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Chris Wallace’s Takes a Page From Megyn Kelly: SLAP HIM!

Nobody Wonders

Okay. Last debate….a few Nobody observations.

First, wearing ‘white’ the color of purity, Hillary’s winkles were erased. Clearly she had very soft lighting upon her face, while Trump was squinting from the bright lights.

Trust me, that was on purpose. They were blinding him on stage. Being a performer for many years, and having to deal with stage lights, I saw this instantly. Not many people would know this. Her eyes were wide open.trump-and-clinton

Right off the bat,  Chris Wallace gave Hillary the advantage, and he did it in a very clever way. He let her talk on and on and on, and by using his first questions to cater to her strongest advantage: the children and woman. The first twenty minutes were all Hillary and her ongoing vision of saving the women and children. While Trump was squinting on the side.

Several times during the debate, he didn’t let Trump answer some very pertinent attacks by Hillary. And Hillary kept talking over Trump time and again.

What a bully.

It was pretty much a Hillary verbal landslide of political bullshit, and Mike let it go on all

Later on during the debate, Trump did score. But, there was so much more he could have said but didn’t.

I thought the biggest moment Donald missed was on the economy. Hillary is going to build jobs, and infrastructure. How? By making the rich pay more taxes and GOVERNMENT giving people jobs?

Oh right. Sure. The  one point he should have made was “The PEOPLE should make jobs, NOT the government.”

But Donald…didn’t do that, sadly. He makes the mistake of thinking the people KNOW the difference:  sadly, they do not.

Hillary used the EXACT same lines Obama said 8 years ago. “I will build the middle class, and bring jobs with infrastructure!”

And what did he do with the TARP money? It went to Obama’s rich friends! Remember: “Uh…well, the shovel ready jobs weren’t so shovel ready.”

Nevertheless, we heard Obama say he was going to build “jobs” and “infrastructure” over and over, and he ended up giving that money to his rich friends.

Basically, Hillary showed off her ability to spew big bullshit, and she got this talent from 30 years of making political speeches, making emotional pleas, and Mike Wallace did a great job putting Hillary in the best light that he

Trump fans, see through it of course, but the country is filled with many stupid people who will believe she was just fantastic.

Mike asked about Trump’s latest debates about women saying he abused them, Trump denied it, and he asked Hillary to speak about Bill, but…she didn’t, and Wallace did not push her. So unfair.

Let’s not drag Bill into THIS again.

But, here’s the ‘rig.” At the end of the debate, we had the Megyn Kelly moment: Mike Wallace ended the night with a question ONLY Donald Trump was asked….

“Will you accept the results of this election.”

Of course, in the last two weeks, with the revelations of the Wiki leaks emails, and the O’Keefe’s video tape proving the mass corrupting with the media and the democratic party, Trump should, question the results if it looks suspicious.

There is so much proof at the corruption of all of them, it’s overwhelming. And the press is ignoring ALL the corruption.

But to this nobody, Mike Wallace’s last question, was basically a way to let the country know: Hillary has been picked to be the next president by the elites, and if Trump questions it, he will be setting a president that has never in history been done, (which is a lie) and therefore he’d better go quietly, because Hillary is going to BE the next President and Trump and all his fans should just accept it, because it’s un-American not to.

(Never mind that it will be rigged, that’s not important)

This alone, will be discussed for the next three weeks, and they are counting on it. FOX is talking about it as I write.

Megyn Kelly lost viewers for her “take out Trump” question. Will Mike? Did he do the damage on Trump so very subtly where nobody would notice but the professionals?


At the end of the debate you could tell Hillary was getting tired. Her eyes were drooping, and her fake smiles were over the top, as if everyone she saw was giving her an orgasmic handshake.

In other words, the drugs were wearing off.

The most obvious thing in this debate is Trump is like us. He is NOT a politician. A lying, corrupt, sweet talking, promise the moon, but get by with murder, politician like Hillary.

And it’s right at this time, that we MUST keep fighting….

Our children’s future depend on it.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Marco Rubio

Nobody’s Perfect

Some people just don’t know when to quit, while they’re ahead. And that was Marco Rubio….he crushed by Ted Cruz after Iowa and was in a strong position to take 2nd place.

BUT….in GOP debate in New Hampshire this week: Marco Rubio just kept repeating the same old “Obama is out to change the country.” sound bites,  and Chris Christie couldn’t believe that Marco kept making his point: Which was— that Senators don’t have to really run anything, they just memorize good sounding sound bites, and put their names on a few bills.  And Rubio would look at him, and then instead of talking and attacking Christie, he just went back into the, “Obama is out to change the country.” monologue and he did it, not once, not twice, but three times!

So, who won the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Okay…let’s put it another way: Which one of these gerbils reminds you of Marco? I’m having a hard time deciding.



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Christie Takes Out Rubio: Trump Comes Out on Top. Ron Paul Says Cruz is Goldman Sachs…

Trump is right twoNobody Flashes

After the debate last night, in which Chris Christie single handily threw Rubio under the New Jersey bus…I was searching the internet and there were two things that caught my eye:

FIRST ONE was Ron Paul’s comment about Ted Cruz:

“You take a guy like Cruz, people are liking the Cruz — they think he’s for the free market, and [in reality] he’s owned by Goldman Sachs,” Paul said of the Texas senator on Fox Business’ Varney & Company.

That’s exactly what Donald Trump has insinuated about Ted Cruz. Ron Paul is a bit more of a purest than his son. I’ve always like Ron Paul.

Ted Cruz tried very hard to explain, sounding ever so loquacious, why his people had told everyone that Ben was dropping out, but Ben wasn’t buying it. Neither was Trump.

The SECOND ONE was this picture from Europe, where demonstrations are being held all over to protest the influx of Islamic migrants.

So, the British snobs and the E.U. elites might hate Donald Trump, but the PEOPLE…are with us here in America.

And isn’t it refreshing to see an American politician supported overseas?

YOU BET! It makes for a good start of a Super Bowl Sunday.

It gives you hope…it’s a start….May your favorite team win!





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Nobody Cares About What I learned From Last Night’s GOP Debate

Nobody Cares

Here’s what this Nobody learned at the GOP debate tonight.Debate tonight

Jeb Bush is MOSTLY concerned, above everything else, that Muslims will be insulted if we ban all Muslims from coming into the country. He must stay up at night worrying about it.

Jeb Bush thinks that Donald Trump is going to make prices higher at Wal-Mart, and obviously has no clue that he looks like my most boring (and not very bright) history teacher in High school that put me to sleep every time he opened his mouth.

Ben Carson is a Somebody.  He actually had the clearest picture of the danger of Isis…that they will more than likely deliver an EMP attack, or dirty bomb here in the United States.  But of course, that’s not as popular as spending trillions of dollars killing ISIS overseas, as suggested by everybody else.

If Ted Cruz doesn’t get the nomination, I think he should get his own Cable TV program where he plays a lawyer that never loses a case. Sort of Ted Cruz/Perry Mason.  He could have Donald Trump as a guess witness.

It doesn’t matter what matter what Marco Rubio says, he still looks like everybody’s high school brother who talks great, but then goes out and parties.

Rubio is fine with most of Mexico making up the United States, and that’s why, like a true politician, he didn’t answer the question on immigration.

Neil Cavuto set up the meaningless fights between Trump and Cruz, and Rubio and Cruz.  You know the “He said THIS about YOU!” crap. And so, if you really wanted to hear substantive answers, go back and listen to Huckabee and Sanatorum in the first debate.  Those FOX commentators were the best so far in any debate.

I still can’t understand why Santorum is not on the main stage, and why Jeb Bush still is.

Everybody can SAY what they want to do…get rid of the IRS, taxes, destroy ISIS, buy everyone a chicken, but the fact is, it’s all talk. Just talk.  Carly is right when she reminds us that it’s all talk. They can’t do any of it, and they don’t.

What? Flat Tax? Fair Tax? No tax? What? .

What? Flat Tax? Fair Tax? No tax? WTF?

If Donald Trump is President, he should bar Bill Clinton from the White House because he is always has a bevy of very beautiful woman around him.

Donald Trump does have a point: the Constitution does say, you must be born IN the country. It’s all a matter, as usual WHO interprets it. Ted should just go to the Supreme Court and get a ruling.

Ted Cruz was pissed off after the debate because he couldn’t come back to Donald’s remark about the brave people of New York. He should have KNOWN that he would lose that. I don’t think Ted is used to losing any debate..but he did on that one.

Highlights:  Donald Trump talking about China and New York, and his brilliant way of saying a one word answer…like..”NO.”  That’s why American’s love him. Ben Carson’s sweetness.

And who IS that guy that is always standing at the end looking like my late uncle Mike, trying to tell me about his new Honda?

Lowlights: The Tax plans…which nobody could explain in 60 seconds.  Jeb Bush praising Nikki Haley for doing such a good job for him.  Ted Cruz losing his confidence….trying MUCH too hard to impress.

What’s everybody going to say tomorrow? Things will remain the same.

Nothing will change.

Trump will stay in the lead, Rubio and Cruz will both get a little bump. Jeb Bush will continue to say he is going to be the ‘comeback’ kid, and Ben Carson will become a 21st century Plato. In the meantime, I think I’ll go listen to the first debate again.

We’ll just have a lot more of these debates—–Jeb needs about fifty more chances.



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Nobody’s Fool: Dick Morris…again.

Nobody’s Fool:

Dick Morris did a pretty good job summing up the last debate, not much different from mine, but much more succinct.

Didn’t he win last week? You know how it is during the holidays, I’m picking up mistletoe and putting down ornaments.


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Can I Have My Eyeballs Back?

Nobody Knows

Yes…I watched all five hours of the Las Vegas show of shows, and what did it get me? ha!

I’m just going to plain talk here, because after five hours of THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT CONTEST…I don’t think I’ll watch another one until they dig up Ralph Nader from the grave and bring back Barry Goldwater.

What? Ralph is still alive?

So, here in random order are my Nobody Opinions on the debates…GOP debate

Jeb Bush: Watching Jeb is almost painful. He flubbed up so many of his well rehearsed, platitudes of family Bushism, even Daddy Bush was probably throwing shoes at the T.V. He LOOKED good…at least the best he’s looked so far, but after listening to Obama for 8 years, he sounds like he’s from the 1960’s Dick Clark Show. He LOOKS like he was on Bandstand, rating some record.  His attack on Trump was so lame, he almost put Krauthammer into convulsions on the FOX review.  The Rino’s have turned their eyes to Marco Rubio to save them, and Rubio backstage stood as far away as he could from Jeb.  Will Jeb get out now? I doubt it. That would be a blemish on the Bush’s legacy. No, Jeb will stay in and wait for the attack that Lindsey says is coming…and he will get Lindsey to BEG America to elect Jeb.

Ben Carson: Ben looks like a duck walking down a muddy street in Bangkok. He’s like the quiet brother-in-law who is sitting at the Christmas table, and says nothing until the end of the meal, after the arguments have passed, and while everybody nods and goes, “Yes” to agree with him, they then get up from the table and don’t think about what he said for about twenty years. He gave a good answer on what he would do in the Middle East, but nobody gave him credit for it. His statements go through the air like lovely butterflies…you watch it and wonder where it will land. His mind works in brilliant insights, and then, goes into neutral, as it did in his closing statement.  Great when it in brilliant mode, but pretty boring when it’s not.  I imagine he has to rest his big brain every ten minutes or so.Trump and Carson

Chris Christie: I can’t help it. Chris is the mob guy at the table. He’s the union man who works down at the docks. He’ll knock you out…if you cross him. Everybody hands him the mashed potatoes and lets him eat them all. Chris is the lovable uncle who once helped you get a job, but didn’t tell you how low the pay was, and you are always owing him money that you don’t remember owning him.   Christie is ALWAYS looking right at the camera, in order to win points. His strength is his straight talk, but that’s all it is: Talk.

Carly Fiorina: When Carly talks, all I could picture was how it was too bad SHE wasn’t Secretary of State instead of Hillary. She is a great talker, never stammers which is why Wolf the Blitzer ignored her so much she had to YELL to get attention. Wolf acted truly like a typical male chauvinist, when she protested, he ignored her. Amazing to see, and it was a real putdown to Carly.  CNN stayed away from Carly because they don’t want America to compare her to Hillary, so Carly was screwed.

It kind of heartbreaking to watch. She’s hard not to like.

Kasich: Please. He’s the plumber who comes to visit right before the Christmas dinner, sits down at the table, drinks too much beer, and everybody wants him to leave.

Rand Paul: Rand had a big following in the crowd.  Rand did a great job tonight, talking his usual logic. He’s so logical that he sounds like he’s in the wrong room.  EVERYTIME the Rinos’ started on their war talk, Rand was right there to counter their jingoism.  He had a cold, poor guy. He is the brother at the table that everybody loves…and mom loves best, but nobody is jealous of mom loving him best.

Rick Santorum: Once again, compassionate, true, patriotic, and I still can’t figure out why he is not more popular.  Rick is the brother at the table who will do anything for you, and you can trust him with your life….and nobody really appreciates him because of how really nice he is. He will be the one everyone misses the most late in life.

Mike Huckabee: Huckabee should have been on the main stage..NOT Kasich. No matter what you think of the man, he makes excellent points and really has a good feel for people. At the table, he has the most jokes and brings the most laughs.Lindsey Graham

Pataki: Truly…is he related to Kasich? Who even INVITED these guys to the table?

Lindsey Graham….if there is one person tonight that is unhinged it’s Lindsey Graham.  He was full force “WE ARE GOING TO BE ATTACKED!” mode, and loves Muslims. In fact, he loves Muslims so much, he’s been to Iraq 38 times. And he got tears in his eyes talking about the BRAVE MUSLIM soldiers that America is paying to fight ISIS.

Lindsey is up for an Oscar, for his performance in “MASH.”

Marco Rubio: Clearly, he’s the new Rino favorite, and this was his night to shine, BUT…the great Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, took him out on all his immigration issues, and it was a wonder to behold. Marco was not match for Ted Cruz, who had another excellent night.

And what about your favorite Donald you say?

Donald Trump won….and he really didn’t have to do a thing. He just stood back and let Ted Cruz take out all the Rino’s…one at a time. Proving that he’s smart enough to let the wise men do the work.  Once again, Donald said little, but when he does speak, he speaks for the millions that are tired of politicians destroying the country. He says it bluntly, and to the point.

Ted really won the debate…clearly. BUT…Trump will still lead in the National polls. Rubio and Cruz

It’s why he’s winning. He’s not a talker, he’s a doer.  He’s the guy at the table who comes into the table late, but he comes bringing more food, and desert. When he comes into the house, Christie leaves.

I could envision a Trump/Cruz ticket, and then a Cruz Presidency after that. But that’s me.

The good thing about the debate tonight, is that the democrats are broke, and Hillary is slowing fading into the backwoods of irrelevancy…along with the Bush dynasty.

Could this happen? Can I slap myself? Could the dynasties of Bush and Clinton finally go into the sunset?

Pass the gravy.



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Nobody’s Fool: Ted Cruz

Nobody’s Fool

I just LOVED this speech from Ted Cruz on immigration. How can anybody not like this guy? Oh yeah. I forgot. President George W. Bush can’t stand him.

Congratulations Mr. Cruz! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for being the most eloquent speaker at the 4th GOP debate last week.

Go get em’! 

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Who Won the GOP Debate? Nobody Knows.

Nobody Knows

I only caught the last half hour of the GOP debate tonight, so I have no idea who “won” but according to the conservative websites, and the various radio pundits, Trump is still in the lead, Cruz, Rubio, Carson were well liked, and Jeb Bush did what he always does…looked confused.GOP debate Nov

BUT…I did listen to their closing statements, and I thought Rand Paul did a great job explaining that all these politician’s high hopes of defeating Russia, Isis, the rest of the world is simply not pragmatic. I really liked Rand’s ending speech. Donald’s was good, Cruz was almost too rehearsed, but Rand was just…I don’t know, he caught the feeling of many of us: Exasperation, and common sense. After Vietnam, Iraq, WHY do we need to keep fighting the world again?

Reagan gave us a great economy, every President since then has blown it.

Most people realize you can’t just keep spending trillions and getting nothing in return.kid thinks.

Rubio is starting to sound just like the young Obama, with his ‘future, 21st century’ of hope and love for all immigrants. The future to Rubio is an Hispanic nation that will be just like him, except we all know, the chance of all these Hispanics coming into the country, will drown us all in even more debt. Everybody knows that, but Rubio’s young and idealistic.

Have Carly and Rubio have been talking to Lindsey Graham? They all sound like if WE don’t challenged ISIS they will come over here and get us.  Well, simple. Don’t let the bastards in. And challenging Russia? WHY?

To the people who have watched their country be run by politicians who have given us a lot of beautiful and lofty promises,  and no action, Donald Trump still looks like the best bet.

What you can say…(and I will try to watch it all tomorrow) is that the debate was better than anything you will hear coming out of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s’ mouth. The first four candidates in the first debate was pretty good too.

So, who won the debate tonight? Nobody Knows…but it seems…things remain about the same.

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Thanks to Trump, We Only Had to Suffer Two Hours…Thanks Donald!

Nobody Knows…

That THIS was my favorite moment in the third Republican debate tonight on MSNBC. Ted Cruz…had the presence of mind to actually listen to the questions to everyone,  and in the finest moments of a Jimmy Stewart “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” moment, he laid out the commentator and their demeaning questions in 55 seconds.

Brilliant.debate GOP

If you listened to FOX, Marco Rubio won. If you listen to the liberal stations, they were impressed with Ben Carson. BUT…if you took care to go to Drudge and some of the other polls on the internet, Trump was the winner, not Ben Carson. People just like him.

The talk of the night was that Jeb Bush was terrible. And he was. He looked pale— and the attack on Rubio was so STUPID, it almost looked rehearsed and planned because nobody could be that stupid. It was about Marco’s job in the Senate and the fact that he isn’t doing his job.debate threedebate four

In Jeb’s closing statement, he coughed. If he says tomorrow that he wasn’t feeling well, then I’d say he really is worse than we all thought, and he just wants out of it all. Clearly Britt Hume was upset.

Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina, Huckabee, and Christie all spoke well…but here’s what I heard:

Christie, ALWAYS looked directly into the camera when he spoke, because he knows how to play his act of straight shooter. BUT…we haven’t forgotten how he kissed up to Obama after Sandy and pushed Obama into the Presidency and he did it to hurt Mitt Romney. No question in my mind about that.  So thanks Chris, but no thanks.

Carly, as usual is a delight. But there were no surprises here. Her main point being there always talk and nothing is done.

Huckabee made great points on the Clintons and Social Security.

Rand Paul and Christie argued that there IS no money in Social Security, so people will have to take less and retire later. Huckabee stuck up for the people: it’s theft. Pragmatic as it may be to ‘fix’ Social Security, the fact that Paul and Christie are so “who cares’ about the crimes committed by our government, put Huckabee in the moral right. And that’s why Paul and Christie are low on the polls.debate gop two

Ben Carson, was NOT prepared. He kept looking at his notes, and basically said the same things that are in his book. His speaking is slow…it’s so important for the President to speak well. It’s the main reason Obama got elected. As Obama said, he DOES have a gift, as did Hitler. Carson has a fine mind, but speaking is not his strong point. He was weak tonight.

Trump was himself. Honest. To the point, and to be fair, they stayed away from him…so he didn’t get to say much and the questions were the same ones he had before. Not his fault, but then again, most Americans are not fooled. He got in a few good remarks about John Kasich.

And speaking of John Kasich, somebody at CNN gave him the most airtime. That guy is just plain creepy.

Yes, the liberal media LOVED Kasich, and that “I was RAISED in a bar!” hilarious jokester, Lindsay Graham, who will no doubt take Rand Paul’s place in the next debate.

The underdog of the night? Rick Santorum.

He seems to be the least political of them all. I must admit, my heart went out to the way everyone treats him like a simple nobody. I think in the end, he is the old-fashioned Jimmy Stewart.

As for Rubio? The kids loved him. Once upon a time Jeb Bush was his mentor, and perhaps was keeping him in the wings to be his V.P. But Rubio, as Trump said: betrayed him. Rubio is just a better speaker…and he knows it.

This Nobody thinks perhaps now, the big money Rino’s will be now pushing Rubio, simply because Jeb is just done. They need a Spanish-speaking President, and Fox will be backing Rubio now. Rubio will be much like Paul Ryan…amnesty will be assured. The young will want Rubio, main street older Americans, will stick to Trump or Cruz.

The question is: Will Jeb Bush drop out?

Nobody Knows.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Scott Walker VS The Moon

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s so easy to blame other things and people for your failures in life…the democrats are GREAT at it! For instance, both Obama and Hillary Clinton still blame George W. Bush for the sorry economy.

Yes, we expect that kind of low-class behavior from democrats…but from a Republican?  This week we have the whinnying of big time republican loser as he drops out of his bid for the Presidency. And his name is— Scott Walker.scott walker

Scott walker dropped out of the Presidential Race today, mainly because he just couldn’t connect with the American people as well as Donald Trump. I couldn’t get excited by him. I’m not sure why. He seemed to be a nice guy, but more like a soccer coach, or maybe a mayor of a small town…but President? Donald Trump treated him like a minor leaguer and face it…he just didn’t light any national fires.

A man of character, would have just smiled and dropped out…but Walker was MAD. He attacked Donald on leaving the field:

‘I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to do the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current front-runner,’ Walker said. 

And then we have ….another sore loser it seems: The moon. While the moon it’s true, is not running for political office, it seems the moon has spoken to someone about the Earth. The earth, according to the moon, is cracking it’s surface.

The moon is shrinking, and Earth is to blame for how the moon’s crust has cracked.  The tidal forces of the Earth pulling on the moon, while small, generated enough stress to break the moon’s crust

Yes, that’s what I’m saying. The Earth cracked up the moon’s surface and now, evidently, the moon is really MAD…according to somebody who thinks they know. Probably Al Gore.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?moon smiling

Is it Scott Walker, who can’t seen to look in the mirror and wonder WHY he lost? And by the way….if his donors dried up on him, why isn’t he blaming Jeb Bush, who got all the big donors right out of the gate? How is that Donald’s fault?

Scott, it’s clear is just doing what the big GOP Rino’s bosses are telling him: Attack Trump, so we can finally get on with electing Jeb, and we’ll let you keep some of that money you still have in your pocket.

Rick Perry did the very same thing. I want to know how much money they raised and got to KEEP, don’t you?

The moon on the other hand, cracks or not, would NEVER blame the earth for those adorable cracks..the earth and the moon are like an ageing couple…so what if the moon is shrinking and getting a few wrinkles? Aren’t we all? I’m sure the Earth adores the moon, and the moon adores the earth, and leave it to the media to report the whole thing as some kind of disaster.

We will all love the moon forever more. The moon has more to worry about from the Chinese and the Russians, never mind the adoring Earth.

So, Congratulations Scott Walker! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week. The great earth tide of Donald Trump popularity shrunk your moon-like dreams of a Presidential run, and you just JUST couldn’t handle it.

Nobody likes a sore loser. And by the way….the moon agrees with me. I asked her.

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Nobody Knows Who REALLY Won the Second Debate

Nobody Knows

Hey! Who won the second debate? Donald Trump had the answer I came up with: Everybody did well.

Here’s my thoughts on each of them:debate one

BUSH: Sigh. He had the best joke of the night, but the more he talks, the more he reminds us that he will not only be an extension of his family’s polices, he will be the leader of a Spanish nation, and that’s fine with him.  It’s hard to watch him, because he does that creepy head turn, that famous Bush twist of the head, that is hard to watch. Win against Hillary? No.  He really shouldn’t be running. And by the way Jeb, quit talking like your STILL the governor of Florida. You’re not.

CARSON: I was surprised to learn that Ben Carson admitted that he had been great friends with President George W. Bush…and this time he came off sounding more like a very wonderful, intelligent, and kindly doctor. Truly a remarkable man, and honest.  But, he was less impressive tonight…could he win against Hillary? No. My favorite thing he did was agree with Donald Trump about vaccines.

CHRISTIE: Christie is good, but remember, he’s a politician. His approach was to look in the camera and “feel your pain” so to speak.  Christie, will change with whomever he needs to  make points with.  He might be fine for New Jersey, but the rest of us? He’s just a typical politician. Would he win against Hillary…I’m not sure.  I’ll get back to you on that.

CRUZ: Ted continues to morph into a Presidential appeal. He’s great on his speeches, he’s a fighter, he’s right on almost every issue, but like he told O’Reilly tonight. He doesn’t get much air time. And could he be ruthless? Not sure. It’s one of the reason so many people like Trump: We have ruthless men ruling the world, we need a ruthless man to deal with them.  Ted is one of my favorites. …but would he win against Hillary Clinton? Hillary would find something to demolish him before that would ever happen.

FIORINA:  Carly once again, was great. As far as talking quick on her feet, and knowing her subjects she delivered every time, until the end, with that speech on Lady Liberty. It was not the right ending. Actually, on substance alone she did better than everyone. Could she win against Hillary? I’m not sure. She went out of her way to prove she could become America’s Margaret Thatcher, if our country wasn’t full of half liberals.

HUCKABEE: Talk about the entertainer. Watching Mike was like watching him on his TV show. Mike has some great speeches, and good ideas, but he’s much too religious for this America, sad as that may be to say. Against Hillary? No. The younger generation would not vote for him.debate two

KASICH: Please. Every time this guy talks I want to throw wet sponges at his head.

PAUL: Paul didn’t help himself by repeating over and over that somewhere a mother who needed to give her sick child marijuana oil would be arrested by Chris Christie. Sometime Paul get WAY over the head of the mostly uneducated public.  Against Hillary? No.  I got the feeling that he did NOT want to even be on stage with any of them.

RUBIO: A man who is ready to go out and kill every enemy of America, and then save Cuba. He makes Jeb Bush look like a rich school boy, and he speaks well…but he too, like Jeb, will be easy on immigrants.

TRUMP: Trump had a hard night, but he managed to survive, which wasn’t easy since most of those guys have an advantage over him because they all KNOW the specifics of many foreign policies because they get the info. The two points I liked was that He was against going into Iraq. And some vaccines cause autism.  To be fair, half the questions were aimed at getting SOMEONE to get into a fight with him. Not until the later hours did we finally get to hear some policy.  Could he beat Hillary?

Pretty simple. Yes. He would get many blacks, Hispanics, and Independents to vote for him. He may not have the slick words of the rest of the group, but…action, not words. Trump spells action to me.

WALKER: He did better tonight, but I’m sorry. I’m glad he fought the Unions in Wisconsin, but Ted Cruz was fighting the whole Congress while Walker was being praised at being a hero. I still can’t get excited …and I’m not sure why.

SANTORUM: I still like Rick Santorum. I can’t figure out why he is so completly ignored. It seem, like Ted Cruz, he has been fighting Congress for quite some time.  He is probably the truest conservative of the whole bunch….in the old sense of the word.  To me, he won the second debate on substance alone.

PATAKI: Please. Go get a pizza when this guy comes on.Bill Gates two

JINDALL:  Bobby  should have been on the last stage. He said some really great things. BUT his disgusting rant on Donald Trump will keep him at the bottom. Rick said the right thing about Trump:

He has a right to run as much as anybody else.

It will be interesting tomorrow to hear the “twist” and turns of what everybody says.

I suspect Fiorina will be declared the winner of the debate, and I give her credit.

But…Trump WILL remain in the lead. That’s just my Nobody Opinion.


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Nobody Flashes Carly Wins First Debate

Nobody Flashes

My Nobody thoughts on the first GOP Debate:

First: FOX declares overwhelmingly that Carly Fiorina was hands down, the winner. And she was. She’s been good for quite a while so, THIS suspicious nobody was looking for the reason WHY all of a sudden, FOX news is thrilled with Carly? So, here’s some thoughts on the first debate which I must admit was more fun because my husband watched it with me and he HATES politics, and never watches it at all.

I promise not to repeat anything he said about any of them, probably not printable, although WAY too funny.

My husband and I watching the first GOP debate.

My husband and I watching the first GOP debate.

Rick Perry: I was looking around for the Marlboro’s man horse. He stood center stage, feet apart, like a man waiting for the Texas Rangers to ride in with his ten gallon hat, to which he would climb upon his horse and then get off and smile real big, and hand out some cigars. Rick insisted that Donald Trump was a celebrity and not a conservative. But that was only after Martha McCallum asked everyone what they would say about Donald Trump.  Clearly, not fair to Donald. They could have used those minutes to talk about other issues, why not ask the same question about everybody running?  But then again, it was almost a loaded “Go ahead and trash him!” question. The Bushes sitting in their mansions, must have loved it.  To this Nobody, the first planted attack by their reporters to cut down the lead of the Trumpster. Rick says TEXAS is great, but, I guess you’d have to ask the people who live there. I can only take his word for it.

Although, for big business, I’m sure he’s right. Is his border secure? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah….ummmm…ahh…

Rick Santorum: Probably the best he’s ever looked. LOVED the suit, which looked as if he painted it on. Rick has come a long way since his last run, and he did a good job talking about his successes in Congress.  We’re happy he has nine kids, and it’s nice to know he’s been supporting them without welfare….but he looks like the neighborhood football coach.

Jim Glimore: Who? Where did THIS guy come from? I kept seeing visions of Lou Grant. I didn’t get the feeling that he was there to really run for President but to warn America that we are in grave danger. Which was ONLY thing Lindsey Graham talked about. But, he was likable enough. Nobody suspects the GOP Rinos likes to pack the field with different men to get out their messages, but I could be wrong.

Lindsey Graham: “When is he going to come out of the closest?” said my husband. He’s not married. And he looked asleep. My husband kept making loud snoring noises especially when he said he would be a great commander-in-chief with all the enthusiasm of a Galapagos turtle deciding to eat a small tomato.  Evidently the GOP wants the audience to know that we need to send troops into the Middle East. Because Isis is going to get us here.

And then we all ask” So, why are we LETTING them into the country, morans!?” That question was not asked..but there was another recent entry that had the same message..George PatakiGOP Debate part one

George Pataki: Yes, he was governor of New York on 9/11, and was bragging about that, which make the rest of us wonder how the governor of New York on 9/11 did not PROTECT New York on 9/11..with some jets…you know…maybe some missiles, or paying attention to the first attack on the Twin Towers? Pataki has all the right talk, but look at him. He’s like a windup doll. My husbands’ comment: Let me show you this Pinto. 

Bobby Jendal: I really like Bobby, but my husband kept saying he looked like an Indian Jimmy Carter which threw me into laughing  As everybody know, I like Bobby Jendal. I find it hard to criticized him at all, but he does better when he can walk around.

Carly Fiorina: The first question Martha asked her was loaded with negative comments about her, but she held fast. And then later I noticed when she was talking they cut her time short with that bell. She kept talking.

She was, as usual, prepared, succinct, and presidential. She comes across as someone you can trust.

NOW…back to my point. Yes, it was clear she won the debate, but why all of a sudden has she become so popular by the FOX news reporters?

My guess….Jeb. They know he will lose to Hillary, and running Carly as a VP will help him, as much as Sarah helped John McCain. The Rino’s are salivating.

I have watched Rick Santorum give Carly a shout out, and then Rick Perry did the same tonight. And I also noticed the look on Carly’s face.

She doesn’t want second place.  And she knows, they are scoring points by simply giving her praise…the woman’s vote is important.

Her answer on Trump was superb, she questioned his policies but not the man. Unlike Jeb Bush who had called Trump an asshole.

Yes, she won.  Nobody could deny it…

And now, the second act…

One thing is clear…Donald Trump came out with such great and bold flair———that all the politicians have had to up their game….

And the big game is soon to begin!

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