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Jon (Or is it Jimmy?) Stewart Goes to Washinton

Nobody Wins

This video, if you haven’t seen it, does more to explain the anger most of us feel at Congress for pussyfooting around and not only ignoring the American people, but hurting them, than any I’ve seen in the last ten years.

And may I say, it’s not just the firefighters who are losing health care, all across the country, millions of people just can’t afford many of their own health care.  The people who had private insurance… their deductibles went up after “Obamacare” so high, they might as well not have insurance at all.  Only the illegals and the very poor benefited from Obamacare.

Obamacare was MEANT to fail, so as to finally introduce universal health care, like Hitler had.

Jon Stewart gave one of the best speeches ever given to a cause in this video. And they are not talking enough about it on any cable station.

But it’s true. This Congress is all about protecting themselves, enriching themselves, promoting themselves, and they could care less about any American in the country.

If this video is passed around, the empty seats alone would show many democrats and Independents just how pathetic our Congress is, and how worthless.

If these good men die sooner rather than later, well, to these democrats, good riddance.

To them, they are mostly bad cops and white supremists. They are the Americans they want OUT of the country.

If they were GAY…well…that would be a whole other matter.

That’s why, I posted the whole thing.

Nobody Wins, when the United States Congress is a cesspool of corruption.

Nobody. But one thing is duly noticed.

Jon Stewart is not just another stupid comedian.


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