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The Silence of Praying Christians

Nobody Flashes

While all the news outlets today kept repeating the same news of Trump’s Supreme Court pick on Saturday, NOBODY showed the gathering of Christians at the mall to listen to Rev. Graham.

I didn’t see a picture of it anywhere. I had to look it up on the internet, and even there, it was underreported. Why? Probably because Christians have to pay their own way to Washington, (Soros does NOT bus Christians) and they are pulling the load for the REST of the country, and many of them have lost jobs. Their own churches are suffering from the ‘lockdowns” financially.

Still…many did show up.

Graham said…this:

“I’m just concerned that the people in this country don’t realize that the left, the socialists, want this country to look like Cuba… like Venezuela,” he said.

“The only hope for this country is God. It’s not Republicans or Democrats,” Graham said. “Only hope is God and if we as Christians don’t pray for God’s help, he may just let this country fail.”

Don’t worry Rev. Graham.

We ARE praying.

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Nobody CARES About the Subliminal Message in “THE CIRCLE”

Nobody Cares

Like many Americans, my husband and I search the MOVIES ON DEMAND to find something to watch after work, and tonight, we found one with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson in a movie about the tech business. What was funny is that usually a Tom Hanks movie gets a LOT of advertising, and this was made in 2017, so why it didn’t was a puzzle.

Okay. So we hadn’t heard of it. Nevertheless, it was FREE! And no better time than now to bring it to the millions of us staying home not being ABLE to go out and eat, or exercise, or ‘gather’–unless we have to put on our masks and go to Wal-Mart.

This Nobody Thinks that this movie was saved for THIS election year, and let me tell you why. The movie was about this young girl (Emma) who gets a job at the biggest tech company in the world. The company is called “The Circle”. Clearly it was intended to remind everyone of Google and Facebook.

All the employees at this company were VERY young, very idealistic, and had every need they could ever want taken care of at that job. Entertainment every night, good food, —and they were encourage to “join” the community. Basically the old hippie commune (communism with a happy face) idea.

The boss was Tom Hanks, who gets to know this girl and uses her to introduce his idea for the future for humanity. The concept of “Everyone is connected, and Knowledge is a human RIGHT” was said forcefully by Hanks, along with the notion that EVERYBODY can live life through the experience of video. There is no NEED to really go out and throw that football.

If it’s good enough for his disabled son, it’s good enough for everyone else.

You don’t need to go to that baseball game! Stay home, and PRETEND you ARE that home run hitter! 

Now I won’t give up the movie so much as to tell you, that Emma goes around recording her whole life on film and she gets MILLONS of followers, and the bosses give the idea that if EVERYONE had a camera, they could stop crimes, no secrets! Cure diseases! CURE THE WORLD OF HATRED AND CRIMES!


And THEN…the big guys come up with a “soul search” engine in which the world can find anybody with the help of the world. Clearly laws are broken when Emma’s old boyfriend is chased by drone’s and run off a cliff while driving his car.

THIS is to let you know that THEY know there are dangers to this technology….and yet.

And yet. Emma is convinced after a few days of mourning that the young minds can correct this tech—- it just needs more help.

Sort of the same argument the progressives give socialism. Just because it has never worked anywhere else doesn’t mean that it won’t work here.

“It just needs to be done the right way.”

The REAL danger of this movie at this time is that they introduce the concept that …everyone on Google, just by ‘getting’ on Google will automatically be registered to vote, and then DEMOCRACY will RULE! Every vote will count! People that don’t get on google/Facebook…well, they will be ostracized and won’t be able to USE the platform of the world.

(I use Google and Facebook because even though it’s called “The Circle” its. Google. Facebook. )

This is how they brainwash you into thinking that BIG TECH can do a much better job at ruling the world than governments. In fact, they say so in this movie.

Which makes you wonder who paid to get it made. (The globalists I bet. Do we even need to ask?)

They show the dangers of everyone being watched every minute, but at the end of the movie, if you are younger than 30, you will think: Yeah! That’s a great idea! Vote by the internet! 

Now, I would like to know, if any of my readers have seen this movie, and what did they get from it?

To me, it’s much like the TV series ’24’ . It captured the conservative, and THEN…right before the Presidential election, they put in a black President who in the script is BEYOND the most honest perfect human that ever held the office. And everyone was hoping that Obama would be THAT President.

Nobody Cares how that series alone got so many people to accept Barack Hussein Obama, and vote for him. And he was…the worst President in history. Later I found out that Keifer Sutherland, the main actor in “24” is a socialist. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh loved that series.

Nobody seems to care about this mass Hollywood brainwashing as much as I do. It’s hardly EVER written about.

Our media is CREATING our realities, and we don’t even know it.

Watch “The Circle” and wonder…like I did…is this what they have coming?

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Why LIBERAL Women Should Never Hold Office or Any Job for that Matter

Nobody Flashes

Biden’s “Light into the Darkness” women. If they did this to MY kid?…..uh….well…

Can you believe these morons?

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Hollywood: Master the Art of Social Engineering.

Nobody Wins

Okay. We watched this movie on Netflick last weekend. It’s a typical fast moving, bad-ass, lots of guns action film.

Here’s what’s wrong and what bothers me to no end: It’s the deep state propaganda brain washing at it’s highest art form.

FIRST: The main character is a woman called “Andy” and she’s called “THE BOSS” by the other five in the group of warriors. The story is these people are immortal and can’t die. Two in the group are a Muslim, and a Christian, who tried to kill each other in the crusades and now they are lovers. Men. Who kiss a lot and talk about true poetic love. Why not kill two deep state themes with one stone?

Then you have the one white guy who is lonely and turns against “the boss.” He’s the traitor.

Andy of course used to have a ‘lover’ who was Chinese woman, but was drowned as a witch once upon a time.

And then..the theme. They are being hunted down for their “DNA.” And a young black girl who is a Marine is found out to be just like them, and ANDY takes her into the team, trains her to ‘kill’ and there are lots of talk about being warriors etc..and you know that the young black women is going to take over as “BOSS.” White macho Andy is there to guide her into her role.

Oh, and Andy has gone about throughout history saving the young, mostly black, and helpless children being persecuted. She’s a ‘hero.’

The must have “puke” scene was included. Yes, I’m going to bug my readers with this until somebody notices it too.

For YEARS Hollywood has been socially engineering our young and mushy minds into thinking that blacks, and women, should be our next leaders, and the macho man is usually the bad guy.

Even though the bad guy in the movie was a young tech guy, it doesn’t matter.

The themes are ALWAYS subluminal. And they are the same themes coming out of Obama’s and Hillary’s mouth..

Now, you and I might not think much of this, but trust me…everyone else is being conditioned to accept women leading military operations, and being in command. It’s not that I don’t believe woman can not be leaders, it’s that most women cannot compete physically with men in combat jobs.

WE ARE NOT BUILT TO “KICK ASS.”  A few of us maybe, but in the deep state, it’s the new order.

Butch haircut, no sex partners, no kids, just a mission to save the world. How…noble.

How many young women are going to want to emulate these ‘heros’?

You tell me.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Kanye and Courtney


Nobody’s Perfect:

This week, we got another big laugh when Kanye West announced that he was running for President.

I admit. I do NOT know one song that Kanye West ever sang. Or any fashion statement that made him a billionaire. I DO remember him going to the Oval office making a big splash with his “Make America Great” hat on his head, and praising Trump up and down. Recently, he got religion.

He has been ‘saved.’ He tried to make a lot of money off that too. Sorry. I didn’t pay much attention. What I DO remember, like most Americans is when 19-year-old Taylor Swift won a Music Award, Kanye jumped up on stage and tried to take it from her.

Taylor Swift, I’m ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time…one of the best videos of all time!” In the 10 years following, those words have been memed, mocked, and forever burned into the brains of anyone who has ever listened to music.

Making me wonder when Will Smith is going to jump up at the Oscars and take the Oscar away from Tom Hanks.

But let’s be real. Making headlines makes you BIG money. It’s awfully late to get into the race, so why is he doing it? It’s confusing everyone.

Take your pick: Number one: He is trying to help President Trump by taking just enough black votes away from Biden and his black woman VP whomever she is. Many would say, including myself, that one of the reasons we are seeing the BLM revolution is precisely because the blacks are waking up to the 50-year-old con of jumping from the slavery of cotton picking to the slavery of being kept in welfare ridden crime cities.


Many say that this revolution is going on to hide the many crimes of the deep state, but the black vote is VERY important to the democrats. They must get them back on that plantation. Telling them that the virus hits them harder is just another raciest ploy.

Or was Kanye sent by Obama to sucker up to Trump, make him think that he loves him, and then run for President and get into office in the ultimate humiliation? After all, didn’t Jeff Sessions and John Bolton do just that? After all, two young white rich billionaires say they would vote for him. Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. There are so many plots to take out the President, this would be just one more.

Nothing surprises me.

OR Number Two: Kanye West really just needs the attention and is such a narcist that he really believes that with Kim by his side, he would make a good president and he just wants the job. Kim could get votes just by showing her boobs. If Trump can ‘brand’ himself, why not Kanye?

Only one problem: Kanye is a rapper. Next to the builder Trump, he knows NOTHING about much of anything.

Polls show it’s more likely he would take votes away from Trump.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”

Oddschecker reported that since his tweet, 61 per cent of all wagers on the presidential race have been placed on Kanye, while 25 per cent have gone for Trump in the belief that Kanye running would take votes away from Joe Biden.

Whatever you may think about Kanye, and I really have no idea about him except he loves the limelight, THIS liberal is pretty pissed off that he is running, because SHE thinks he will take votes away from Biden.

I have to warn you though…the language is pretty shocking.

Home schooled…she’s not.

What do we think about all of this? Nobody’s Perfect. Despite his wishes, I don’t think Kanye has a change, and Courtney?

Too bad your mind is so ‘fucked’ up. You do have a nice voice. Like I said: Nobody’s Perfect.

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The Cops Need to VOTE Too

Nobody Wonders

I got a call today from ‘the police.’ They call here a lot, asking for money. Donations. I always say the same thing, “I don’t give over the phone. I support the police, but you could be anybody. Besides, the police even say be careful about phone solicitations.”

I’m always very polite. And when I get off, I always feel bad. But today, I don’t know. I was…tired. Tired of watching the police get spit on, attacked, standing down while their cities burn, on orders from their democratic leaders. Tired of watching them do nothing from orders of idiots.

They, like the rest of us…obey. Now, while I understand that none of them want to lose their jobs. And to be getting the treatment they are today is beyond reprehensible.

THEY ARE STILL AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE THEY NOT? Why are we allowing this to happen to the good men and women in Blue?

More importantly, why are they?

He was nice, but wanted money.

“You know, my property taxes went up $500 dollars this year, and you are supposed to be getting paid out of that. You know how bad things are for many people, why don’t you go to your democratic bosses an ask THEM where the money goes?” I said.

He didn’t answer. He just kept reading off his “If we send you an envelope will you make a donation…”

“Are you a democrat or a republican?” I asked. “Conservative? You do know there is a war going on.”

He didn’t answer.

Once again, he asked for money.

“Please, answer my question sir.”

I know. It seemed unfair. But I do know for a fact that the unions of the police are…democrats. They are working for thugs. It’s not their fault, but somewhere they have to speak up.

I’m sorry. I pay with my property taxes and if he DOESN’T get enough money from them, then why should I give MORE, while the democratic politicians pocket it?

I guess, what I really want is for the police to stand up for themselves. Go on strike. Quit. After all, the democrats are trying to MAKE them quit. The democrats are putting them in a no/win situation and why should ANY man or woman put up with it?

But they can’t can they? If they go on strike, they will lose jobs, pensions, whatever.

They are…union. The democrats have them by the ….’

I said, “They want to replace you guys with United Nations cops.” I said.

The man hung up.

Now, I don’t know if he was real. Probably was. But everyday, regular people who are trying to figure out if they have money for medications or even to pay bills, are being asked to donate: Donate to this candidate, that charity, schools, diseases, food banks, other nations.

Donate, donate, donate, donate. Right now, I wouldn’t even donate to the Human Society because I know what a big scam THEY are, and I love all animals.

I still love the police. But really, I wish for just one moment they would stand up for what is right.

Complain. Let their voices be heard. Let their feelings be KNOWN.

Join the people they are protecting…help us to correct this corrupt system of crony democrats who are just using them to win an election.

The democrats have made them enemy no. one. Especially if they are white.

It’s time they spoke up.

Next time, Mr. Policeman, you call on the phone, have a conversation with the person you are asking money from.

I’m just saying. It’s your country too.

Nevertheless, police are now the main target for death. I just googled, “How many police have been murdered this year?
And guess what? Go ahead and Google it. All you will get is how many Blacks have been killed by police.

Google, can’t even answer a question. Google acts as if you didn’t even ASK the question.

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cops.

Cops are now on the ‘kill’ list for BLM. My heart goes out them all. Too many times I have been saved by a cop. But, that was long ago.

The last time I called my chief of police about my Muslim neighbors maybe building a bomb in their backyard he told me, with an ANGRY voice to …”MOVE lady. If you don’t like it.”

These poor guys have had to face death every day. But asking the people to just throw them money is NOT going to solve the problem.

The problem…is: Too many democrats in too many positions of power.

You would HOPE the cops would get it.

The lawyers have ruined the country.

And MOST of them are: democrats.

I want my cops to protect and to serve…the people….not the mob.

Is that too much to ask?

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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan B Peterson on White Privilege

Nobody’s Fool

Once again, the down right bold and wicked wisdom of Jordan B. Peterson.


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Nobody Reviews Cosmo

Nobody Cares

I love these so-called ‘feminists’ who get all upset about those men going around ‘raping’ women.

BUT, if they are democrats, then, well, it’s okay. Rep. Ilhan Omar D-Minn  had this to say about Biden’s sexual past:

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., said that while she will support 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden in his White House bid, she also thinks it is important to believe survivors of sexual assault, including a woman who has leveled allegations against the former vice president.

How nice. Really. Does anybody else but me find these big liberal women crying out against the “patriarchy” a bit too much to swallow?

How did a nation of women become so, so..moronic?

Case in point: If they didn’t want to be raped, then why are their magazines FILLED with sex? How to get sex, how to use men, how to best LOOK sexy, vagina talk, penis talk, and how to be sexy….sure, women have always wanted to ‘be sexy.” But..stupid?

I was thinking about this when going through a Cosmopolitan Magazine. Long ago, it was mostly about makeup, clothes, and perfume, but today, it’s all about…well—Let’s go through Cosmo’s month of April. The editor, Jessica Pels, is a young Asian Chinese woman. The editorial, is all about how upset she is that the orgy called the Music and Arts Festival in Coachella Valley has been cancelled.

“For the better part of a decade, going to Coachella was unquestionably the coolest thing anyone could do. Cooler than asking Drake to murder your vagina.”

NOBODY: Who is Drake and why would you LET him murder your vagina? Pain is the new turn-on? She goes on to say the main reason she is upset is because she won’t be able to say she saw Paris Hilton hanging out. Wow. What an editor.

The magazine goes on, and the education of our young women begins:

Let’s review some of the titles, shall we?

 The Beginner’s guide to Marvel—in which all characters are explained, as IF anyone under 50 hasn’t seen the movies. Seriously?

 What your favorite Law & Order: SVU years say about YOU.

“Official new ADA Rafael Barba is a dude-bro with anger issues. Sick of Olivia partner after partner, SVU writers just give up and make her head of the bureau. Oh, and she’s not a mom.

NOBODY: What does this say about me? I’ve never watched a single episode. I’m smart.

 Think you can last a whole day without your phone?  Good F*cking luck. It’s a little game where you “suddenly have to pee. You run to the nearest public restroom (Starbucks) and your period is two day early? Nope you don’t have a tampon.

Nobody: I’m thinking when I was in my early 20’s I didn’t need a cell phone to find out where the bathrooms were. I usually carried a tampon in my purse. And THIS is all they can come up with in-between perfume ads? Keep your phone close, and your tampons closer?

Cosmo’s official getting ready survey Brought to you by vodka, dry shampoo, and Arianna Grande. Question “Whos’ taking preparty shots with you?

Nobody: Clever way to get girls to get drunk. And I guess now you have to PLAN who your are going to take shots with.

 Are they Mad at you or something?

An article to help you find out if your best friend is mad. Their suggestion?

Have you already asked “Hey, are you mad at me.”

Nobody: Ha ha ha ha….I can’t even touch this one. This must come from years of being trained in our public-school systems NEVER to ask questions.

Or the next:

The ultimate and probably only Instagram caption crossword puzzle. Insert Cardi B. Here.

Nobody: Is it any wonder that most college girls don’t even KNOW who the Vice President is? What, no candy crush?

After those stimulating subjects, Cosmo gets to what is most important in any young’s life: Their horoscope. You CANNOT do anything without consulting the stars:

****Cosmo’s replaces church with the stars.*****

 We can guess your personality based on where your debit card is right now.

           Mine is in my purse. Cosmo says

MY energy Pretty -messy Although you appear to have it together, you have 50 unread texts on your phone and can’t remember the last time you washed your hair.

Nobody: Wrong!: I have NO unread texts on my phone and… yesterday.

The Zodia signs as Dog Breeds.

Tells you what dog to buy by what ‘sign’ you are.

Nobody: Hey, they say Gemini’s should have a pom. I HAD a pom once.

Pisces are the BEST in Bed.

Nobody: Can I see the research on this? A FISH is better than a pair of twins? Really?

Here’s exactly what your hair needs based on your sign.

NOBODY I need Pantena Sulfate free Shampoo, according to my ‘sign’. Frankly, I had NO idea sulfate was in ANY shampoo. Finally, I learned something.

Now, what’s in my WATER?

Your birth chart is your new realtor.

Yes, ‘tell your landlord the stars made you break your lease. He’ll understand. It even has a name: astrocartography.

Nobody: They are getting the girls ready to buy property on Mars, clearly.

How to astrologically trick your boss into giving you a raise.

Aries: Kick and scream. Aquarius: Say something shocking. Virgo: Keep them hydrated, (?)

Ask your Astrolobestie

Nobody: Everybody’s best friend is her astrologer. Who knew?

Well, you get the hint. Everything in your life is decided by what sign you are born under.

Clearly…such a great way to decide your life. Tea cups, star signs, and sex. Sex?

Yes, they left the sex for the end of the magazine.

LUST. So I’m a voice fetishist

If the guy’s voice isn’t good, don’t go out with him.

Nobody: What about Nancy Pelosi’s voice? Where’s the equality?

Behold: the ideal sex position for you based on your Dude’s Penis

Nobody: You have the Mushroom, the Banana, the Pencil, the Cucumber….take your pick. I was looking for the log, but they left that one out. I’ll leave out the positions they suggested. They have to find a vaccine before they tackle this one.

Purely evil revenge fantasies for your worst ex

You buy their beloved apartment from their landlord and evict them.

I masturbated every morning for a month and I highly recommend it.

Enough. Now that we have gotten down to Bill Clinton’s last legacy, I will end this.

I wonder tonight, how many of these young girls are watching GRANT on the History channel, or reading instead, the latest issue of Cosmo in order to find out what bug they can eat according to their sign.


I wiped pee on my face to cure my acne. 

Okay. We’re doomed.

(P.S. Nobody apologies for this being so long.)







NOBODY: Oh…yeah. Right. This is REALLY a suggestion from Cosmo. Gather you pee and spread it on your face. Feel better now?

NEXT: So you finally paid off your student loans. INVEST for you retirement because SS WON”T BE THERE

Nobody: How OLD are these girls? 75?

NEXT Your March Horoscope Said I could expect extra cash.

NOBODY Well, me and everybody else who got the stimulus check right?




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Nobody’s Fool: Jordan Peterson…Again

Nobody’s Fool

In this interview, more common sense from Jordan Peterson.

Everyone should know, that true strength and innovations ALWAYS comes from the individual. Not the collective.

When you only have BIG corporations, and the inventors cannot profit off what they invent, because, if they work for that corporation, their idea and inventions are OWNED by the company, you will see no motivation to invent.

Why do you think China has to STEAL every American idea and all our knowledge? The state owns everything. Bringing China to the world means death and destruction and we are seeing that now.

It’s in the Chinese teachings of the ART OF WAR.

It’s because of the communist Marxist idea: Your ideas belong to the state.

Jordan also makes a good point about men and women. The ‘sexual’ revolution of the sixties and the “feminist” revolution has lead us to this point.

Kamala Harris wants to make it unlawful to declare that the virus is from Wuhan.

Lots of liberal under 40 being brainwashed into wanting everyone to be the same. Hate speech is being incorporated into the internet.

And THAT is against science. AND freedom of everyone.

But, hey, don’t tell them that.


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Nobody Flashes: Dr. Cal Newport’s Wise Advise

Nobody Flashes

I like this guy. I’m not on Facebook, though I am on Twitter, mostly so that I can stay in touch with President Trump’s thought. And James Woods, and I hate it that they can censor everything now.

BUT…email is the worst. If we only got letters from friends, that’s one thing…but now, no matter what you are doing, you are almost forced to give out your email address. It got to the point where I just opened my friends emails, and ignored everybody else.

Which lead this lady in India who was helping me with a problem, saying that I had 95,000 emails sitting on my computer.

Now I have to erase them all.

What fun.

All my friends are on Facebook. Just tonight I opened one friend’s and she showed the Quilt she made and pictures of herself and friends, and well..Okay, what? Nice, but really, I’d rather take a walk and see it in person.

What this guy didn’t mention is that time…time is lost on nothing real.

Like I said. I don’t post on Facebook.

And if this guy is right, that too much time on social media is bad for your brain, well, that’s explains why we are in deep doo-doo.

The virus and the tech will be fundamentally putting half the jobs at home…and OMG.

Think of future humans. Think of their brains.

Or don’t. In the future, we will all be Joe Bidens.

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Thank You Rex Chapman

Nobody’s Opinion

I hardly EVER get writers block, but it’s Mother’s Day, and I just found out that my own son is blaming Trump for the fact that he still hasn’t got his unemployment checks. He’s at home, watching TV all day, and refuses to talk to me about politics because he wouldn’t listen to logic from me, even if I explained it to him. He now watches South Park, (Which is funny but mostly entertainment, and crude at that.)  so I’m not surprised.

He stopped listening to me when he was 16. That’s what happens to children of divorce. It’s his generation, and the democrats are using this disaster to hurt as many of them as they can. But he thinks it’s the republicans. I wanted to ask him what cable station he was watching, but I was just happy to get the ‘text.’

Anyway, I sat around all day and relaxed, and my husband cooked breakfast AND dinner, and we watched movies all day. I kept my mind off of it.

So, I get here and ….What to say? What to write about?

And then, I saw this tweet. It’s all I would say in a pretty long rant summed up in a short entertaining clip.

I’m going back to bed and forgive myself for tuning out of all this absolute waste of our time talking about the virus as if we are all going to die, and when we do, they will SAY it was due to the virus.

And I’m also going to forgive myself for my son’s opinion.

What’s that old saying? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

In the end, we all have to find our own lives, and nobody can escape the pain that life brings at the most unexpected moments. Most mother’s, and I am one, just keep giving unconditional love.

It’s in the DNA. At least it is with me.

Thanks to Rex Chapman for the uplift.

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The REASON General Flynn Fought, and the REASON We should All Fight: For Our Future

Nobody Flashes

This has to be just about the greatest post after being tortured and attacked by the highest officials in our land that General Flynn could have posted after his exoneration from the rats of the Deep State.

God Bless the General, and may he go get back all that they took from him.

They did NOT take his faith in America! A faith which he obviously has passed on to his children.


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Nobody Flashes Jordan Peterson

Nobody Flashes

I was watching Scott Adams on C-Span the other day, and he mentioned how much he enjoyed Jordan Peterson, and watched all his video’s.

So, I looked him up, and now I too find myself searching for his video’s.

Here, he describes our President, without really thinking about him. And just plain common sense truths that we need so much these days.

If you don’t know about him, give him a watch. I promise, you will NOT be bored.

And then…enjoy!

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Castigating Cher and Bloviating Bette: Go Eat Some Ice Cream

Nobody’s Opinion

I guess washed-up has been singers who can’t compete with the younger booty-babes, need something to do to get attention, and here are two examples of what having too much botox can do to your mind—

Both Bette and Cher think President Trump is killing everyone. No mention here that Bill Gates, who funds the WHO gave millions to the Wuhan lab where this virus was released, should be the bunt of their anger.

Nobody Wonders…are Hollywood aging actors and attresses getting “PAID” to make such nasty remarks about the President? After all, it was just announced that the Obama’s paid Netflick BIG money so that they could produce a communist children’s show. (Or rather some global company paid it for them.) Did Tom Hanks wife really have to complain about Hydroxychloroquine, a drug which is curing hundreds of people?

Whose really killing people here?

Cher doesn’t have to worry about her next meal. Nor does Bette.

Either they are that STUPID, or they are getting very lucrative deals by mouthing off all the time.

Nobody Thinks: It’s got to be hell trying to get attention in Hollywood when you are no longer on the Hit Parade list of somebodies.

When the country comes out this summer, and the virus disappears, no doubt they will be having an ice cream pity party with Nancy.

I never thought I’d miss Sonny, but after reading all Cher’s comments you have to wonder…did she PUSH him into that tree?

Remember, he was a republican.


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