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Just Another Massive Boat Parade for the President!

Nobody Flashes

And they keep telling us Joe Biden is leading in the polls.


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Biden’s VP: Michelle or Hillary? Nobody Knows

Nobody Knows

Speculation. Hillary Clinton just came out and endorsed sleepy Joe for President, and he was so excited, he almost fell asleep. This is so typical Hillary, listen closely as she touts mostly herself throughout her endorsement, which means she is actually putting up herself by trashing Trump and pushing all HER many accomplishments! So funny, so typical. She wants the job. If she gets VP, Joe would get to sleep at the White House and she would run the world. God help us. He would die a very quiet death.

So, SINCE everyone knows that Joe will lose, the VP will actually be President. Everybody knows it.  But getting him elected is no small feat. So in order to push him into the office somehow, they are doing a full attack barrage of “Do everything we can to make it happen!”

FIRST: Launch a major bio-weapon attack on the world to destroy President Trump’s economy. Make sure millions lose their jobs.

SECOND: Keep telling the people of the world that Sleepy Joe is winning in all the polls…Trump doesn’t have a chance. They did this with Hillary, and thought it worked, but Hillary was too lazy to go the extra mile to win. She was promised after all…to be President. So, THEY thought the polling propaganda worked. This time, it will keep people home. Or so they think.

THIRD: Demand that the virus comes roaring back in the fall, and that only mail-in votes will be counted so that the American people are protected from getting the virus. Thereby giving them that little extra cheating edge they are going to need to win.

Fourth: Pick a colored woman to be his VP. Joe said he will pick a woman, so you have all these women out working to hopefully get picked.

They NEED the black vote. Hillary won’t be helpful there. So that’s why this big promotional video was put out. She will still try to rig it so she gets to be VP.

Yes, Kamela Harris…and Stacy Abrams really want the job. Warren has been promised some other job I’m sure. But Abrams has gone to the Bilderberg meetings, so they are trying her out. Sorry. She looks like a female Kim Jung un to me. Only black.

But the one who wants it the most is Michelle. And it’s not just Michelle who wants it: both the Biden’s have said they’d LOVE Michelle to be VP. They don’t like Hillary.

And for good reasons…Epstein related.

Obama would make a GREAT first lady (being as Joan Rivers said, he already is) to which right after that remark she killed herself on the operating table. And Michelle has been campaigning for that position ever since the Obama’s left the White House. A big amount of money was giving to Netflick and you see the result above.

She looks NOTHING like she did when she was first lady with the straight hair. NO, she’s gone full African Negress. As has Oprah. And you will be able to see them both protect the global citizens of the world on some event, along with X President George W. Bush.

Hillary still wants the job, don’t kid yourself.  But Hillary can not get the black vote. So…Michelle made a documentary just like Hillary did to show what a great mind and wonderful women she is!

And what more proof do we have than this. Listen to this story about the mouse and the lesson is:

You mess with the mouse…you ARE scared of the mouse. Yes, children…threatened every big scary person you meet…because you know how to fake a scare don’t you?

Pretty sad. In order to survive you must tell lies about your power to destroy.

Ashops Fables it’s not.

So, will Rush Limbaugh be right? He predicts that it will be Michelle.

Who will win? Hillary, or Michelle? Or will Biden step down and give the nomination to Cuomo?

Nobody Knows. 

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Nobody Knows Good Old Joe

Nobody Knows

History is repeating itself right before our eyes, and YET…nobody seems to care.

Joe Biden, according to ALL the polls taken anywhere in the universe not only leads the democratic party, but President Trump by remarkable points.

How can this be? He can hardly talk, he looks old, acts old, almost always says stupid things, and YET…we are being lead to believe that the American people want him to be President. ]

We saw this happen with Hillary. She couldn’t draw over 300 people out to see her, and yet we were told right up until the very last minute that she would be the clear winner.

One thing I do know. I am reading “Art of the Deal” again, and when Donald Trump wants something, he plays the long game and NEVER gives up. He plays years ahead, and knows exactly what he’s doing. Joe Biden hasn’t a clue what years he was Vice President, and yet we hear the same old “Well everybody hates Trump” crap, and we are being told daily not to believe our own eyes.

Bernie Sanders was leading Hillary in the primary, and the “state” just kicked him aside, and put her in.

The same thing is happening here. If history repeats itself, Joe will be the democratic party ticket with some kind of black or Hispanic VP, and once again, Bernie and all the socialist will be kicked out.

The play here  is to turn America into a socialist country without us knowing it. And good old Joe…they think he can win. He can fool us all, and continue where Hillary and Obama left off.

Nobody Knows in what universe they are doing these polls, but it must be the same universe as when Trump was elected.

The nebulous galaxy of B.S.

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The Democratic 2020 Contenders: Party On Garth!

Nobody Knows

The democratic race for the White House is on. Last time we had a gazillion republicans, and this year, for the ‘race’ to the cable news ‘cha ching-ching’ excitement and for your entertainment, we will have even MORE democrats debating for your delight.

Yes, this time, the  democrats are going to be at each other’s throat…So, let’s take a look at the possible candidates so far:

Star power Nobody rating system:  1-10.

Elizabeth Warren: She’s got the looks of an Amish school teacher, who just came in from the field from slopping the pigs. It’s an image she wants you to keep in your head, as she is running on the “Free healthcare, free tuition, free sex, and free DNA tests for everyone!” platform.

No doubt, she will give out free beer at all her very ‘small’ campaign stops. She wants to tax the rich, just as long as it’s not her, because she DOES have a lot of money. But, for the first WOMAN American president?

Naw. I give her a 3.

Kamala Harris: Barack’s baby sister, who nobody knows if she is really eligible. She slept her way to the top, and is proud of it.

Hollywood will love her.

But not New York:

Cuomo made the comment on Twitter after an alt-right conspiracy theorist and provocateur falsely said Harris is ineligible for the Oval Office because her father, a Jamaican immigrant, and her mother, an Indian immigrant, were not legal residents for five years before her birth.

Hey…. Obama was from Kenya, and as far as we know, Kamala sounds like a Muslim name and she could be a Muslim…and what’s her middle name again? What’s important is that she is a mulatto like Obama. Dark, but white. And a woman, Nothing else really matters to the democrats.

She is full-blown socialist who promises health care for all, college tuition for all, probably and ONLY if you can pass the citizen diversity reprogramming classes. Open borders fanatic.

Oh, and no guns. She might be popular in California, but I give her a 3 also.

Hillary Clinton: You KNOW she’s going to run again, if only for the money, and so she can keep herself out of jail.  She and Bill were in Puerto Rico over the weekend complaining that Trump is not sending more “relief” money for the last hurricane that they can steal some of it.

Wait, did I just say that? Of course I did. Hillary’s needs money to run.

She’s got a new haircut, and is clearly planning on winning Florida this time…and getting more Puerto Rican’s to Florida is essential. Once again, I give her a…2.

Cory Booker. Jimmy Carter supports him. It was that Sparta moment, no doubt that Jimmy loved.

He’s radical, annoying, and his eyes pop out when he talks. I give him a …2.

Joe Biden: Everybody says he’ll win just because everybody know him, but that’s EXACTLY the reason he would lose. Everybody knows him. I don’t need to say anymore. I give him a 3. 

Oprah: She WANTS to run, but she won’t because her best friend wants to run, and she wouldn’t DARE upset that. And that is..

Michelle Obama: She has the best chance so far, because she could get some of the blacks to vote again. Nevertheless, while the press would love it, all we’d have to do is remember the eight years of Obama. She might get a divorce, or they’d admit Obama was gay. Ha ha…okay, stop it.
I’ll give her a five. Her racist remarks will kill her right out of the gate. It’s getting too old.

“If Michelle Obama runs, then [it’s] ‘Kamala who?’ and ‘Joe who?’ and ‘Howard who?’ and ‘all the rest of them who?’” Limbaugh said. “I do believe that she’s thinking about it.”

Then there is this guy: I think he’s from China, and plans to give everyone $1,000 to elect him! On that alone, I’ll give him a 4. We had a Muslim President, why not a Chinese guy?

Kristen Gillibrand: I know nothing about this women except she is a be #MeToo woman, and her name alone will doom her “President Gillibrand…oh President Gillibrand.” Sounds like a bread commercial, or a new name for soft bathroom tissue: Gillibrand.

Julian Castro: You KNOW there had to be at least one communist sounding Hispanic in the mix, right? What can of diversity panel can you claim, if it’s all women and no Hispanic women? Come on. I give him a 1. We’ve  already HAD one leader named after a communist.

Eric Holder: He want’s to run too. But, he’s really creepy. Come on. Besides being a racist socialist, he just couldn’t hold a crowd for over 5 minutes. I give him a 2.

Howard Schultz: Here’s the only guy who could actually GET more votes that any democrat on this ticket. He is offering all the same free stuff, he just wants the COMPANIES to pay for it all! Not the taxpayers. The people will LOVE that.

Can you even imagine the panic the democrats are having right now? Ha ha ha. I saw him today, and I think he really believes he can do it. I give him a 5.

Now, one more name:

George Clooney. 

I actually think, or have thought, that his behavior over the last two years, have shown that he REALLY wants to be President. He married the right women, he hangs out with the Royals, he loves the U.N., and yet, he’s an actor. He could lie with the best of them, and he can look good. His wife can look good. And since America is so smitten by good looks, I’m surprised they do not run him. He’d have to really prepare to beat Trump.

He HATES Trump, and Hollywood would bend over backwards to help him. So would the EU, the Pope, May, Macron, Merkel….he would send America’s money everywhere again.

I know, nobody thinks this but me, but we shall see. It’s a long way to 2020


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Shall We Worship the Golden Calf of Glenn Beck? OR….Where’s Moses When You Need Him?

Nobody Wins

Out of all the people that are sticking up for the dirty trick that Ted Cruz pulled in the Iowa primary, I must say, it’s Glenn Beck’s defense of Ted Cruz that is the most disturbing.glenn beck three

Hey…I was one of the people who way back when fell in love with Glenn Beck when he was on FOX. I loved the history he taught. I loved the way he kept trying to explain the progressive moments.  I loved his show and watched it every afternoon. And I even went out and brought his first book. the way, was I think the ONLY book he wrote by himself. He pushed that book endlessly on his radio show…like it was the next best thing since Ayn Rand decided to enlightened the world about communism, and trust me I was pretty excited when I bought it…but: It was a piece of crap. Basically it was about a man who tried to pick up a woman in a bar, and in-between the obvious bio-notes of Glenn’s alcoholic past, he tried to present some deep dark secrets…and it was just….crap. After that, Glen wisely got other authors to write his books, which were much more informative and worth reading. They did all the work, while he raked in the rewards.

When Glenn left FOX, probably due to the fact that he started preaching religion every day, I followed him to the web. Then, one day I heard he was coming to my local book store.

And the strangest thing happened at that book store. I remember standing in line and watching Glenn Beck greet each person.  I got a REALLY creepy gut feeling in my stomach that..I instantly did not like the man. He reeked of fakeness. His smile was the same to everyone. He was TOO nice. TOO sweet. TOO fake, and too rehearsed.  In other words, he was not real to me.

Now, I’m an entertainer, and I know what’s it’s like to put on a persona. To me, I was witnessing a man who thought he had been chosen by God himself to do something. He was the answer to God himself, and America itself, and …I can’t describe it…it was creepy.  I have never trusted that kind of person.

I remember hearing Glenn say in one of his famous tearful blockbuster confessions, that he had wrecked his first marriage by being a selfish alcoholic, and now, he was cured.  SOME…alcoholics are mean and cruel people.  Don’t kid yourself, they were mean and cruel before they started drinking. Do you think it just disappears when they get sober? Not all the time.  I worked in bars all my life, and alcohol just exaggerates your core personality. Some drunks are kind…and then…there are the mean drunks. If I had to take an educated guess: I’d say Glenn was the mean drunk.

To his credit, he got sober.glenn beck six

Anyway, I gave him a picture of George Washington that day, drawn on a fan that had taking me hours to make, and he just gave me the queerest look…as if it was a piece of junk.  I think I remember him saying thank you…Well, no…. I actually don’t remember that…he quickly handed it to his butt-buddy…and you know, I can’t say he wasn’t nice to everyone…

There was just something not right about him.

So, I continued to listen to Glenn day after day, until he started viciously attacking Donald Trump.  It’s one thing to support a candidate…and I would have understood if Donald Trump had the reputation of the Clintons, but what had Tump done to deserve such hatred?

Not a thing. Glenn Beck was out to crucify him no matter what.

I wasn’t the only one who stopped listening to him. Millions of Beck followers got turned off by his hatred. It was frankly, shocking.

And what did Glenn Beck have to say about what Ted Cruz did to Ben Carson? Remember, Ted Cruz’s people told all the voters on that important night that Ben Carson had dropped out. He stuck up for Ted. Why…anybody who says they are leaving for a change of clothes MEANS that they are dropping out of the race, said Glenn, and Ted had every right to go after his votes.


Unless Ben Carson had made a formal announcement that he WAS dropping out of the race, Ted Cruz’s people should not have told ANYONE that he was out of the race.

It’s that simple. That was a big fat lie…and it was said on purpose to get Ben’s people. Glenn pretty much admits that.

Sorry Glenn. ….Jesus is NOT on your side when it comes to bearing false witness, and trying to twist the truth. You are NOT a true Christian. Obama has his skin, you have your ‘faith’ and neither one of you has morals.

What is good about all of this, is Ben Carson, proved to be the man of honor in this. Ben Carson proved to be the better man.Glenn beck and cruz

NOT Ted Cruz. And certainly not Glenn Beck.

The fact that what Ted Cruz did was not illegal, according to Neil Cavuto, shows you why Ben Carson and Donald Trump seem to be the only two honest people here. It damn well SHOULD be illegal, AND as Ben Carson has pointed out, it’s exactly why people are fed up with politicians.

Pride cometh before the fall, Glenn.

After I saw Glenn Beck in person that day, I still remember the horrible feeling I had in my gut when I met him.

The feeling said: Glenn Beck is all about…Glenn Beck.Glenn beck five

He is making himself a millionaire off the desperation of the poor people of America.  Glenn is making us all THINK..he cares.  He doesn’t give a two-bit about you, it’s all about him.

Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck.

What else did the Bible say? Beware of false prophets.

Remember when Glenn Beck was buying up priceless treasures of American History? And then he put it all in a big motor trailer, sent it on tour and charged the American people just to see it?

P.T. Barnum would be proud.

Nobody Thinks Donald Trump would have let you see it all for free.

But then again, maybe this is all, as Glenn Says: Much ado about nothing.  Read his own words and decide for yourself:

Is Glenn the next Moses? Or just another Golden Calf?



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Ted Cruz Dreams of: Tits, Power, and Money…Whose Already Got That?

Nobody Flashes

Ha ha ha ha…The dreams of young men, are the same everywhere.  🙂

Ted Cruz at 18, wanted to grow up to be rich, have power, and be surrounded by tits.

Donald has a heads up on that already, Ted. Although, Donald was happy just to conquer New York real estate, when he was 18.

Yes…two “Outsiders” to Washington have taken over the GOP nomination, much to the shock and awe of the established Rino’s who ARE in power. Donald Trump has launched a perfect campaign of Shock and Awe to the established candidates, that’s so amazing, even Rand Paul is showing HIS big narcissistic ego by being such a sore loser:

Video: Rand Paul Blasts Trump As A ‘Power Hungry Delusional Fake Conservative Narcissist’

“He’ll be worse than anything we got in Washington, you just wait.”

Let’s face it: Rand LIKES his power and the attention he gets in Washington, unlike his Dad, who still comes across as a ‘people’s’ man.

The power elite already had their candidates picked: It was to be a Jeb Bush VS Hillary Clinton election, and yet, neither one of them are leading in any of the polls…except the only poll that the established elites think count:

The only ammunition they can come up with to convince the people that its got to be Jeb or Hillary:

The “You’d better be careful America!” threat polls.

If you watch FOX…then, according to their polls….neither Donald Trump OR Ted Cruz can beat Hillary. (You’d better go with Jeb or Rubio)

If you watch CNN, MSNBC…then Bernie Sanders cannot beat Trump or Cruz, or anybody in the GOP. (You’d better go with Hillary)

The American people are going: *$&%$& your polls!

Go play in your Cayman Island swimming pools and let us have our country back.

As for Ted…hey, maybe Donald can get you a one-time job judging the Miss American Contest.

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Ted Cruz: Don’t MESS With the Palin Women….

Nobody Flashes

Whoa: Ted Cruz just messed with the WRONG women.

If case you haven’t heard, our FAVORITE conservative lady just endorsed Donald Trump. Sarah

After her daughter put this on her blog:

After hearing what Cruz is now saying about my mom, in a negative knee-jerk reaction, makes me hope my mom does endorse Trump. Cruz’s flip-flop, turning against my mom who’s done nothing but support and help him when others sure didn’t, shows he’s a typical politician.  How rude to that he’s setting up a false narrative about her!

America doesn’t need that.  We need someone who has a vision for economic prosperity, who won’t let us get kicked around in the world, and who will fight for our future.

I didn’t go to Harvard Law School, but I know this:  You can like two people in a race, but there will only one president.

The audacity to suggest that because she chooses one over the other will somehow “damage” her just shows arrogance.

You’ve also said, “She can pick winners!”  I hope you’re right, and that she endorses Donald Trump today for President.

This Nobody has never doubted Sarah Palin’s good common sense.

Sarah Palin…is BACK Boys! Look out!

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Let’s Send Jeb Our Car Repair Bills….

Nobody Cares

The debates last night left Jeb Bush, still on the low-end of the totem pole, so I was amused and surprised to see him holding a big press conference with Lindsey Graham, who now says he is endorsing Jeb Bush…in order to start that war up over there in the Middle East.

The NEO-CONS ARE BACK!  All they need now is a big Daddy Bush Funeral so that the Bush propaganda can go into full force! (Will Daddy die just to get his son in the White House? Wait and see!)

What is really happening is Hillary is taking a big nosedive and so, the only man the big globalists/corporates have left is Jeb Bush….therefore, they are going to try to ‘steal’ North Carolina, with Lindsey’s help because Jeb can’t win in Iowa or New Hampshire.

He figures his brother was popular there, so you can be sure George will be making appearances.

Most Americans, despite the terrible job Obama has done, do NOT want to sacrifice any more sons or daughters in the Middle East. So…expect an attack. That’s what I think.Puzzled faces one

Jeb.COULD win with the Muslims, who he is hell-bent on giving them their American right to come into our country…and another amusing thing: Jeb just found out how really ‘poor’ Americans are. Like his Daddy, he doesn’t get out of his own rich neighborhoods.

Why…they can’t even afford to pay for car repairs! By the way, I suggest we send our car repairs from now on to Jeb.

On another note, Ann Coulter wrote an excellent explanation why Donald Trump’s attack on Ted Cruz is right on:  HERE. She gives the best legal argument that Trump is right: Ted is a citizen, but only a naturalized one. ONLY a natural-born citizen can run for President. She explains it all in her piece…”.We’re all Ruth Bader Ginsburg Now”

I said so long before Trump declared for president, back when Cruz was still my guy — as lovingly captured on tape last April by the Obama birthers ( The Constitution says: “No Person except a natural-born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.” The phrase “natural-born” is a legal term of art that goes back to Calvin’s Case, in the British Court of Common Pleas, reported in 1608 by Lord Coke. The question before the court was whether Calvin — a Scot — could own land in England, a right permitted only to English subjects.

So Cruz was born a citizen — under our naturalization laws — but is not a “natural-born citizen” — under our Constitution.

Does that sound odd? It happens to be exactly what the Supreme Court said in Schneider v. Rusk (1964): “We start from the premise that the rights of citizenship of the native-born and of the naturalized person are of the same dignity, and are coextensive. The only difference drawn by the Constitution is that only the ‘natural born’ citizen is eligible to be president. (Article II, Section 1)”

Unless we’re all Ruth Bader Ginsburg now, and interpret the Constitution to mean whatever we want it to mean, Cruz is not a “natural-born citizen


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Hillary Makes the Dark Side Look Pastel


Nobody’s Opinion

Hillary…will be President. That’s it. Face it. So many of our finest minds insist that it’s hopeless to even imagine otherwise. Why? How can anybody come to this conclusion when Hillary draws the smallest crowds of any of the candidates on both sides? How? When she lost to a nobody last time, and he beat her easily?puzzle baby

All the respected political pundits are saying it, basically, because they believe that the Clinton political machine is SO corrupt and so entrenched that their dynasty will be forever in our lives and forever more in our children’s. It might be a conservative country, but the progressives have all the power, all the control, and the Congress is impotent. So—Give up. Just go to the movies, live your life, and have fun…forget about it. You are powerless to change it.

Even Dinesh De’Sousa, is saying that Hillary will be President. He has felt the power of the liberals, and he fears, from his own experience, that nobody will beat them.

My own son, who hates the thought, admits…it’s true. Hillary will win. He knows too many ‘dumb’ young people who don’t even pay attention to politics.

My best friend, insists, that it’s probably going to be Hillary.

If the past two decades of our life is any proof…that corruption is so entranced the people cannot do anything about it, then they…are right.

Bilderberg, has picked Hillary. Warren Buffet, has picked Hillary. Nigel Green, the CEO and founder of the biggest independent financial advisory organization, say Trump will be a “major cause’ of volatile in the financial market, and he picks Hillary. America now had its black man and so it needs a woman to look good.Hillary new

Newt Gingrich, the ‘hero’ of the 1994 conservative revolution, who went to the dark side, (trust me about that) said that Trump only has a 30 percent chance of winning the nomination, even though he is at 41 percent in the polls.

Trump is the obvious preference of the American people, but of course, we are hearing day after day after day…he cannot beat Hillary.

Jeb Bush is so angry, he says Trump is not qualified to be President and is a jerk.

Carly Fiorina (whom Jeb it seems has sort of picked to be his running mate) said this morning on Fox News: “She can beat Donald Trump. Donald Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton.”
Hillary is trying to plant the thought in American heads that it will be Donald Trump’s fault if we are attacked by ISIS, because they are using him in their recruit video’s.Trump bush

“He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter.”

But, that’s a lie…the last video they posted…showed no Donald Trump:

President Barack Obama, for whom Clinton served as secretary of state for four years is in the video as is her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, former president George W. Bush, Republican Sen. John McCain and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair also show up in the slickly produced video. So, how do all us nobodies out here in fed-up land deal with what is being reported to us as hopelessness?

On the one hand, yes…they have a point: The Progressive Party, which now includes CNN AND FOX, or as I like to refer to them, the New World Order Globalists who left America’s interest long ago, have tremendous power.  They just hide it well.

And in the last decades voter fraud, especially with the democrats, has become an art form.

Yes, corruption is all over, BUT…according to the experts on this matter, they can fudge the voting numbers just about anywhere if it is close, but not if the numbers are overwhelming.

This nobody doesn’t think that Obama actually won his second term….

In 2012 the final Electoral College results were 332 for Obama and 206 for Romney. If Romney had won the battleground states of Florida (29 votes), Ohio (18 votes), and Virginia (13 votes), Obama would still have been reelected but by a closer margin of 272 to 266.

Tell me, how did Obama win Ohio after his first term?

Wayne Allen Root suggests that Trump would WIN New York. Trump is a hero in New York. Those electoral votes alone might give him the Presidency.trump cruz ticket two

Personally, if the game was already rigged in Hillary’s favor, I don’t think we’d see what we are seeing from everyone in power…in such a panic.

And they are. I have never seen a man attacked with so much viciousness as Donald Trump. Not in my lifetime.

The elites of the world, ARE in a panic.

That means, we still have a chance….it’s up to us. There must be enough good people out there counting votes…they cannot control it all.

So, how can Trump win?

In Las Vegas, right before the last debate, Trump got 7,000 people to come to his party, Cruz got 100. As much as everyone likes Cruz, Cruz cannot get democrats in New York to vote for him. Cruz cannot get as many Independents to vote for him. The Hispanic bus boy, the old black man who is living in fear in Chicago…the cops…the vets. Trump can get people who never voted republican before, to vote. Cruz can get the base.

I’m hoping Trump and Cruz join up, in the horrible moment in our country’s history, and give us back our freedom from the tyranny of the rich.

As they say: It takes one to know one, and Donald knows the rich and all their dirty tricks. Cruz knows the Congress.

And when Hillary brings out Bill Clinton, I’m hoping that Ted Cruz brings out his dad—-The father who lived in Cuba. The father who can tell the Hispanics in this country..what will happen when Hillary becomes President.

If Donald Trump and Ted Cruz joined together…they would have a powerful team.

I’m not saying they can not still claim, that Hillary won the Presidency, but this time, I don’t think anybody would buy it.

This time, with a Trump/Cruz ticket, I’d say…the force would be with us.


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Karl Rove Helps Ben Carson…but WHY?

Nobody’s Opinion

Did anybody know who Ben Carson was before this election? I didn’t, but I found it very convenient that his book came out at such a propitious moment in the campaign…and it was on every library and book shelf in America. It was being promoted more than any other book of any other candidate.Karl Rove chalkboard

I ought to know, I’m a real bookworm, and pay attention to these things. I do weekly visits to libraries and book stores. Being the FIRST book you see when you walk into a book store means somebody paid big bucks for it to be there.

Does Ben Carson have that kind of money? We don’t know.

For instance, when Bill Clinton was President, if there was a book out with facts on the Clinton’s corruption, you would wait a good ten months to get to read it. The reading list was long…once I was 97th in line for one book, and when I asked why, they told me it was because the whole library system only had four copies.

Don’t TELL me that wasn’t on purpose.

When I found the information that President George W. Bush gave Ben Carson the Metal of Freedom, I thought…wow….the Bush family knew about Ben Carson long before any of us did. As we see from Obama’s orgy of giving metals to all his big money donors, Presidents only give these out to their friends, or personal heroes of theirs.

I have written on this blog recently that I think the Bush family wants to use Ben as a ticket to take out Trump, thereby leaving the road open for Jeb Bush to get the nomination. The people want an outsider, and there are only two really on the ticket: Trump and Carson. Trump is the bigger threat.

This week, I saw that my Sam Adam’s inherited “instinct” was correct. Karl Rove is trying to help Ben Carson as much as he can:

Republican strategist Karl Rove helped set up a meeting between top fundraisers for Ben Carson and casino mogul Steve Wynn.ben carson funny

Rove confirmed to Bloomberg Politics that he acted as the go-between for the Carson camp and Wynn, a sometimes business competitor of Donald Trump, the rival Carson has been batting all fall for the Republican nomination. Trump’s camp is viewing the effort to help the billionaire real estate mogul’s chief rival as an attack on the front-runner. 

“I introduced them but I don’t know anything further about that,” said Rove, who added that he did not attend the meeting. Rove helped found one of the pioneering dark money groups, Crossroads GPS, which as a non-profit does not have to disclose the identities of its donors.

On Bloomberg Politics With All Due Respect earlier this week, Rove listed Bush, Christie and Marco Rubio as the three candidates most likely to knock Trump off when “the other 70 to 75 percent of the party begins to coalesce behind somebody.”

NOTICE: He made no mention of Ben Carson, but I will bet you my latest Adele album (I’ve already listened to it.) that the Rino’s strategy is to get that middle, class, mostly white, protestant conservatives that Jeb will NEVER get, on the side of Ben Carson.

Sure, CNN attacked Ben about stupid things, probably knowing what Karl Rove was up too, we out here in the mainland don’t see the chess moves, but they ARE there.

Last week we read that Ben Carson flew to the Middle East. My question is: why did Ben Carson go over to see the Syrian camps? It was an obvious ploy to assure the public that he really didn’t know much about foreign matters, and so he made a trip. This is RIGHT out of the Rino blueprint book.Karl Rove Clint

Washington (CNN)

The Republican presidential contender made a post-Thanksgiving trip to Jordan to visit refugee camps — an effort to shore up the foreign policy credentials that have been a weak spot in his campaign.

Ben Carson said Sunday that most Syrian refugees would rather be relocated within their own country than resettled in the United States.

Sure, that makes sense to everyone, but once again, why should WE have to pay for any of it?

In the meantime Jeb is pounding war drums. People STILL don’t want to send their mostly white sons over to die in the middle East, a war, once started, that should have been won by Daddy Bush long ago. Only to come home to a broken country, and no hope for a decent living.

No, to get the United States into willingly to go back into Iraq, it won’t be with this President, and nobody wants to say it, it will probably take another home attack, which to every person paying attention, seems to be what the globalists are trying to set up.

In the meantime, the restart button on Jeb Bush will be restarted as long as it takes, to convince the America people who YES! You DID pick the study, cool, calm and collected, Spanish Jeb! Ben Carson is just a good soul, a great doctor, but he does not have the experience that Jeb Bush has.

That’s how they will get rid of him.

Having made my political observations (let’s say they are true) Does the good Ben Carson know what they plan to use him? Probably. Or even more: Does he know he won’t be president, but is using this moment and the Rino backing to get as much as he can done for a more lucrative career?

It’s anybody’s guess…but so far, Ben Carson is enjoying the limelight.

And as smart as he is, he might be around long after Jeb retires to the family ranch in South America.




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Ben Carson: The NEXT Sarah Palin?

Nobody’s Opinion

Somewhere, while Ben Carson sits in some hotel room, contemplating last week’s attacks on him,  I can’t help but wonder if Ben Carson wouldn’t just love to give Sarah Palin a call, and ask “How did you stand it?”Ben Carson admits

Donald Trump has been on the Tabloid pages for decades, but this is probably the first time Ben has been in the negative spotlight. I’m sure he knows it, can handle it, but what he doesn’t know is…

He might end up like Sarah Palin. HE might just say…it’s not worth it.

America’s attention spans are so short. Last week’s attacks on Ben Carson were so absurd and ridiculous, it was like 2008 all over again. Except at that time, it was Sarah Palin that the media went out to attack. The mendacious attacks against Sarah and her family..attacking her Trig, her son, her daughter, her love of Alaska and her country…were, to true-blooded Americans, beyond painful to watch.  The liberals literally declared war on her. They HAD to do her in.  Sarah, got on FOX, but slowly, she has disappeared. Now, they just don’t mention her at all.

They did the same thing to Ross Perot. They attacked him relentlessly, so much in fact, he finally just dropped out. He said his family had been threatened, and he went back to his private life. Most people don’t remember, but I do. I voted for him twice.

They TRIED to trash Trump, but Trump struck back. He hit them back hard, and people loved it.

Ben tried to hit back hard, but his speech is…slow, and soft, his body language..soft…it’s just hard for someone like him to hit back. Being nasty is just not in his nature.  Not his fault of course, his brain goes faster than his mouth. He can speak, but it’s slow. America, is used to the fast talk.

It used to be just the liberal media that did these insidious meaningless attacks, but now, it’s all of them.Hillary bengazhiz

Money rules. People watch the scandals.

So last week was a little taste of how Ben Carson stood up to the attacks where they reached back into his past, and then the whole week we were hearing about how he MAY have told a lie about an offer, and that got around to the fact that he wanted to hurt a relative.

Hillary Clinton has been known to throw lamps across the room trying to hit Bill—but she’s not black.

Now, it’s silly of course, nobody talks about Obama’s past, or Hillary’s past, both filled with murders, drugs, sex, and long lists of felony’s…but what the media is good at, is working for the democratic party.
In his book One Nation, Ben Carson spoke about the media:

Not all elites are blinded by what they are doing. Vey recently I was speaking to a major producer of a major left wing television network who admitted that the electronic media today is a major propaganda tool used to manipulate society. We have never had this kind of access to the minds of the people and no one really knows the extent to which public opinion can be controlled. Most frightening, these secular progressive elites as well as some right leaning elites into the media are willing to push the limits in order to see just how effective they can be with the imposition of their will upon the people.  

Right. I have a feeling the reason that many people are warming up to Ben Carson is because they have read his book. He writes better than he speaks.

Wayne Allen Root was just on the radio saying that Trump should get him for V.P.. Frankly, I think being V.P. would be a great loss to the medical world and a step down for the man.

And I still think Trump would make a stronger President.

That is: IF Obama lets him.

With every recent election, it seems to me, NONE of the Presidents after Ronald Reagan, wanted to leave that office. Daddy Bush went into a deep depression. So did his son. Have you looked at him lately? The power in the office is SO great, nobody wants to walk away from it. Life without Air Force One is almost unbearable to them.

None of them want to leave.

So….ONE of them, is going to try to stay.

The question is: when?Obama third term

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Carly Fiorina Teaches Hillary How to Attract the Liberal Woman’s Vote

Nobody Flashes

Here’s an ad by Carly Fiorina, who is teaching Hillary Clinton how to go after the woman’s vote.

Right now, Hillary is wishing Carly was on her staff.


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