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Nobody Knows the REAL Truth About 5G

Nobody Knows

Today, the President was telling all the corn farmers in Iowa that soon they will be getting much needed 5G into their lonely rural farms.

Not long ago, At & T dug up my whole back yard, and put cable down under. I also have the main telephone pole in my backyard that five of my neighbors hook up to, one of them WORKS for At & T, and I’m sure had a say in all this being put there. I was told I now have 5G and I should hook up.

I haven’t.

Not long after they did that, I ended up with severe dizziness, and vomiting, bad enough to put me in the hospital.

They concluded that the little hairs in my ears were just out of whack.

I don’t buy it. I didn’t buy it. I still don’t buy it. It wasn’t the flu. (Yes, they tested me for it in the hospital.) And it wasn’t vertigo. I was truly sick for days.

Did I get sick from the 5G? My husband says ‘no’ because he would have gotten sick too.

But then again, he’s not here all day, I am.

I don’t know. Nobody knows. I haven’t been sick since, so I suppose he’s right.

It seems to me, that if 5G is 100 times stronger than the usual cell phone waves, it’s bound to make a lot of people sick…

But then again, since China is going 5G, it seems we MUST KEEP UP…right?

I have no idea. Nobody Wonders who’s right about this? Will people get cancer, like all those firefighters on 9/11 who ran around cleaning up the mess in New York and got sick years later?

Or is 5G harmless?

And more importantly, I can see it being used for inventions, doctors, research, etc, but does the average person really NEED 5G?

Is it okay just to have a good horse, or do you need one that can win the Kentucky Derby?

In other words, do we really NEED 5G? And will property values really go down?

Nobody wants to Know, don’t you?

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