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Nobody’s Fool: Ted Cruz—Brilliant

Nobody’s Fool

I just watched a video of Hillary Clinton all upset and playing the victim of how mean and nasty Trump is to her…and then I saw this:

What a GREAT ad! Ted Cruz did a “Clinton” trick! He used his beautiful little girls to smack Hillary right in the nose! Brilliant!

And when the press came out and accused him of using his kids like monkeys, Ted Cruz cried “How COULD they? Now they are going after the children!” (paraphrase)


I just talked to my sister-in-law who said that both my brother and her are all for Cruz….and if Hillary becomes President, she is moving to the Cayman Islands and getting a job as a maid.

While I still want a Trump/Cruz ticket, mostly because “It’s the economy stupid” and even though Cruz is my second choice…

This IS the best commercial attack ad so far.

So…Congratulations Mr. Cruz! Not only for showing off your adorable children, but giving Hillary the best attack that she DARE not approach.

You win the Nobody’s Fool Award of the week!

And on that note,

I’m off the next two days!…I’ll post some simple stuff, but everybody have the best Christmas ever!

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