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Nobody Flashes: The BEST Sunday Sermon for our Times

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Paul Ryan, The Pope, and Bishop Curry: Three Peas in a NWO Pod

Nobody Reports:

The News Headlines in America are crazy, crazy, crazy. CRAZY.

Like this one that was reported today.

Paul Ryan, the house speaker who plans to quit so that he can run for the next Presidential election, (Come on, he’s the Koch brothers favorite son.) has decided that the country needs to be…more Catholic.

Ryan said he sees “this tremendous opportunity for Catholics to lead” and “help bring our culture and our country closer to their great moral potential.”

“We are uniquely suited for this task — from the clergy to the laity, we all have got to step up,” he added.

I love his timing.

Well, the clergy IS stepping up. The Bishop of “love” Bishop Curry, who spoke at the Royal Wedding is now leading a protest in front of the White House. He was on Fox News tonight being fawned over as the next Messiah. He says that “America First” is heresy. 

President Trump is more of a moral Christian than most priests.

How protests on Memorial Day Weekend amounts to ‘love’ is anybody’s guess. President Trump LOVES America, and that’s all that matters to us. If the good bishop has a problem with that, he can go give his “love” lectures in Saudi Arabia.

It’s not the protestants that need a lesson in “love.” Or the American people. We don’t have to “love” Islam, like the Pope wants us to. His saying that “Jesus” was a refugee like the illegals is getting to be annoying.

Paul Ryan sees nothing wrong with Islam, and neither does the Pope. Both support the invasions of Muslims into Western countries to be supported.

Which proves that they are both crazy.

So, what does this nobody get out of this great vision of religion from Paul Ryan?

It’s purely political.

Paul believes in the same politics that the Pope Francis does.

The Pope hates capitalism, believes in a no border world, and thinks that anybody with any money should give it all to the poor. Unless it’s the Catholic Church of course. It’s the global Pope mantra of redistribution.

The Pope does not follow the Bible, nope. He thinks gay love is God given.

Now, I don’t mean to insult my Catholic friends, but really…how can you keep on defending this…fraud?

It doesn’t matter. I think the Pope has always been hand-picked by the big governments all along. The Catholic church is…

Like any other monarchy. The Pope is the same as the Imam, only Christianity is a much more sane religion,

They answer to…their masters, and it’s not God. Martin Luther was right to break off from the notion that only through a priest or a pope can you get to God.

And he’s STILL right today.

The Pope doesn’t speak for God, but like most ‘progressives’ just rewrite the rules as he goes along to fit his views.

Paul Ryan, going all religious in his last days as speaker: anything to set him up for his next campaign.

Still, he’d make a marvelous choir boy, don’t you think?

Make America Catholic?

Good luck with that.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Streisand, King, DeBlasio, and the Pope

Nobody’s Perfect

Have you seen the recent picture of Barbara Streisand? Wow. Talk about major plastic surgery. She had to tweet a picture of herself with Bill and Hillary, after she tweeted that Trump was a “fake” president on July 4th.

As Laura Ingram would say: “Shut up and sing Barbara.”

Not to be upstaged by anyone last week, the Pope came out and declared that President Trump and Vladimir Putin were the sons of Satan.
Okay…so he didn’t exactly SAY that. He warned that they are forming a ‘dangerous alliance”

With the millions of Christians being slaughtered all over the world by Muslims.  I think Trump and Putin are the least of his worries. In fact, the pope should be giving them the keys to the Vatican for wanting to protect the Christians.

What a putz.

And then there’s another ‘tweet’ by Stephen King, who came out and said:

“The News is real, the President is fake.”

Are you seeing a pattern here? Such originality! Wow Steve, that’s all you could come up with? And how would you know anything about the REAL world? You’ve lived in your basement writing up to seven hours a day, only to come out and take a walk…sometimes not paying attention to the REAL world of cars.
Or…have you forgotten? How’s that knee doing?

Another one of his tweets:

Let’s be clear: Trump’s “fake news” obsession is about HONEST news coverage that is unfavorable to him. Pandering to his shrinking base.

Really Steven? How many reporters have been fired due to reporting lies about Trump? Or, do you only watch CNN? And guess what? His base is growing. Here near Ferguson, the blacks are starting to realize, that the democrats have been using them. Do you even look at the internet? Youtube? The blacks are…waking up. Big time. I should know, I don’t live in a big walled off mansion like you. Maybe you should try talking to a few people outside you little liberal town.

You are…so multitudinously clueless. Get out of Nadine’s head. Really, copying Barbara Streisand. Pretty sad.

Still, none of these idiots compare to the Mayor of New York, De Comrade De Blastio, who left the city to go to Paris to join the communists and protest President Trump.

In the meantime, a NY cop was killed and the subways are waiting for King Kong. Their ‘elected’ mayor was off in Paris on vacation.

And nobody hopes, as much as I, that the “REAL NEWS” of the liberal elites keeps on their usual mechanical maniacal road to insanity.


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Paul Ryan…Your Rino President By Default

Nobody’s Opinion:

As you know, I have written many a blog on the traitor Paul Ryan, and last week, Paul Ryan actually did his best to KEEP Obamacare in place. It was sickening the way he was praising President Trump throughout the whole process, and I don’t think Trump is that stupid to fall for his obsequious obnoxiousness.

Trump is alone, except for Brannon and his immediate family. The Freedom Caucus is with him, but they are only about 35 and a very small minority.  That’s how corrupt Washington D.C. is.

Rep. Paul Ryan claimed to have run a marathon in less than three hours.

The global elites will NOT let him ruin any of their agenda’s, and Paul Ryan was put in the office to outmaneuver Trump at every turn.

Judge Jeannie is right. Paul Ryan should resign, but he is the firewall against anything Trump wants to do. The elites know that the leader of the House has so much power, he can do just about anything, and the voices of the house are basically mute.  He can smash any of them like a bug.

I’d rather Paul be his old “I don’t like Trump at all” self, then this sniveling sycophant that he is now.

There were reports that an hour after his speech, Paul Ryan was picked up by Obama’s bodyguards and rushed to a rich neighborhood where he met someone in some house. No doubt Valerie Jarrett or Mitt Romney, or perhaps a whole host of globalists were there. I saw the pictures of him getting into the SUV.

I saw the article, but I bet you can’t find it now.

Ryan is a globalist. Globalist put the WORLD first, not America. They are against any kind of ‘nationalism.’ The propaganda is that President Trump is a nationalist, and Hitler was a nationalist and nationalism leads to another Hitler.

If anybody is like Hitler, it’s the global elites, who want to control the whole world.  And speaking of the global elites….

The globalists have flooded their own countries with the 21st century Nazi’s, ISIS, probably telling themselves that mixing all races and all colors will make a better world with no war. Better to put up with small killings than a major war between the East and West.

Who know what goes on in their sick and tormented little minds?

This week I was following the small details of the global elites: Details like watching Paul Ryan giving the Catholic sign of the cross when he was getting ready to open the House sessions. Paul Ryan is all for open borders, bringing in millions of Muslims, and following the new devil in the Vatican, Pope Francis.

Yeah, that’s right. I called him a devil.

The globalist need a leader to obtain this borderless world government, and they picked the right man to lead the Christians to the slaughter–Pope Francis, who is, as we speak, telling America to take in the whole world and support it.

Pope Francis is unbelievable corrupt, and an insult to every good Catholic on the planet,

The globalists are worried though:  “Populism” is expanding across Europe, and their EU will be imploding soon. They sent John McCain over to the EU to panic.

Last week the Pope gathered the illuminati of the world, under the guise of Roman artwork so they could all feel important, to make a pact that they will STILL screw the world and control it, and take out anyone who opposes their plans. The Divinci Code on steroids.
Here’s what Paul Ryan said about the Pope in his book:

Pope Francis is inviting us to have a conversation so we can decide how best to advance solutions that will further human progress and freedom.

The debate is not settled. I have offered my way of applying Catholic social principles. There are those who won’t see it my way, and that is perfectly fine. The Pope isn’t asking for conformity, but participation.

What the pope and Paul Ryan want, is redistribution of what’s left of the wealth of the United States. They want Americans to take care of the invasion of the millions from all over the world, and if we don’t, then we are not good people.

And you know what I say to that.

Paul Ryan will end up being President by default if President Trump doesn’t do something about him. Just what we wanted: another despicable, lying, control freak in our lives.

It might be time for Trump to get political.

I’d say a good sex scandal would do fine.

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Nobody Flashes Paul Joseph Watson’s Account of the Pope

Nobody Flashes

I know this isn’t my usual ‘happy’ Sunday video, but it’s has many of the same thoughts that I’ve been feeling about the Pope….and I’m not exactly very cheery this Sunday.

In terms of just politeness, you are never supposed to say anything bad about a Pope.

In terms of respect and politeness, you are never supposed to say anything bad about a President…out of respect for the office.Einstein wisdom

But…what if that person in high office is actually a tyrant? Do you stay silent just because you have been taught to never question that position?

Obama uses the race card every chance he gets, he has silenced millions…and then he gets by with destroying the whole country.

We need to get rid of this “We can’t protest presidents or Popes.”

Yes…we can. If they are liars, and cheats, and frauds, and mean to control us all.

Yes we can. Yes we must.

While the Spanish Catholics may be overwhelmed that the Pope has just given them a country to come to…I certainly hope the Catholics here..start thinking.

And…it just dawned on me the real reason all the Bushes NEVER speak against any President no matter what he does. They always said it was out of respect for the office, but seems very clear, it’s because they want to set the precedent that NOBODY should speak against ANY President….because they don’t want the crowd to get out of control.

It’s the office of the highest power, and they want it to stay powerful.

I won’t cuss out the Pope, but I will say…He sounds like just another political dictator…and my god…what a hypocrite.


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The Country Formally Known as The United States of America….

Nobody Cares

What just happened today?China takover

Did the Pope just give the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N.? Sounded like it to me. He endorsed the U.N. as being the official world “rule of law” and proclaimed that NO nation would be above any other, and that every citizen upon the planet had a RIGHT to an education, a house, a job, a religion, but only if they surrender to putting the ‘earth’ first and foremost. AND…the U.N. should control the economies, (and the world basically) and everything should be done for the ‘common’ good. Yes, a communist man, from a communist country, wants a communist world.

Good to know.

Did he get this permission from Congress yesterday to hand over our sovereignty in the name of ‘saving’ the planet?

Is THAT why John Bonehead resigned today?

AT THE SAME TIME….Muslim takover

Did the Chinese government just take over the United States? While our Presidents have been getting us all bound up in the Middle East, China as slowly been moving it’s chest pieces into place to take over as the leaders of the world and the U.N. Ha ha ha ha! Obama didn’t see THAT coming did he? You could tell at the press conference today that Obama and John Kerry had been really “screwed” in some deal by the Chinese by the looks on their faces. I’ve personally never seen them so pissed off.  John Kerry was sitting in the front row with his arms crossed, mad. Obama was…MAD. Oh sure, their speeches were “blah. blah, China is on board with climate change” but something happened.

First China gets the TPA through, then gets our companies through their OWN greed, to come over and give them all their secret technology, and now, they are going to put over a million Chinese students in our country to study. We in turn, have to learn mandarin. (Zuckerface already speaks it.)

Donald Trump is right.

On top of that, yesterday, Xi Jinping met with top executives from Honeywell, Boeing, Cisco Systems, IBM, Starbucks, as well as Chinese firms Alibaba, Lenovo and Baidu. Facebook, Twitter, and Google were not invited. Tonight at a big party at the White House, he is meeting with Hollywood—Disney, Spielberg, and Netflix.Mexico takover

I guess when it comes to money, you can scrifice a few hundred million for the chance at  4 billion. It’s all about the numbers.

China, is basically calling all the shots. After that last cyber attack where China took down our whole govenment apparatus, I guess they now can control just about everyone.

So, who will get to control the United States? Mexico? Saudi Arabia? or China?

Or ….the Pope?

Is this Friday the 13th? Somebody check. I think they marked the calendar wrong.

I know one thing for sure, I will never forget THIS day in history. To me, it was the final quiet submission of a great country…to foreign nations.

By the way…they forgot to make room for Russia.

Obama pissed at China one



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The Pope, Obama, and Pharrell Williams Stood Before St. Peters Gate….

Nobody Wins

FOR USE AS DESIRED, YEAR END PHOTOS - FILE - Pope Francis and President Barack Obama smile as they meet at the Vatican Thursday, March 27, 2014. A visibly energized President Barack Obama held a nearly hourlong audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican, expressing his great admiration for the pontiff and inviting him to visit the White House. (AP Photo/Gabriel Bouys, File Pool)

FOR USE AS DESIRED, YEAR END PHOTOS – FILE – Pope Francis and President Barack Obama smile as they meet at the Vatican Thursday, March 27, 2014. A visibly energized President Barack Obama held a nearly hourlong audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican, expressing his great admiration for the pontiff and inviting him to visit the White House. (AP Photo/Gabriel Bouys, File Pool)

For those Catholics out there, who think that the Pope is being misquoted about his hatred of capitalism, you will be happy to note that he is VERY angry about the fact that somebody at the Vatican “leaked” his personal notes…

It’s a conspiracy! Those bastards. How DARE they released the Pope’s personal notes…it’s almost…like..Pope Francis has the same people working for him as our White House isn’t it?

The Pope’s leaked notes about how climate change is the most pressing matter on the planet and we are all doomed, unless those evil rich countries stop consuming, and start sending money to the poor—no doubt, VIA the Catholic Church.

In the leaks the Pope says:

“The warming caused by the enormous consumption of some rich countries has repercussions in the poorest places on earth, especially in Africa, where the increase in temperature, combined with drought, has had disastrous effects on the performance of crops,” the pope wrote.

(What? No mention of California Pope? Too many white people there?)

The *leaked”  letter to the world’s 1.2bn Catholics is aimed at influencing the debate ahead of crucial United Nations talks in Paris in December at which world leaders have pledged to agree decisive action to curb global warming.Obama 21

Well, that explains it: the Pope is going to be used to bring in the New World Government via climate change. He is making a special trip to the White House in September, and will be the FIRST pope to address a joint meeting of Congress on September 24.

If a Jew can do it, why not a Pope?

I can’t wait to hear the Pope tell Americans how we all need to quit buying so much stuff, and send that money out into the world to save it from…the weather…which of course…is our fault.

I say…we blame it on the DEVIL!

Speaking of the devil: The White House states what the upcoming U.N and Pope visit will be about:pope sold

It will include “caring for the marginalized and the poor; advancing economic opportunity for all; serving as good stewards of the environment; protecting religious minorities and promoting religious freedom around the world; and welcoming and integrating immigrants and refugees into our communities”.

Good God. The Pope is a liberal/commie. Great.

(Wait…do you think he heard that?)

I’m sure Michelle Obama will be dropping off her husband’s “ideas” to the pope, probably the exact speech they want him to read,  on her vacation this week…and she will no doubt make an appearance on the June 18 Live Earth concert to promote the awareness of climate change, put on by that genius of science, Mr. Happy Happy himself: Pharrell Williams…

Obama is using the Pope as a closing act: He’s starting out with :EARTH LIVE!Pharrell

Tell me…did Bangladesh ever get out of poverty?

That famous meteorologist Pharrell said this:

“There are over 190 countries involved with the U.N. Participation, on seven different continents with about 20 different groups. We’re going to do a pentatonic harmony five different notes to make a chord, like a choir, in different places at the same time. I wanted to make the world sing together. That how you make humanity harmonize all at once.”

I can’t wait. Obama, Pharrell, and the Pope. Can we have three Anti-Christs?

I’m praying for rain. Some mud….lighting would be nice.




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Nobody Knows How to Follow the Other News…

Nobody Knows:

I’ve been reading some interesting stuff lately…I try to read different magazines, different books, different authors. Because sometimes, you start seeing a the patterns in nature, they just pop this one:Lucas and Mellody

For instance, I had heard on some TMZ entertainment program that George Lucas had married a black woman.  I had always wondered why he broke up with Linda Ronstadt, but in a recent Vanity Fair Issue, It’s clear he’s found his soul mate. Her name is Mellody Hobson. They did a great PR piece on her: beautiful, rich, and surprise, surprise…her connections to the Obama Chicago Machine go way back: She is the president of her own management firm called Ariel Investments. She a board member of Estee Lauder, Starbucks, and Dreamworks. She’s worked for ABC and CBS.  Warren Buffet was one of her mentors. She went to Princeton. Her recruiter was John Rogers who played basketball with Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s brother.  (Wait! I thought Michelle was a poor girl!) Roger’s father was a neighbor of Valerie Jarrett., who helped Mellody’s career.

Didn’t your mother tell you it’s “who you know?”

Ariel (Mellody and Roger’s company) launched the Black Corporate Directors Conference to bring together board members from Fortune 500 companies and she was an early supporter of Obama.

In other words: Rich elites. Yes. Democrats, all going to board meetings of Fortune 500 companies.

Who knew?

Nobody Knows WHY the democrats can attack big business and capitalism when they are just as capitalistic as the next guy. Michelle Obama used to sit on Wal-Marts board of directors.

You tell me how this is capitalism. Politicians sitting on the boards of companies. Right. Nothing wrong with that.

And speaking of capitalism

This new Pope Francis, doesn’t like it very much. He condemns “trickle down” economics, and seems to love communist Cuba. He met with the Palestinian President Malmud Abbas and promised to sign a papal agreement to recognize a Palestinian state. Did he work out this deal with Obama? He certainly helped get him into Cuba.

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - JUNE 08:  Pope Francis (L) meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for a peace invocation prayer at the Vatican Gardens on June 8, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. Pope Francis invited Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the encounter on May 25th during his brief but intense visit to the Holy Land.  (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

VATICAN CITY, VATICAN – JUNE 08: Pope Francis (L) meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for a peace invocation prayer at the Vatican Gardens on June 8, 2014 in Vatican City, Vatican. Pope Francis invited Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the encounter on May 25th during his brief but intense visit to the Holy Land. (Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images)

Next month he will get together with Obama and berate everyone about Climate Change.

You know, I miss the days when Popes continued to talk about the Bible, and God, and the lessons of Christianity—-but when you start complaining about people’s pets, (People pamper their pets too much, he says.) he’s bordering on treason.

You have to wonder why the Pope isn’t reaching out to comfort the poor Christians being slaughtered all over the world.

Nobody Knows how the good Catholics can put up with this guy.

Catholics? Any words of wisdom?

And speaking of wisdom..

Nobody Knows if the Supreme Court is going to punch a hole in Obamacare.

After all…it’s was unconstitutional to begin with.

If the court rules in King v. Burwell that those subsidies are unconstitutional, upwards in 36 states could lose their subsidies. It would undo a key part to the Affordable Care Act — and possibly unravel the whole law.No obamacare

Evidently Congress is already scrambling to keep all those people on them.–which just goes to show..the rich corporations, our Congressional cesspool, and even the Pope himself wants half of us in the West to fork over more money to support the other half everywhere else.

And when it all collapses, you can be sure that George Lucas and his wife, will generously leave some money to good causes..after all, they know Buffet, Gates, Obama, Jarret..and all the important rich democrats.

You can be sure, the fortune 500 companies that they all are in bed with will get even richer. And the Pope…well…

Papal blessings are coming soon..

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The Pope—Concerned the Future of the World is: Dogs

Nobody ReportsPope Francis

I find this almost….sad:

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Pope Francis on Monday (June 2) warned married couples against substituting cats and dogs for children — a move that he said leads to the “bitterness of loneliness” in old age.

Of course, the Pope is right. We are going to have a lot of “bitter” old and childless people in the future.

The problem is economic. Back in years past, before the great economy of the United States was shipped overseas and globalization was pushed by the politicians in order to benefit, the global international companies and the stocks of their favorite Senators, having kids was affordable.

The middle class has been sacrificed for the big boy’s monopolies.

So, the Marxists that now make up the democratic party, now push abortions, and single moms.

Before, a working couple could afford two to three kids, raise them in a decent neighborhood, and even afford to send them to college.

Those days are gone. Vanished, like the old Mickey Mouse. Couples with dogs

Is it any wonder, with the price of everyday living, that young married couples are choosing to have pets instead of children? Food prices alone, car insurance, cell phones (which you MUST have) cable TV, add it all up, there’s not much left to save for college, or even nights out at the Pizza Palace.

And the global leaders prefer that. They want fewer people on the planet, not more.

The Pope shouldn’t be talking to the ‘people’ –he should be demanding the governments get OUT of running people’s lives and businesses.

Otherwise…let the Catholic Church send a check to every parent for every child.

Hey—- Putin starting doing it in Russia.

One in five children live in poverty now in the United States. Why on EARTH would any adult want to have kids he cannot afford to feed? Unless of course, your government supports you…in return for your vote. If you are rich, no problem. But the middle class is gone, and inflation keeps rising. When dogs become more expensive than children, we might see this reversed: But anyone who has changed diapers for three years, might not care.

Besides—- what old age? Obamacare is going to kill most everyone over 65.

This Pope may be a nice guy, but Nobody Thinks, until he becomes a heavy thinker–he should stay out of politics, and get himself a dog.

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Thank God: The Pope is Humble and 13 is NOT an Unlucky Number!

Nobody Knows

“For whosoever exalted himself shall be abased: and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.”

                              St. Luke Ch. 14, V. 11

—If there is such a thing as lucky numbers.

I was in the doctor’s office today…and I was thinking about the date: 3-13-13. Not usually suspicious, I remembered my mother had her massive stroke on Friday the 13th.

“Oh…”I said to the nurse.. as I noticed the date. “It’s not Friday, hopefully that’s good news.”The Conclave Of Cardinals Have Elected A New Pope To Lead The World's Catholics

I was there to get the results of my brain MRI.

Sitting in the office trying not to think about the news I might get, and trying to brace myself for bad news, I was watching the crowds of Catholics in Rome. They were all standing in the rain, in the cold…waiting…hoping for a new pope soon….

Hope. God, we need hope more than anything nowadays don’t we?

As I sat looking at the doctor he said: “Your scan is normal.”

Did I cry? You bet I did. Strokes run in the family, all the way back to JQA collapsing on the floor of the house. I know the damage that is done with a stroke.  Odds are, I will die of one…but not today.

Today was a good day. And the 13th even…how bout that?

After I got home, I was anxious to see the new Pope, and I must say, at the very sight of him, I cried again. I’m sure some of it was stress from the last month and the day, but I could just see by looking at his face: This WAS a man of God. This man, wasn’t going to get caught up in the power of the position. In fact, I don’t ever think I have ever gotten such a good first impression from any Pope I’ve ever seen.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected pope Wednesday, becoming the first pontiff from the Americas and the first from outside Europe in more than a millennium. He chose the name Francis, associating himself with the humble 13th-century Italian preacher who lived a life of poverty.

So, the prophesy of this being the LAST pope, gets thrown in the —(Uh– nope)—trash bin right along with the Mayan prophesy of 2012.Dove

Pope Francis, will follow Jesus, and that’s a good thing for us all.

But, did the day have anything to do with it? Does this redeem the number 13, as just another silly superstition?

Who cares? God bless the new Pope…let’s hope he brings back real HOPE to the whole world.

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