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Nobody CARES About the Subliminal Message in “THE CIRCLE”

Nobody Cares

Like many Americans, my husband and I search the MOVIES ON DEMAND to find something to watch after work, and tonight, we found one with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in a movie about the tech business. What was funny is that usually a Tom Hanks movie gets a LOT of advertising, and this was made in 2017, so why it didn’t was a puzzle.

Okay. So we hadn’t heard of it. Nevertheless, it was FREE! And no better time than now to bring it to the millions of us staying home not being ABLE to go out and eat, or exercise, or ‘gather’–unless we have to put on our masks and go to Wal-Mart.

This Nobody Thinks that this movie was saved for THIS election year, and let me tell you why. The movie was about this young girl (Emma) who gets a job at the biggest tech company in the world. The company is called “The Circle”. Clearly it was intended to remind everyone of Google and Facebook.

All the employees at this company were VERY young, very idealistic, and had every need they could ever want taken care of at that job. Entertainment every night, good food, —and they were encourage to “join” the community. Basically the old hippie commune (communism with a happy face) idea.

The boss was Tom Hanks, who gets to know this girl and uses her to introduce his idea for the future for humanity. The concept of “Everyone is connected, and Knowledge is a human RIGHT” was said forcefully by Hanks, along with the notion that EVERYBODY can live life through the experience of video. There is no NEED to really go out and throw that football.

If it’s good enough for his disabled son, it’s good enough for everyone else.

You don’t need to go to that baseball game! Stay home, and PRETEND you ARE that home run hitter! 

Now I won’t give up the movie so much as to tell you, that Emma goes around recording her whole life on film and she gets MILLONS of followers, and the bosses give the idea that if EVERYONE had a camera, they could stop crimes, no secrets! Cure diseases! CURE THE WORLD OF HATRED AND CRIMES!


And THEN…the big guys come up with a “soul search” engine in which the world can find anybody with the help of the world. Clearly laws are broken when Emma’s old boyfriend is chased by drone’s and run off a cliff while driving his car.

THIS is to let you know that THEY know there are dangers to this technology….and yet.

And yet. Emma is convinced after a few days of mourning that the young minds can correct this tech—- it just needs more help.

Sort of the same argument the progressives give socialism. Just because it has never worked anywhere else doesn’t mean that it won’t work here.

“It just needs to be done the right way.”

The REAL danger of this movie at this time is that they introduce the concept that …everyone on Google, just by ‘getting’ on Google will automatically be registered to vote, and then DEMOCRACY will RULE! Every vote will count! People that don’t get on google/Facebook…well, they will be ostracized and won’t be able to USE the platform of the world.

(I use Google and Facebook because even though it’s called “The Circle” its. Google. Facebook. )

This is how they brainwash you into thinking that BIG TECH can do a much better job at ruling the world than governments. In fact, they say so in this movie.

Which makes you wonder who paid to get it made. (The globalists I bet. Do we even need to ask?)

They show the dangers of everyone being watched every minute, but at the end of the movie, if you are younger than 30, you will think: Yeah! That’s a great idea! Vote by the internet! 

Now, I would like to know, if any of my readers have seen this movie, and what did they get from it?

To me, it’s much like the TV series ’24’ . It captured the conservative, and THEN…right before the Presidential election, they put in a black President who in the script is BEYOND the most honest perfect human that ever held the office. And everyone was hoping that Obama would be THAT President.

Nobody Cares how that series alone got so many people to accept Barack Hussein Obama, and vote for him. And he was…the worst President in history. Later I found out that Keifer Sutherland, the main actor in “24” is a socialist. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh loved that series.

Nobody seems to care about this mass Hollywood brainwashing as much as I do. It’s hardly EVER written about.

Our media is CREATING our realities, and we don’t even know it.

Watch “The Circle” and wonder…like I did…is this what they have coming?

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Nobody’s Fool” Mitch McConnell

Nobody’s Fool

If you missed this history lesson from Mitch McConnell, it’s worth the listen.

He lays out why all the hysterical remarks by the democrats about the vote destroying our Constitution with a vote so close to the election, is nonsense.

Well worth the watch.

McConnell is Nobody’s Fool. 

Still, this nobody is expecting Romney to upset it if he can.

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Nobody WANTS to Remember, Ruth Bader Ginsberg…Thank You Very Much

Nobody’s Opinion

Can you believe this? When Justice Scalia died, there was a few nice remarks, and then no more mention of it.

But Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies and…it’s a national tragedy. And while many are remarking how unfortunate this is happening at this time before the election, think again. This is a godsend to the democrats. They knew they were going to lose the election to Trump, so before he even jumped into the race, they started their ‘coup’. THAT didn’t work. Then came all the sexual scandals the pee-pee tape. Then they got the FBI, the CIA, and the justice department to all get in on getting him out.

Led by Hillary and Obama, nothing was off limits. Treason was committed all around.

The media did EVERYTHING they could to destroy him. All the techs used their vast monopiles to silence all his supporters. Didn’t work.

Then we ALL had to put up with impeachment. Didn’t work.

Then they played the race card. Didn’t work.

Then they released the virus. Killed a lot of people, destroyed the economies of the world, but still, the Trump supporters remained.

THEN, they made their biggest mistake. Used the virus to close down the economy, and they sent their BLM revolution to the streets…but who got hurt the most?

The blacks, who are NOW turning to the President. They’re not stupid.

If there IS a race war, they truly are, outnumbered.

What’s left? Why, the women of course!

And Ginsberg’s death has them depending on the only group left: The women’s vote.

Abortion will be banned. That’s the big fear.

It’s another fear card, blown up beyond idiocy.  “Women will SUFFER! Children will SUFFER! People will get NO health care and die!”

Why, you would have thought having Ginsberg on the court was the only thing standing between Mordor and Peace on earth, and everyone running wild in the streets….

Right on cue today, Hillary and Bill Clinton came right out and took CREDIT for having put Ruth on the bench.

Hillary, the woman who wants to get rid of the electoral college has the gall to say that putting another conservative on the Supreme Court bench will be the end of the Constriction.

Uh…say what?

NOBODY on the planet wants that document destroyed more than Hillary Clinton. How long has she been trying to get rid of the electoral college? And by the way, so did Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who thought the constitution was outdated, and therefore JUDGES should just do what they thought was best. Write their own laws. Its what democratic judges do best.

This will be their last bullet. They KNOW not many people have even read the Constitution. So, they just keep saying that Trump is destroying the Constitution.

They are counting on the ignorance of the people.

It’s up to the few remaining voices of reason to remind everyone just how much the democrats would destroy it, if the election is lost.

On the good side, one more voice on the Supreme Court that acutely follows the Constitution, is needed desperately, if the election goes to the Supreme court, because Justice Roberts will vote for Biden. And THAT, is the real scare for them.

This morning Elizabeth Warren said that if “Mitch McDonald and his henchmen.” Nominate someone to the Supreme Court all is lost.

The left has threatened to burn it all down, meaning everything, the whole country.

Guess what? We’ll be ready. Even doves have their limits.


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President Trump Honors Us All On Constitution Day

Nobody Remembers…

Constitution Day.

—And our great President, who once again, does what the past four Presidents wouldn’t do.

Save the country, it’s history, and it’s people. I don’t remember either Bushes, or the Clintons, OR Obama even mentioning our great history like this.

Pelosi likes to mention the Constitution to make everyone think she’s actually read it. By the way, where is Nancy today?

Vice President Pence had one of his best speeches also.

If you missed it, you might take a few moments and reflect…:What would BIDEN do today? Answer: Nothing.

I’m hoping I get to visit the museum he is going to build to honor great Americans. What a GREAT President.

We are…so lucky to have him.


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China Declared War…Congress Worries About “Evil” Trump

Nobody Wins

So, how do you declare war on a country who declared war on you, when half of your companies, and most of your products are MADE in that country? How do you declare war on a country who knows that if you attack them, you destroy yourself? And most importantly, how do you declare war when your Congress and most of the politicians IN that Congress are making deals with that country which makes them and their friends rich?

How do you declare war, when YOUR biggest companies have lost all loyalty with their own country, in order to make their own fortunes soar? When patriotism and the country that made them as big as they are, mean nothing to them?

Answer: You don’t. You can’t. All you can do is try to fight that war with what you have. Only Congress can declare war on China, and they won’t do it.

And I hate to break it to you, but George H.W. Bush and all the elites PLANNED it this way. Globalization was all about no more wars with other countries. That’s how they sold it. If America went to China, China would never declare war on us because our economies would be tied.

Well…oops. Did they plan for this? Nope.

From the beginning, it was clear, that this virus was a bio-weapon forced upon the world in order to take it over. China was being challenged by President Trump. He was reversing the course of the past 4 presidents, who went along with China’s domination, with the excuse that it would become a democracy and the world would be a safer place.  Nuclear weapons would never be used. In the meantime, bio-weapon labs were developed. Why spoil the ground when you can just destroy the people?

Because the globalists and progressives KNEW Donald Trump would reverse the course of world government,—the techs, the politicians, along with those who rule in the shadows, prepared their war plans—not against China but against Trump.

They released a virus, specially designed to take out the old, the infirmed, the sick. It was an upgrade on Hitler’s Final Solution.

If you THINK this is sheer conspiracy nonsense, then all you have to is look at the way everybody in our Congress PROTECTS the Chinese. The devastation that this virus has done to the world will forever change many things for years.

That’s why, this lady was banned from Facebook, and twitter: she’s got the facts.

Frankly, this nobody finds anybody on the planet who thinks this was all just a little mistake, and ‘pandemics’ like this comes around every 100 years or so, and no country would do that to another, would also believe that a baby has a right to be killed AFTER it’s born.

China played the long game, and used our own people as chess pieces on the board. When the stock market crashes, the rich get richer because they load up on stocks pennies on the dollar. China will come in and buy, buy, buy.

Nobody Wins, when the truth is hidden. And this brave soul, has just exposed the ‘facts.’

China declared war on the world. And we have no recourse but to ride the storm.

And our treasonous, and greedy politicians…let them.

Next time I hear ANYBODY praise the Bushes, I want to scream.

Other Nations now, have to join the fight…to keep their Independence.

Or the world truly will grow dark.

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Nobody Wonders: How Great IS a Peace “Distraction” ? Pretty Great.

Nobody Wonders

How the press could IGNORE this great signing at the White House today? I watched the whole thing, and it was truly, a fresh beginning of Jews and Muslims coming together to take part in the future of the world. To bring about peace, and prosperity.

This is how you unite the world. You could tell by the smiles on their faces they all believe this will work.

You get them off of war. Too many elites make TOO much much money from it. And that includes our own global elites.

ONLY President Trump could have thought of this way to get the Middle East to come to their senses about Israel. Nobody Wonders, what Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and George W. are thinking tonight. Carter ran around the world putting the U.S. down, and praising Muslims at every chance. Clinton, was of course, trying to give Arafat everything he wanted, only to be ignored. Obama sided with Iran, and decided to give them billions, only to use that money to kill our own soldiers. Year after year all we heard was “The poor Palestinians.”

That was the PLM “Palestinians Lives Matter” we had to endure for so many years.

Nobody Wonders HOW the progressives are going to 1: Attack the deal and 2: Take credit for it when it works.

What’s Biden going to say? “This was a terrible deal for climate change, because it will cause more greenhouse gases....” I don’t know, but it will be stupid whatever it is.

Pelosi has already come out and said it was “a detraction.” Well, she’s right! President Trump is trumping up ANOTHER major victory while they are going around telling everyone HE is responsible for the deaths from the Wuhan Virus. Nobody is listening to their propaganda, because this truly was a remarkable achievement.

They have GOT to be hysterical about this one. I might have to turn on CNN just to watch the meltdown.

It’s a great day for America. It’s a great day for the world.

Once again, our President makes us proud. Let’s hope, one day, no more of our boys will have to come home in body bags.

And no more mothers in the Middle East will have to feel, the loss of her sons.

What more could we hope for?

Nobody Wonders…could this be the start of a healing planet? Abraham would be proud.

We can only hope.

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I’m STILL Pissed!

Nobody Remembers

On 9/11 we all remember the horror of that day.

But as it passes each year, and especially THIS year, I’m more pissed off than ever about it.

The lives lost that day.

The brave police and firemen who rushed in to save lives, only to lose their own.

The Middle East War that was started and that continued until this day, with even MORE men and women lives lost due to the fight that never ended but instead, caused a mass exodus of millions of Muslims to scatter throughout the planet.

The way the buildings fell down, in almost unbelievable precision, and how the voices of millions of Americans who questioned the events of that day, were muffled.

The failure of President George W. Bush to defend us. Yes, HE failed. The Muslims tried to take out that same building years before during Clintons’ Presidency.

And by the way, while its certainly true that citizens try to take out the plane headed for the capitol, Karl Rove said he HEARD Bush give the command to take it out. Which, because of the damaged done, I’d say it was a missile that took out that plane.

And now, we watch our cities being burned down, cheered on by the Muslims in Congress, brought in with the help of Obama, who promised to ‘fundamentally change” America. Which is now being done with the help of Bill Gates and the U.N.

And RINOS. The globalists who think they can defeat the Chinese, and get rich while doing it.

Right. They will survive, but will we?

By the way, did you KNOW that our Congress, gave up our rights to the WHO whenever the planet faced a pandemic? THAT’s why we watched as President Trump stood with Fauci so many times.

It was…the law signed into effect before he became president. He had to obey Fauci once the pandemic was declared by the U.N.

Thanks Congress.

Yes, I’m STILL pissed. This planned destruction of the United States to form their ‘global COMMUNIST’ village is the real reason we must pray that President Trump has the most loyal men protecting him. Would Pence be Trump?

Don’t count on it.

And right now, I glance over to my TV and see “Joe Biden is still winning in the polls.” And Protesters with signs saying “Prosecute the police.”

They are trying to turn the great ship of America off the cliff.

Yes, I’m STILL pissed. And so are millions of Americans on this day, because it NEVER should have happened.

Not after Pearl Harbor.  Not after every war we’ve ever been in.

And by the way, President George W. Bush didn’t unit us the next day.

REAL Americans…felt the pain. And we are the only ones that can stop this madness of global elites.

We. Us. And we need to do it now.




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Robert Kiyosaki…”It’s Worse”

Nobody Reports

Here’s a recent video by Robert Kiyosaki.

Depressing, but informative.


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Will ONE Man Decide Our Fate?

Nobody Wonders

I can hardly believe it. After the nonsense with Impeachment, when the omnificent Mueller came out from his own ‘basement’ and revealed to the world what a complete nincompoop he was, we thought it was all over.

We underestimated the sheer magnitude of the years of corruption and Faustian money deals that have been ripping off the American people for SO many years. And day by day, MORE is revealed.

Who knew that the deep state was so corrupt? No, they couldn’t stop. THEIR crimes are so massive, so HUGE, they just HAD to fight. We have been ruled by two very corrupt dynasties: The Clintons and the Bushes. Obama joined because they needed the ‘colored/Muslim man to start the black and white civil war.

And they have told us, they will not accept Trump’s win, no matter what. If the blacks vote comes around like is predicted for Trump, then surely, they will lose. Cheating is the only way they can win.

The election will not be decided that night, we are told. And today, Dick Morris said, he believed that the election will be decided by ONE man: Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

Roberts has ruled against the Constitution, against Trump, and against the America people, too many times.

Can there be ANY doubt whatsoever that he would rule in Biden’s favor? The man is a complete joke.

And the GOP will come out and say, it’s the law, because that’s how our system works, because HE is a republican after all. And they will be all talking the talk and not walking the walk…as usual.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t remember the Constitution saying that ONE man should be able to decided a Presidential election. If anything, the election should be held again, AFTER the virus is contained. After reading our founders, they would NOT have approved of the Supreme Court decided a Presidential election. Somebody tell me the passage.

I hope Dick is wrong. He has been wrong in the past. Sadly, so many of our institutions are so corrupt, the hope for John Roberts to actually do what’s right is pretty slim.

Anyway, the BLM and destruction goes on…JUST IN CASE. And they are threatening to come out to the suburbs and burn down white people’s houses if Joe doesn’t get his way. They are already running out of black neighborhoods to destroy.

On a good note, ALL the boats with Trump supporters are showing the world that it’s not going to easy to take away our President.

I DO think, the people will finally come out.

Anyway, I hope so. I hope so.



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Nobody Flashes…

My husband is on vacation this week, and we plan to really get some work done around the house. So, I probably won’t be posting my usual long winded rants….just short ones.

Like this. Wow. Here’s an Obama/Muslim babe talking about how the country does not take care of its people, and of course, she is making millions while she reads this off a piece of paper. It’s pretty clear she didn’t write it. And she doesn’t mention it’s the democrats who CAUSE this suffering.

She is there for the “revolution.” Yes, I suggest that we have a patriotic revolution and get rid of all the skanks like this girl.

We need a General Grant to clean the house after Trump is elected. They’ve already declared that Joe Biden will NEVER admit defeat.

Frankly, I’m glad I’ll be concentrating on ‘fixing’ the house rather than listening to all the BS we’ve been hearing.

Oh, and by the way, did YOU see all the boats for Trump on TV? Yeah, neither did I. It would spoil the propaganda that Biden is winning.

Also, one more note: Steve Jobs wife pretty much owns the Atlantic which put out that President Trump called the veterans losers.

Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Now Apple owns the Atlantic, what next? The NY Times?

The deep state and their plans for us is starting to emerge BIG time. And it really amounts to…


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Please Stop Feeding the RINO’S

Nobody Wonders

When is the GREAT and MIGHTY Bush family going to come out on the scenes and support Biden in public? Will Jeb, and George, and all the kids, join hands with Obama and tell the country that “democracy” will be lost if Trump gets a second term?

The Bush family would not do that you say?


Well, behind the scenes they are gathering, everybody they can find to get going, because it sure looks like Trump is once again, going to win in a landslide.

Jeb Bush is gathering all his buddies from Florida to help defeat Trump in his home state: :

The group named their plan “Project Orange Crush” and they expect to spend between $8 to $10 million in the coming weeks.

“Our plan is to surgically target the key 450,000 Independents and soft Republicans who will decide the election,” said a memo from the group, obtained by the Miami Herald

And the group is leaning on the experience of GOP operatives with deep ties to Florida politics: Mike Murphy, who twice helped Bush win the Florida governor’s office, will lead the campaign, while David Hill, a former Bush pollster, is also iAnd the group is leaning on the experience of GOP operatives with deep ties to Florida politics: Mike Murphy, who twice helped Bush win the Florida governor’s office, will lead the campaign, while David Hill, a former Bush pollster, is also involved.

Not to be forgotten, other RINO’s have formed “Republicans for Biden”

Republican for Biden: Former Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), pundit Charlie Sykes, conservative writer Bill Kristol, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL), columnist Mona Charen, and former Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich.

And how about Carly Fiorina? Remember her? Smart, we all thought— she sounded great on the debate format. She’s still pissed. CEO’s must have their big paychecks from China…

On Tuesday, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, who ran against Trump for the GOP nod in 2016, declared that she “cannot vote for Donald Trump in 2020.”

Not sure if Kellyanne’s husband is still in HIS group against Trump, but let’s not forget John Kelly, John Bolton, and Mitt Romney. All will be coming out again to tell us all of the danger. NEOCONS…HATE not having wars.

This is about killing the alligator closest to the boat,” said Rick Tyler, who was Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) communications director during his 2016 presidential campaign. “People say how can you support Biden? The alligator that’s going to kill us is the closest one, and that’s Trump. I don’t want Biden to be president. I don’t want Trump to be president. Am I willing to have Biden be president so Trump won’t be president? You’re damn right I am.”


And here’s one I just read about in THE WEEK. (RINO MAGAZINE)

“The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute demanded last week that President Trump’s re-election campaign stop using Reagan’s name and likeness to solicit funds. The Trump organization has given a lot of money to Reagan Foundation. Trump said this “The Washington Post is running the Reagan Foundation.”

Right. That’s one of the reason’s I don’t trust the lady who is running the GOP right now. She was great at the convention, but she’s Mitt Romney’s niece for goodness sake.

Can we trust her?

And last but not least, can we trust Ted Cruz? Unlike Mitt, who was ungrateful for the support Trump gave him to get elected again in Utah, Cruz has been supportive. But who can forget his ruderous speech at the 2016 convention? I can’t. It was “You SHOULD have voted for me.”

We’ve YET to see the real feathers of Graham and Barr. Only time will tell. At least Glenn Beck came out an apologized for doing EVERYTHING he could to destroy Trump, and he paid for it big time.

And one last thing: It seems some of Melania’s speech at the GOP convention, was lifted from Michelle Obama’s….

Meredith McIver, a staff writer for the Trump Organization, took the blame, saying she inadvertently copied part of Obama’s speech after Trump described it as inspiration for what she was looking for in an RNC address.

Trump forgave her.

So really, the man is alone except for handful of trusted people he’s known all his life: his doctor, Rudy, his family, a few Congressmen and women, Tucker, Rush, and Hannity. And…..drum roll please…

The American people.

While we might never hear what the RINO’s are doing, you can bet behind the scenes they are spending billions, to get Biden elected.

I’m HOPING they come out and start bashing him.

Now, THAT would bring us another four years. Are they that stupid?

Do they hate the man that much?

We’ll see.

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The LONG Plan of Global Takeover is Here: Stand Back.

Nobody’s Opinion

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my ‘phone’ news, a news app I did NOT sign up for, it just came with the phone, and I saw this headline:

Fact Checker DIES of exhaustion. 

According to the report, and NO this was NOT the Onion, some poor lady was so exhausted from trying to keep up with all the Trump’s family lies that she died of sheer exhaustion. The people that hired her to do this job did NOT expect so many lies to be told at the RNC convention.

At first I laughed out loud, and then I thought, how many people are reading this crap and thinking it’s true? It was in the regular news feed.

Today, it was admitted that only 10,000 people have actually died from COVID-19. Fauci had to admit it. But on the news, more shutdowns and it’s reported that almost 200,000 have died, you hear it everywhere. The mask wearing mandates are closing down businesses all over the country, and for what?

England and France’s people have figured it out.

How many times in the last few days did we hear that the boy that shot back at rioters was called again and again a “murderer” when he was was actually defending himself? There is lots of video to prove it.

Now, a young Trump supporter was point blank shot dead in Portland for wearing the wrong hat.

How does the media react? Well, Trump WANTS these riots, they are saying, and he’s the President, this is happening on HIS watch! In fact, all this is his fault. Never a mention about the democratic mayors and governors that are standing by and letting it happen.

The English people have woke up. They are protesting the “mask” charade. The French too. BIG protests. Their leaders want them all arrested.

Clearly, this is a planned GLOBAL takeover of the world…and whose behind it all? China. And our biggest companies.

And Amazon is right up there with the coup. Let me tell you why.

Bezos didn’t just buy the Post because he wanted to get into the newspaper business. They all know, they HAVE to control the news. They push out  the fake news and utter lies we hear and see every second of every day, whether you want to see it, or not.

Which brings me to Amazon. The other day, I read a report about how Amazon is putting ports into all these different cities. And I was very surprised to learn that OUR city was not one of them.

This is a global EFFORT, and here’s the proof to me that what we are seeing happening has the support of all the tech companies. And the major media here in our own country.

As you know, I’ve lived most all my life. St. Louis is smack dap in the middle of the nation. Missouri is why the stealth bombers are located here. Sometime during the last years of Bush, TWA, moved out of Lambert field…which once was so busy with air traffic that you could look up in the sky and see the planes lined up, at least 7 waiting to land. TWA left, was destroyed, and THEN the whole airport and surrounding area was transformed.

Oh, it took them some time, but where once thriving hotels, restaurants, neighborhoods stood, it was ALL torn down. It took them years, but they did it. Most of us could not believe that the construction went on, since the airport was dead.

A HUGE bunker and BIG hills were created. A new runway that would hold the biggest plane ever built was constructed.  It’s still there, just waiting for traffic. And If you could google Lambert field today, you would see what LOOKS like, a hidden bunker. A giant hidden bunker under the airport.

Recently, there were HUNDREDS of solar panels put up next to it. Across the street from the airport, where there IS no structures.

Now, several years ago, China wanted to buy the airport. Or rent it, I can’t remember. We had lots of our politicians say how WONDERFUL it would be so sell Lambert field to China, because it would bring so much business to the area. We lost a Ford Plant, and Boeing is at this airport. For years it was reported that a Chinese company right across the street from Boeing was a front for spying. This company ‘sold’ giant statues. Of course, they never sold those statues.

So, the people got to vote on whether they wanted China here, and we all voted NO.

During the Obama years, all was quiet. But since the election, Amazon has been on a real tear here in North St. Louis. Right next to the airport HUGE, and I mean HUGE warehouses have been built almost overnight. Old car dealerships are being tuned into PRIME TRUCK parking lots. More car washes are going up, and major work on our highways are being done, right next to the warehouses.

This is ALL for Amazon. So, why are they keeping this huge transformation of a town so secret?

I believe that Amazon is going in with China to make St. Louis a major hub for China/Amazon business. It’s part of the global takeover of the world that China has planned and THAT is news that you won’t hear about at all.

There’s the FAKE news, and the censored news.

A while back I told you about a Chinese guy that came up to my front yard and started taking LOTS of pictures. I thought he might have been my Pilipino neighbor, but then I remember, they moved out. No this guy took about 30 pictures of the front of my house…smiling an ignoring me. He did not speak a word to me even though I was talking to him.

I think this China guy was actually going through the neighborhoods looking for houses to ‘sell’ or use in propaganda in China.

Hillary Clinton gave us the biggest clue of all, when she said Joe should not Concede. Joe Biden IS on the payroll of China, That’s a fact.

And our President is right: If he does not win the election, we WILL be taken over by China. And our very own past President, have sold us all out. They’ve been in bed with China to make themselves very rich. And now, with the release of the virus, and the communist threat of having our lives ended by thugs in the streets, President Trump is the only one standing in the way.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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Ivanka Trump: Uplifting AND Beautiful

Nobody Flashes

She came, she conquered, and the democrats went absolutely crazy with jealousy and criticism.

I was totally blown away. I remember her speech at the first RNC convention in 2016. I thought she was a bit timid, shy, and really didn’t come across as well as Don Jr.

Not so last night. Last night, SHE was the greatest speaker in the Trump family. Her stunning beauty alone SHOULD have been mentioned all over every media. If this had been Michelle Obama, and Michelle looked this good, we would have been hearing nothing BUT how she stole the show.

Instead, as usual, nothing but nasty comments.

Jealousy. That’s all it is. There IS no movie queen in Hollywood that could have been as sparkling and glamorous as Ivanka was last night. Elizabeth Taylor maybe could have matched the beauty, but not the speech.

In fact, I might even add, I thought her speech was better than her dad’s, which was WAY too long. And he was obviously tired. Even so, he pressed on like a trooper. I’m sure Ivanka had a nice long nap before this speech and spent hours getting ready.

Dad, on the other hand, might have been up all night, and most of the day running the world and it’s problems.

The man is…incredible. And despite all the divorces, his kids grew up to be great.

Many criticized how President Trump shows off his kids, but hell, why shouldn’t he? Each one of his kids is intelligent, well-spoken, and role models for every family. Who ELSE is he going to trust? And memories are short. JFK’s brother was made Attorney General. NOBODY complained about that nepotism, now did they?

Trump’s children are his brand. And Trump is all about branding.

This nobody think that the Obama’s, The Bushes, and the Clintons are just jealous of the Trump children.

As a family, the Trumps have more class in their little fingers than any of the other dynasties of American History.


Yes, good old fashion jealousy.

I’m sure the family is used to it. And I’m SO glad they just go on and show off.

Ivanka was…spectacular. She is her father’s daughter, and her mother’s devotion.

All America should be proud of this…daughter. Last night, she was, the quintessence of the true American woman.

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Nobody Flashes Thoughts on THIS Historical Night.

Nobody Flashes

As I watch the President speak tonight, I find it comforting to see all the black supporters who came out to praise his leadership, because I listened to Kamala’s speech today and half of it was all about how racist America is. They are SCARED of the great black exodus off the democratic plantation. Then she pretty much accused President Trump of every suffering on the planet. In fact, the deaths of the virus is his fault. The riots are his fault, and she approved of them all, and suggested even more should happen.

Clearly, they had to pick a NASTY woman to try to destroy him.

But this testimony will forever be melted into my memory. I was in tears at the end of Ann Dorn’s video.  A white woman, married to a black police officer, killed by a young black man.

You see, here in St. Louis, the white and the blacks have lived together for so long, there are many bi-racial marriages here. Only when Obama came along did the race relations between us start to appear. He FANNED the flames of white hatred. Police hatred.

But you know what? The blacks who lived in Ferguson, moved out. And that will be happening in all the cities across the nation. Many of them have lost their homes, and their jobs, their businesses. If they can, they will move…south.

The democrats think that’s the way to win. The old communist revolution way. But it’s getting old. They are doing it during the virus.

Not very smart.

Who cannot shed a tear for a man so clearly loved by his ‘white’ wife. America is TRYING to move on.

But the democrats do NOT want it to happen.

So, I think, it will be the blacks who decide this election. This nobody thinks, the democrats have overplayed their hands.  And even though there are enough white young, rich liberal kids who were fooled by the propaganda, Most of them will stay home and play video games.

President Trump’ speech is a great American speech.

And as so many have said: God has a tendency to give us the right man at the right time.

No other President has as much love for America and it’s people as THIS President.

We will not see the likes of him ever again.

So…he’s still talking! Yes, everyone is going to fall asleep pretty soon, but not Trump.

And so he goes on….

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