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Nobody’s Perfect: Louisiana Cops VS Pinellas County Detective


Nobody’s Perfect

We all know how HARD it is to be a cop right now. To be attacked relentlessly by the President just about every other week, has made it almost impossible for them to do their jobs. But last week, we had some cops doing some really bad things, so where was Obama?

Where was Obama when two cops, in Louisiana, during a car chase, ended up killing a young 6-year-old autistic kid in cold blood? Where was the White House press conference? The beer garden meeting?cops-under-arrest1

Obama didn’t even mention it. Amazingly, here was a true story (unlike Ferguson) about how some cops had gone wild, and were lawless, and were truly racist…and…silence.

Yes, two cops In Louisiana were led on a car chase, and at the end of the chase, they decided to kill the truck driver and his kid.

Edmonson said police interviewed witnesses and reviewed “disturbing” body camera footage prior to seeking an arrest warrant from a judge.

“As I told you we took some of the body camera’s footage,” Edmonson said. “Let me tell you something – I’m not gonna talk about it – but I’m going tell you this: it is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Louisiana State Police charged Marksville City Marshals Norris Greenhouse, 23, and Derrick Stafford, 32, with second degree murder in the death of Jeremy Mardis and attempted second degree murder for nearly killing his father.

Jeremy Mardis

Jeremy Mardis

And then there was detective Michael Szeliga, who decided to attend a MADD ceremony, drunk! (I bet those moms were happy to see him.)

From the Sun-Sentinel

A Pinellas County detective, Michael Szeliga, packed a bottle of Jameson Irish whiskey in his luggage before driving to a Fort Lauderdale Beach hotel in his patrol car for DUI law enforcement training and an awards ceremony —  all sponsored by MADD, records show, reports WFLA NBC News-8 in Tampa.

Szeliga skipped some of the training and headed to the pool instead before arriving blotto at the banquet in which he was supposed to be honored in front of colleagues and guests, according to an internal affairs investigation.


So, which officer deserves the Nobody’s Perfect award for the week?

Was it the two officers that got trigger happy? Or was it the cop that had a little too much to drink before the MADD ceremony?

That’s easy: The cops that killed that poor little kid, who was just strapped in the front seat with dad. And the reason that Obama has said nothing, is because the two cops were…black. (Or mulatto like Obama, therefore, by his standards, when one parent is white you are automatically black.)

Obama has rewritten DNA science.

How many white cops have chased black men and killed the little black kid sitting in the front seat? I’d like to know that stat, wouldn’t you?

As for the officer who went drunk to a MADD meeting? While it was completely unacceptable and rude behavior for anybody, not just a cop, he didn’t DRIVE to the award ceremony. He got drunk in the hotel before he went.

Something tells me, he won’t be getting any more rewards.




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Potty Training: Part of White Privilege

Nobody Flashes

If you are “white” and reading this, I have some good news: You are NOT the only white person on the planet that is now being prosecuted for the color of your “privileged” white skin.

It seems, the newly arrived Muslims in Germany don’t like ‘white’ skinned people either, and like the blacks in America, they can protest their hatred of the “white and privileged” person whenever they like, because they now have a right to do just that, according to the ‘white” privileged elite political class of Germany.migrants running

From Infowars:

Residents in the German town of Ellwangen are reporting that thousands of migrants who recently arrived are defecating on people’s gardens, staging riots in church and stealing from local stores, while police in the area struggle to cope with the disorder.

Taking a page from their black comrades-in-arms in America, they are stealing from stores. It takes a real Hillary village to put up with watching Muslims walk into their stores and walk out without having to pay. Obviously the Muslims have been watching the hundreds of Youtube video’s, where the blacks in America are teaching colored people all over the world how to steal with success! This is because OUR black American President sees absolutely nothing wrong with black people stealing. Not to be outdone by a black American President, (Yes, the EU elites compete with the U.S. elites to see who can be the biggest snob.) the white elite politicians of the E.U. are NOT to be outdone. Ashamed of their white skin, they are out to arrest anyone who dares not have compassion for those poor Muslims, because let’s face it, they were born brown, and according to this report, are not potty trained. The white E.U. elites also know that in their heart of hearts, they really DO feel superior to every brown and black person on the planet, so being rich and knowing they really are making lots of money doing nothing, the guilt gets overwhelming.

Even half-white Obama seems to have that shame.

To be born white is now considered…a crime to face

So far, my Muslims neighbors have NOT defecated on my lawn, and I believe there is a good reason.

Half of the neighborhood have American Flags flying on their front porches.

Nobody Suggests how to solve that problem. The Mayor of Ellwangen should give the Muslims some flower seeds and grass, a plot of land, and let them defecate in their own garden. The Mayor could bring in a few dogs to show them how to do it properly. Using their feet to use the soil to cover up their mess, as dogs do, could help them understand a bit of proper excretion.

Make them feel…special and help them develop brown privilege.

Real potty training could come later. One step at a time.

Who knew, that being potty trained was a ‘privileged’?

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Ben Carson: The NEXT Sarah Palin?

Nobody’s Opinion

Somewhere, while Ben Carson sits in some hotel room, contemplating last week’s attacks on him,  I can’t help but wonder if Ben Carson wouldn’t just love to give Sarah Palin a call, and ask “How did you stand it?”Ben Carson admits

Donald Trump has been on the Tabloid pages for decades, but this is probably the first time Ben has been in the negative spotlight. I’m sure he knows it, can handle it, but what he doesn’t know is…

He might end up like Sarah Palin. HE might just say…it’s not worth it.

America’s attention spans are so short. Last week’s attacks on Ben Carson were so absurd and ridiculous, it was like 2008 all over again. Except at that time, it was Sarah Palin that the media went out to attack. The mendacious attacks against Sarah and her family..attacking her Trig, her son, her daughter, her love of Alaska and her country…were, to true-blooded Americans, beyond painful to watch.  The liberals literally declared war on her. They HAD to do her in.  Sarah, got on FOX, but slowly, she has disappeared. Now, they just don’t mention her at all.

They did the same thing to Ross Perot. They attacked him relentlessly, so much in fact, he finally just dropped out. He said his family had been threatened, and he went back to his private life. Most people don’t remember, but I do. I voted for him twice.

They TRIED to trash Trump, but Trump struck back. He hit them back hard, and people loved it.

Ben tried to hit back hard, but his speech is…slow, and soft, his body language..soft…it’s just hard for someone like him to hit back. Being nasty is just not in his nature.  Not his fault of course, his brain goes faster than his mouth. He can speak, but it’s slow. America, is used to the fast talk.

It used to be just the liberal media that did these insidious meaningless attacks, but now, it’s all of them.Hillary bengazhiz

Money rules. People watch the scandals.

So last week was a little taste of how Ben Carson stood up to the attacks where they reached back into his past, and then the whole week we were hearing about how he MAY have told a lie about an offer, and that got around to the fact that he wanted to hurt a relative.

Hillary Clinton has been known to throw lamps across the room trying to hit Bill—but she’s not black.

Now, it’s silly of course, nobody talks about Obama’s past, or Hillary’s past, both filled with murders, drugs, sex, and long lists of felony’s…but what the media is good at, is working for the democratic party.
In his book One Nation, Ben Carson spoke about the media:

Not all elites are blinded by what they are doing. Vey recently I was speaking to a major producer of a major left wing television network who admitted that the electronic media today is a major propaganda tool used to manipulate society. We have never had this kind of access to the minds of the people and no one really knows the extent to which public opinion can be controlled. Most frightening, these secular progressive elites as well as some right leaning elites into the media are willing to push the limits in order to see just how effective they can be with the imposition of their will upon the people.  

Right. I have a feeling the reason that many people are warming up to Ben Carson is because they have read his book. He writes better than he speaks.

Wayne Allen Root was just on the radio saying that Trump should get him for V.P.. Frankly, I think being V.P. would be a great loss to the medical world and a step down for the man.

And I still think Trump would make a stronger President.

That is: IF Obama lets him.

With every recent election, it seems to me, NONE of the Presidents after Ronald Reagan, wanted to leave that office. Daddy Bush went into a deep depression. So did his son. Have you looked at him lately? The power in the office is SO great, nobody wants to walk away from it. Life without Air Force One is almost unbearable to them.

None of them want to leave.

So….ONE of them, is going to try to stay.

The question is: when?Obama third term

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