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Nobody Wins With Jeb Bush

Nobody Wins

According to this reporter, the Bush family made it’s fortune on the Nazi war machine. Sure, you might say…that’s nonsense.

They are such NICE guys! That’s just nonsense.

But..this guy presented proof. Now, he comes to the conclusion that they want to dominate the world, and of course, we see Karl Rove on FOX everyday, so…I believe that too. It’s hard not to believe it when they are running for their third ticket to the White House.

I think he has a point…all Jeb Bush talks about is war. Again. BIG war. WWIII.  Everybody knows the Bush family RUNS the Republican Party.

The ‘aw shucks’ we’re just good old American Texas boys is just a front.

No matter what you might think of the Bushes, whether they are Nazi’s or not..we DO know that the liberals are communists.

So, what’s our choice? Nazi’s or communists? Good god.

I’ll take Trump.

Watch this…it’s interesting.  If nothing else you’ll learn the Bush Family history.

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Can I Have My Eyeballs Back?

Nobody Knows

Yes…I watched all five hours of the Las Vegas show of shows, and what did it get me? ha!

I’m just going to plain talk here, because after five hours of THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT CONTEST…I don’t think I’ll watch another one until they dig up Ralph Nader from the grave and bring back Barry Goldwater.

What? Ralph is still alive?

So, here in random order are my Nobody Opinions on the debates…GOP debate

Jeb Bush: Watching Jeb is almost painful. He flubbed up so many of his well rehearsed, platitudes of family Bushism, even Daddy Bush was probably throwing shoes at the T.V. He LOOKED good…at least the best he’s looked so far, but after listening to Obama for 8 years, he sounds like he’s from the 1960’s Dick Clark Show. He LOOKS like he was on Bandstand, rating some record.  His attack on Trump was so lame, he almost put Krauthammer into convulsions on the FOX review.  The Rino’s have turned their eyes to Marco Rubio to save them, and Rubio backstage stood as far away as he could from Jeb.  Will Jeb get out now? I doubt it. That would be a blemish on the Bush’s legacy. No, Jeb will stay in and wait for the attack that Lindsey says is coming…and he will get Lindsey to BEG America to elect Jeb.

Ben Carson: Ben looks like a duck walking down a muddy street in Bangkok. He’s like the quiet brother-in-law who is sitting at the Christmas table, and says nothing until the end of the meal, after the arguments have passed, and while everybody nods and goes, “Yes” to agree with him, they then get up from the table and don’t think about what he said for about twenty years. He gave a good answer on what he would do in the Middle East, but nobody gave him credit for it. His statements go through the air like lovely butterflies…you watch it and wonder where it will land. His mind works in brilliant insights, and then, goes into neutral, as it did in his closing statement.  Great when it in brilliant mode, but pretty boring when it’s not.  I imagine he has to rest his big brain every ten minutes or so.Trump and Carson

Chris Christie: I can’t help it. Chris is the mob guy at the table. He’s the union man who works down at the docks. He’ll knock you out…if you cross him. Everybody hands him the mashed potatoes and lets him eat them all. Chris is the lovable uncle who once helped you get a job, but didn’t tell you how low the pay was, and you are always owing him money that you don’t remember owning him.   Christie is ALWAYS looking right at the camera, in order to win points. His strength is his straight talk, but that’s all it is: Talk.

Carly Fiorina: When Carly talks, all I could picture was how it was too bad SHE wasn’t Secretary of State instead of Hillary. She is a great talker, never stammers which is why Wolf the Blitzer ignored her so much she had to YELL to get attention. Wolf acted truly like a typical male chauvinist, when she protested, he ignored her. Amazing to see, and it was a real putdown to Carly.  CNN stayed away from Carly because they don’t want America to compare her to Hillary, so Carly was screwed.

It kind of heartbreaking to watch. She’s hard not to like.

Kasich: Please. He’s the plumber who comes to visit right before the Christmas dinner, sits down at the table, drinks too much beer, and everybody wants him to leave.

Rand Paul: Rand had a big following in the crowd.  Rand did a great job tonight, talking his usual logic. He’s so logical that he sounds like he’s in the wrong room.  EVERYTIME the Rinos’ started on their war talk, Rand was right there to counter their jingoism.  He had a cold, poor guy. He is the brother at the table that everybody loves…and mom loves best, but nobody is jealous of mom loving him best.

Rick Santorum: Once again, compassionate, true, patriotic, and I still can’t figure out why he is not more popular.  Rick is the brother at the table who will do anything for you, and you can trust him with your life….and nobody really appreciates him because of how really nice he is. He will be the one everyone misses the most late in life.

Mike Huckabee: Huckabee should have been on the main stage..NOT Kasich. No matter what you think of the man, he makes excellent points and really has a good feel for people. At the table, he has the most jokes and brings the most laughs.Lindsey Graham

Pataki: Truly…is he related to Kasich? Who even INVITED these guys to the table?

Lindsey Graham….if there is one person tonight that is unhinged it’s Lindsey Graham.  He was full force “WE ARE GOING TO BE ATTACKED!” mode, and loves Muslims. In fact, he loves Muslims so much, he’s been to Iraq 38 times. And he got tears in his eyes talking about the BRAVE MUSLIM soldiers that America is paying to fight ISIS.

Lindsey is up for an Oscar, for his performance in “MASH.”

Marco Rubio: Clearly, he’s the new Rino favorite, and this was his night to shine, BUT…the great Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, took him out on all his immigration issues, and it was a wonder to behold. Marco was not match for Ted Cruz, who had another excellent night.

And what about your favorite Donald you say?

Donald Trump won….and he really didn’t have to do a thing. He just stood back and let Ted Cruz take out all the Rino’s…one at a time. Proving that he’s smart enough to let the wise men do the work.  Once again, Donald said little, but when he does speak, he speaks for the millions that are tired of politicians destroying the country. He says it bluntly, and to the point.

Ted really won the debate…clearly. BUT…Trump will still lead in the National polls. Rubio and Cruz

It’s why he’s winning. He’s not a talker, he’s a doer.  He’s the guy at the table who comes into the table late, but he comes bringing more food, and desert. When he comes into the house, Christie leaves.

I could envision a Trump/Cruz ticket, and then a Cruz Presidency after that. But that’s me.

The good thing about the debate tonight, is that the democrats are broke, and Hillary is slowing fading into the backwoods of irrelevancy…along with the Bush dynasty.

Could this happen? Can I slap myself? Could the dynasties of Bush and Clinton finally go into the sunset?

Pass the gravy.



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