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Okay, this is hard to watch:

Joe Biden: Having trouble making his mind catch up with his mouth. Trump is right. He’s getting pretty old mentally. Remembers history that didn’t happen. He not only looks sleepy, but even Hillary, as sick as she was, could at least walk up to the limo to be thrown in. He would just stay standing ten feet from the limo, stop,  and hold up his finger. Hard to forget what an established criminal he’s been. Nice teeth. Nice plastic surgery. Bad neck. Not a clue what he’s doing there. But remembered that Trump is a “White supremacist” Keep it up Joe!

Kamala Harris: She’s doing her best Michelle Obama imitation. Claims she’s black, but like Obama, she’s half something else, and much too emotional. Brings up too many “I visited the fires!” The children in CAGES! Paris! Donald Trump greatest threat to U.S. because he doesn’t believe in Climate Change! She is hoping for a job on CNN. She’ll prosecute Trump. AND I’m sending her my cell phone bills. She wants to make sure we all get our bills paid. In fact, I’ll send her my property taxes which went out the roof this year.

Pete Buttigieg: The gay communist. Somebody wants the nation to elect a REAL gay President, since the woman they ran didn’t get elected. He speaks well, but really? America wants his wife to be in all the White House Christmas pictures? Rush thinks he is the most well-spoken. He reminds me of Macron in France. In fact, I think he could be his little brother. But he would be just as insufferable as Obama. America took a chance making themselves feel better by letting a ‘black’ man get the job just because he could talk a good game. Do they really feel like making themselves feel good by electing a well spoken gay man?

Hopefully, history will not repeat itself. He is looking for the ‘young’ vote, because somebody told him that’s all he would get: the already brainwashed.

Bernie Sanders: We have 12 years to live. REVOLUTION! Comrades! Unite! Bernie never left Russia. He will unit the world in REVOLUTION! You have to love the hand and the voice. Too funny. But you can’t have guns. He would prefer you throw rocks. Rich will get richer…and he’s just there to tell you that. Bernie is pure entertainment. He could take over the Tonight Show.

Eric Swalwell: I will GET YOUR GUNS! I will buy back all criminals guns! He’s a parent. He also sends his children to gun free zone schools. (That’s a LOT of money.) He looks like a Ken doll who lost his Barbie.

Kirsten Gellibrand: Hillary’s sister. Women’s RIGHTs! She stood up to everybody in Washington she says.
I’m sure they all listened intently. I could barely stand her for even 50 seconds.

Marianne Williamson: She too wants to be on CNN. Author. She’s there for the money. I guess they just HAD to throw in a typical femi-nazi. Scary. Reminds me of some of my old teachers. Where DID they find her?

Michael Bennet. They needed somebody just to attack Trump. Looks like a car salesman.

Andrew Yang: Tech guy. He will give you MONEY! Right away! China pays WELL! We will just BUY America! He could be a China spy. Or better yet, he’s from Russia.

John Hickenlooper: Legalized Pot. Still in college. Still gets stoned. Probably still has toga parties. Come on. How did a guy with that last name even get elected?

Chuck Todd: He wasn’t on the stage, but he was running just as hard as Bernie.

I admit. It was all the same nonsense that I couldn’t REALLY listen to it intently.

PLEASE…no more. Uh. That’s just not something anybody should be put through on a warm summer night in Missouri. Next time I watch one of these— I will get out a bottle of Rum, and go shoot some fireworks.

As most noticed. Every single one of these people cared MORE about illegals than the people in their own country.

WE…matter no more. And yet, they continue to torture us.

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