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The Senate Should Fight to Save the OFFICE of the Presidency

Nobody Remembers

As I watched the start of the Senate impeachment trial today on FOX, on another station, C-Span, there was Obama’s former ambassador to the U.N: Samantha Powers. Right before her was Susan Rice.

Both of them trashing Trump. No coincidence there.

While listening to Samantha talk about how dangerous Trump was, she said something very revealing. She said that coups were necessary to overthrow dictators in the world, and the main goal of people like her was to promote the “rule of law.” In other words, coups were just fine, and very necessary if the world was going to get rid of ‘dictators.” In fact, that was a goal that they have been doing for quite some time.

And then, in the next sentence she said that President Trump was one of these dictators.

Which means, to me, even though she didn’t say it, Samantha was admitting the coup that Obama forged against Trump was just that: a coup. And perfectly sane.

In the last two days, Nancy Pelosi has been parading around, giving press conferences…as if SHE was the real President. Signing the impeachment documents with a big smile and handing out pens: Pens that look like bullets…symbolizing the destruction of not only Trump, but the OFFICE of the President, because that’s what this is. Congress is trying to take all Constitutional power from Trump, not only so they want to make sure they can impeach him forever if they don’t like what he’s doing, but also to change our form of government to be ruled by…the global criminal court of mendacious, self-serving elites.

They want the U.S. Presidency to be just a impotent ceremonial office. Like the Queen of England. I think this goes beyond Trump.

In the future, as long as the House deems it necessary, they can impeach a President on just about anything. They can MAKE him weak. MAKE him obey.

President Trump has done NOTHING unconstitutional let alone impeachable.

If you strip a President of being afraid to even have a private conversation with another leader of a country, then you strip the Presidential office of all it’s power.

THAT’s what they are doing. Not saving our Constitution: but destroying it.

Presidents have to decide, and most times in secret, what’s good for the country. It’s their right as Commander-in-Chief.

Taking out Salamandi was a Presidential right, and the Congress screamed about it. President Trump saved not only American lives, but many Muslims too. It was a great victory for the world.

Another President, like Trump, had to make a decision also that many didn’t like, and he caught hell for it.

President Truman—when he dropped the atomic bombs on Japan.

From Truman by Margaret Truman

‘Dad had a climactic conference with the Joint Chiefs of Staff to decide the final strategy against Japan. They handed him plans for a November 1 assault on the Japanese home island of Kyushu with a total force of 766,700 men. Some of the chiefs predicted light casualties, but Admiral Leahy strongly disagreed. He pointed out that in the bloody Okinawa campaign just ending, American losses (41,700) had been 35 percent of the attacking force. The Japanese still had an estimated 5000 planes ready for kamikaze assaults. There were an estimated 2,000,000 troops in the Japanese home islands. Facing the Americans on Kyushu would be seventeen well-equipped battle-ready divisions.

On both Kyushu and Honshu, Japan’s soldiers would, if their performance on Okinawa was any indication, fight with total fanaticism to defend their scared home soil. Based on this assumption, General George C. Marshall predicted total American dead on land and sea might reach 500,000 men.

Moreover— and this was a very big moreover— the entire America battle plan was based on the assumption that Russia would enter the war before the American invasion. This would pin down Japan’s’ crack one-million-man Manchurian army, as well as on additional one million troops on the Asian mainland fighting the Chinese. If substantial portions of these troops could be shuttled back to Japan by no means an impossibility, in spite of our air and sea superiority, American losses might be many times that already appalling figure.

The atomic bomb was not mentioned in this conference. Behind these problems loomed another specter, mentioned again and again in cables from Prime Minister Churchill: the possibility that with the Allies heavily involved in the Pacific, there would be nothing to prevent Russia from taking over most of war ravaged, prostrate Europe.

My father saw that conventional bombing, even if it worked, and no one doubted that it might take months even a year, would cause more Japanese deaths than the use of one or two atomic bombs.

My father’s decision, and this I think has been largely forgotten was aimed at saving Japanese as well as American lives.

Okay. So, this is WHY the democrats never mention President Truman?

The decision to drop the atomic bomb was all his. Only the President could make that decision.

He thought it through, and made the decision, as was his Constitutional right.

And if the progressives get their way, no Commander-in-Chief, no President, would EVER again be able to make that decision. Dropping the bomb ended the war with Japan.

That’s a fact.

And THAT’s why, the Senate must shut this down, and SAVE the Constitution, and our three branch republic.

For which we should ALL stand.

Without a President, we will be ruled by a mob. Mostly a New York one. And if it was up to Pelosi, and the Congress to decide to drop an atomic bomb on a country about to destroy us.

WE would all be dead. They wouldn’t do it. If you vote for a democrat, you might just be signing your own death warrant.

It’s a great system. It’s the best system of government ever invented.

Let’s hope they don’t *$&% it up.

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Impeachment From a Parliment of Whores

Nobody Wins

So, finally, the decrepit Nancy Pelosi got her final moment in the political historical sun: The first speaker of the House of Representatives to impeach a President for a really nice phone call, in order to cover up the many treasonous felonies that have been going on for decades in Congress.

That pretty much sums it up.

While the news and the pundits all declare that the democrats were doing this just because they were mad they lost an election, the real truth is that our Congress has been exposed to be some of the most degenerate humans walking the planet, and they have been exposed…who really knew the horrible extent of all their crimes?

Now we know.

Trump has shown the light of truth on their very dark souls. Real patriots won’t forgive. And we won’t forget either.

At least the big muti-billionaires give us all products and jobs. Politicians, we are finding out, are a cesspool of ostentatious liars, blood-sucking thieves, and not deserving of their high paying positions let alone their freedom to walk around.

The big win today was when Nancy picked the very same maniacal maraud of feckless nincompoops, that keep repeating ths same lies over and over so much, that we’ve heard it all before, and are sick to death of it all.

Even the young Swedish Bernie Sanders Liberal will find it boring and switch the channel.

While the speeches were threatening, somber, and full of “We are here for the CONSITUTION!“, the look on Nancy’s face was more like…”Oh…sh*$t”.

They saw the crowd at Trump’s rally last night. They also watched the democratic debate.

Only Meathead Marxists would think it was a success.

After the crowd last night in Wisconsin, and the great reception that President Trump got at the football game, and then the China trade deal today, any Never-Trumpers in the Senate, like my Senator, Roy Blunt, should be thinking about his or her retirement.

If the Senators act all “We need a fair trial” BS, and go forth for days on end listening to Pelosi and her band of losers, America is going to notice. We had too many years of the BUSH: I am so above you all! attitude.

We want it stopped. Sorry, John Bolton can go write a book.

So, despite the fact that they tried to make it a totally dismal day for America, actually…in many ways it was: a victory.

It might go down in history as an ‘impeachment’, but it will also go down as the day America corrected it’s course from the dismal hole of incompetence boobs, or as they were once called in a famous book by P. J. O’Roarke…a

Parliament of Whores. 

To a new course for a better America. It’s going to take time to clean up America, but…with Trump…all things are possible.

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Nobody Wonders Why Nancy is Partying?

Nobody Wonders

Let’s see: Iran came out of the funeral in which over 50 people were killed in a “stampede”, (Sounds like maybe some gun went off don’t you think?) and then the next day, Iran sent some missiles flying into American airbases in which they manage to…not kill a single American soldier. Over 15 missiles and…only some damage to structure?

Wow. What are the odds that they all missed?

Nobody Wonders if they buried Salami in his Chevy. Nobody Wonders if somebody took his arm and put it in a trophy some where to be shown as a shrine in some Mosque for the elites.

Maybe some Iraq’s, were hurt by the missiles we are told, but then again, we breathlesly wait for the altered report tomorrow from Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shifty.

History will be rewritten on all state channels. After Nancy gets over her hangover.

Tonight, even though Nancy knew she should be on alert, she was instead partying. Clearly, they think this ‘war’ will destroy President Trump, and give them more reason to keep impeaching.

They couldn’t be more wrong. They might get their war, but they might be thinking, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Be prepared to hear over and over again tomorrow: “This war will destroy the President’s chances of reelection.”

Nobody Wonders: What are they going to do if his popularity goes UP?

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Once an Iranian, Always an Iranian

Nobody’s Opinion

The outflow of democratic rhetoric today was to this Nobody, overwhelming proof that Obama, and probably John Kerry were behind this whole scenario to get us involved in a war with Iran. Nancy is in a REAL bad place; the impeachment was a disaster. EVERYBODY saw how unfair and political it was.

President Trump’s ratings went up: And he raised more money than all the democrats combined. NOT a good sign to go on to the Senate for Nancy,  no matter what you are hearing.

Since President Trump killed the Iranian general, all of Hollywood and the left has gone into hysterics, saying Trump is starting WWIII, and we should be very frightened because Obama and Bush knew enough not to kill the guy, EVEN THOUGH, he was killing Americans.

Since when does our country back down from tyrants? Too bad Trump wasn’t President when Hitler was alive, he might have saved millions of lives, and prevented WWII. But, since globalization, we let other country get by with murder.

We have our “Interests” to protect. Mostly CEO interests, but I digress. This is just another chess play in the democratic playbook.

They don’t have control over Iran you say? Obama and Kerry worked too hard on that Iran deal to just let Trump destroy it.

I turned on Face the Nation today, to hear the ranting of President’s Trump actions. Remember when I wrote about why Rahm Emanuel was quitting as mayor of Chicago? I thought it was a sign that they were bringing him back to the front to put in a democratic President.

One thing the left has always done is move it’s main chess pieces around the board of American politics, from mayor, to Senate, to cabinet, to board member, to lobbyist, to ambassadors, to governors—- they promote their most efficient liars and place them accordingly in the right place at the right moment, and this morning Rahm Emanuel was placed front and center on Face the Nation, making the case that Pompeo fooled Trump into going into war.

Right, It wasn’t Obama going over to them and talking to them. No, it was Pompeo.

Watch this clip if you can: confirmed liars one and all. Nothing is confirmed. Especially when they said Trump has lost the trust of the American people.

Really? It’s incredible how they never even MENTION the attack on our embassy at Bagdad. The democrats are, as my X Navy Seal husband remarks, Pussies. “When did America become Pussies?” he asked me this morning.

Well, this President isn’t. And these morons on Face the Nation think the American people reject what he did.

Hardly. We are tired of the endless wars where we don’t win.

To anybody who has been paying attention, it was Obama who funded Iran with his billion-dollar gifts and who also actually MADE ISIS. Obama put Muslims throughout his cabinet. Obama, is a Muslim. He even told everyone that America has always been a Muslim nation.

Nobody on Face the Nation doubted it.

We were duped big time with that traitor.

Once again, the impeachment went terrible, and even though they might get a few Trump haters in the Senate, they also risk exposing the crimes that THEY have committed to the world. War is good for the democrats right now. They can keep up their propaganda that nobody in the world will trust America ever again.

For instance, it’s just being reported that that Trump-hating Liza Page’s mom is from Iran. She said that Iran was a— 

“smart and strategic” country with a “5,000-year-old culture.” She also claimed Iran “isn’t an irrational actor.”

And her boyfriend, Peter Strzok? The man who helped the dossier?

A former co-worker of Peter Strzok tells Big League Politics about Strzok’s extensive background in the intelligence community, including the fact that he grew up in Iran.

Let’s not forget Brennan is a Muslim, and one of the most treasonous CIA leaders ever to hold that post.  Obama, is a Muslim. Of course, he hid that as much as he could. Both Brennan and Obama were behind the coup.

Not to mention, while George W. Bush loved to show the world he brought ‘democracy’ to Iraq, they now want Americans out of their country.

Good. Let’s leave and take our money with us.

The fact that every liberal in America is sticking up for Iran, is proof itself that it’s just another despareate attempt in the democratic play book to get Americans to NOT vote for Trump.

Good luck with that.

John Adams once told Jefferson that he had to destroy the Muslims or they would hold us all for ransom, and kill our men forever more. There WAS no negotiating with them. Jefferson took his advice and started the Marines.

And we ARE at war now. Have they all forgotten that little fact?

After listening to the various BS artists today, I did have one concern, and it wasn’t Iran.

I’ve told you that American’s electrical grid is not protected against an EMP attack. Hopefully, President Trump has upgraded it.

Bill Clinton basically threatened this in his last book. And Jeh Johnson, Obama’s (Another Muslim) Homeland Security Secretary warned us all again this morning. THAT bothers this Nobody. It as if the globalists hold one last card.

The card they use for the ultimate fear.

One EMP attack would take down the U.S. AND…if another nation did it, they could blame it on Iran, or North Korea, or China, or Russia, but you must remember…they’ve known about this for decades and done nothing. China has upgraded it’s grid, as has Russia. But not us.

Obama best advisor

Neither Daddy Bush, nor Bill Clinton, nor Jimmy Carter, nor George W., Nor Obama, OR…our Congress ever even thought about it. It was always voted down by usually that one vote.

Funny. The one thing that could cripple us, they won’t vote for. And nobody talks about it.

If that happens, it will be, because our Presidents did NOT want to protect us.

Let’s hope, THIS President is on it.

In the meantime, I think this Iranian thing too, will pass. Because President Trump has proven that he WILL do anything to protect America, and he let the world know it.

In the meantime, we have to listen to more morons, feel sorry for Iran.

Hopefully, most of them will go back home.

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Nobody Wants John Roberts

Nobody Reports

Thanks Heavens. If you don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, then Christmas was pleasant few days of pure bliss.

Why? Because the ‘impeachment’ talk took backstage. I’m guessing that it’s not because they wanted to stop blasting the President right through Christmas. It’s probably more due to the fact that the big bosses who call the shots went to their various mansions for a vacation.

But, here it is the day after Christmas and nobody missed a beat: It went right back to impeachment, and everybody has an opinion of what should be done in the Senate.

Like most people who watched the horror show put on by Nancy, Nadler, and Shift, I wanted revenge. Wanting to smash in the front of my TV set wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I wanted to see these people in jail, or at least sent to Paris to live out their days.

Banish them to their mansions which are everywhere. Make them listen to Yoko Ono 24/7.

Because the President wasn’t allowed to present his side of the case, and because it was all just about trying to spew as much false facts of criminal behavior to damage the President, I too wanted the Senate to come out, and call out everyone involved with the biggest crime in our history.

I wanted to see Hillary act ‘bored’ again, and say, “What difference does it make?” I wanted to see Comey, Brennen, McCabe, Valerie Jarrett, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden…heck the list is so long it would take three years to grill them all. And Obama should go on the stand too.

I want the world to know the coup that was pushed upon this nation and the President they elected.

Nixon had the class to resign. All these people should at the very least, lose their big government pensions. I’d prefer jail, but people in hell want ice water.

Yep, let the trail begin. I wanted President Trump’s name to be brought back to its rightful place.
But THEN, I heard that Supreme Court John “Keeper of the global proverbial gate” Roberts was going to preside over the hearings. Was he to be in charge of WHO can call witnesses and who couldn’t?

Roberts is JUST as untrustworthy as Comey. Both are traitors to America, and protectors of the global cabal.

I’m not sure how much power Roberts has overseeing the Senate Trial. But that one man alone could have stopped the abomination called Obamacare, and he didn’t…making socialized medicine the law of the land.

Believe me, I curse him every day. And for that reason alone, President Trump should NOT want the trial. Who knows what stupid thing Roberts is going to come up with? He placed the FISA court judges, and no doubt was helping with the coup.

Already, we know that Mitt Romney will do everything he can to get up and trash Trump. Roberts would probably let him talk for days.  We also know that Liza Murkowski would vote to impeach. And while the others in the Senate DARE not vote to impeach for fear of their own jobs, even if just a few got to spew off about their Anti-Trump hatred, that would be all anyone would be talking about.

I don’t trust John Roberts. He’s a puppet of the Bushes and the globalists, and just be being in charge of the trial, he could cause FURTHER damage to the whole process. REMEMBER: He appointed all 11 of the FISA court judges.

Still trust him?

Well, here’s a lot of what you don’t know about John Roberts that go into great detail.

So I say: Don’t even have a trial. Or tell Nancy she has one day to turn over her ‘impeachment” papers or the Senate will dismiss it all, being as it was all done unconstitutionally. Not only that, but if the house can make up rules, then so can the Senate. The Senate should go into the basement, hear witnesses if they like, but keep out the democrats.
What’s fair is fair. I don’t really trust McConnell either, but he’s got to at least appear to be on Trump’s side here.

Then…. the senators could come up from the basement and say: We saw no facts. And then they could vote. And end it. Don’t give Roberts a chance to muck it all up, because he will.

Remember the Bushes WANTED Hillary in the White House, not Trump. They HATE the man too. And Roberts has carried on the Bush New World Order with too many decisions. He might as well be a democrat.

Besides, there IS no crime, and everybody knows it.

The democrats will scream, but they scream anyway.

As for the people’s revenge that this has happened and NOBODY is being punished?

President Trump should just keep pointing out the truth.
If you can’t arrest these powerful people, then you certainly can keep talking about their crimes. You can prove their crimes. And by all means, arrest of few of these ‘disposables.”

If the President does this, the liberals will be so full of hatred, they might blow out a few brain cells they have left just talking about it.

These people are at war, to destroy our country and open up our borders.

John Roberts is NOT our President, and he has made too many bad decisions.

Let Nancy hold the impeachment papers forever more.

Nobody Cares. But leave the trail in the hands of John Roberts?

I think we’ve heard enough “constitutional” lying experts for one year, don’t you?

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Victor Davis Hanson: A Man EVERYONE Should Listen to

Nobody Flashes

One of the best interviews of Levine’s cable program.

Compare this man to our Congressmen and Women.

Enjoy the wisdom of Victor Davis Hanson!

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Nobody Wins With This Coup Disguised As an Impeachment

Nobody Wins

Tonight, all the pundits on cable were making out like this is the end of the republic.

President Trump has been impeached on a party line by the democrats in the House.

I disagree. I think this ‘sham’ of an impeachment is so blatantly clear as a ridiculous maneuver to get rid of an elected President, that most of the Americans look at it as just another day in the D.C. Swamp.

They are learning. Habitual lying by politicians who have no clue that people can actually LEARN, can do that.

If they hadn’t of been attacking Trump since he has been in office it would have had more of an impact. But, like the boy calling wolf too often, we are all bored to death of their attacks.

Tonight, as the democrats all got up and rattled off what they thought was his offenses, every single one of them were touting the “Constitution” and quoting founders right and left.

So, in honor of this historical night of our President being ‘impeached’, I thought I’d put out a few quotes from the founders (And some of their kids) myself:

Brook Adams: Thought is one of the manifestations of human energy, and among the earlier and simpler phases of thought two stand conspicuous—Fear and Greed. Fear, which by stimulating the imagination, creates a belief in an invisible world, and ultimately develops a priesthood: and Greed, which dissipates energy in war and trade.

Henry Brooks Adams: The press is the hired agent of a monied system, and set up for no other purpose than to tell lies where their interests are involved. One can trust nobody and nothing.

John Adams: Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.

Thomas Jefferson: Force is the vital principle and immediate parent of despotism.

Thomas Jefferson: Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (Of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson: Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. (Google? Facebook? Twitter?)

Alexander Hamilton: History teaches that among the men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants. (The House Democrats.)

Alexander Hamilton: If government is in the hands of a few, they will tyrannize the many, if in the hands of the many they will tyrannize the few. It would to be in the hands of both, and they should be separated. This separation must be permanent. Representation alone will not do: demagogues will generally prevail: and, if separated, they will need a mutual check. This check is a monarch

(Is this why Obama promoted the black Hamilton on Broadway?)

And one more….from Missouri…dedicated to Shifty Shift.

Mark Twain: Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for his own pleasure of doing it. It is a trait that is not known to the higher animals.

The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures, is the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creature that cannot.

Which means the democrats are lower morally than the simplest of wart hogs.

And that’s pretty much how they will be remember in years to come. They are really enjoying inflicting this pain on the American People and President Trump.

The are like ravenous pigs at the trough of destruction.

This impeachment is a disgrace on the history of our country.

And yet, we once survived a horrible civil war. God gave us Lincoln to pull us through. .

And at this moment in our history, God has given us President Trump–to save us once again from the tyranny of socialists and globalist despots.

All we have to do is follow his lead,—

because President Trump has the GREATEST animal moral instincts of any man on the planet.

God help the democrats…they have NO idea what’s coming. 

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Jim Jordan and Hillary’s New Look

Nobody Flashes

Friday the 13th. My mother had a massive stroke on Friday the 13th. I’m not fond of this date. Not that I’m suspicious, but the democrats wanted to make sure they took the impeachment vote on this date. Like the Muslims, dates are important to them.

Here is MY Friday the 13th nightmare:

This nobody thinks that this is going so much to script, that the democrats all know what the end game is: Hillary Clinton will come back into the race, win the democratic nomination, and Biden will bow out just as Bernie Sanders did last time without even a complaint, and I have no doubt that they have been working on getting as many illegals to vote as they possible can in the next election, and New York, and California will once again put her in the popular vote, and she will say the electoral college is outdated, we are a democracy, and she will take it to the Supreme court,

And Justice Roberts will put forth the deciding vote, and claim that she won. He is Bush’s man all the way.

Or that the Congress should take the matter up as to who won. And the fighting will go on for another four years, and Hillary will claim to be President.

She does now.

This woman is sick. And I for one am so glad she got plastic surgery. Tell me, doesn’t she look like Penny Marshall now? And why is she keeping her mouth closed? Are they still doing her teeth? Ha. The media is saying she is now “glamorous.”

Uh…..not the word I would use.

Okay. Jim Jordan doesn’t think that’s going to happen. Let’s hope that God intervenes somehow, someway and spares us all from that scary scenario.

In the meantime, even though Trump is standing strong, no man should be impeached in such a way as he.

These two people are evil incarnate.

Jim Jordan, on the other hand, has been a real Michael of an angel, fighting every day for Trump and the American people.

We are so lucky to have him.

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The Democratic House: Democratic Despots

Nobody Remembers’

Here’s what Dick Morris had to say last May about what would happen if the democrats tried to impeach the President.

Anybody who watched the testimony on our TV’s the last two weeks, and witnessed the polls of the President going up, see this happening. Dick was right.

The democrats know it will hurt them, but SOMEBODY is pulling the strings behind the scenes and making them do it.

Soros? The Clintons? One thing is certain, it isn’t hurting the stock market or the President.

What we are witnessing is the “mob”. Up to this point the politicians have been using the word democracy. They’ve just in the last few days change it to “republic.”

But Nobody Remembers what John Adams warned us about in his book: “In Defense of the Constitution”

The democrats are now ruling like tyrants in this impeachment process. They ARE the majority, and Adams warned that a ‘democracy” is the MOST tyrannical of all.

“Freedom produces magnanimity and courage: but there is no freedom nor justice in a simple democracy for any but the majority. The ruling party, no doubt, will be active and bold: but the ruled will be discouraged, browbeaten, and insulted, without a possibility of redress but by civil war. It is a mixed government, the, well balanced, that makes all the nation of a noble temper. 

The minority on the contrary will be constantly within the reach of tyranny, and under the arbitrary disposition of the commanding power of the majority. Nor do the minority , under such a government in case of transgression: nor have they any share or interest in making of laws, with the penalties annexed: nor do they become the more inexcusable if they offend;” nor ought they ” the more willingly to submit to punishment, when they suffer for any offence.” for the minority have no laws but what the majority please to give, any more than “when government is managed in the hands of a particular person, “Know what laws they are to obey, or what penalties they are to undergo.”

(Does this not sound like the Nadler/Shift impeachment that we have witnessed? They made up ALL rules, changed the rules, all done in secrecy, and left the GOP with no power whatsoever. Acting like, tyrants.) 

The universal sense of mankind has deemed it so destructive or impractical, that no nation has ventured on it. But if we consider those passion in human nature which cause despots, oligarchies, and standing senate to make sure an abuse of power, we must see that the same passions will ever exist in the majority and their leaders in a democracy and produce the same fatal effects. 

John Adams, the man who wrote the FIRST Constitution of the United States (Massachusetts) which had the three separate branches to prevent a democracy, thought that a democracy would be the MOST tyrannical of all governments.

You could get a wise and benevolent King. But if, like the democrats want to do, we get rid of the electorial college which GIVES us a democracy forever more, New York, and California would run the country, and they would do it as we see now, as tyrants to the rest of us.

The democrats majority in the House, are doing just what John Adams feared, and they are acting as if they can make the President and the Senate null and void.

And this is why they will keep saying “republic” because too many lawyers know this.

It’s up to the Senate AND the President to keep these tyrants in check.



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What Will the Senate Do? Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

WILL the criminals that put together this coup to oust a President be punished?

Since yesterday’s impeachment fiasco by Nadler was such a clear circus of lies by the democrats, where democratic lawyers insisted the President was guilty, AND since the I.G. report came out today which showed the actual coup put on by the Obama administration, the democrats rushed out in the morning, claimed impeachment charges, and said that the next elections would be suspicious, and we are all sure, they will not accept it.

THEN…because they know they are scamming, and it’s all a lie, in order to keep up the voter’s not getting mad in certain states, the whole democratic farce goes on. Nancy comes out and CLAIMS that THEY saved the economy, corrected Trump’s trade deal, and basically signs it and takes the credit for it before he can.

Audacity they have buttloads of.

Rush Limbaugh is explained it all right now, how Trump was spied on by the FBI. The people involved wore wiretaps.

Then Horowitz comes out and says that there was no bias in the FBI reports, which as everyone knows, is a joke. It’s like when Comey came out and said that Hillary had no intent to hide her server, destroy her cell phones, crush her computers, and destroy emails.

I see Hillary behind all of this. The deep state is deep. I wondered if Barr would try to protect the ‘institutions’ and therefore, Nobody Wonders if the members of the Senate going to do the same?

Will we, as usual, just see a few lower plebeians arrested and the top criminals in this coup go untouched? Will Obama’s part in this even be mentioned by the Senate? Trump wants a full Senate trial, but will Graham and O’Connell, two deep state operatives, give it to him?

Or will they just say, Yes, they were bad, bad, things done, but let’s move on for the country’s sake.

Nobody Knows, but if history repeats itself, that’s what will happen. They say that nobody is above the law, but we see time and time again, they mean everybody but them.

IF they do NOT convict Hillary, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and the rest of the group, then nothing will change in America.
The deep state, will tell themselves, behind closed doors, well we just can’t do THAT. The whole country would fall apart.

The democrats will still keep attacking, the Bush Rino’s will breathe a sigh of relief, and all the elites will stay in power.
AND the horrible crap we’ve been forced to listen to for three years, will continue forever more, until the globalist Hillary, or another globalist manages to get placed in the White House.

They plan to destroy the Constitution. It stands in the way of their global plans.

And that’s why, what happens in the Senate is so important.

Our president is right: If they do impeach, then we should watch the trial in the Senate.

They haven’t been fair so far, so I doubt if that happens.

Can the President FORCE the Senate to give him a fair trial? Does he not have the right as all of us so, to a fair trial?

So far, they haven’t given him one so….

Nobody Knows.

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Freedom….Once Lost

Nobody’s Opinion

A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. —John Adams

Yes, yes, yes, we are all celebrating the elections of Hong Kong’s overwhelming vote for democracy and movement for freedom from China’s communist rule. But, today, we went right back to see the protestors being suppressed by the Chinese police. So, what really happened?

China now has made it mandatory that you cannot have a cellphone without face recognition which gives the state control of just about everything you do. We haven’t gotten there yet, but FACEBOOK has helped the Chinese with the blueprints so yes, we might be next.

Despite the citizens of Hong Kong fight for democracy, the STATE will still have control of the Chinese life, no matter what.

Technology. It takes us forward but at what cost?

As one man suggested, we are witnessing the “impeachment” of a president for a ‘thought crime.’ He committed no crime, but just the fact that he THOUGHT about it, makes it a crime.

How many times have people THOUGHT about doing harm to someone every day? We don’t. We know we would go to jail. So…we check ourselves. Can’t say our politicians do the same now, can we?

Spielberg’s movie, Minority Report was a blueprint for the technology that is coming our way. Google, Twitter, and Amazon, will now be able to affect every election by sheer censorship. They are doing it now. Printing what they want you to see, and ignoring the many truths they DON’T want you to see.

Add to that the continued move to a ‘cashless’ society and the future might be hard to even fight against.

When there is no transaction in cash, the state will be able to just to start taking your retirement funds and go into any bank account and your idea of “freedom” disappears. Shopping online is another nudge forward to that cashless state.

Hey, it happened already in Greece.

What if, one day, when the globalist climate change nuts vote at Devos, to just TAKE the global climate change tax right out of everybody’s bank account? How could we stop them?

Right now, many places are refusing to take cash. You will have barter for your goods in the future,, which the great minds have already predicted and written books about. In the book, Future Shock, written more than 20 years ago, bartering was predicted, by Allen Toffler—a man who Newt Gingrich really admired.

There seems to have been a slow takeover, of our lives and fortunes, because they really don’t want you know what is being set up: But it’s clear— The elites would prefer 1984 to the freedom of all people.

Henry Adams in his book, The Education of Henry Adams remarked about this very thing: technology making past beliefs absolute. Although two presidents were in his family, Quincy, the town where the Adams family had its main house, was still 18th century when he was growing up. His grandfather (JQA) still lit his own fire every morning with a flint. But, close by in Boston, there were inside toilets, railroads, steam ships, the stock market…technology that left the 18th century wondering what happened to the revolution.

Those railroads and steamships made the cotton farms in the South even MORE reluctant to give up slavery. So much for Sam’s revolution.

Are we at the same crossroads today? Many of the very rich, in bed with the politicians, see more profit to be made in slave labor. Millions of people in Hong Kong see this slavery coming, but Americans unfortunately have been duped with the great monopoly of elites who control almost all of our news. We are free now, but like the state is like the Pacman on the board. Many of our freedoms have been gobbled up.

As Van Jones once admitted, they are pushing, and nudging us into obedience: White people are evil, open borders are good, American policing the world at taxpayers’ expense. All good.

Michael Bloomberg sort of admitted recently, most people should not only not have big gulps, they should not be allowed to have a lot of money. We are too stupid.

We should have ust enough money to keep us from doing what the people in Hong Kong are doing.


The fact that ALL the polls say Joe Biden is leading Trump, and yet he can only draw a very small crowd of a few hundred, while President Trump draws thousands, shows you just how CONTROLLED what we are seeing really is.

So, all those men who fought for freedom around the world, and died, their families thought the sacrifice was the end of it. They died protecting OUR freedom.

But are we safe now? Far from it.

If we don’t control the people who control our technology, our future will depend on the “state” to decide. And then as Adams once warned, it will be lost…. forever.

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Trump & Spencer: Truman & MacArthur


Last week, there was another “shock” when President Trump fired the Secretary of the Navy:

From the Economist: (With a Nobody note—notice he calls him Mr. Trump instead of President Trump. Did you EVER read some reporter call Obama, Mr. Obama? Right. Very subtle putdown.)

Mr. Richard V. Spencer, Acting Secretary of Defense , poses for his official portrait in the Army portrait studio at the Pentagon in Arlington, Va, June. 25, 2019. (U.S. Army photo by William Pratt).

THE 45TH PRESIDENT began his term by packing his administration with military officers. Since then he has broken with the men he once called “my generals”. On November 15th Donald Trump pardoned two soldiers accused of war crimes and reversed the demotion of Eddie Gallagher, a Navy SEAL convicted in a military court of posing with a dead captive. When the navy sought to remove Mr Gallagher’s Trident pin, which marks out SEALs, Mr Trump ordered that he be allowed to keep it. Richard Spencer, the secretary of the navy, balked at this micromanagement of military justice and was soon fired (he was also accused of trying to cut a deal with the White House behind the back of his boss, Mark Esper). All this adds to the cocktail of civil-military dysfunction that has swirled since Mr Trump took office.

Needless to say, Mr. Spencer was VERY pissed off. He was interviewed on several networks, and wrote a letter which we all read….

“Unfortunately, it has become apparent that… I no longer share the same understanding with the Commander in Chief who appointed me, in regards to the key principle of good order and discipline. I cannot in good conscience obey an order that I believe violates the sacred oath I took in the presence of my family, my flag and my faith to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
******************************From Wiki………………….

So, who was this Spencer guy?

After leaving the Marines as a captain, he worked on Wall Street for 15 years, holding positions at Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, A. G. Becker, Paine Webber and Merrill Lynch. Spencer served on the Defense Business Board, a Pentagon advisory panel, from 2009 to 2015 and on the Chief of Naval Operations Executive Panel.[5] During his time on the Defense Business Board, he proposed shutting down domestic military commissaries in favor of negotiated military discounts at public retailers.

Our president knows a ‘fake’ suit when he sees one. He stuck up for the Seal, gave him back his trident, and fired the Wall Street Global cookie. Mr. Spencer spent more time on Wall Street than in the Navy. It’s kind of like when Hillary Clinton appointed her Leon Pennetta Lawyer as Secretary of Defense. I don’t remember ANYBODY ever complaining anywhere that Hillary’s lawyer was running our military do you?

It’s all about loyalty to the top, and global money interests. The deep state has made SURE that all their global warriors are at the top. Just as now, we saw Comey being replaced at the FBI with someone who’s not much better.

But, Nobody Remembers, another time when a President fired a general. And THIS general was rather a more decorated war general than Mr. Spencer.

Years ago, President Truman FIRED General MacArthur, a rather more famous general. He stayed in the Pacific after WWII, and pushed back the Chinese from South Korea. BUT…MacArthur didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to go INTO China and get rid of communism altogether. A noble thought, but Americans were just coming out of WWII, and not did not have the money to fight China, they didn’t have the manpower, and Russia was on the other side to contend with.

MacArthur started ignoring Truman’s commands. As his daughter writes in her biography of her father…here’s what MacArther wrote…

“It is my belief that if allowed to use my full military might, without artificial restrictions, I could not only save Korea, but also inflict such a destructive blow upon Red Chain’s capacity to wage aggressive war that it would remove her as a further threat to peace in Asia for generations to come,” How he hoped to accomplish this, short of massive atomic attack, he never explained. But this was the background for the thinking which led him step by step insubordination and finally to outright sabotage of his president policy.

Truman sent his message To MacArthur to send to the Chinese, but the General sent his own.

And it wasn’t even a parody! When President Truman found out, he said this:

“We sent meat paragraphs to MacArthur for approval. Then he sent his own ultimatum to the Chinese. That is what he got fired for. I didn’t send a message to the Chinese after that. He prevented a cease fire proposition right there. I was ready to kick him into the North China Sea at that time. I was never so put out in my life. It was the lousiest trick a Commander in Chief can have done to him by an underling. MacArthur thought he was the proconsul for the government of the United States and could do as he damned pleased.”

So, you see, generals getting all cocky and disobeying the President is nothing new. The deep state has a lot involved in war and global business. Which is why I think the deep state went after General Flynn first.

Flynn WOULD have been loyal to President Trump and he would have been successful in getting his wishes done. What they did to that great patriot is beyond disgusting.

We found out today that President Trump went to spend Thanksgiving with the Troops. It’s what a President SHOULD do.

And what do we learn from this lesson of history?

Generals can START wars. And ruin the plans of many a President. President Trump doesn’t want global wars, but too many entrenced generals do.

And that’s not a very comforting thought.

Our President did the right thing. Besides, all the man did was take a picture with the dead enemy. One he didn’t even kill.

Our soldiers in WWII took many pictures with dead Japs and not only that, kept souvenirs.

War is…war. And our President did the right thing.

AGAIN. Are we surprised?


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Soudland and Shift

Nobody Cares

I must admit…I was sleeping to the testimony today, taking a day of rest from my usual exercise program for my knee replacement. I think my knee has had enough bending for three months. I have trouble taking naps, but today was an exception. Usually, I can fall asleep to football, or golf. But nothing was as boring as Sondland and Shift.

Sounds like a golf course in Louisiana. Or a coffee shop in Dubai.

Anyway, Sondland started out being funny. He acted as if he didn’t have a care in the world. No problem, all smiles. As the day went on, his message was that everybody knew the President wanted to look into the Joe Biden 2016 crimes, but he made sure to tell everyone that when he talked to the President, even though he was ‘crabby’ his words were “No quid pro quo!” Trump even came out with a big board to PROVE that those WERE HIS WORDS.

By the way: Joe Biden was VP in 2016, NOT running for President. So this “Trump was trying to attack his rival is poor crap.” If anything, the democrat and the deep state MADE Joe run so they could have a fake trial and keep the Congress from passing ANY bills whatsoever…NAFTA would REMAIN the law of the world. Open borders will continue. That’s the real plan here. It’s a win/win! Keep pounding the President, and make sure nothing gets passed!

Even Barr has suggested that’s the plan.

Oh, and trying to figure out how to put Hillary on the throne without her having to work for it. That’s not as easy. Hillary has a tendency to fall down. Keeping her walking off the news will not be easy either.

Making sure that everyone read between the lines, Sondland leaped and weaved around every question.

He is a very rich man, and so, like many rich men he gave a million dollars to the Trump campaign and got an ambassadorship—

To the Ukraine. Mmmmm. WHY would anybody who is rich want to go there you might ask? Nobody Wondered too. but Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, and many more KNEW it was the place to be!

We didn’t know did we?

  • By the end of the day, it was clear that Sondland was trying to make sure he could keep himself out of hot water…give the democrats and Rinos’ enough ammunition to keep up the “Bribery” mantra, and YET, say that the crabby President basically told him that the Ukrainians look into it. Saying that in such a way that Trump wouldn’t attack him, and to make him look like he even likes the man.
  • In other words, frame it that the President was trying to look into Joe Biden, but try to present yourself as a good old guy just doing your job.

Since President Bush anointed him, I figured he was just doing as he was instructed to do: Try to look impartial, say you don’t remember, and make sure YOUR opinion is that Trump did want to investigate. No wonder he was so eager to testify.

Nobody Wonders how much money he was making to do just that.

His cute sense of humor wore off, as I fell into a deep sleep.

Here’s the thing: Nobody really cares about all these witnesses at all. President Trump rightly wants to find out all about the U.S. involvement with the Ukraine, because it’s ties in the Coup that Hillary paid to try to get him smeared.

And that’s all this is: a smear. And he has every LEGAL right to do it.

Frankly, I thought Soudman saying that “I didn’t know about the Biden connection until…today.” crap was just another big, fat, lie. He’s too rich not to read American Newspapers for days at a time.

What bothers me more is the rest of the media jumping on this guy’s testimony. As if, it’s the holy grail of impeachable offenses.

One radio announcer I listen to ever day here, said “I don’t like Trump.” I was shocked. He always has let himself to be a conservative.

I was getting tweets that I never even knew were on my tweeter feed, saying the same. By the way: Twitter took off my Twitter feed on my blog right before the midterms and I’ve never been able to get it back.

And worse of all, the first page I go to everyday is the Drudge Report. Half of the headlines could have been lifted right out of the New York Times.

Drudge has done a Terminator impression.  Come on like a sensible American conservative, then turned into a pumpkin, Chinese pumpkin. Liberal Pumpkin. That’s what Arnold did in California. That’s the globalist scam that has a pattern that I am hoping people start waking up to.

They HOOK you with conservative themes, then…viola! All of a sudden, you have…the communist POPE!

I know. It’s annoying.

Drudge has said that a Supreme Court Justice told him the deep state was out to get him. Nobody Wonders if death threats from the deep state are behind all these people suddenly hating Trump, or if it’s just the threat of being censored for life.

I’m not sure yet.

And just today, the headline appears:

The head of Burisma Holdings was indicted this week in Ukraine!

Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky.
The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’

And right after this ‘conspiracy’ theory appears, then

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky has gone missing.
According to Reuters, the investigation is on hold because Zlochevsky has gone missing!

Well. So THAT’s why Nancy was making trips to the Ukraine last week. Hillary had to make sure to add to her Death Squad Christmas list of “You will never bring me down” was well understood.  Where did Zlochevsky go? Did Putin take him to some secret bunker in Siberia?

Which makes you wonder: Can the ‘deep state’ which is composed of Soros, Hillary, the Obamas, and the Bushes have anyone killed?

Historically speaking…. when it comes to dynasties and Kings and Queens, people have been killed for less. A LOT less. (Epstein is alive and well, probably on the Greek Islands somewhere setting up camp.)

Will this work? Will another week or so of this damning the President work?

Or will the deep state have to resort to the age-old trick of a false flag?

Nobody Cares…. I was so tired today; I didn’t do a darn thing but clean a few windows. Just the boring talk about how bad Trump is was enough to depress me, even though I tuned it out.

I felt bad about it, until I thought of President Donald J. Trump.

If anybody can beat these morons, he can.

Now, excuse me while I go back to sleep, knowing, the country is still…in good hands.

We have to make sure we KEEP it that way.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Dick Morris

Nobody’s Perfect

While I usually agree with Dick Morris when it comes to the Clintons, sometimes, he gets it wrong. Here’s one of those moments.

Here Dick thinks that Bloomberg is setting up to run as an Independent and could very well win.

I disagree: I think the real reason he is running is simply to protect the status quo of the very rich one percenters. He MUST know he cannot beat Trump in an election. And Dick saying that enough people hate Trump that he will be chosen as the less of two evils is not logical.

1st: The middle class doesn’t want to lose the wins they’ve gotten in their 401Ks. The rich do not want to lose it either.

2nd: Bloomberg will take away the guns, like he did the soda. There are not many Trump haters that would want to give up their guns.

3rd: He is a big climate changer, and will tax everyone every though he himself has enough money *52 billion, to not even pay climate change taxes. Won’t hurt him one bit. It would be easy for Trump to point this out.

4th: He loves China. Trump can destroy him on that account.

5th: He is all big banks, Wall Street, not many normal people will trust that.

and most important of all….

6th: Like Hillary, he has no charisma whatsoever. None.

I think Dick here makes a big mistake by looking more at the fake polls than reality.

The reality is: President Trump would win. He very well could run as an independent, but NOT if Hillary jumps in.

Morris, has suggested that she will, but here, he makes no mention of it. Nobody Wonders why.


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