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Nobody Flashes: Dr. Cal Newport’s Wise Advise

Nobody Flashes

I like this guy. I’m not on Facebook, though I am on Twitter, mostly so that I can stay in touch with President Trump’s thought. And James Woods, and I hate it that they can censor everything now.

BUT…email is the worst. If we only got letters from friends, that’s one thing…but now, no matter what you are doing, you are almost forced to give out your email address. It got to the point where I just opened my friends emails, and ignored everybody else.

Which lead this lady in India who was helping me with a problem, saying that I had 95,000 emails sitting on my computer.

Now I have to erase them all.

What fun.

All my friends are on Facebook. Just tonight I opened one friend’s and she showed the Quilt she made and pictures of herself and friends, and well..Okay, what? Nice, but really, I’d rather take a walk and see it in person.

What this guy didn’t mention is that time…time is lost on nothing real.

Like I said. I don’t post on Facebook.

And if this guy is right, that too much time on social media is bad for your brain, well, that’s explains why we are in deep doo-doo.

The virus and the tech will be fundamentally putting half the jobs at home…and OMG.

Think of future humans. Think of their brains.

Or don’t. In the future, we will all be Joe Bidens.

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