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Nobody Reports: Former Head of NSA Warns Americans

Nobody Reports

This morning I watched a video on Alex Jones website, with a conversation he had with the former HEAD of the NSA, Bill Binnery.

Binney resigned from NSA shortly after the U.S. approach to intelligence changed following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. He “became a whistleblower after discovering that elements of a data-monitoring program he had helped develop — nicknamed ThinThread — were being used to spy on Americans,” PBS reported.

In this video he said that the NSA is using his data monitoring to record everything everybody does, and that includes all the powerful people. Trump was being monitored long before he declared his intention to run for President.

He also said that the ‘deep state’ plans to use all this data to control Presidents, congressmen, and everybody basically. “It is a totalitarian plan to take control of everybody.”

He said it was developed to monitor jihadist, but the NSA was using it on everyone.

Now, I would have rather just posted the video. But, I couldn’t. No matter how hard I tried to embed the code, WordPress wouldn’t let me. So, I tried to download it onto my computer but guess what?

That didn’t work either.

The big tech guys are all going into full China mode here in the USA.

This afternoon I came back to try again, and the video has been taken off Alex Jones’ site.

I searched around for more information on Bill, but there’s not much. But I did find this:

The judges on the FISA court are “not even concerned, nor are they involved in any way with the Executive Order 12333 collection,” Binney said during the radio interview. “That’s all done outside of the courts. And outside of the Congress.”
Binney told Fox the laws that fall under the FISA court’s jurisdiction are “simply out there for show” and “trying to show that the government is following the law, and being looked at and overseen by the Senate and House intelligence committees and the courts.”


“That’s not the main collection program for NSA,” Binney said.


Binney, a cryptanalyst-mathematician and a Russia specialist at one point during his 30 years with the NSA, is a signatory of an open letter released Monday from six retired intelligence officials, calling themselves the “Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity,” who assert that the allegations that Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are baseless.


“The evidence that should be there is absent; otherwise, it would surely be brought forward, since this could be done without any danger to sources and methods,” the letter stated. “Thus, we conclude that the emails were leaked by an insider – as was the case with Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Such an insider could be anyone in a government department or agency with access to NSA databases, or perhaps someone within the DNC.”

So, it’s come to this. You can’t even hear the words of a man who worked at the NSA, because “they” don’t want you to know that everything you do, better be off the internet, off your phone, and in secret.

We are becoming Russia.

Hopefully, enough good men in the intelligence field will help fight this.

And it certainly makes you think that Snowdon and Julian Assange, will be dead sooner rather than later.

Let’s hope the good Bill Binnery stays alive. As far as this Nobody is concerned, all these men are hero’s.

And one more quote:

Binney worries for the future. America, he believes, is turning away from democratic governance. “This is what happens in totalitarian states. They slowly evolve. We’re frogs in the water and they’re heating the water ever so slowly. Eventually, they’ll get us cooked, as they raise the level and we don’t jump out.
“As long as they do it slowly,” he insists, “we won’t jump out.”

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