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Nobody Flashes on Christmas Eve

Nobody Flashes— 

The song that I just can’t listen to enough…to me, it’s the quintessence of the story of Jesus.

Everybody have a great two days! Forget your diet! PIG OUT! Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Well, you don’t have to pig out… but two slices of pies and TWO helpings of turkey?

Hell yes. You can diet next week.

I’ll be back on Tuesday.

Have a great and spiritual Christmas…everyone!

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Nobody Talks About “God Paritcles”

Nobody Flashes

It seems they finally found the “God Particle” better known to nerdy scientists as Higgs Boson.  The funny thing about all this is they spent HOW much money on CERN?

All they really had to do was look around.

Having said that: science must be proven. And they finally did it.

Many of them made fortunes working on it, I’m sure.

And one more thing: Where can I get some more of that stuff?

I need all the “God” particles I can get.

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Three Stooges of Liberal Logic

Nobody Flashes

This is just TOO funny. Listen to three liberal women discussing the recent finding that if the frontal lobes of the brain are damaged, then more than likely you will NOT believe in God, and will love immigrants.

If your frontal lobes are developed, you are more likely to be religious, and will not exactly appreciate immigrants taking over your country.

To hear them trying to figure out how to twist the meaning of this study to make themselves feel better is, to this nobody, hilarious.


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Nobody Compares the God Chosen People.

Nobody Cares

It’s ironic when you think about it: The biggest fight in the Middle East is actually between two tribes of people from the same father: Abraham. You remember him, don’t you?

After Adam and Eve. After Noah. After the Tower of Babel…there came into the story: Abraham.

Abraham had a wife Sarah, who was old, but nevertheless she gave birth to a son, Isaac. But before that even happened, he was screwing a young concubine named Hager, who also had his son, and she named him Ishmael.

In modern day terms, Ishmael was a bastard.

Sarah, being the sensible wife, told Abraham to get rid of Hager, (She was no doubt younger and prettier.) and so, he sent her and the boy off to the desert.

Both kids became the fathers of nations: Isaac the Jews. And Ismael the Muslims.

Yes, Abraham is considered the “father” of both Jews and Arabs. You would think that would give them something in common, right?

In fact, the Muslims even mention him in their prayers five times a day.

And they BOTH lay claim to Abraham as being the one man in history who ‘discovered’ that there was only ONE god.

They just both disagreed on the name of that God.

For the Jews, it was Yahweh. For the Muslims, it was Allah. It was the same old story: “Father loves ME best.”

They also both lay claims to the sacrifice story. You know, the one that scared you half to death when you are a little kid?

Fathers CAN take you out to gut you on a mountain, so be nice to them…AND to God.

Every Bible for kids has that picture of Abraham holding his young baby son on a rock…. I remember it scared the beheevies out of me. I thought Abraham was a monster. Nowadays, probably not so shocking since most kids now watch the Walking Dead.


The Jew’s story went: God told Abraham to sacrifice his son on Mount Moriah, (The Temple Mount) and so Abraham took Isaac up and at the very moment before he bought his knife down to cut him into little pieces, God STOPPED him cold.

(Little Joyanna was going “I’m certainly glad SOMEBODY stopped that mean man. I love God!”

And then God told him basically, that since he ‘obeyed’ God, then he would be the father of MANY nations. And HIS people, the Jews basically, would forever be “God’s chosen people.”

(I doubt Harvey Weinstein is feeling too chosen at this moment.)

The Muslims story goes that Abraham, after setting up a nice home for Hager and his son Ismael, left Sarah, to go live with THEM. And God ask the same thing of Abraham who was with Hager:

Sacrifice your son Ismael, to show me your loyalty.

Yep, you guessed it! God saved little Ismael life too! And so, Muhammad rewarded the Muslims with the fact that they are the ONLY true believers deserving to live on the planet. Everyone else is an infidel. And to make matters even better, the Muslims laid claim that the Temple Mound was THEIR Holy site. The Muslims claimed that Muhammed rose into the heavens on that same Mount.

Right back at ya…Jews.

Do you get the feeling there’s a bit of a copyright infringement here?

What story do you think came first?

You got it: The Jew’s version came before Muhammed.

Muhammed saw that becoming a sort of “Jesus” was a good thing…so…He proclaimed the spot, copied the best parts of the Bible, and voila! He was on his way.

Muhammad just copied it, ALTHOUGH…the part about the two brothers might just be true.

After all, the old Jews and Muslim tribes had a lot in common. Women were not permitted to do many things. They could have more than one wife. It took Moses to rectify that. They were both dark-skinned nomads of the desert and to this day, you don’t see too many blond Jews OR Muslims.

Put them in the same clothes and it would be hard to tell what tribe they belonged to.

I don’t know why I was thinking about this, but the questions from all of this comes down to:

Does GOD really WANT you to ….Obey?

Or is it the man that wants you to Obey?

I’m pretty sure that both Jews and Muslims wanted that advantage…to be the ‘chosen’ of God.

So, if you’re not Muslim or Jewish, then there’s always…Jesus!

I’m just saying….

Nobody Cares if I think about these things, right?

One thing we do know: While the Jews contributed tenfold to humanity, they basically married one woman, and the Jewish tribe was almost extinguished from the planet one too many times.

But the Muslims…while the Jews may have the highest IQs on the planet, the Muslims had four wives and have the numbers to take over the rest of the planet.

God has told them to do this..or that’s their claim.

Many of us already know who the REAL god is, and those of us who aren’t Jewish or Muslim are just praying he shows up a lot more.

I think humanity has “sacrificed” enough.

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“Put God In Your Life First” Says Denzel

Nobody Flashes

I can’t think of a Denzel movie that I don’t LIKE. He picks and chooses his parts carefully. I put him up there with Clint Eastwood.

The last time I saw him at the Oscars, both Denzel and his family stuck out like diamonds stuck in a roomful of mud. They sat quietly and looked almost scared to be in that room full of…well…Hollywood losers.

Denzel Washington just gets better with age, and so, on this Sunday, I thought, I’d share his secret and why we need to find and support the actors in Hollywood that are NOT afraid to speak out.

“Put God in your life FIRST.” Denzel told the students…

lt’s a hell of a great message and when was the last time you heard a big Hollywood star say it?

By the way, did you miss this speech on ET?

Yeah…me too.

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Nobody Misses Carl Sagan

Nobody Flashes ‘God’ on a Sunday: 

Carl Sagan succinctly asks what just about everybody with a mind has asked since they looked up into the sky….

Where is God? What created us, and who created him?

Later on in other video’s, it’s explained that the reason we can’t SEE god, is because, he is in another higher dimension. We see the shadows of that dimension, but we can’t see the whole because we are down in the 3rd.

Sort of like synchronicities and miracles that happen in life: there is no explanation but the small touch of a higher power, a shadow if you will, of God’s presence, something I was lucky enough to experience myself a few times in my life.

I miss Carl Sagan. He was a wonder of God all in himself, wasn’t he?


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A Christian Speaks Out

Nobody Flashes a Christian’s Faith….to the Overlords of State

(Thanks to Kris and Pentatonix for my favorite Christmas song.)

I’m told I have a “moral obligation” as a Christian to welcome the refugees here.
I find it quite humorous that now we are allowed to talk about God, what Jesus would do and how I’m supposed to act as a Christian when these very same people have so violently decried against anything Christian related in the past.
You want me to do my Christian duty, but you want me to keep my religion out of schools.
You want me to act accordingly as a Christian, but you condemn any public displays of Christianity.
You say the government has a moral obligation to accept refugees since we are a Christian nation, but you have vehemently clamored for separation of church and state, albeit erroneously.
I’m told I am a fake Christian now, when you have demanded I keep my faith to myself so I do not offend anyone.
You say Christian Americans do not view refugee children as a life worth saving and yet you ignore the lives that continue to let be killed by not only Planned Parenthood, but also ignore the Yazidis and Assyrians that continue to be killed.
The only time you and your ilk want to talk about Christians and their duties is when you can milk it for political gains and when you try to guilt us into doing something.
Other than that, I’m told to keep my “mythical relationship with an imaginary being ” to myself.
It’s absolutely ironic that those who have clamored so violently for Christians to shut up and take a back seat, now want to use Christianity for their own nefarious purposes.


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Ben Caron’s Opinion on the Big Bang


Nobody Flashes on a Sunday

To believe or not to believe….when it comes to religion, most liberals choose not to.

I just thought that this Sunday, I’d post one of my favorite passages from Ben Carson’s book, One Nation….and how he looks upon the Stephen Hawking’s of the world who see no God:

It is amusing to me that many in the “intellectual community’ suggest that those with deeply held religious beliefs are not science. Ben Carson think big

The fact that I and millions of others believe that God created the earth and everything on it in an orderly fashion is no more anti-science than believing that something came from nothing, exploded and formed a perfectly organized solar system and universe, particularly in light of the second law of thermodynamics, which states that things tend to move toward a state of disorder. Both beliefs require faith in things that have not been proven and neither has the right to proclaim the other as foolish.

There are many components to organs like the kidney or the eye that are useless without all the other components and therefore according to the theory of evolution should not be passed on to the next generation. In fact, according to the theory of evolution, without invoking all kinds of convolutions to the theory, it is impossible for any complex organ system to exist unless it just spontaneously formed over night. That sounds crazy to me, but then again, if you believe that matter can form from non matter, I guess you can believe an eyeball can form overnight.

Belief in evolution is just as much associated with religion as belief in creation. They both require faith, either in God or in man.

If you haven’t read Ben Carson’s book, One Nation, it’s worth the read.

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Nobody Flashes Paul Joseph Watson’s Account of the Pope

Nobody Flashes

I know this isn’t my usual ‘happy’ Sunday video, but it’s has many of the same thoughts that I’ve been feeling about the Pope….and I’m not exactly very cheery this Sunday.

In terms of just politeness, you are never supposed to say anything bad about a Pope.

In terms of respect and politeness, you are never supposed to say anything bad about a President…out of respect for the office.Einstein wisdom

But…what if that person in high office is actually a tyrant? Do you stay silent just because you have been taught to never question that position?

Obama uses the race card every chance he gets, he has silenced millions…and then he gets by with destroying the whole country.

We need to get rid of this “We can’t protest presidents or Popes.”

Yes…we can. If they are liars, and cheats, and frauds, and mean to control us all.

Yes we can. Yes we must.

While the Spanish Catholics may be overwhelmed that the Pope has just given them a country to come to…I certainly hope the Catholics here..start thinking.

And…it just dawned on me the real reason all the Bushes NEVER speak against any President no matter what he does. They always said it was out of respect for the office, but seems very clear, it’s because they want to set the precedent that NOBODY should speak against ANY President….because they don’t want the crowd to get out of control.

It’s the office of the highest power, and they want it to stay powerful.

I won’t cuss out the Pope, but I will say…He sounds like just another political dictator…and my god…what a hypocrite.


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What? No Prayers for Congress?

Nobody Knows..

What a strange picture that was today…Pope Francis getting to sit in the front window of the giant American Airlines plane which was taking him to New York.

Talk about a photo-op! That guy really knows how to use a prop.Pope cartoon

I just got finished watching the Pope speak before Congress. …which by the way, he forgot to pray for.

I guess he figured he might insult “other” religions, so he didn’t.

The elite oligarchy is using the Pope (you know that one party-system of no-borders, America needs to redistribute it’s wealth to the rest of the world and sacrifice it’s children for the health and safely of everybody else on the planet)to launch the biggest Trump attack.

Immigration is a RIGHT, Donald, and you’d better not question the mouth of God!

Today the Pope, in front of Congress, addressed the nation as it’s true leader, with the express help of Congress…and basically lectured and imposed his demand that the United States become a theocracy, which it did today, and follow the Pope’s way…which is the communist way, of “sharing the wealth.”

King Frances is now the new King George. Expect the taxes to soar.Pope one

Clever. With one afternoon of spectacularly pomp and gentle demand that to disobey the Pope is to disobey God, they merged Church and State, and told the ‘representatives.” of the people that’s it their DUTY to legislate the “common good”.

And what the pope and your legislatures think is the ‘common’ good, is to dictate to YOU what they want.

I can’t wait. The common good of “You must not eat any more meat” is coming soon. The “common good’ of, “You must not own a gun.” is coming too.

But the Pope is starting with the common good of letting Mexicana and their families to be let into our country and be given jobs, food, healthcare, houses,…okay…and then bring ALLLLLLLLLLLLL their families!

HOLA! You natives don’t have enough babies to keep all us rich politicians and churches going!

Somewhere the Bushes were celebrating…”BEAT THAT—DONALD TRUMP!”

Oh, and just in case you wondPope and Congressered if the Pope is truly a “Godly” man, we heard him chastise the death penalty for those hopeless criminals, who have killed and maimed, but only mentioned the unborn…in one word.

Forget those babes in the womb, we need to stop killing criminals…unless of course it’s ISIS…the Pope gives you permission to …get rid of them.

If you wonder if the Pope is a godly man, that should tell you right there.

Nobody Knows what will happen with this merging of church and state (funny how all the liberals are embracing the Pope right now, isn’t it?) but the Pope is in alignment with Obama, which is communism, tyranny, whatever you want to call it, and then they are telling you it’s God’s blessing.

You’d better DARE not question the Pope! Just as you DARE not question a black man.

This country was FOUNDED on the people running away from church/state governments. The people that came here wanted to get away from the “Power” of the Catholic church, and seek God through their own private lives.

And it is stated in our Constitution that the state shall never become a theocracy. That is exactly what happened today. Oh, how far down the slippery slope we slide.

The Pope demands we give these new Mexican’s jobs.

The Pope, has just taken your country and given it to Mexico, with the blessings of BOTH parties.

Are we going to let him?

Sorry, I think I’ll go out into ‘nature’ take a walk, and pray to God, that he finds us a real Moses to lead us out of the upcoming communist hell of darkness that the elites have in store for us.

“Don’t kill the murderers in jail, but it’s okay to kill the innocent in the womb? ”

Well, it’s not like the Bible didn’t warn us: Beware of false prophets.

Especially ones who cloak themselves in the mantle of global warming taxes.



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Nobody’s Email: Jonathan Cahn Warns Congress

Nobody Gets Email

Here’s an email fitting for a Sunday morning….

We hear an awful lot of news about Muslims visiting the White House, working in the Obama administration, gathering for Ramadan, but I didn’t hear ANY thing anywhere about this…

A man named Jonathan Cahn went to Capitol Hill and gave a real fire and brimstone warming to Congress about how they have all turned away from God.

Do you think they listened? (Nobody laughs)

If this guy was at my local church I would be there every Sunday.


(Thanks to amfortas)

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Moses Taught Slaves How to Riot?

Nobody Flashes…again.exodus

Just a thought: My husband and I went to see Exodus tonight, and if you’ve ever seen the Ten Commandments, then this one will seem lame–having said that, the horses were beautiful.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that disturbed me. They kept pretty much to the Bible, except when Moses first started leading the people against the Pharaoh, he taught the slaves  how to fight, and make bombs, and blow up the food supplies of the Egyptians. Now, I don’t remember that part being in the Bible, do you?


God (who is disguised as the same little kid from Matrix, also not in the Bible) comes down and tells him all this fighting will go on too long, and he should let him take care of things. And so Moses steps aside and God delivers the plagues.

Whatever you may think of the movie’s interpretation, I thought that, if I was a black militant, I would think to myself, “Gee, Moses taught the slaves to ATTACK the rich people in their palaces, and burn them down!” That’s what WE should to!.

I’ve heard Glenn Beck support this movie. How he missed this I have no clue…but as far as I know, Moses teaching the slaves how to riot and destroy the Egyptians is in no Bible version I have read.

It’s just one man’s interpretation, but considering recent events…it did make me wonder.

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Preston Smith Needs to Give His Speech at the Next Al-Qaeda Meeting. Let’s Buy Him a Ticket…

Nobody Wins …

If you want to see an elitists morons who thinks it’s cute to make fun of other’s religions and traditions, then you might want to fly down and catch the City Commission meetings in Lake Worth, Florida.

From WMD:

An atheist invited to give the opening prayer at a Lake Worth, Florida, City Commission meeting recently called on the “wisdom of Satan” and declared “if almighty Thor is with us, who can ever be against us,” a perversion of a New Testament verse.

“Though he mentions Satan, Allah, Buddha, Zeus, and even Jesus, it all comes down to the fact that he openly states that he wants people to ‘do good for goodness sake’ and he doesn’t want to hear about damnation or judgment.”

Right…talk about stupid. If only the world would just do good for goodness sake, then we can all get along.

He just explained Obama’s foreign policy in one sentence.

Can we send this guy to Al Qaeda? surprise four

Here’s his ‘prayer’:

Mother Earth, we gather today in your redeeming and glorious presence to invoke your eternal guidance in the universe, the original creator of all things. May the efforts of this council blend the righteousness of Allah with the all knowing wisdom of Satan. May Zeus, the great god of justice, grant us strength tonight. Jesus might forgive our shortcomings while Buddha enlightens us through his divine affection.

We praise you Krishna for the sanguine sacrifice that freed us all. After all, if almighty Thor is with us, who can ever be against us? And finally for the bounty of logic, reason and science, we simply thank the atheists, agnostics, humanists, who now account for one in five Americans and growing rapidly.

In closing. Let us above all, love one another, not to obtain mythical rewards for ourselves now, hereafter or based on superstitious threats of eternal damnation, but rather embrace secular-based principles of morality, and do good for goodness sake.

And so we pray, so what?


We have to pray because more idiots like this guy are running our country. (The Mayor, much to his credit, walked out.)

I don’t know about you, but I would have yelled something at the guy like, “Satan can have you!” or “Allah will cut your head off, and that will be one less moron on the planet!” “Go back to your cocktail hour!” “Mother Earth wants you to die!” “Get a haircut!” “Go trim a tree!” “Quick, there’s a nudist camp right outside!”

What happens with these elite idiots is that they read a lot of books on religion, see NO difference in any religion, and go through life looking at everything and everything pertains to them and the god they think they are, and they just don’t get it, because they really are—- just plain stupid.

Really. Brainless.

BECAUSE they allowed this idiot to talk, they have opened up Pandora’s box of idiots who want to make fun of Christians:  Next week– A Satanist.

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