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Karl Rove Helps Ben Carson…but WHY?

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Did anybody know who Ben Carson was before this election? I didn’t, but I found it very convenient that his book came out at such a propitious moment in the campaign…and it was on every library and book shelf in America. It was being promoted more than any other book of any other candidate.Karl Rove chalkboard

I ought to know, I’m a real bookworm, and pay attention to these things. I do weekly visits to libraries and book stores. Being the FIRST book you see when you walk into a book store means somebody paid big bucks for it to be there.

Does Ben Carson have that kind of money? We don’t know.

For instance, when Bill Clinton was President, if there was a book out with facts on the Clinton’s corruption, you would wait a good ten months to get to read it. The reading list was long…once I was 97th in line for one book, and when I asked why, they told me it was because the whole library system only had four copies.

Don’t TELL me that wasn’t on purpose.

When I found the information that President George W. Bush gave Ben Carson the Metal of Freedom, I thought…wow….the Bush family knew about Ben Carson long before any of us did. As we see from Obama’s orgy of giving metals to all his big money donors, Presidents only give these out to their friends, or personal heroes of theirs.

I have written on this blog recently that I think the Bush family wants to use Ben as a ticket to take out Trump, thereby leaving the road open for Jeb Bush to get the nomination. The people want an outsider, and there are only two really on the ticket: Trump and Carson. Trump is the bigger threat.

This week, I saw that my Sam Adam’s inherited “instinct” was correct. Karl Rove is trying to help Ben Carson as much as he can:

Republican strategist Karl Rove helped set up a meeting between top fundraisers for Ben Carson and casino mogul Steve Wynn.ben carson funny

Rove confirmed to Bloomberg Politics that he acted as the go-between for the Carson camp and Wynn, a sometimes business competitor of Donald Trump, the rival Carson has been batting all fall for the Republican nomination. Trump’s camp is viewing the effort to help the billionaire real estate mogul’s chief rival as an attack on the front-runner. 

“I introduced them but I don’t know anything further about that,” said Rove, who added that he did not attend the meeting. Rove helped found one of the pioneering dark money groups, Crossroads GPS, which as a non-profit does not have to disclose the identities of its donors.

On Bloomberg Politics With All Due Respect earlier this week, Rove listed Bush, Christie and Marco Rubio as the three candidates most likely to knock Trump off when “the other 70 to 75 percent of the party begins to coalesce behind somebody.”

NOTICE: He made no mention of Ben Carson, but I will bet you my latest Adele album (I’ve already listened to it.) that the Rino’s strategy is to get that middle, class, mostly white, protestant conservatives that Jeb will NEVER get, on the side of Ben Carson.

Sure, CNN attacked Ben about stupid things, probably knowing what Karl Rove was up too, we out here in the mainland don’t see the chess moves, but they ARE there.

Last week we read that Ben Carson flew to the Middle East. My question is: why did Ben Carson go over to see the Syrian camps? It was an obvious ploy to assure the public that he really didn’t know much about foreign matters, and so he made a trip. This is RIGHT out of the Rino blueprint book.Karl Rove Clint

Washington (CNN)

The Republican presidential contender made a post-Thanksgiving trip to Jordan to visit refugee camps — an effort to shore up the foreign policy credentials that have been a weak spot in his campaign.

Ben Carson said Sunday that most Syrian refugees would rather be relocated within their own country than resettled in the United States.

Sure, that makes sense to everyone, but once again, why should WE have to pay for any of it?

In the meantime Jeb is pounding war drums. People STILL don’t want to send their mostly white sons over to die in the middle East, a war, once started, that should have been won by Daddy Bush long ago. Only to come home to a broken country, and no hope for a decent living.

No, to get the United States into willingly to go back into Iraq, it won’t be with this President, and nobody wants to say it, it will probably take another home attack, which to every person paying attention, seems to be what the globalists are trying to set up.

In the meantime, the restart button on Jeb Bush will be restarted as long as it takes, to convince the America people who YES! You DID pick the study, cool, calm and collected, Spanish Jeb! Ben Carson is just a good soul, a great doctor, but he does not have the experience that Jeb Bush has.

That’s how they will get rid of him.

Having made my political observations (let’s say they are true) Does the good Ben Carson know what they plan to use him? Probably. Or even more: Does he know he won’t be president, but is using this moment and the Rino backing to get as much as he can done for a more lucrative career?

It’s anybody’s guess…but so far, Ben Carson is enjoying the limelight.

And as smart as he is, he might be around long after Jeb retires to the family ranch in South America.




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