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Nobody Remembers Democratic Senator Huey Long

Nobody Remembers

—-Huey Long (D. Senator from Louisiana), because our schools make darn sure our kids don’t know much about anything…but thanks to YouTube, we can visit the early seeds of Obama’s democratic/Marxist philosophy, made long ago…and here Huey delivers it with a lot of what looks like drunken flair, delivered with down-home cornporn passoion…The utopian Marxist dream of redistributing the wealth is displayed here on steroids. It’s pretty funny to watch.

Here’s some more of what Huey said on the radio in 1934:

Now, my friends, it makes no difference who is President or who is senator. America is for 125 million people and the unborn to come. We ran Mr. Roosevelt for the Presidency of the United States because he promised to us by word of mouth and in writing;1. That the size of the big man’s fortune would be reduced so as to give the masses at the bottom enough to wipe out all poverty: and 2. That the house of labor would be so reduced that all would share in the work to be done and in consuming the abundance mankind produced. There are thousands of share-our-wealth societies organized in the United States now. (In 2012 it’s just one society of Democratics)

Huey went on to suggest that all the multimillionaires and billionaires wealth shall be reduced so that nobody had more than one million.

“But $3 to $4 million is enough for any one person and his children and his children’s children. We propose to limit the amount any one man can earn in one year or inherit to $1 million to the person.”

Huey said that with the money they got from the rich

 “We could provide a home and the comforts of home with such common conveniences as radio and automobile, for every family in America, free of debts. We guarantee food and clothing and employment for everyone who should work by shortening the hours of labor  to 30 hours per week. Provide education, to everyone, including college. We would give a pension to all persons about sixty years of age. And  would grant a moratorium on all debts which people owe that they cannot pay.

(Nobody says that already do that here in St. Louis. Every year, any one who got a ticket in St. Louis can line up and for $5.00, get their fines dismissed!)

Tell me…isn’t this exactly what they’ve been trying to do for the last decade? Someday when our deficit becomes to big for our children to pay, are they just going take GE’s profits and spread it around?

LOL!Cat laugh

By the way…just so you know and do not remember: Huey Long was assassinated….

Makes you wonder if Obama just learned about Huey.

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Nobody’s Fool: Lt. General W. G. Boykin

Nobody’s Fool

As you watch this video: (and I hope you will) remember that this was taken a few years ago.

That’s all I’m going to say, because, as you know, I tend to agree with him, as events are bearing out the facts that everyone just cannot believe. (I think too many Americans just don’t believe complete tyranny will come to America.) thing. At the end of the video, the General mentions how Obama wanted a standing civilian army…and also remember that John Kerry, when running for President, said that he believed America should have a National Service:

April 12, 2004, Political News:

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry on Monday renewed his call for a comprehensive commitment to national service by Americans of all ages, telling college students that “change starts with you” as he proposed to tie aid for college tuition to national service.

Whether Kerry will implement mandatory “National Service” for all citizens in Obama’s second term remains to be seen.

We had Sandy Hook to moblalized control of our guns. Hagel will control Homeland drones. All Obama needs in one ‘national’ disaster to take full control of the whole country.

It’s been done by dictators before.  All we can hope is that there are enough good men in Congress to stand up to them.

NOBODY really misses Ronald Reagan.

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