re going to need it.

What’s even more predictable is how the media is trying to convince us ALL that the Trump supporters are coming to get all FBI agents with their ‘ghost guns’ and bombs. We’re too busy trying to find a fast food place that doesn’t charge the same price as a 5-star restarant. We went to one tonight, a Steak N Shake, and you got to eat inside, but there were NO waitresses. Just a machine where you could order your food.

Can you imagine how many kids now in high school will not find that first job?

This is Obama and Hillary STILL trying to arrest Trump, or at least cost him so much pain that they can keep him from running.

In the meantime, they passed another bill to destroy us all. Which one you may ask?

All of them.

Nobody Knows how much worse it can get do we? As Tucker says, this is all about coming after not only Trump, but ALL his supporters.

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So, Australia? What Are You Going to Do?

Nobody Cares

Funny. When Hong Kong was being repressed by China, all the leaders of the world condemned it, and loudly….but DID NOTHING. Now, when Australia is turning into Nazi Germany, we hear crickets. Where’s the Queen on this? Prince Charles? Are they talking?

Anyone care to explain?

At least some of them are fighting back. But, let this be a lesson to Americans.

NEVER, EVER, give up your guns.

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They Lied About the War: They Lie about the Vaccine

Nobody Flashes

It’s getting out, despite the media trying to suppress it, just what is in the vaccine that they are almost demanding everyone take.  A lot of people don’t want it.

And I can’t blame them. Especially for their kids.

If you look around at the places where the main stream media is NOT, you will see hundreds of warnings against getting it.

Last weekend, we witnessed the biggest lie by Joe Biden in American history on the pull-out of Afghanistan.  So what makes you think that Gates, Fauci and Biden would NOT lie about what’s in these vaccines? Just the fact that they are going to extreme measure, costing people their jobs if they don’t get, should tell you right there:

Something is not right in Oz.

The X-VP of Pfizer says he believes that it’s a depopulation agenda. Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the Pfizer vaccine, (And he says it’s NOT a vaccine)  is trying to warn everyone. In other video’s he says it’s not a vaccine, but actually delivers spike proteins into every cell, and eventually can cause much damage to the heart, the kidneys, the brain..etc. Here he tell everyone why the latest news that the FDA approved it finally, is actually, a lie:

President Trump at first wanted everyone to get hydroxoycholoroquine, and Dr. Fauci immediately made it hard to get or be administered. Ivermectin was said by many who had the virus, that it worked, and just tonight, they are pushing the “Hey, it’s for horses NOT humans!”

You see, IF you know that these two medications will cure Covid, why get the vaccine? Why in the WORLD would you want to deprive Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates their big money payout from the very vaccines they are pushing? (They and their companies have 92 patents on this virus and the vaccines.)

You deplorable you.

They are such good guys they got American taxpayers to get their vaccines into all the countries of the planet!

THINK of the trillions they will make, and YOU will pay for it!

And this medical tyranny won’t stop: the Vaccine contains Oxide nanoparticles. Here’s a few paragraphs taken off various website…explaining what you might be risking..and the question is: Do you really want to risk it?


Leftists are now demanding that physicians who either question the ‘accepted science’ (not the real science) regarding COVID-19, COVID vaccines, masks and other aspects of the pandemic be stripped of their licensure in the latest attempt to use the virus to forward their countercultural revolution.

According to a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for pharmaceutical industries, graphene oxide nanoparticles are the key ingredient in Biotech’s Covid-19 shots, the product which is being marketed as a “vaccine”. But bad news from Japan may have an impact on this marketing strategy.

After two animal trials that resulted in the death of all the animals, graphene oxide was deemed to be unfit for use in humans due to its toxicity to healthy cells as well as vaccine-induced ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement) resulting in the immune system destroying itself.

Leading virologist Professor Dolores Cahill, world-renowned virologist Geert Vanden Bossche and Pfizer whistleblower, Dr. Michael Yeadon have all warned of the danger of ADE.

In his last interview, Julian Assange described the advances in this kind of nano-technology which graphene oxide made possible. It is a world in which computers are as small and weightless as dust particles. These mini machines, invisible to the naked eye, would be breathed in or injected. A researcher named Kristofer Pister coined the term “smart dust” in 1997, a reference to wireless microelectromechanical sensors (or MEMS).Graphene Oxide Is the Main Ingredient in Covid Jabs, Says Former Pfizer Employee (

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The Vacine: The Start of Global Tyranny?

Nobody’s Opinion


The FDA hasn’t approved it: the inventor of this very mRNI vaccine, Dr. Malone, (See Video)  says it can effect the heart and the lungs and NOT listing these possible side effects is against all medical ethics and dangerous: the x-VP of Pitzer says he is convinced it is a depopulation vaccine: various doctors have seen hundreds of people die after the vaccine, including children: one doctor who has done his own study of hundreds of his vaccinated patients developed a test and found nano-technology so small it goes undetected but it damages the small blood vessels permanently which eventually will cause strokes and heart attacks: Other bio-geneticists have shown pictures of that damage under the microscope: and now this ‘variant’ we are told, is being carried by all the vaccinated people which is much more contagious.

Top Nobel Prized doctors are against it. Half of the CDC doesn’t want to take it.

Why Is a Toxic Vaccine Being Mandated?, by Paul Craig Roberts – The Unz Review

NIH Director: Businesses Should Require Vaccine Proof From Customers (

Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? (

Oops! FDA Accidentally Reveals List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects, Including Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death (

The Various Lies About the Delta Variant Set the Stage for Draconian Vaccine Mandates (

We are to believe that this VARIENT blew around the world in a matter of days not weeks. In reality, it’s in the vaccine itself. So, the vaccinated people are now infecting the unvaccinated. Therefore, they must continue to wear masks.

(So clever how they did this, really)

This whole virus was concocted in a lab paid for AND develop by Fauci, and Gates, who funded it along with U.S. tax dollars and they own the patents to the virus AND the vaccines.

How nice for them. In the end, they will become the richest men on the planet.

It’s also be proven, by those who worked in the lab, that it’s a bio-weapon.


All over the world, the governments are locking down the unvaccinated, calling them murderers, some of them being arrested, some of them, as in Australia, being pulled to the ground and stabbed with the vaccine.

Our own fascist government has succeeded in getting the big corporations to force their employees to demand vaccination or basically lose your job, since it’s against the Constitution.  All government employees must now be vaccinated. No student will be allowed to go to school without the vaccination. The military will have to comply.

The West has joined the East in total tyranny.

Our bodies are not our own. Like the Jews in Germany, the unvaccinated will be hunted.

Our news outlets, which are no more than state propaganda machines, are minute by minute promoting the ‘safety’ of the vaccine…doing their best to convince us all it’s in the best interests of the world if we vaccinate. Or threaten us if we don’t. Florida and Missouri, we are being told, are the most vulnerable.

It’s a lie.

The governors of those states are standing against mandatory vaccinations and good for them.

Even Dick Morris and President Trump, say the vaccine is a good idea. Dick Morris repeats a very clever argument: Polio and smallpox once infected millions, and there were quarantines, and therefore, because of that history we should all be vaccinated.

Uh…not quite. Millions of children were debilitated from polio, and in a matter of hours. Not so this virus. And they have no idea what effects the untested vaccine will do. Unlike Salk’s polio vaccine.

What they leave out is that THIS virus doesn’t affect the young. They are NOT dying or even suffering from it. Most people recover from it. If they do get it, more than likely, they also suffer from some other condition besides. BECAUSE it was designed in a lob, it’s killing the old, the sick, and the vaccinated. That’s the plan. I agree with the VP of Pitzer.

When you got Bill Gates, the King of Vaccines, out there saying that he drank pee, and ate poop, and that everyone should stop eating meat, eat bugs, and the sun should be stopped from reaching the planet, who are you going to trust?

Bill Gates, the man who helped put this virus on the planet?

Your government?

I think the lady that lived through Nazi Germany above, (See links) best explained it…this is just like what happened to the Jews.

But now, it’s on a global scale.

And unless we fight back, or IF we fight back, then Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Doctor Fauci threatened:

There WILL be another one, and that one will kill you outright.

The problem is, nobody believes there is such evil in the world.

Do we want to take that chance?

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Nobody’s Opinion

The terrible news is constant. The other day I flipped on Steve Bannon in War Room and some guy was on saying that we should all just turn off our TV’s and turn to Jesus. I can just imagine some priest long ago telling some man who lost his family to the Black Plague to stop watching the bodies being carted out in the streets and turn to Jesus.

While religion has always been good for the soul, a way to comfort us from the horrors we see in life, I have always been suspicious of the “turn the other cheek” remark, or that you can survive on Jesus alone. THAT can get you killed. We are watching it now being used all over America in the Black Lives Matter Marxist movement.

I was thinking today about our ‘government’ and the crazy thing we have seen over and over: We hear both sides…if you are a liberal, you go to CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and watch the propaganda on most of the TV programs. Every hour you hear alarm about fires, weather, climate change…and how black lives matter.

Add to that the ENDLESS lies of our politicians. Now trying to tell us all that anybody who loves America is a traitor to ‘democracy.’ And if you are white, you are born a racist.

Yes, then we all turn to FOX or our favorite conservative who pontificates about the democrats: they are Marxists, and they ARE destroying our country. WE MUST STOP THEM! VOTE!

Right. But let’s not fix the voting machines. (Proving how stupid we are, and my point.)

Do you REALLY think that is going to happen?

Which is: They all talk. It’s all talk. They continue to do what they want. It’s like they are giving you something to help you release your anger…and your hope. It’s pretty sad really when you think about it.

But. Here’s the catch. Massive crimes have been committed by our so called “Leaders” in Washington D.C. for decades:  Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA (And nuked up China and North Korea) with the blessings of Daddy Bush watching him sign the papers. America lost its jobs. Lots of GOP complained about it, and YET…here we are…watching an invasion.

What can Congress do? Why…nothing dear people! Wait until the NEXT election!

 Obama passed Obamacare…costing everyone’s health care to go up. Many complained…, but now, we just hear silence. Hillary sold Russia our uranium. That crime is completely ignored. Hunter Biden? We all KNOW the crimes of him and his father and YET, all of Congress says…well, he won. Let the media discuss it.

And letting two tech giants run the world…well…let’s not forget Fauci and the millions of our money sent to Wuhan to kill off the old basically. The West just can’t support those useless eaters anymore.

They have the “PLANET” to consider.

We are now…Russia. In fact, Russia is starting to look more democratic.

 And let’s not even count how many of our representatives…lie to the people.

Trump never lied. But that’s all you heard EVERYWHERE: Trump lies! And then they tried to do whatever they could to get rid of him.

What I’m trying to say is: I think our political government has been a well-planned staged game, for years, and we have been brainwashed to think what they say…is honest and true.  The elites in Washington have put on quite a show for the world: They ACT as if there ARE two parties. But both parties have committed egregious crimes against our country, and they protect each other.

They both TALK a great game, but NOTHING is ever done, except they get richer. They now see the world as their playground, and we are just the peasants to be sucked dry.

Call it communism, but As Mark Levine says, it’s American. It’s our own special brand.

About 8 years ago, I noticed that all of a sudden, the TV was FULL of contests. Game shows, where people are pitted against each other. It came out of nowhere. And I thought at the time…what’s up with this?

Games have been used for all of history to ‘calm’ and control the people. Even in sports, the people can feel like they have won, when their home teams win. Their politicians can continue to screw them until the cows come home as long as they can FEEL like…you can still win. There are still umpires to judge fairly.

That’s smoke and mirrors in real life.

Have you noticed, after Covid, the games were all shut down? Biden gets elected and VIOLA! The games are back!

If we think back, you have to admit that this GOP VS DEM has kept the same families at the top of the government. The Clintons and the Bush family ruled us all for over forty years, all the time accusing each other of crimes, and YET…and YET…(Remember, Bush voted for Hillary and LOVES Michelle Obama.)

Do ANY of these politicians EVER get punished for their crimes? Bill Clinton and Daddy Bush were BEST buds. The Bushes never talked against the Clintons. Ever.

And it wasn’t because they are such decent people as they want you to believe.

NO. All that happens is the citizen is hooked on the game of “WHO WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION?”

THAT”S the money ticket that keeps the ALL…democrats and republicans…in their mansions. And they control the outcome…at the very top.

It’s all in the book of ‘How to rule the masses.” Yes, divide and conquer, and never let them know. The Roman Rulers knew it, and it’s always been the case.

Already, the elites know the democrats are destroying us, and we are pissed, and so, the next President WILL be a GOP…he is already hand-picked. And he will promise the moon, but the damage will already be done. As planned.

And Trump will continue to be attacked, because Trump is the man the people really trust.

He destroyed their game of smoke and mirrors.

Today, I got a magazine from Newsmax. Dick Morris said that Trump lost the election. Dick Morris, the man who destroyed the Clintons in his many books. Like Ann Coulter, he has made a lot of bucks choosing ‘sides.”  I must admit, he said that Hillary would win, and she lost. I was surprised. Despite all the video’s he put out supporting Trump, if HE doesn’t know that Biden was not elected, then it’s all about the money.

 It doesn’t matter what person you like to watch on cable. Tucker, or anyone, because in the end, the people who run the world want us ALL to think that what we see in front of us WILL be taken care of. Someday YOUR side will win!

But guess what? It won’t be. They’ve rigged it pretty well.

P.T. Barnum would tell you…it’s all about the con.

And that’s why I was so furious seeing Jenna Bush jump out of a plane in honor of her Gampy.

This Nobody sees no honor in any of them. It truly think our elections have been rigged for many, many years.

It should end in states fighting back…but then again. When the FBI and the NSA are out to get you…

And smart meters will control your house, and “woke” will control your job, and Gates will control your food..

Nobody will this end?

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It’s Official: Biden Means to Come After ANYONE Who Loves America and Stands in the Way of “Change”

Nobody Knows

What did Hitler say? Repeat the lie enough and soon it will become the truth? Or something to that effect. Is this the most absurd statement ever uttered by a President?

Wait…does that top Obama’s ‘truth’ that America was founded by Muslims and was a Muslim nation?

Or “I did NOT have sex with that woman.”

Or “The Wuhan virus did NOT come from China.”

Or “Donald Trump was colluding with Russia…”

Or CIA Director Brennen saying that the NSA did NOT spy on Americans…(Big lie told to Congress)

Or Joe Biden won the election by the most votes in American history…?

Or men CAN give birth?

Or your taxes will NOT go up?

Or highways are racists?

Or Michelle Obama claims that blacks have the right to protest…(and loot and riot…)?

Or China is no threat to the United States?

Or all whites are racists…?

Or Hunter Biden just has a bad drug habit, he’s really a nice guy…?

Or Hillary Clinton’s sale of our Uranium to Russia…IS NO BIG DEAL!!!

Clearly, Joe Biden is now, a clear and present danger.

Our own “president” means to come after any American who does not agree with the ‘fundamental’ Marxist/communist takeover dictatorship that they have already managed to promote with the help of China.

From Inforwars:


BLM riots in the U.S. caused nearly $2 billion in property damages in 2020 alone, and dozens killed.

Ironically, Biden’s remarks come just days after a radical BLM militia group leader during a “reparations” march openly called for killing “everything white in sight.”


Did Twitter take that down?


What Joe REALLY means here is that white people, who live in the country, and love their country, are a lethal danger to his plans for the oligarchy/communists to takeover forever.

In that respect….let’s hope he’s right.

The only danger white people are…are the fact that many of them want to stop the madness of the demented China King.

And we have that right, by our Constitution, and our Declaration of Independence.


And you just admitted it.

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Aldous Huxley Warned Us…

Nobody Wonders

WHY our politicians, are even allowing this racist “whites are bad” crap to happen in our schools. President Trump tried to stop it, with the 1776 project, but the teachers union is ALL democrats.

I was talking to my neighbor today, and he didn’t think Trump would run again.

So I said: “I imagine you could be right. The globalists are just too powerful. Imagine. An American President being completely silenced forever. They did that to him. To an American President. THAT’s REAL power.”

And real power is also this: The Teaching in all our schools that MAGA is racist. (See video below.)

in 1958, Aldous Huxley wrote about this in his book Brave New World Revisited, on the chapter called Education for Freedom:


The genetic standardization of individuals is still impossible: but Big Government and Big Business already possess, or will very soon possess, all the techniques for mind-manipulation described in Brave New World, along with others of which I was too unimaginative to dream. Lacking the ability to impose genetic uniformity upon embryos, (Nobody Wonders…does the vaccine do this?) the rulers of tomorrow’s over-populated and over -organized world will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children to achieve this end, they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind -manipulation techniques at their disposal and will not hesitate to reinforce this method of non-rational persuasion by economic coercion and threats of physical violence. (Nobody: or death by Covid.)

The effects of false and pernicious propaganda cannot be neutralized except by a thorough training in the art of analyzing its techniques and seeing through its sophistries.

In their anti-rational propaganda the enemies of freedom systematically pervert the resources of language in order to wheedle or stampede their victims into thinking, feeling and acting as they, the mind-manipulators, want them to think, feel, and act.

And yet, young children are nowhere taught, in any systematic way, to distinguish true from false, or meaningful from meaningless, statements. Why is this ? Because their elders, even in the democratic countries, do not want them too be given this kind of education.


And the real secret to getting the kids brainwashed? Get them into state run schools right after birth. Hillary Clinton suggests this in her “It Takes a Village” book.

If you haven’t read Brave New World Revisited in a while, read it again. I did, and he tells you just how brainwashing the masses was GOING To be used. Back in 1958, they did NOT have the technology that’s being used today.

Some adults are starting to fight back. So, where are our GOP?

Good question– somebody should start asking it.

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Remember: Obama Wanted a “Civilian Military.”

Nobody Wonders

How timely! What are the odds? The disaster at the border is so bad, it cannot be denied that it makes Joe Biden and Kamala Harris look like two political people just out to get as many votes into the country as possible…but the kids being raped, the drugs pouring in, the buses of pregnant women being filled, and the airplanes taking the “illegal aliens”, two words Biden has now banned from the public, (so much for the first amendment” all across the county, thank GOD—Maxine Waters has come to the rescue. With her big mouth.

Asking for revolution once again.

The trial in Minneapolis is about to be revealed, and Al Sharpton has taken a jet to rescue the poor blacks from being blackballed by a jury.

This of course takes ALL the news off the border.

What a coincidence! All we need now, is to push those BLM riots and burning of our cities to make the border problem seem like small potatoes. And the democrats will get a twofer! Really, truly, they are brilliant.

Maxine of course, being the racist that she is, went to put fuel the fire, telling all the blacks to take to the streets, and of course, it’s all about the destruction of the United States. They burn the very city where the poor blacks live, making their lives even MORE miserable.

And why not? Maxine and Al are never to blame. It’s those white supremist cops, proving that all cops should be defunded and replaced with Obama’s own ‘civil’ warriors.

Remember this?

How long before Biden signs an executive order demanding a ‘Civilian Military” and gets rid of ALL police?

Anybody? If Obama is still running the show, sooner or later, his new “Gestapo” will be implemented.

This Nobody Wonders, what they will call it.

Probably, something it’s not…like “The People’s Corps.”

And it will be used to silence and attack, mostly whites. Let’s hope, I’m wrong.

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Nobody Knows: When Did the World Become Fascist?

Nobody Knows

Just WHEN did Corporations and Governments merge into one big Fascist monoploy?

While at first I thought Russell Brand was just another looming liberal, turns out, this man REALLY thinks very high thoughts. In the middle of this he goes on a rant that’s pretty impressive.

If you like intellectual thought, you will enjoy this, and also cringe every time Eric Schmidt speaks.

He still reminds me of this guy.

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President Trump: The Last True American President, By and FOR the People.

Nobody Reports

If you’re wondering why in the WORLD would Nancy Pelosi go nuts and impeach President Trump for the second time, one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States, a few days before he leaves office, and WHY they are making the American people sit through MORE hours of congressmen and women trashing President Trump ONCE AGAIN, saying the most outrageous things, fueling us with their outrageous lies filled with hatred and emotional political BS?

The same crap we’ve been hearing for four years? Why? What’s the point?

Want the answer?

Take a good look at that picture above. Now, take a GOOD look at who’s in the middle. That’s why. Even back fifty years ago, those American companies would have been standing with an AMERICAN President. The days of an American President being the most powerful man in the world, is gone. We have watched this destruction of not only Trump, but the office of the American President for four years.

Welcome Xi Jinping. America awaits you. We have no choice now, do we?

Joe Biden, a senile but crooked politician, who is China’s puppet, was placed in the office. He was bought and sold.

Sorry America. Biden just got greedy. Everybody knows it. And yet, the propaganda is easy. It’s all now controlled by the same few multinational companies.

And with the control of the internet in the hands of monopiles beyond our control, we are to believe that the American people were so stupid that they WANTED more taxes, a major depression: to wear masks forever and to never gather without the government permission ever again in their lifetime. Yes, they WANTED a demented old criminal hack to be President. One who had never done a thing for America.


Yes, we are being told on ALL our networks that the patriots are the REAL terrorists. Hillary’s deplorables. Obama’s FBI had us listed as such, but now its official. Now they are screaming it at us, everywhere. On every channel. We have to watch them demoralize us all.

(Like watching actors piss and throw up, in all our movie.) Morals and decency be damned.

If you are a patriot, (especially if you are white) you WILL now be punished for your crimes. It has started already. Patriots are being purged from the internet, from their jobs, from their insurance and bank companies. You can get kicked off a plane, for liking Trump. JUST LIKE IN CHINA!


You are getting used to communicating by ZOOM…another Chinese company. Gates is making a killing…computer sales are out the roof. China must LOVE our kids staying out of school.

Another plus. Legalization of drugs! GREAT! Opioids killing thousands…great! China is doing a hell of a job.

Amazon wants to take over our defense. Zuckerberg paid millions to help rig the last election. Now, Disney, Blue Cross Blue Shield, all the banks, they are all getting on board.

MISSIONDestroy the patriots.

Congress doesn’t need to do a thing to control the people, the corporations will do it all for them.

Corporations will not serve you, food, water, electric, insurance, or internet, if you don’t get in line with all their plans for humanity.

You WILL obey. Or you will be miserable.

During the last four years of Trump’s presidency, they have worked hard to make not only the office itself, but America, and all its traditions, impotent and thrown into the history books.  This year, Christmas was canceled. To add to the hypocrisy, Hallmark, has boycotted Senator Josh Hawley for wanting a recount.

Guess who makes all those beautiful ornaments we see in ALL the Christmas Hallmark movies?

(HINT: You’re not Kansas anymore.)

EVERY time Trump tried to get something done for the people, either the courts, or Congress, or the Supreme Court stopped him cold.

EVERY SINGLE TIME. And then, they came back and said he didn’t get anything done. China released the virus on the world, and our politicians blamed…Trump.

Then came the riots. All through Obama we watched them fuel the race card. They are STILL fueling the race card. Whites are evil.

Antifa and BLM have destroyed our history. Our statues, Our beloved monuments. Our politicians protected them. All of them. China colored revolution redo.

Politicians destroyed as many lives as they could. Congress has the right, by the Constitution, to send in troops to stamp out all the riots, but they didn’t. They blamed it all on Trump.

It was THEIR responsibility. Not his.  

Our great Congress did…. nothing.

And now, the greatest American President who survived ALL their attacks, but was stabbed in the back in the end by his own VP, will not be allowed to speak or hold office ever again.

THAT my friends, IS Tyranny.

If you don’t think that is proof right there that our Congress has given over to communists than I don’t know what to tell you.

This impeachment is not only about Trump, but the takeover of the office of the Presidency itself.

Trump was never ever allowed a representation in his first trial.  A right he deserves. His free speech is being forever revoked. The Constitution, ignored.

THAT…is TYRANNY. All the tyrants hide bring out race and the Constitution, like little bratty kids saying “Na na na na…you can’t touch me!”

Never again, will any President represent us, the people. Whoever holds that office will be beholden to the oligarchy who run the money interests of the top 1 percent, and China.

From now on in, we will have Manchurian Presidents. Probably movie stars, like George Clooney, or even Michelle Obama. It doesn’t matter. All elections will be rigged.

China used our own people to take us all over. All those people you see in this picture, and many you don’t, will now run the world, under the China model.

Remember these people when you use their products. Remember Wal-Mart…and the fact that Rush Limbaugh used to promote both Wal-Mart AND Apple.

Has he disowned either one? Uh…I don’t think so. He’s a republican party man, forever.  

So, Xi Jinping has taken control of our country, and has gotten our own CIA, FBI, and major corporations to give him the power to DESTROY what’s left of America. Our past four President helped.

Make no mistake. The communist fueled this ‘black/white/colored revolution all through Obama’s Presidency and it would have continued through Hillary, but they weren’t ready for Trump.

President Donald J. Trump, may be the the last true American President.

And this impeachment WILL go on, because they have to KEEP it on TV and KEEP destroying Trump and the Americans that supports him. Destroying what’s left of the economy is a must.

And anyone that speaks out, will be silenced.

Hillary Clinton said this:


To “remove white supremacy and extremism from America,” she suggested social media and other Big Tech giants must ramp up their heavy censorship efforts even further.

Clinton offered her support for impeaching Trump a second time but argued that, to end “white supremacy,” the president and those who support him must be permanently silenced.


How she dreams….

But this impeachment is about punishment: Never again should any patriotic President be allowed to get into that office again.

I remember when Bill Clinton was impeached. They impeached him for lying to Congress. They SHOULD have impeached him for given uranium to North Korea. And for given China the technology to launch the nuclear missiles to hit our own country. They should have impeached him for NAFTA. But no, they impeached him for Monica.

They should have put Hillary in jail for selling our uranium to Russia.

Let’s admit it. Look around our country. EVERY major city, destroyed. Ripe for the pickings. Bankrupting America had to be done. The Bushes saw to that. Wars. Cheney made a lot of money. Now his daughter is out impeaching Trump.

Both Clinton and the Bushes had HUGE donations from the Saudi’s to build their fantastic libraries where they could live very well off of the ‘Foundations.”

They are not even going to let a streetlamp named after Trump when they get through with him.

Plus…if Trump were impeached, he could NOT pardon. Another reason for the rush.

They are very scared of that pardon. Sure, they control the internet but imagine what Snowdon, and Assange could release. What Trump himself KNOWS.

The whole American system will be destroyed. They have succeeded in destroying elections, next, the electoral college, then…lives.

We will become, China two.

Vaccines will be mandatory. Everything that’s was America is planned…to be destroyed, just as the Chinese Culture was destroyed by China’s ‘colored’ revolution; Our beliefs, pro-life, morals, respect, the right of the individual, all will be gone.


 They say Trump is a tyrant.

Really? Who has put everyone on lockdown forever? It wasn’t Trump.

Who demands obedience, and censor’s speech?

Not Trump.

Who let our cities be destroyed night after night, while we watched cops being killed?

Not Trump.

Who got the most votes of any President in American history and just wanted to make America Great again?

Not Biden.

Congress no longer has to do a thing: the little businesses are all being destroyed, and a few big multinational companies will be left standing to control the people. The last four years, and this impeachment was to put the final nail into America.

So, why is this impeachment going on?

Isn’t it obvious?

For the final destruction of America.

That’s the plan, and they are sticking to it.

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The Silence of Praying Christians

Nobody Flashes

While all the news outlets today kept repeating the same news of Trump’s Supreme Court pick on Saturday, NOBODY showed the gathering of Christians at the mall to listen to Rev. Graham.

I didn’t see a picture of it anywhere. I had to look it up on the internet, and even there, it was underreported. Why? Probably because Christians have to pay their own way to Washington, (Soros does NOT bus Christians) and they are pulling the load for the REST of the country, and many of them have lost jobs. Their own churches are suffering from the ‘lockdowns” financially.

Still…many did show up.

Graham said…this:

“I’m just concerned that the people in this country don’t realize that the left, the socialists, want this country to look like Cuba… like Venezuela,” he said.

“The only hope for this country is God. It’s not Republicans or Democrats,” Graham said. “Only hope is God and if we as Christians don’t pray for God’s help, he may just let this country fail.”

Don’t worry Rev. Graham.

We ARE praying.

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The REAL Nazi’s Are Coming

Nobody Reports

If this is not a warning of the what Nancy, Fauci, Gates, Schumer, Bernie, and the communist party of Obama and Hillary have for us going forward, I don’t know what else is.

This young sweet couple are being arrested...for not social distancing.  In IDAHO!!

While looters, robberies, arsonists and murderers are being given weapons and signs to protest while NOT social distancing, THIS is being done to good people.

I wish we could see the faces of these cops.

This is WRONG on so many levels. And scary.

Whites, are the new Jew. They did this in the Holocaust.

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Nobody CARES About the Subliminal Message in “THE CIRCLE”

Nobody Cares

Like many Americans, my husband and I search the MOVIES ON DEMAND to find something to watch after work, and tonight, we found one with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in a movie about the tech business. What was funny is that usually a Tom Hanks movie gets a LOT of advertising, and this was made in 2017, so why it didn’t was a puzzle.

Okay. So we hadn’t heard of it. Nevertheless, it was FREE! And no better time than now to bring it to the millions of us staying home not being ABLE to go out and eat, or exercise, or ‘gather’–unless we have to put on our masks and go to Wal-Mart.

This Nobody Thinks that this movie was saved for THIS election year, and let me tell you why. The movie was about this young girl (Emma) who gets a job at the biggest tech company in the world. The company is called “The Circle”. Clearly it was intended to remind everyone of Google and Facebook.

All the employees at this company were VERY young, very idealistic, and had every need they could ever want taken care of at that job. Entertainment every night, good food, —and they were encourage to “join” the community. Basically the old hippie commune (communism with a happy face) idea.

The boss was Tom Hanks, who gets to know this girl and uses her to introduce his idea for the future for humanity. The concept of “Everyone is connected, and Knowledge is a human RIGHT” was said forcefully by Hanks, along with the notion that EVERYBODY can live life through the experience of video. There is no NEED to really go out and throw that football.

If it’s good enough for his disabled son, it’s good enough for everyone else.

You don’t need to go to that baseball game! Stay home, and PRETEND you ARE that home run hitter! 

Now I won’t give up the movie so much as to tell you, that Emma goes around recording her whole life on film and she gets MILLONS of followers, and the bosses give the idea that if EVERYONE had a camera, they could stop crimes, no secrets! Cure diseases! CURE THE WORLD OF HATRED AND CRIMES!


And THEN…the big guys come up with a “soul search” engine in which the world can find anybody with the help of the world. Clearly laws are broken when Emma’s old boyfriend is chased by drone’s and run off a cliff while driving his car.

THIS is to let you know that THEY know there are dangers to this technology….and yet.

And yet. Emma is convinced after a few days of mourning that the young minds can correct this tech—- it just needs more help.

Sort of the same argument the progressives give socialism. Just because it has never worked anywhere else doesn’t mean that it won’t work here.

“It just needs to be done the right way.”

The REAL danger of this movie at this time is that they introduce the concept that …everyone on Google, just by ‘getting’ on Google will automatically be registered to vote, and then DEMOCRACY will RULE! Every vote will count! People that don’t get on google/Facebook…well, they will be ostracized and won’t be able to USE the platform of the world.

(I use Google and Facebook because even though it’s called “The Circle” its. Google. Facebook. )

This is how they brainwash you into thinking that BIG TECH can do a much better job at ruling the world than governments. In fact, they say so in this movie.

Which makes you wonder who paid to get it made. (The globalists I bet. Do we even need to ask?)

They show the dangers of everyone being watched every minute, but at the end of the movie, if you are younger than 30, you will think: Yeah! That’s a great idea! Vote by the internet! 

Now, I would like to know, if any of my readers have seen this movie, and what did they get from it?

To me, it’s much like the TV series ’24’ . It captured the conservative, and THEN…right before the Presidential election, they put in a black President who in the script is BEYOND the most honest perfect human that ever held the office. And everyone was hoping that Obama would be THAT President.

Nobody Cares how that series alone got so many people to accept Barack Hussein Obama, and vote for him. And he was…the worst President in history. Later I found out that Keifer Sutherland, the main actor in “24” is a socialist. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh loved that series.

Nobody seems to care about this mass Hollywood brainwashing as much as I do. It’s hardly EVER written about.

Our media is CREATING our realities, and we don’t even know it.

Watch “The Circle” and wonder…like I did…is this what they have coming?

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