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I’m STILL Pissed!

Nobody Remembers

On 9/11 we all remember the horror of that day.

But as it passes each year, and especially THIS year, I’m more pissed off than ever about it.

The lives lost that day.

The brave police and firemen who rushed in to save lives, only to lose their own.

The Middle East War that was started and that continued until this day, with even MORE men and women lives lost due to the fight that never ended but instead, caused a mass exodus of millions of Muslims to scatter throughout the planet.

The way the buildings fell down, in almost unbelievable precision, and how the voices of millions of Americans who questioned the events of that day, were muffled.

The failure of President George W. Bush to defend us. Yes, HE failed. The Muslims tried to take out that same building years before during Clintons’ Presidency.

And by the way, while its certainly true that citizens try to take out the plane headed for the capitol, Karl Rove said he HEARD Bush give the command to take it out. Which, because of the damaged done, I’d say it was a missile that took out that plane.

And now, we watch our cities being burned down, cheered on by the Muslims in Congress, brought in with the help of Obama, who promised to ‘fundamentally change” America. Which is now being done with the help of Bill Gates and the U.N.

And RINOS. The globalists who think they can defeat the Chinese, and get rich while doing it.

Right. They will survive, but will we?

By the way, did you KNOW that our Congress, gave up our rights to the WHO whenever the planet faced a pandemic? THAT’s why we watched as President Trump stood with Fauci so many times.

It was…the law signed into effect before he became president. He had to obey Fauci once the pandemic was declared by the U.N.

Thanks Congress.

Yes, I’m STILL pissed. This planned destruction of the United States to form their ‘global COMMUNIST’ village is the real reason we must pray that President Trump has the most loyal men protecting him. Would Pence be Trump?

Don’t count on it.

And right now, I glance over to my TV and see “Joe Biden is still winning in the polls.” And Protesters with signs saying “Prosecute the police.”

They are trying to turn the great ship of America off the cliff.

Yes, I’m STILL pissed. And so are millions of Americans on this day, because it NEVER should have happened.

Not after Pearl Harbor.  Not after every war we’ve ever been in.

And by the way, President George W. Bush didn’t unit us the next day.

REAL Americans…felt the pain. And we are the only ones that can stop this madness of global elites.

We. Us. And we need to do it now.




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Nobody Remembers the Americans on 9/11

Nobody Remembers

This morning I turned on FOX News and saw the old footage of the planes flying into the buildings on 9/11. They haven’t played that footage in years. And then I noticed another thing: Lots of pictures of President Bush: reading to the children…phone to his ear on Air Force One, various pictures of him that day, looking Presidential and in charge.

I thought to myself that he looked even more fake than I remembered. As if he was acting the part and all the pictures were very well staged. Maybe not, but that’s what I thought. I also thought as I watched the first footage of the plane that went down in that field, that there was nothing left of that plane: as if it had been shot down by a missile. All plane wreaks have something on the ground. A wing, seats, etc…but not that one. It was a field of nothing.

Switching down one channel was President Trump and Melania in real time at the Pentagon.

Isn’t it funny, I thought. The main FOX network has nothing but Bush, the financial channel had President Trump. As if some editor said, “Well, we GOTTA show the President, so we’ll just do it on our other station.” 

All these years later, what stands out the most is the great heroism, NOT of President Bush, who at the time, and even now, seemed like the biggest coward, but the thousands of American people who gave their lives that day and every day afterwards trying to save their fellow Americans. All those firemen and police and just regular people who ran to help those in the blast.

I’m not sure we were ‘united’ that day. What else could democrats do but join in unity?

My 9/11 day went on, and I was sitting in a doctor’s office, and started talking to a woman who was showing picture of her dog.

She said she had two boys.

“So, you have two boys at home? Right?”

‘Their parents died and now I’m raising them.”

“Did they die in a car accident, I asked?”

“No, she said. It was a murder suicide. Her brother murdered his wife then killed himself.”

What was so remarkable about his woman is that she seem to try to be happy. And then she said, “You know, you can either be up here, (and she raised her hand above her head) or down here. (She lowered her other hand to her leg.) I just got to the point where I had to choose.”

Anyway, I was struck by the message this angel of a lady gave on this sad day of 9/11. I was having a bad day myself.

God is mysterious. And once again…

A message sent by a stranger….sent by a stranger.

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Jon (Or is it Jimmy?) Stewart Goes to Washinton

Nobody Wins

This video, if you haven’t seen it, does more to explain the anger most of us feel at Congress for pussyfooting around and not only ignoring the American people, but hurting them, than any I’ve seen in the last ten years.

And may I say, it’s not just the firefighters who are losing health care, all across the country, millions of people just can’t afford many of their own health care.  The people who had private insurance… their deductibles went up after “Obamacare” so high, they might as well not have insurance at all.  Only the illegals and the very poor benefited from Obamacare.

Obamacare was MEANT to fail, so as to finally introduce universal health care, like Hitler had.

Jon Stewart gave one of the best speeches ever given to a cause in this video. And they are not talking enough about it on any cable station.

But it’s true. This Congress is all about protecting themselves, enriching themselves, promoting themselves, and they could care less about any American in the country.

If this video is passed around, the empty seats alone would show many democrats and Independents just how pathetic our Congress is, and how worthless.

If these good men die sooner rather than later, well, to these democrats, good riddance.

To them, they are mostly bad cops and white supremists. They are the Americans they want OUT of the country.

If they were GAY…well…that would be a whole other matter.

That’s why, I posted the whole thing.

Nobody Wins, when the United States Congress is a cesspool of corruption.

Nobody. But one thing is duly noticed.

Jon Stewart is not just another stupid comedian.


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“The Angel Is Next.”

Nobody Remembers

This is interesting.

Webster Tarplay makes the point that on the morning of 9.11 Bush was being controlled by the ‘deep state’ and that his own life was in danger.

He makes some really interesting points: EXCEPT…the plans to go into Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, had already been discussed BEFORE 9/11 as told by Bill Clinton’s secretary of Defense when he was visiting the war rooms of then President George W. Bush.

Most Americans that day think that the President sitting around stupidly after learning of the second Tower attack was too strange to even contemplate. To say he was trying to remain calm because of little kids is absurd. Any adult can smile at the kids, wave bye-bye and take off.

So, either Bush KNEW what was happening, or, like Webster says, he was waiting for his orders, and scared for his own life…not by Muslims, but by the “deep state.”

Another argument against Tarplay’s theory is that if the ‘deep state’ can kill any President, would Daddy Bush want both his sons to be President?

Still…he mentions stuff I have never even heard of…so who knows? Even by the action of President Trump, maybe NO President since Ronald Reagan has been his own man.

Maybe they’ve ALL been deep state puppets. It seems that’s what this historian is saying.

What do YOU think?


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Nobody’s Fool: James Woods

Nobody’s Fool

I just saw this today on Gateway Pundits site. You would have thought that this interview would have been shown all over the networks, after 9/11, but evidently not. I don’t remember seeing it, and being as I was glued to FOX back then, I’m surprised.

In this video, James makes the point that Al-Qaeda made test runs for 9/11, and he witnessed it on a plane he happened to get on. Thankfully, he WASN”T afraid to speak to the pilot, many people have been too brainwashed to even question Muslims.

This nobody agrees with James Woods. The F.B.I. men and women who work in the field are remarkable. When I contacted them, they did the same to me: They showed up at my front door, early in the morning, and tried to help out.

Unfortunately, it’s the top leaders of almost all our government houses that are corrupt, and the grunts in the field have to obey, but no doubt they have stopped many an attack and got no thanks.

James has the highest I.Q. in Hollywood, ( and probably the country.) but that’s not what makes him so special. What makes him special is his love for the truth, and his strong patriotism, and his honesty.

It’s funny about honesty. It calls to your soul like a magnet.

If you don’t follow him on Twitter, you are really missing some great stuff.

So, Congratulations Mr. Woods! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for not being afraid to go against the liberals idiots in your own profession, and being a great actor.

Don’t stop Tweeting. You’re tweets are bullets to our enemies, and God bless them.



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Nobody Remembers 9/11

Nobody Rememberstwin-towers-2

My parents had Pearl Harbor. My generation has 9/11.

And I’m not looking forward to this day, because Hillary is supposed to speak. Good lord. They usually drag out the politicians on 9/11, and frankly, this Nobody Thinks that because of the fact that the politicians did NOT protect us, NO politician should be able to speak on that day if they are running for office.

It should be a day for us all to simply reflect. If they want to send out a photo, fine….but NO speeches.

But that’s just my opinion.

As for the opinion of the Muslims who want the words of Islamic terrorists taken off the memorial.

They can kiss our American asssssssssssssssss*$&%.

Today, we remember, and watch. And say a prayer that this never happens again. twin-towers-3


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The Truth IS Out There, It’s just well hidden.

Nobody Flashes

Here’s something to think about on a Sunday. I think this fits RIGHT in with the fact that all of a sudden, some Muslim at Hillary’s coronation, attacks Trump, and wow! The whole country sides with the Muslim! Hillary takes the lead by miles!

Even though Trump still gets outstanding crowds coming to see him, and she gets none.

It’s like the global warming everybody knows is a crock.

Or that transvestites are really upset about not getting to use the girls’ bathroom.

Or that Hillary is the smartest women in the world and has done WONDERS for the children.

(Had enough?)

This broadcast was done BEFORE 9/11. Whatever you think about the NEW WORLD ORDER, at least…keep your eyes and mind wide open.

As FOX said on the X-FILES: The Truth is Out there….and if you don’t want to know it, go back inside and eat your McDonalds.

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Did Spielberg Try to Warn Us?

Nobody Flashes

Here’s a bit of interesting ‘conspiracy’ about 9/11 going around the internet. I found this on Glenn Beck’s site, and you know Glenn, NOTHING is a conspiracy in his world.

I’m not sure what to think about it. Let’s wait and see if the Cubs win the World Series.

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X-President George W. Bush–Hillary and Obama, O.K., But that Ted Cruz Guy….He REALLY Doesn’t Like


Nobody Wins

If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.                                                                                                                                                 —Machiavelli…The Prince

For years, all through the Obama administration, all through the horrendous losses that were so hard-fought by our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, through Obamacare, through the disasters of the last seven years, I have waited for George W. Bush to say SOMETHINGanything, about what Obama has done to this country. What Obama has done to the war that was Bush’s legacy.wonder

But he remained..silent. It’s so stupid. Jimmy Carter AND Bill Clinton have done nothing BUT talk about the republicans, but the Bush family…OH NO..they are just so above that silly gossip.

When I heard this morning that X-President…George “This mission is over” W. Bush, had come out and finally said something, I couldn’t believe my own ears. I cannot COUNT the number of times that I have been waiting for him to say something… and when he finally decides to say something he attacks…Ted Cruz?

TED CRUZ!? Seriously? How about when Obama gave Iran 150 billion and permission to go full steam ahead to make their nukes putting the whole WORLD in danger?

You could have said something, don’t ya think George? Didn’t you once say that Iran was Evil? What? Did you stop being human? An American? What?

Excuse me. You might as well slap the American people, because there really is no one closer to the Constitution than Ted Cruz.

What an elite frigging stupid thing to say.Ted Cruz

The former president told a small group of Jeb Bush donors recently that Cruz gets under his skin and is the most serious challenge his brother faces for the Republican nomination, Politico reported.

“I just don’t like the guy,” Bush said, according to Politico, which cited more than half a dozen donors at the event.

One donor told Politico that Bush said he found Cruz to be “opportunistic” for his apparent alliance with Donald Trump.

Another said that Bush was worried Cruz would give his brother Jeb a run for his money.

So, Nobody Asks: What’s this REALLY about?

What it’s really about is George W. Bush himself. It’s not even about his brother. Donald Trump hit the Bush family where they NEVER imagined anyone would ever dare hit them…he put the blame of 9/11 square on George W….in a roundabout way.

Here’s what Trump wrote in the book released 19 months before 9/11:Bush and Clinton

“I really am convinced we’re in danger of the sort of terrorist attacks that will make the bombing of the Trade Center look like kids playing with firecrackers….No sensible analyst rejects this possibility, and plenty of them, like me, are not wondering if but when it will happen.”

“One day we’re told that a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan….He escapes back under some rock, and a few news cycles later it’s on to a new enemy and new crisis.”

What did we hear afterwards about the 9/11 attacks from Bush?  “We just couldn’t imagine this.”

Well, Donald Trump imagined it. And enough people have seen the 9/11 videos’ and some of us are starting to wonder if maybe the NEW WORLD ORDER globalists really had more to do with it than we dare imagine.

But why hate Ted Cruz?

Nobody Knows, but there is a good reason: Ted Cruz is the main guy in the Congress that is standing up for Constitution. Ted IS “We the People.” and in the Bush family, the motto is:

“WE…the Bush Presidents.”Bush dad

I’m with Trump. It’s BECAUSE of the elite greed of George W. Bush that we got Obama in the first place. He bailed out the banks, and giggled about it.

He is the elite of the elites. As George Carlin once said. “It’s a very small club, and you and I don’t belong to it.”

It’s just like George W. To not have enough guts to come out and attack Trump. He knows better. If he attacked Trump, Jeb’s polling number would go even lower. So…he goes after Cruz. Besides, there isn’t much to argue that he WAS the President when we were attacked.

Cruz, like Trump, was not afraid to speak:

“I have great respect for George W Bush, and was proud to work on his 2000 campaign and in his administration,” Cruz said. “It’s no surprise that President Bush is supporting his brother and attacking the candidates he believes pose a threat to his campaign. I have no intention of reciprocating. I met my wife Heidi working on his campaign, and so I will always be grateful to him.”

So, George Bush spoke for the first time, and attacked a fellow republican, and he did it because he doesn’t fear Ted Cruz. I’ve yet to hear him attack Obama OR Hillary.

What he DOES fear…is the American people….finding out that the elites of the world mean to do to them.

If that truth ever gets out, they might want vengeance.


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9/11 Prayer for Just Another Day

Nobody Remembers

Next to the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 marks the other saddest historical day in most baby boomer’s lives.

And despite, all the thousands of video’s and the mass media attention that it got, I still recall what I was thinking when both those buildings came down SO quickly, and in such perfect fashion. No matter how many debunker video’s I watched on Youtube, about how anybody who questioned the science of what we saw that day was stupid—I never did buy it.

And I too, thought George W. Bush’s actions that day were beyond explicable. You get the news that another building has been hit and you keep on reading to children? Really?

Still, when you think about all the good people who were killed that day–and what is happening now with Obama and his dangerous actions with Iran, like many people I wonder….

What will happen next? Ted Cruz warned of an EMP over the Eastern Seaboard. We can HOPE that will not happen, but do you trust our President to protect us?

I don’t.

Let’s hope that today, is just another day….of remembrance—and deeply felt prayers for the families that still suffer from their loss.

Let’s hope, all our soldiers around the world, remain safe.


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Nobody’s Email: Pilot Penny on 9/11

Nobody Gets Email:

Most Americans were shocked, that on 9/11 we had absolutely no American jets protecting the airspace over Manhattan. I don’t know if this is a true story, but it sounds true to me. Nobody also wonders: Are they protecting our airspace now? Does ANYBODY know? And why hasn’t Hillary Clinton, the great feminist given praise to Penny? Or Obama? Or does Penny wish to remain…just one of the guys? (I’m going with the latter.)

(Thanks to JR)


The events of Sept. 11, 2001, put an F-16 pilot into the sky with orders to bring down United Flight 93

Late in the morning of the Tuesday that changed everything, Lt. Heather “Lucky” Penney had her hand on the throttle of an F-16 and she had her orders: Bring down United Airlines Flight 93. The day’s fourth hijacked airliner seemed to be hurtling toward Washington. Penney, one of the first two combat pilots in the air that morning, was told to stop it.Jet Pilot

The one thing she didn’t have as she roared into the crystalline sky was live ammunition. Or missiles. Or anything at all to throw at a hostile aircraft.Except her own plane. So that was the plan.Because the surprise attacks were unfolding, in that innocent age, faster than they could arm war planes, Penney and her commanding officer went up to fly their jets straight into a Boeing 757. “We wouldn’t be shooting it down. We’d be ramming the aircraft,” Penney recalls of her charge that day. “I would essentially be a kamikaze pilot.”

For years, Penney, one of the first generation of female combat pilots in the country, gave no interviews about her experiences on Sept. 11, (which included, eventually, escorting Air Force One back into Washington’s suddenly highly restricted airspace). But 10 years later, she is reflecting on one of the lesser-told tales of that endlessly examined morning: how the first counterpunch the U.S. Military prepared to throw at the attackers was effectively a suicide mission.

“We had to protect the airspace any way we could,” she said last week in her office at Lockheed Martin, where she is a director in the F-35 program.

Penney, now a major but still a petite blonde with a Colgate grin, is no longer a combat flier. She flew two tours in Iraq and she serves as a part-time National Guard pilot, mostly hauling VIPs around in a military Gulfstream. She takes the stick of her own vintage 1941 Taylorcraft tail-dragger whenever she can. But none of her thousands of hours in the air quite compare with the urgent rush of launching on what was supposed to be a one-way flight to a midair collision.

First of her kind

She was a rookie in the autumn of 2001, the first female F-16 pilot they’d ever had at the 121st Fighter Squadron of the D.C. Air National Guard. She had grown up smelling jet fuel. Her father flew jets in Vietnam and still races them. Penney got her pilot’s license when she was a literature major at Purdue. She planned to be a teacher. But during a graduate program in American studies, Congress opened up combat aviation to women and Penney was nearly first in line.

“I signed up immediately,” she says. “I wanted to be a fighter pilot like my dad.”

On that Tuesday, they had just finished two weeks of air combat training in Nevada. They were sitting around a briefing table when someone looked in to say a plane had hit the World Trade Center in New York. When it happened once, they assumed it was some yahoo in a Cessna. When it happened again, they knew it was war.

But the surprise was complete. In the monumental confusion of those first hours, it was impossible to get clear orders. Nothing was ready. The jets were still equipped with dummy bullets from the training mission.

As remarkable as it seems now, there were no armed aircraft standing by and no system in place to scramble them over Washington. Before that morning, all eyes were looking outward, still scanning the old Cold War threat paths for planes and missiles coming over the polar ice cap.

“There was no perceived threat at the time, especially one coming from the homeland like that,” says Col. George Degnon, vice commander of the 113th Wing at Andrews. “It was a little bit of a helpless feeling, but we did everything humanly possible to get the aircraft armed and in the air. It was amazing to see people react.”

Things are different today, ­Degnon says. At least two “hot-cocked” planes are ready at all times, their pilots never more than yards from the cockpit.F 16

A third plane hit the Pentagon, and almost at once came word that a fourth plane could be on the way, maybe more. The jets would be armed within an hour, but somebody had to fly now, weapons or no weapons.

“Lucky, you’re coming with me,” barked Col. Marc Sasseville.

They were gearing up in the pre-flight life-support area when Sasseville, struggling into his flight suit, met her eye.

“I’m going to go for the cockpit,” Sasseville said.

She replied without hesitating.

“I’ll take the tail.”

It was a plan. And a pact.

‘Let’s go!’

Penney had never scrambled a jet before. Normally the pre-flight is a half-hour or so of methodical checks. She automatically started going down the list.

“Lucky, what are you doing? Get your butt up there and let’s go!” Sasseville shouted.

She climbed in, rushed to power up the engine, screamed for her ground crew to pull the chocks. The crew chief still had his headphones plugged into the fuselage as she nudged the throttle forward. He ran along pulling safety pins from the jet as it moved forward.

She muttered a fighter pilot’s prayer — “God, don’t let me [expletive] up” — and followed Sasse­ville into the sky.

They screamed over the smoldering Pentagon, heading northwest at more than 400 mph, flying low and scanning the clear horizon. Her commander had time to think about the best place to hit the enemy.

“We don’t train to bring down airliners,” said Sasseville, now stationed at the Pentagon. “If you just hit the engine, it could still glide and you could guide it to a target. My thought was the cockpit or the wing.”

He also thought about his ejection seat. Would there be an instant just before impact?

“I was hoping to do both at the same time,” he says. “It probably wasn’t going to work, but that’s what I was hoping.”

Penney worried about missing the target if she tried to bail out.

“If you eject and your jet soars through without impact . . .” she trails off, the thought of failing more dreadful than the thought of dying.

But she didn’t have to die. She didn’t have to knock down an airliner full of kids and salesmen and girlfriends. They did that themselves.

It would be hours before Penney and Sasseville learned that United 93 had already gone down in Pennsylvania, an insurrection by hostages willing to do just what the two Guard pilots had been willing to do: Anything. And everything.

“The real heroes are the passengers on Flight 93 who were willing to sacrifice themselves,” Penney says. “I was just an accidental witness to history.”

She and Sasseville flew the rest of the day, clearing the airspace, escorting the president, looking down onto a city that would soon be sending them to war.

She’s a single mom of two girls now. She still loves to fly. And she still thinks often of that extraordinary ride down the runway a decade ago.

“I genuinely believed that was going to be the last time I took off,” she says. “If we did it right, this would be it.”


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Nobody Likes 9/11

Nobody’s Perfect

You know, I have no idea what to say about today. The pain and horror of the event is still in this Nobody’s mind, as fresh as the moment it happened..and in retrospect, so many Presidents did so little to protect us from that moment, I have no confidence that they can protect us from another.

I really don’t. I don’t care how many times they search grandma.

Bill Clinton treated the first bombing of the World Trade Center as a ‘police’ matter. Some say, he had at least SIX chances to take down bin Laden and did not. FBI agents warned Janet Napolitano and she purposely made sure the FBI and the CIA could not talk to each other.

Then, when George Bush came into the Presidency, he was warned, and accordingly, did not take it seriously.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Condoleezza Rice say, “Nobody could have imagined” that planes would go into the Trade Center.

Every time I heard her say those words, with such sincerity on her face, I can’t help but wonder..How could ANYONE with such an incredible mind, be so incredibly incompetent?

And then, you had all the conspiracy theories, which of course, have been carefully put in the “Are you a crazy nut job?” box.

And yet, this Nobody, along with thousands of other nobodies are not stupid. I don’t care how many times they tell us that the towers went down because of the planes, it was just all too neat, and fast. It was an historical first.  To me, those towers had help. And that third one was brought down on us.

The collapse of Building 7 at 5:20PM EDT was in itself a major event; the sudden and unexplained fall to earth of a 47-story steel-framed skyscraper is certainly news. Why has there been almost no mention of this in the U.S. media, and why was there no mention of Building 7’s collapse in The 9/11 Commission Report? These are questions of great significance, and they cry out for answers. To be able to approach any kind of explanation, however, first some pertinent and verified facts of the Building 7 aspect of 9/11 need to be scrutinized.

FACT: WTC Building 7 – on its 23rd floor – housed an Emergency Command Center for the City of New York that Mayor Rudolph Giuliani had built-in the mid-1990’s. On the morning of September 11th, Mayor Giuliani did not go “to his Command Center – with its clear view of the Twin Towers – but to a makeshift, street-level headquarters at 75 Barkley Street.” WTC 7 also held the offices of numerous government agencies, including the Department of Defense, the CIA, the Secret Service, the IRS, and the Security and Exchange Commission.5 Late 2001 was the time of “the height of the investigation into Enron, so the majority of Enron’s SEC filings were likely destroyed when World Trade Center 7 came down.”6

Who did it? Nobody Knows…and just like the “Who killed JFK?” Nobody ever will know.

I heard an officer say it that very day, that they were going to bring down the third building with explosives. You don’t hear that now. Now it was destroyed by the planes.

It had FBI records…just like Oklahoma. So convenient.

Hollywood couldn’t have done it any better.

I’m not saying that any of those Presidents wanted that to happen. But an American citizen expects, for all the trillions of dollars they have taken from us…and have at their command–we EXPECT to be protected…and none of our Presidents have put our homeland as first priority.

The people who have protected us, are the good men and women who work in the military and FBI.

Tell me, do you really feel that “going to Iraq” and fighting over there has made us any safer?

Our open borders tell us all just how serious they are about protecting us.

They aren’t. It’s SO hard to believe in your heart, but sadly, how in the world can you ignore the facts?

You can’t.

Worst case scenario…they “allow” things to happen in order to gain more power, and more control over what they see as a world they can’t control.  Obama is even more lame at protecting us than any of them.  As Clint Eastwood correctly noted: He’s a fraud.

I do not like this day at all. I’m sure my parents didn’t like D-Day. But, we must never forget it. And we must NEVER let a mosque be built near that site.


America must not become a Muslim nation.

And it’s Obama that wants that more than anyone.

Just remember that when you decide to stay home in November. Nothing could be more important than defeating Obama Hussein.

For more information on Building 7, see this.

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Nobody’s Email: Obama’s Love for Islam

Nobody Gets Email

I’m combining two emails I got this week (video and email) because I think it’s important for everyone to remember that Obama keeps his love for Islam well hidden. But, watch this video…and be worried. Did Obama HELP the Muslim Brotherhood come into power in Egypt? Makes you wonder. Remember that when you see him at his big party next week.

And as for the ‘sign’ on the Texas Mall door…I probably would have taken out my lipstick and marked over it “GOD BLESS AMERICA” ..after all…the lst amendment is still my right too.

(Thanks to Pattie)


In Houston, Texas, Harwin Central Mall: The very first store you come to when you walk from the lobby of the building into the shopping area had this sign posted on their door. The shop is run by Muslims:

In case you are not able to read the sign below, it says,

“We will be closed on Friday, September 11, to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Ali.”

Imam Ali flew one of the planes into the twin towers.

Nice Huh? Try telling me we are not in a religious war. This has not been around so make sure it does.


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FDR VS George W. Bush

Nobody Remembers Pearl Harbor

Here’s FDR speech, made after the attacks on Pearl Harbor. Notice that he mentions the words “invasion” “victory” and “so help us God.”

Now, compare that speech to one given by George W. Bush after 9/11

Big difference in delivery. We’ve become the more “compassionate” nation…..

Among the calamities of war may be jointly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehoods which interest dictates and credulity encourages. .

——.Samuel Johnson


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