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The REAL Cops They Don’t Want you to See…

Nobody Flashes

I just LOVE This. This is the America that I see…these cops are so ‘racist’…

I had to post this. Pass it around every time you hear the liberals morons putting down the cops.

Somebody send this to Obumer.

(By the way, the front cop could be a movie star, don’t you think?)

And the lady and the white guy behind him were a scream.

Anyway, enjoy! Thanks Guys!

America needed this.

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The Cops Need to VOTE Too

Nobody Wonders

I got a call today from ‘the police.’ They call here a lot, asking for money. Donations. I always say the same thing, “I don’t give over the phone. I support the police, but you could be anybody. Besides, the police even say be careful about phone solicitations.”

I’m always very polite. And when I get off, I always feel bad. But today, I don’t know. I was…tired. Tired of watching the police get spit on, attacked, standing down while their cities burn, on orders from their democratic leaders. Tired of watching them do nothing from orders of idiots.

They, like the rest of us…obey. Now, while I understand that none of them want to lose their jobs. And to be getting the treatment they are today is beyond reprehensible.

THEY ARE STILL AMERICAN CITIZENS ARE THEY NOT? Why are we allowing this to happen to the good men and women in Blue?

More importantly, why are they?

He was nice, but wanted money.

“You know, my property taxes went up $500 dollars this year, and you are supposed to be getting paid out of that. You know how bad things are for many people, why don’t you go to your democratic bosses an ask THEM where the money goes?” I said.

He didn’t answer. He just kept reading off his “If we send you an envelope will you make a donation…”

“Are you a democrat or a republican?” I asked. “Conservative? You do know there is a war going on.”

He didn’t answer.

Once again, he asked for money.

“Please, answer my question sir.”

I know. It seemed unfair. But I do know for a fact that the unions of the police are…democrats. They are working for thugs. It’s not their fault, but somewhere they have to speak up.

I’m sorry. I pay with my property taxes and if he DOESN’T get enough money from them, then why should I give MORE, while the democratic politicians pocket it?

I guess, what I really want is for the police to stand up for themselves. Go on strike. Quit. After all, the democrats are trying to MAKE them quit. The democrats are putting them in a no/win situation and why should ANY man or woman put up with it?

But they can’t can they? If they go on strike, they will lose jobs, pensions, whatever.

They are…union. The democrats have them by the ….’

I said, “They want to replace you guys with United Nations cops.” I said.

The man hung up.

Now, I don’t know if he was real. Probably was. But everyday, regular people who are trying to figure out if they have money for medications or even to pay bills, are being asked to donate: Donate to this candidate, that charity, schools, diseases, food banks, other nations.

Donate, donate, donate, donate. Right now, I wouldn’t even donate to the Human Society because I know what a big scam THEY are, and I love all animals.

I still love the police. But really, I wish for just one moment they would stand up for what is right.

Complain. Let their voices be heard. Let their feelings be KNOWN.

Join the people they are protecting…help us to correct this corrupt system of crony democrats who are just using them to win an election.

The democrats have made them enemy no. one. Especially if they are white.

It’s time they spoke up.

Next time, Mr. Policeman, you call on the phone, have a conversation with the person you are asking money from.

I’m just saying. It’s your country too.

Nevertheless, police are now the main target for death. I just googled, “How many police have been murdered this year?
And guess what? Go ahead and Google it. All you will get is how many Blacks have been killed by police.

Google, can’t even answer a question. Google acts as if you didn’t even ASK the question.

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be cops.

Cops are now on the ‘kill’ list for BLM. My heart goes out them all. Too many times I have been saved by a cop. But, that was long ago.

The last time I called my chief of police about my Muslim neighbors maybe building a bomb in their backyard he told me, with an ANGRY voice to …”MOVE lady. If you don’t like it.”

These poor guys have had to face death every day. But asking the people to just throw them money is NOT going to solve the problem.

The problem…is: Too many democrats in too many positions of power.

You would HOPE the cops would get it.

The lawyers have ruined the country.

And MOST of them are: democrats.

I want my cops to protect and to serve…the people….not the mob.

Is that too much to ask?

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Nobody’s Perfect: Louisiana Cops VS Pinellas County Detective


Nobody’s Perfect

We all know how HARD it is to be a cop right now. To be attacked relentlessly by the President just about every other week, has made it almost impossible for them to do their jobs. But last week, we had some cops doing some really bad things, so where was Obama?

Where was Obama when two cops, in Louisiana, during a car chase, ended up killing a young 6-year-old autistic kid in cold blood? Where was the White House press conference? The beer garden meeting?cops-under-arrest1

Obama didn’t even mention it. Amazingly, here was a true story (unlike Ferguson) about how some cops had gone wild, and were lawless, and were truly racist…and…silence.

Yes, two cops In Louisiana were led on a car chase, and at the end of the chase, they decided to kill the truck driver and his kid.

Edmonson said police interviewed witnesses and reviewed “disturbing” body camera footage prior to seeking an arrest warrant from a judge.

“As I told you we took some of the body camera’s footage,” Edmonson said. “Let me tell you something – I’m not gonna talk about it – but I’m going tell you this: it is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Louisiana State Police charged Marksville City Marshals Norris Greenhouse, 23, and Derrick Stafford, 32, with second degree murder in the death of Jeremy Mardis and attempted second degree murder for nearly killing his father.

Jeremy Mardis

Jeremy Mardis

And then there was detective Michael Szeliga, who decided to attend a MADD ceremony, drunk! (I bet those moms were happy to see him.)

From the Sun-Sentinel

A Pinellas County detective, Michael Szeliga, packed a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey in his luggage before driving to a Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel in his patrol car for DUI law enforcement training and an awards ceremony —  all sponsored by MADD, records show, reports WFLA NBC News-8 in Tampa.

Szeliga skipped some of the training and headed to the pool instead before arriving blotto at the banquet in which he was supposed to be honored in front of colleagues and guests, according to an internal affairs investigation.


So, which officer deserves the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Was it the two officers that got trigger happy? Or was it the cop that had a little too much to drink before the MADD ceremony?

That’s easy: The cops that killed that poor little kid, who was just strapped in the front seat with dad. And the reason that Obama has said nothing, is because the two cops were…black. (Or mulatto like Obama, therefore, by his standards, when one parent is white you are automatically black.)

Obama has rewritten DNA science.

How many white cops have chased black men and killed the little black kid sitting in the front seat? I’d like to know that stat, wouldn’t you?

As for the officer who went drunk to a MADD meeting? While it was completely unacceptable and rude behavior for anybody, not just a cop, he didn’t DRIVE to the award ceremony. He got drunk in the hotel before he went.

Something tells me, he won’t be getting any more rewards.




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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till’ It’s Gone

Nobody Knows

“Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Police angel

——sang Joni Mitchell in the sixties in her hit song, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

Never mind that Joni Mitchell was the voice of the new “Mother Earth” movement, now evolved into the global warming—- I’ve always liked that line, because it’s true.

And now, just imagine if we didn’t have the police.

I was thinking about the police today, who, all over the country are getting bombarded with rocks, Molotov cocktails, and bullets…and attacked by Obama, and his black race-baiting goons. Obama always insinuating that the cops are always discriminating against blacks—-and I thought about the times cops literally saved my life.(At least three times.)

It would be a good time for people to start telling some good cop stories. So here’s my first:

The first time I was saved by a cop came when I was in my twenties. I was playing downtown St. Louis, in a band called The Ralph Butler Band. Ralph Butler, was the singer, and the only black guy in the group. He had a beautiful voice and could do a great Stevie Wonder, who at the time, was all the rage.

It was his band, and there was five white musicians backing him up. Ralph always did great songs for a drummer: A lot of Earth Wind and Fire….I loved to play funk, and I remember that night as if it was a few minutes ago. It was a small rock club, in a seedy part of town, but very popular with the college kids.

Back then, the bars closed at one pm. After they got the last drunk out by 1:30, you had to tear down the P.A. and the equipment. To dismantle my drums, and put them in cases, and load them on a van, usually took about an hour.

I remember that night. It was about 2:30 pm, when I finally walked alone to the back of the bar where my car was parked to go home. Of course, it was in a dirt lot, no lights, so you can imagine my shock when I turned the corner of the building to the back of the bar, and saw six BIG, VERY big black guys surrounding my car. I have NO idea if they were going it to steal it, because trust me, it was just a Duster, not exactly a car you would want.

And these were not kids. They all had nice leather coats on. Nice clothes. Most of them look to be in their 40’s.

In my typical fashion, whenever faced with a difficult situation, I always went into my, “HEY what’s happening guys?!” And I said it in my most happy smile…as if, I knew they were all good people and were just standing around in the dark, in the middle of the city, NOT expecting a young blond, and meant me no harm. (Not that I believed that for one minute.)

And I don’t think they were expecting me. Not one of them said a word.Police angels 2

So I ask them again..”Uh, what’s going on guys?”

Silence. Loooooooooooog silence. I don’t recall now, exactly what else I said, but a jabbered on for about a minute, while they never left their spots. I dare not even try to get in the car as one man had the door blocked.

It was then I knew I was in trouble. Did they want the car….or me? There was no one around for miles. The guys in the band were either inside or gone. I was alone.

And then, out of NOWHERE, and I mean that literally, because it was an off-street, in a dark alley, came a cop car, siren blasting, and he drove right up to my car, actually, he speeded up to the car, where everyone was standing.

He jumped out. “Hey!” he said as he got out of his car. What are you guys doing? Break it up! Go on!…Get out…” police angel 3

The black men, slowly, and I mean as slow as they stood there…just walked away.

Still not saying a word.

I thanked the cop, profusely, and he said, “Miss, you’d better go.”

Deep in my gut, I knew if that cop had not shown up at the exact moment that he did, something really bad would have happened to me.

Call it a guardian angel, call it anything. But, I STILL remember that cop’s face. He did not back down to those men. He was literally, my knight in shining cop car armor.

Last night in Ferguson, the police stood by while Ferguson burned. Not because they wanted to, but because they are not supposed to interfere. They have orders to take the abuse. They have orders to sit and let them loot. They are being attacked by their own President. They are being blamed for all the evil of the blacks who are criminals and scum, and they are being told NOT to do their jobs.

Most of them join to protect the public, it a job most of us wouldn’t want, but they do it without complaint. It’s one of the most stressful jobs there is.

Today, one black lady who had watched her business burn to the ground wondered why did the cops let their businesses burn? Why?

Well, as Joni would say, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” How many times had she bad mouthed the police to her customers? Nobody Wonders.

Although Ferguson wasn’t a paradise by anyone standards, it was home to many.

And tonight I pray, that God blesses the police, and keep them all safe.

By the way, if YOU have any good cop stories, please share.

(Or email them to me and I will post them.)


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