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Who Won the GOP Debate? Nobody Knows.

Nobody Knows

I only caught the last half hour of the GOP debate tonight, so I have no idea who “won” but according to the conservative websites, and the various radio pundits, Trump is still in the lead, Cruz, Rubio, Carson were well liked, and Jeb Bush did what he always does…looked confused.GOP debate Nov

BUT…I did listen to their closing statements, and I thought Rand Paul did a great job explaining that all these politician’s high hopes of defeating Russia, Isis, the rest of the world is simply not pragmatic. I really liked Rand’s ending speech. Donald’s was good, Cruz was almost too rehearsed, but Rand was just…I don’t know, he caught the feeling of many of us: Exasperation, and common sense. After Vietnam, Iraq, WHY do we need to keep fighting the world again?

Reagan gave us a great economy, every President since then has blown it.

Most people realize you can’t just keep spending trillions and getting nothing in return.kid thinks.

Rubio is starting to sound just like the young Obama, with his ‘future, 21st century’ of hope and love for all immigrants. The future to Rubio is an Hispanic nation that will be just like him, except we all know, the chance of all these Hispanics coming into the country, will drown us all in even more debt. Everybody knows that, but Rubio’s young and idealistic.

Have Carly and Rubio have been talking to Lindsey Graham? They all sound like if WE don’t challenged ISIS they will come over here and get us.  Well, simple. Don’t let the bastards in. And challenging Russia? WHY?

To the people who have watched their country be run by politicians who have given us a lot of beautiful and lofty promises,  and no action, Donald Trump still looks like the best bet.

What you can say…(and I will try to watch it all tomorrow) is that the debate was better than anything you will hear coming out of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s’ mouth. The first four candidates in the first debate was pretty good too.

So, who won the debate tonight? Nobody Knows…but it seems…things remain about the same.

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Nobody Wonders—Will the Country Follow Mizzou’s Slap-Down on Free Speech?

Nobody Wonders

—-Now that the University of Missouri at Columbia will be hiring ‘word watching for racism’ police, just how long it will be before “free speech” is smashed forever all over the country with the big executive boot of Obama? After all, it’s already a crime in the E.U. to talk against your Muslim refugees. Can Obama and Hillary get complete state censorship done by the end of Obama’s term? Didn’t we see them TRY to use Benghazi to censure anyone speaking against Islam, by claiming it was the offensive video that caused Benghazi? free speech three

—-which makes you wonder, will the people just cave in to this tyranny or accept it?

—-Have you noticed? The beautiful women on FOX NEWS are now showing not only their shapely legs adored by five inch high heels, they are bringing out the low cut dresses and the push-up bras— show those boobs girls! Enjoy guys.Fox news

—-How the news sites of Windows Ten–MSN and Yahoo can CLAIN to give you the news with their continuous liberal propaganda headlines like this from the Washington Post: Another way candidates copy Trump: Shameless fibbing.  (Uh…no shameless fibbing by Obama and Hillary? Really?)

—Will the FOX commentators ‘set up’ a way for Jeb Bush to come out shining in tonight’s GOP debate to try to help the ‘poor’ guy out? Or will Rubio still outshine him?

—-FOX NEWS is handpicking a bunch of people today, asking ‘democrats’ what they want to hear tonight and they ALL said they didn’t want to hear anybody attack anyone else tonight….oh, and Trump didn’t stand a chance said one democrat.  Nobody Wonders how many people fall for the FOX NEWS editing and sly way they are brainwashing YOU!

–just how many white people are moving out of Missouri

–after the new movie Suffrage is released— how soon will the ‘malcontents” start the bombings of buildings?

—-Is there anybody fighting this insane political correctness more than Donald Trump?gay kiss

–why the Walking Dead last episode just HAD to have two women kissing grossing out most women, like me, who are sitting innocently and then go AHHHHHH…uggggggg! It’s like having someone throw up on you…and speaking of puking, I have the SAME reaction when some actor on the screen has to throw up…what’s the point of making us all feel uncomfortable? The gays have their own cable channel, why can’t they just keep their love scenes on THAT channel? Why do they have to force the rest of us to watch it? (Especially when it has nothing to do with the story or script)

—And Nobody Wonders IF Hollywood is being paid to put in puking and gay scenes, like they get paid for putting in cigarettes, soda, and alcohol?

—-when Hallmark Christmas shows will be forced to have a gay couple kissing and celebrating Ramadan.

–if its possible to get two colds at once, isn’t it possible to get four or five?

—-and the most important wonder of all: Why there aren’t more hours in a day.  I need at LEAST another 10 hours, how about you?

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