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Nobody Flashes a Christian’s Faith….to the Overlords of State

(Thanks to Kris and Pentatonix for my favorite Christmas song.)

I’m told I have a “moral obligation” as a Christian to welcome the refugees here.
I find it quite humorous that now we are allowed to talk about God, what Jesus would do and how I’m supposed to act as a Christian when these very same people have so violently decried against anything Christian related in the past.
You want me to do my Christian duty, but you want me to keep my religion out of schools.
You want me to act accordingly as a Christian, but you condemn any public displays of Christianity.
You say the government has a moral obligation to accept refugees since we are a Christian nation, but you have vehemently clamored for separation of church and state, albeit erroneously.
I’m told I am a fake Christian now, when you have demanded I keep my faith to myself so I do not offend anyone.
You say Christian Americans do not view refugee children as a life worth saving and yet you ignore the lives that continue to let be killed by not only Planned Parenthood, but also ignore the Yazidis and Assyrians that continue to be killed.
The only time you and your ilk want to talk about Christians and their duties is when you can milk it for political gains and when you try to guilt us into doing something.
Other than that, I’m told to keep my “mythical relationship with an imaginary being ” to myself.
It’s absolutely ironic that those who have clamored so violently for Christians to shut up and take a back seat, now want to use Christianity for their own nefarious purposes.


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