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Nobody Remembers: From Alexandria to Timbuktu

Nobody Remembers

The great library of Alexandria:

The most famous library of the ancient world was the one built in Alexandria, which was burned down…not just once, but many times. Something about conquerors loving to burn libraries…it’s just so exciting to keep the masses stupid.  It was one of the greatest losses in the world….Library of Alexandria 2

The Alexandrian library flourished for several hundred years, and was the center of cultural development in the west. Scholars from every field of knowledge and every corner of the Hellenistic world came to learn, study and teach at Alexandria. Paid staff included grammarians, historians, astronomers, geographers, mathematicians, physicians, and poets. They studied and revised the works of earlier writers, beginning with Homer–the division of Homer’s works into separate books is thought to be a product of the library.

The first significant fire was around 89-88 BC. Egypt was torn by war and civil strife under Ptolemy VIII, and much of Alexandria was burned. The final fire was in 645 AD, when the Moslem caliph Omar (Caliph of Baghdad) conquered Egypt. The story is that Omar was asked what to do about the books in the library, and gave the reply: “If the books agree with the Koran, they are not necessary. If they disagree, they are not desired. Therefore, destroy them.” According to tradition, the scrolls were used as fuel to provide hot water for the soldiers’ baths for six months.

And just a few weeks ago…the library of Timbuktu was burnt down, by Muslim extremists, with pretty much the same attitude.

Evidently, there was no Koran in it.

SEVARE, Mali (AP) — Timbuktu, the fabled desert city where retreating Muslim extremists destroyed ancient manuscripts, was a center of Islamic learning hundreds of years before Columbus landed in the Americas. It is not known how many of the priceless documents were destroyed by al Qaida-linked fighters who set ablaze a state-of-the-art library built with South African funding to conserve the brittle, camel-hide bound manuscripts from the harshness of the Sahara Desert climate. The damage caused by the fleeing Islamists was limited, but irreplaceable treasures were lost. (When the French came, they ran.) The manuscripts cover subjects ranging from science, astrology and medicine to history, theology, grammar and geography. All are in Arabic script, in the Arabic language and African languages. The world may never know what it has lost.

So, Nobody Asks: What kind of people burn knowledge? How stupid is that? And THIS is the religion and people who Obama thinks are equal to Christianity and the West? How STUPID does that make him? Timbuktu library

Timbuktu used to be a city were people from different races and creeds live together..but in 2012 the Islamic (Tuareg nationalists rebels) came in, banned music, made the women cover themselves, and began carrying out public executions and amputations.

And Obama invites these people into the White House.

Since Obama made such a big deal about the knowledge and wisdom of the Islamic people, did he even mention this tragedy?

Nope. And he won’t either. He made the biggest deal about some guy making a video, but the Muslims burning generations of priceless knowledge–doesn’t even get a Hillary giggle.Timbuktu

But this Nobody will remember…How the Muslims burned the library at Timbuktu….in 2013.

And wonder how any people—- could be so stupid.


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Nobody’s Fool: Henson Ong

Nobody’s Fool

If there ever was a time in American History that we all need to shout out loud that– “You WILL not take away our rights!” it’s now.

Henson Ong’s speech is simply…fantastic. I got tear eyed…the truth is so rare nowadays, that when I do here it, I get…emotional.

Don’t miss this one!


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