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Nobody’s Email: Australia Warns America: Don’t Give Up Your Guns!

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We didn’t want Obamacare…Obama did…so we now have it.  We didn’t higher taxies…Obama did…so all of us are paying more.

We don’t want our guns to be taken away. Obama does…and he is coming for them.

THIS is where we must draw the line. Any fool who doesn’t know this should watch this video.

Here…the good citizens of Australia are trying to warn us. Listen, and pass it around.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

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Nobody Cares About Men’s Fashion

Nobody Cares

I have NO idea way the mainstream media is not covering the latest line in Men’s fashion from Paris: Do you? No….each one of these fabulous outfits are screaming to be worn at the Presidential inauguration ball. Nobody Thinks Joe Biden would look especially dashing in the last picture.

Is it any wonder Obama gave himself secret service protection for life? I LOVE the tennis shoes on the first outfit..and the gloves…what’s is he expecting to pick up? An iceberg?

The kangaroo pockets on the second is rather clever but the pants look like something from my great great grandmothers bathing suit.

The “I am a Scottish Ken doll” could lose the earmuffs.

But the last one is PERFECT. You’d never catch the flu in that! Then again…you’d never see the punch coming towards your face either.

Men’s fashion: Not what it used to be.

Men's design One Men design twomen design threemen's design four

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