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Nobody’s Email: Australia Warns America: Don’t Give Up Your Guns!

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We didn’t want Obamacare…Obama did…so we now have it.  We didn’t higher taxies…Obama did…so all of us are paying more.

We don’t want our guns to be taken away. Obama does…and he is coming for them.

THIS is where we must draw the line. Any fool who doesn’t know this should watch this video.

Here…the good citizens of Australia are trying to warn us. Listen, and pass it around.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

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Nobody’s Email: Australia Immigration: The Same as America’s

Nobody Gets Email

It seems, Australia is doing the exact same thing that America does…The government is giving away goodies to entice immigrants to COME ON DOWN!

Globalization: A plan that the G8 thought up in some kind of drunken orgy.

(Thanks to amfortas)

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And the Virgin Vote For Sex Oscar Goes To…..Australia!

Nobody Knows

I have avoided posting this ad for Obama, because it’s just so embarrasing…I couldn’t help but wonder if women really are so stupid now, that they think that IF they vote for Obama, they might have sex with him. They left loves this bimbo, she is so creative! So original! So cool!

THEN it was reported that Lena Dunham was not so original (They claim she thought this little “lose your virginity”) concept all by herself.

Then it came out that Putin used it FIRST.

BUT—-Let’s get the record straight: It was Sarah Hansen-Young, Green Party women from Australia that had them BOTH beat! And notice, she actually looks like she would be good at phone sex..unlike Lena, who you can’t picture doing anything but buying really ugly jewery and getting a tatoo on her butt saying she voted for Obama. I’m not sure she’s READY for sex.

What’s the message? SLUTS VOTE!

Good god. This is solid proof that all liberals and communists think all women are good for is sex. They HAVE no brains.

Now we know. Lena copied Putin who copied Sarah Hanson Young…Australia. The Brits are FIRST again!

(Thanks to amfortas)

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The Milky Way is STILL Cruising…

Nobody Notes

Australia has some really strange sounding places…like the Purnululu National Park, where you can find the Bungle Bungees, which look like giant bee-hives or little alien ships ready to attack Gaia! Somebody call Al Gore…quick!

That’s where this picture of the Milky Way was taken, by an Australian photographer named Mike Salway.

Pretty cool!

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Nobody’s Email: Julia Gillard

Nobody Gets Email:

It seems Australia has it’s NOT SO POPULAR leader too…Julia Gillard. I think someone should do this ‘cloud’ idea with Obama. I’m not sure you could print it though.


A word-cloud from a newspaper survey: Give one word that sums up the (our Oz)  PM.

The ‘cloud’ is formed from the most-used words.

(Thanks to amfortas, who lives there and knows!)

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A Speech For the Century

Nobody Wins

You do NOT want to miss this speech, given by Tony Abbott in Australia’s Parliament today, it’s a masterpiece…and it will make you ashamed as an America, to look at our President’s face as he listened to it. It’s all you need to know about the man. It’s a speech he should have given his own people, but what we have gotten instead is an ignorant brat of a nincompoop. I don’t care how well he can read a teleprompter, even Jimmy Carter would have had more grace in this moment.

And sadly, it took this incredible speech from our British friends to rise to the moment to show America, what it should fight to restore again. Western civilization, and the great legacys it has built, is at this moment of time, on the chopping block.

Do not miss this speech. It’s one for the centuries.

(Thanks once again to my favorite Aussie, amfortas, for sending the video)

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