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The Cops Need to VOTE Too

Nobody Wonders

I got a call today from ‘the police.’ They call here a lot, asking for money. Donations. I always say the same thing, “I don’t give over the phone. I support the police, but you could be anybody. Besides, the police even say be careful about phone solicitations.”

I’m always very polite. And when I get off, I always feel bad. But today, I don’t know. I was…tired. Tired of watching the police get spit on, attacked, standing down while their cities burn, on orders from their democratic leaders. Tired of watching them do nothing from orders of idiots.

They, like the rest of us…obey. Now, while I understand that none of them want to lose their jobs. And to be getting the treatment they are today is beyond reprehensible.

THEY ARE STILL AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE THEY NOT? Why are we allowing this to happen to the good men and women in Blue?

More importantly, why are they?

He was nice, but wanted money.

“You know, my property taxes went up $500 dollars this year, and you are supposed to be getting paid out of that. You know how bad things are for many people, why don’t you go to your democratic bosses an ask THEM where the money goes?” I said.

He didn’t answer. He just kept reading off his “If we send you an envelope will you make a donation…”

“Are you a democrat or a republican?” I asked. “Conservative? You do know there is a war going on.”

He didn’t answer.

Once again, he asked for money.

“Please, answer my question sir.”

I know. It seemed unfair. But I do know for a fact that the unions of the police are…democrats. They are working for thugs. It’s not their fault, but somewhere they have to speak up.

I’m sorry. I pay with my property taxes and if he DOESN’T get enough money from them, then why should I give MORE, while the democratic politicians pocket it?

I guess, what I really want is for the police to stand up for themselves. Go on strike. Quit. After all, the democrats are trying to MAKE them quit. The democrats are putting them in a no/win situation and why should ANY man or woman put up with it?

But they can’t can they? If they go on strike, they will lose jobs, pensions, whatever.

They are…union. The democrats have them by the ….’

I said, “They want to replace you guys with United Nations cops.” I said.

The man hung up.

Now, I don’t know if he was real. Probably was. But everyday, regular people who are trying to figure out if they have money for medications or even to pay bills, are being asked to donate: Donate to this candidate, that charity, schools, diseases, food banks, other nations.

Donate, donate, donate, donate. Right now, I wouldn’t even donate to the Human Society because I know what a big scam THEY are, and I love all animals.

I still love the police. But really, I wish for just one moment they would stand up for what is right.

Complain. Let their voices be heard. Let their feelings be KNOWN.

Join the people they are protecting…help us to correct this corrupt system of crony democrats who are just using them to win an election.

The democrats have made them enemy no. one. Especially if they are white.

It’s time they spoke up.

Next time, Mr. Policeman, you call on the phone, have a conversation with the person you are asking money from.

I’m just saying. It’s your country too.

Nevertheless, police are now the main target for death. I just googled, “How many police have been murdered this year?
And guess what? Go ahead and Google it. All you will get is how many Blacks have been killed by police.

Google, can’t even answer a question. Google acts as if you didn’t even ASK the question.

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cops.

Cops are now on the ‘kill’ list for BLM. My heart goes out them all. Too many times I have been saved by a cop. But, that was long ago.

The last time I called my chief of police about my Muslim neighbors maybe building a bomb in their backyard he told me, with an ANGRY voice to …”MOVE lady. If you don’t like it.”

These poor guys have had to face death every day. But asking the people to just throw them money is NOT going to solve the problem.

The problem…is: Too many democrats in too many positions of power.

You would HOPE the cops would get it.

The lawyers have ruined the country.

And MOST of them are: democrats.

I want my cops to protect and to serve…the people….not the mob.

Is that too much to ask?

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Grant Predicted BLM Democratic Marxist Revolution in 2020

Nobody Reads

Sent in from a reader, a quote from General Grant, the man who helped end slavery.

“If we are to have another contest in the near future of our national existence,” he said, “I predict that the dividing line will not be Mason’s and Dixon’s, but between patriotism and intelligence on the one side, and superstition, ambition, and ignorance on the other.”

‘Thanks to g-man’

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Nobody’s Fool: Tucker Carlson Explains St. Louis Couple Protecting Their Home


Nobody’s Fool

It was all over the news this morning. A couple, here in St. Louis, fearful for their lives, came out to their front yard to protect their property from BLM. They came out with guns.  They are democratic lawyers, which goes to show, that maybe the crowd got the wrong house.

I know this neighborhood well. Right across from Forest Park, are the most beautiful mansions one can imagine. They were built during the 1904 Worlds’ fair in St. Louis, to house the various States exhibitions. It’s a private area now, of about two huge city blocks with about 40 big houses, some with over 40 rooms. And the very, VERY rich liberals live there. I know. I used to date Brett Cervantes, whose father Alphonso Cervantes was Major of St. Louis at one time, and built the arch.

It’s protected, so they HAD to break into this gate to get in. And notice, nobody came to protect those people.

Now, the upkeep of those houses has to be expensive, and I’m sure many of the rich moved away because it’s smack dap in the middle of poor black housing. Murders go on every night. Nobody even drives down there past dark.  I remember going into one house with Brett, to see one of his friends. The house had over 40 rooms, but only two had electric on. They couldn’t afford to keep the electric on. So I’m sure this couple loved the old house and put a lot of money into it.

And here they are, two lawyers, representing blacks against the cops. and the last thing they expected was to fear for their lives.

They came out and said it was a white crowd, but there were blacks in the videos, so it was BLM. I just imagine they are protecting themselves from further harm. Fat Chance. The liberal media AND the black city democrats are out to crucifiy them.

The BLM tried this in Beverly Hills, but those people have private security.. Not here. Mostly liberals lawyers and doctors and politicians live in these houses.

So, will the democrats now realized that they TOO will be targeted if they are not Beyonce or De Blasio?

We’ll see. Tucker is going to have the couple on tomorrow night. Frankly, I was glad to see this couple come out and show some spunk.

It’s what we ALL should do.

Tucker is on a roll, god bless him.

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There IS No War on Drugs

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody in any world on the planet that we live on could have imagined this: One white man kills one black man, and suddenly, the whole WORLD is convinced that every white man, and every institution that he built, every word that he utters, every act he commits, is racist. All the while hundreds of blacks are killed every single day by blacks, and no riots, anywhere. This one action is used by every politician, every broadcast, every commercial, every company, as a catalyst to ‘Change the world.”

Sorry. I don’t buy it. NOTHING about this is happening naturally. The sheer globalness of it proves it’s all orchestrated, and has been in the plans to make us all global citizens…they even admit this as they did on Gates’ TV global festival on Cable last Sunday.

But let’s get to another subject. How can all these global elites be so…controlling and messed up?

Can we blame…drugs?

I was talking to my neighbor up the street yesterday. He was outside watering his flowers, when I said “Hi neighbor!” He lives alone now, since his wife died about 5 years ago. Sweet man. Always has been a very sweet man. So sweet, that sometimes my husband and I wondered if he was gay.…just a very sweet man. We got to talking and suddenly he wanted to talk about his kids.

All three of his boys have caused him nothing but grief. He’s white. They’re white. Both he and his wife worked hard all their lives, he was a hairdresser, she was a school teacher.

They were just an ordinary couple, living for the love of their marriage and their sons.

“What did I do wrong?” He asked in despair. Just now turning 75, and he has no clue. “I could not save any of them, it was the drugs.” He concluded. One of his sons, was in and out of rehab three times, but it didn’t matter. He ended up shot in the head in a parking lot of a Walgreens, drug deal gone bad. The father had to go down and identify him. The mother fainted on the floor. The boy was only 22.

Newsflash: This happens to WHITE boys too…in democratic run cities. Not just the blacks.

“He was the sweetest of my boys, but he would steal my checks, and I was forever going down to the bank to warn them. “He talked about the other boys and how they were all on drugs.

“None of my sons ever call me.” he said sadly.

We wondered as we talked, how the world got so bad. And I thought how drugs have paid such a big part in it all. Bill Clinton ran drugs in Arkansas when he was young. Obama sold drugs. Both were big cocaine addicts, and as far as we know, continued doing drugs, and still do. The media made it out to be just a normal thing for everyone growing up. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that in most high schools in America, drugs are sold in the hallways, and the teachers…just look the other way. In that respect they could be right.

Doing drugs is normal now for all of our young.

Now that pot is being legalized all over the world, I expect more of the same. Lost children. Lost parents. More murders and killings.

And how about Hollywood? How MANY movie stars have died due to drug overdose? They have all the money in the world, and they kill themselves with drugs. Is that stupid or what? Cocaine being the most popular.

President Bush, who brought about the open border with Mexico, opened up our country to be flooded with meth, opioids, pot, cocaine, and stuff their parents would have never dreamed of.  All for the bottom line of his big corporate sponsors. You have to wonder how many of our Congressmen are cashing in on this drug trade.

I’m so ashamed of my generation. I can’t tell you how many men and women over 60 who still smoke grass every day.

The other day I was standing in a 2-hour line to get my driver’s licensed renewed. I was the only white in a sea of black. Somehow the subject got changed to drugs and the young man in front of me said he did “medical” marijuana and…get this…marijuana smoke does NOT cause lung cancer.

“Well, how can that be when ANY kind of smoke in your lungs for years causes lung cancer?” I asked. “How do you know it doesn’t?” I asked.

He though I was stupid.

I told the guy that the boys that came back from Vietnam, many of their brains had been damaged by smoking too much marijuana and they could barely put a sentence together. Smoking anything is bad for your brain AND your lungs. Seriously?

Which brings me to my last point. The democrats are running a man who can barely put a sentence together. President Trump will be speaking clearly and with all his brain intact even if he lives to be 100. His kids, the same. No drugs got into that brain. But Joe?

What’s gone into that body that we don’t know about?

Joe Biden has had major brain surgery on top of it. There is no way he should even be running, but that’s WHY he is running.

They want someone to take over his job. They can’t run that person…whether it be Obama or Hillary…but for sure nobody can beat Trump. So we are being told daily the President Trump will lose next to the brain dead guy who won’t remember his name in a few years.

And they keep repeating it over and over…Biden will win. Talk about control.

My parents’ generation gave us liberty, and freedom. MY generation…gave us a drugs and technology that will put us all in chains.

It’s not easy to raise a child nowadays. Even if you are the sweetest person in the world, you can’t control where you are born, or even save your kids from being brainwashed and drugged up so badly they want to go smash concrete just for fun.

And so you are probably thinking: Really Joyanna, I thought you were taking a vacation!

Sorry.  I just can’t seem to shut myself up.

The war on drugs? WHAT war?


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French Kings Now Racists.

Nobody Flashes

Lots of Catholics are gathered at the St. Louis statue in St. Louis to protest the protesters. Notice that man is a MUSLIM, but he started talking about the virus and when they mentioned abortion he said “Oh that’s not the subject” or whatever.

Gee, the Muslims AND the Marxists are joined together to destroy America.

TRENDING: PRAYERS NEEDED: St. Louis City Treasurer Smears Local Christians for Holding Prayer Protest at St. Louis Statue — Labels Christian St. Louisans ‘KKK’ for Wanting to Save Statue of Catholic Saint


Yes, the city of St. Louis was named after the Saint of the Catholic Church, St. Louis IX. While the Marxists want to destroy it, the men behind the true movement to get rid of it are Muslims.

King Louis was famous for going on all kinds of Crusades, although they are saying he hated Jews.

Hmmm…I have no idea.

But that statue has been there long before the Arch, and is in front of our Art Museum, and many people don’t know this, but St. Louis city has more Muslims in it than blacks OR whites. King Louis lX has nothing to do with blacks.

The democratic city politicians are basically, communists now.

Let’s hope the good Catholics come to its rescue. And tell me, what did Louis IX do to the blacks?

I know. Nothing. But he DID do a lot of damage in the Crusades.

This is ALL so stupid. Change the name of St. Louis?

Yeah: Lost Cause. I’ll vote for that.

How about, OMAR…or Umar, or whatever his name is, go back to his own country.

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Jim Jordan: An American Hero

Nobody Flashes

With the virus, and the riots going on, nobody is paying any attention to the biggest crime of treason ever committed in America.

It’s not enough to expose it: The people involve should be prosecuted. We all know the evidence as Jim Jordan has been on the front lines of exposing them for three years.

When Barr finally comes out with the crimes, will ANY of them suffer any jail time?

If that is so, I would expect an attack on our country from Iran. Or North Korea. They will make sure there is a diversion. Like they have been doing every day.

The Deep State is all about destroying us.

Anyway, once again, Jim Jordan is a refreshing reminder that truth can prevail.

He’s a real warrior. Bless him.

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Nobody Reads On Vacation

Nobody READS on Vacation…

I’m still finding time to read The Federalist. Funny. I’ve read so many political books in my lifetime, just never got around to reading it.  I’m on No. 3. In which John Jay writes about how IMPORTANT it is for any country to NOT be fractured into different pieces. He uses England as a model. If England alone faced the world, without Scotland and Ireland, and the Welsh, how would it far against a war with Spain? Or France?

Good point.

Some of you might remember my old friend amfortas, I remember, he once told me how angry the Englishmen were at the Irish who did NOT join the fight with England against Hitler during WWII.

He was right to be angry. The English speaking territories had a long history of not getting along.

When you have nations with nukes, and billions more people, you’d BETTER stay united. Too bad our kids don’t get that. And too bad many blacks don’t get that if they walk away and hurt all whites, THEY will lose the fight and end up worse off than before.

Anyway, nere’s some commons sense from John Jay’s NO 3:

Jay: Among the many objects to which a wise and free people find it necessary to direct their attention, that of providing for their safety seems to be the first.

At present I mean only to consider it as it respects security over the preservation of peace and tranquility, as well against dangers from foreign wars and influence, as against dangers arising with domestic causes.

It is of high importance to the peace of America, that she observe the law of nations towards all those in powers, and to me it seems evident that this will be more perfectly and Punctually done by one national government, it could be by either thirteen separate states, or by three or four district confederacies.

Nobody: Do you think it EVER occurred to all these BLM and liberal college kids that dividing the country with such violence, makes our country safer? Not only against the poor people who are having their businesses and loved ones attacked, but safer from an attack against China or Russia?

NO, it weakens us in the eyes of the world, and it weakens our President.

Does the attacks from our former Presidents, and their former cabinet members like John Kerry going to Iran and France and taking a stand AGAISNT our President, do us any good? Isn’t this fooling with America’s destruction?

Of course it is. They don’t care. They want to get in on the GLOBAL government.

President Trump expresses the same exact sentiment that John Jay does. Protect America. Get along with foreign leaders if at all possible, even the tyrants.

John Jay would make the point: The democrats do NOT bring safety to any family. They promote violence, and more suffering, and the final surrender to outside enemies. IN fact, they are working with them.

Nobody Says how refreshing it is to read an educated mind. The founders were ions beyond any brains that we have today.  They would be astonished at what has been done not only to the country, but to the English language.

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Nobody Flashes…Obama’s Behind Much of This

Nobody Flashes

Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

“The Obama Department of Justice made it clear that it was exactly that when it distributed a press release last week announcing the “Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism.” In that press release, the DoJ complained that “while many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.”

Oh yes they are.

By the way, I’ll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but will try to post a short something every day.

So, what happened today? A white Senator was attacked? Mmmmm…

They are getting bolder.

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Nobody’s Perfect: John Bolton

Nobody’s Perfect

The Porn King of War. That’s how I remember John Bolton. What do we know about him? President Bush had him everywhere. Iraq, Iran, the United Nations. Always on some cable show, talking big. Talking bad. Talking tough. Talking about taking out every nation on the planet. Poppycocking the RINO Bush train to eternity.

President Trump gave him a job. He KNEW President Trump wanted to get OUT of the wars in the middle East. And yet, he stood by his side, as was his job, because, sorry, the Constitution says that the Commander-in-Chief has the last say. HE praised Trump every chance he got.

Now, he is telling everyone that Trump didn’t read the intelligence reports. Trump is a dummy.

In fact, John Bolton says that Trump doesn’t even READ. Well, Obama didn’t read them either. Trump knew what he was going to do as President, and the American people knew it too.

So, why was Bolton even a bit surprised?

Here’s an excerpt from John’s new Trump bashing book:

When Dunford tried to get more specific on what we might do and when in response to an Iranian attack, Trump said the Gulf Arabs could pay. Dunford kept trying to get Trump to focus on specific options along a graduated ladder of possible responses, but somehow, we veered off to South Africa and what Trump was hearing about the treatment of white farmers, asserting he wanted to grant them asylum and citizenship. The discussion on targets then resumed, much of it to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, the mention of our remaining troop presence in Iraq led Trump to inquire, “Why don’t we take them out? In Syria, we got rid of ISIS.” What I heard next was shocking, but I distinctly remember hearing him say, “I don’t care if ISIS comes back into Iraq.”

And why should he? Why SHOULD we care what the heck the Arabs do to each other? The American people are TIRED of fighting the wars. Russia got out. Bush bleed us dry, and President Bush got us into that stupid war. Iraq didn’t attack America. Most of those men who flew those planes were Saudi’s. and by the way, ISIS was Obama’s formation. Trump put a real big hurt on Isis.

President Trump, to John’s dismay wanted to help the poor English farmers who were being slaughtered in Africa.

NOBODY came to their rescue. Not England. They were left for the slaughter.

With actions like these, the post-apartheid government has given the go-ahead on the persecution of whites: there have been thousands of farm attacks, and hundreds of farm murders, since the early 1990s.

The world thinks it’s okay that whites are killed. Because, the new mantra is, they deserve it.

Right John?

And so, I’m not worried a bit about John Bolton. I can imagine the generals of the old Bush dynasty global war machine, with George still at the helm, all ZOOMING daily in their private mansions, about how to takeover and destroy President Trump. Bolton is now part of that anger of one man standing up to having Americans sacrifice their lives so that these rich and powerful ‘military complex” elites, can keep in their dreams of global conquest and war.

Nobody Cares about John Bolton. He can talk all he wants, we are all tired of him.

If President Trump’s big crime is that he wanted to get out of Iraq and help whites being slaughtered in South Africa…and didn’t read Bolton’s opinions on the Middle East, then all WE can do is admire a man who still cares about American and people being slaughtered, and was smart enough to get rid of him

John Bolton is a walking imprecation of human debris.

The good news is: They won’t even give him a statue in any hall of fame.

Yep, he may have said a few good things, but I can’t remember even one of them.

So, Congratulations Mr. Bolton! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week, for stabbing our President and the American people in the back.

In the annuals of history, very few people will remember you at all. All we will remember is your…mustache.


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Nobody Reads NO. 2 Federalist Paper: John Jay

Nobody Reads

Well, how’s the ‘culture’ war coming? Or shall we say, how’s the war on ONE AMERICA coming? According to Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, the America that they call “deplorable” and should be sent to the “dustpan of History” should be destroyed.

I was wondering today, about how they can keep on saying that President Trump is dividing us all. Gee, I don’t remember President Trump calling half of America deplorable, do you? He calls ‘protestors’ burning buildings, killing cops, and destroying statues thugs, but that’s not divisive, that’s just calling a duck a duck.

Clearly, it’s the democratic cities and states that are fighting the President. They ignore all the federal laws. They do NOT want Trump to interfere in their cities being destroyed, because they claim it’s none of his business, and he would be a dictator to tell the governors what to do. They have stripped all powers of the Presidency and Trump has remained neutral…so far. Twitter comments aside. He’s let them.

Most of the country run by the democrats just give the President the finger and ignore all federal laws. We have two countries now almost.

I was reading in the Federalists Papers this morning…No. 2 to be exact, where John Jay had this to say about how important it was to be ONE union.

If you don’t know who John Jay was, go find out. He was one of the great men who helped form our Constitution, and the FIRST Justice of the Supreme Court. In No. 2 of the Federalists papers he writes to convince the American people of how a union of all states must be formed under one Constitution.


JOHN JAY: Nothing is more certain than the indispensable necessity of government: and it is equally undeniable, that whenever and however it is instituted, the people must cede to it some of their natural rights, in order to vest it with requisite powers.

NOBODY: No citizen should be allowed to destroy property, loot, or kill, even though they feel like it. Although that is being allowed all over the country now. Certain laws must be obeyed. We now are witnessing a French revolution redo.

JOHN JAY: It is well worthy of consideration, therefore, whether it would conduce more to the interest of the People of America, that they should to all general purposes, be one nation, under one federal government, than that they should divide themselves into separate confederacies, and give to the head of each, the same kind of powers which they are advised to place in one national government. But politicians now appear, who insist that this opinion is erroneous, and that instead of looking for safety and happiness in union, we ought to seek it in a division of the states into distinct confederacies or sovereignties.

NOBODY: Can you say New York? California? And Chicago? Susan Rice wants the cities to become sovereign into themselves, and work with OTHER global cities. She wants mayors to join in a global cabal and form a union against all their federal ‘masters’. She has said so in the U.N. speeches. So, even back when the country was forming, the states did NOT want to give up to a federal government. Now the democrats are doing the very same.

JOHN JAY: Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people: A  people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms and efforts, fighting side by side in a along and bloody war have notably established their general liberty and independence.

NOBODY: The founders were mostly white immigrants, who to their credit, had a lot in common. What we see now is a white culture, a black culture, a Muslim culture, a Mexican culture, not united by on government but divided on purpose, to bring about the downfall of a nation. Before, the representatives all would get together and decide what was BEST for the country, not the corporate/deep state that we now have ruling over us all.

JOHN JAY: It is worthy of remark, that not only the first, but every succeeding congress, as well as the late convention, have invariably joined with the people in thinking that prosperity of America depended on its  Union. I sincerely wish that it may be as clearly foreseen by every good citizen, that whenever the dissolution of the union arrives, America will have reason to exclaim in the words of the Poet,


Nobody: and that’s what’s at stake. Throughout all our history America has fared the storms thrown at her, but now, by the sheer greed of the Congress, and by those in power not wishing to let go, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas, the many millionaires throughout the great plutocracy called Congress, have decided to divide the nation into fighting factions of repair and watch while America  burns. They have given our country up to China. To communists, for the simple fact that it will make them all rich.

It comes back to that old saying: United we stand, divided we fall.”

And that’s their plan.

Will America come together before the final destruction? Will the citizens grab back the power that their representatives have taken from them?

NOBODY KNOWS. But it does seem that…

Elvis HAS left the building. And so has John Jay.





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“Communist Agenda, 2020”

Nobody’s Opinion

So, here we are: right in the middle of a communist ‘revolution.’ They have tried everything to get rid of President Trump, but he was doing such a great job, they had to resort to the unthinkable: spread a virus. Use that virus to get everyone away from each other, and in the meantime, bring out the Obama/Soros army of BLM thugs, to destroy the country. Pit the blacks against the whites.

Release the fear, the terror. Destroy the churches, and the flag.

Statues of American history are being torn down, and the police ordered to stand down.

The white people are being told they are racist, and must take a knee to the blacks and ‘colored.’ Give power to them. Step aside.

So far, the white people have not taken the bait to attack back. But if they go for our guns, which they WILL, then all hell will probably break out.

I thought this guy had it right. Almost an Any Rand road to destruction scenario, and if like John Kerry threatens, that a huge civil war will break out IF President Trump is reelected, the TRUTH must be told to anyone who will listen.

Joe Biden even threatened to demand Generals go and take him out.

It’s not just President Trump they are after: It’s the whole of Western Civilization and democracy.

The only thing we have left is our vote, which so far, if we can convince enough people NOT to fall for “mail in or die” BS,. and go and vote, Trump will probably get another four years.

Nevertheless, too many of our young men and women are completely ignorant of history

The good news is: The ‘progressive-communists’ have shown their hand. And as President Trump pointed out last night in his speech, the whole world can see what democratic-communists will do to your life.

It’s war alright, and we are in it.

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Even Dog Fathers are Important.

Nobody Flashes

Happy Fathers Day, to all the great dads out there.

Hope all the dads have as much fun as this dad, who is teaching his pups how to swim.

Really, do you need more proof than this as to how important fathers are? They do stuff mom’s can’t do.

Like have WAY too much fun. Puppy mom would be going, “Seriously!? Are YOU going to give them all baths?”


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Nobody Flashes Tucker Carlson…Again

Nobody Flashes

Once again, and because I’m on vacation, the great insights of Tucker Carlson.

Just in case, you missed it like I did.

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Justice Roberts: Bush’s Butt Boy.


Nobody Cares

Was it a surprise to anyone that Chief Supreme Justice Roberts voted with the liberals on DACA? Everyone is calling him a liberal. He was appointed by President Bush. He’s Bush’s baby. Nobody has fought stronger for the Mexicans and open borders more than the Bush family.

BOTH the Clintons and the Bushes are working toward Daddy’s Bush’s New World Order. And to NOT control the man in the White House is driving them all mad. Crazy enough to push up the destruction of America.

Roberts saved Bush in the 2000 election: He saved the globalists dream of universal health care with making Obamacare a law, and now he is surpassing Congress to give the DACA children taxpayers money.

We lived under the BUSH/CLINTON dynasties for over 40 years. The Bushes want open borders.

I found this tweet today, and the guy is right:  The first thing that will be taken away is our guns, if a democrat gets into the Presidency.

It will be okay for criminals to have guns, but not citizens.

It’s coming.  They can’t enforce their global government without first disarming us.

Killing off old and infirm is one thing: But killing off everybody else with a civil war?

Well gee…if they can get you to stay at home, they won’t need a war.

They will just cut off the water and food. Okay. I’m getting cynical.

Sorry, Roberts is a traitor.

But let’s put the blame where it should be: on the Bush’s.

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