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There IS No Gloria in Impeachment!

Nobody Flashes

On Saturday, crowds like this one gathered to give their support to impeachment.

IN the meantime, in St. Louis, THIS crowd was gathered to celebrate the Stanley Cup Win of the Blues Hockey team.

AMERICA flags were flown on every float. It was sea of white people…don’t tell anybody they exist. No reporter would give the final number of people there, but it was at least 500,000 and more than likely… a million.

People were so well behaved, that the hockey players got out of their cars, and went INTO the crowds with no fear, nothing but love was everywhere. The parade took so long because all the  hockey players got out of their cars and walked and shook hands and let the fans touch the Stanley Cup all along downtown.

And you probably won’t see this on the news. I had trouble finding even a few pictures.

Now, granted, this isn’t New York. But the celebration was so happy, everyone was so well behaved, that the hockey players got smashed. Brett Hull, a hometown favorite who used to lead the team for years, was so happy, they almost had to drag him off the stage.

I had a hard time finding pictures of the crowd at the Arch, it was so tremendous.  Here in St. Louis, a democratically run city, nobody goes downtown because of the shootings. And NOBODY applauded the St. Louis’ mayor who is a democrat, and a woman, and an idiot. She tried to rally the crowd, but at least they were respectful and just ignored her.

To me, I thought, “Yep, Trump is going to win.”

This Saturday was one of the biggest celebrations in sports history. It was a joy to behold. And I like to think that THIS is the America our President is always talking about, and knows exists. The trouble is, our news reporters don’t want us all to know that it still exists.

This was the America I grew up in. Imagine even my surprise that it was still there.

Now, if we could just get the news to report that WE…are still out here. And most of us, were born here.

Most of us, are NOT from Somalia. And we do NOT want the President impeached.

It WAS a glorious day. But as soon as it was over, I turned on the news and there it was:

“Crowds all over are gathering demanding impeachment.”

Well, not this crowd. Not THIS day.

Nope. All the ‘racist’ deplorable were singing “Gloria!” And enjoying what America does best when left alone:


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