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Nobody Wins: Government Building a Civilian Army…

Nobody Wins

I found this video on a few conservative websites, but only ONE Of them would take me to it. Which means, they are slowly trying to censore it across all Google searches.

Watch it before it disappears. It’s a great piece.

This morning, MORNING JOE and his wife, daughter of globalist elitiest Brzezinski, started claiming that VAST armies of Americans were attacking the FBI! Oh my! Oh no! It was another Oklahoma City about to happen, and we ALL know Bill Clinton blamed that attack on Rush Limbaugh. This time, they are making up these horrendous ‘attacks’ that are not happening anywhere but the false flag attack in one town, where some guy with a nailgun burst open a window, and threatened the FBI.

According to all the media, Trump supporters are out to DESTROY the government. Democracy is under attack by the American people! Liz Cheny WILL be the next President to stop this revolution happening in the streets all over the United States!

Except, that all a big lie: a nothingburger (to quote Hillary). Right. First, NOBODY knows what person walking on the street works for the FBI, AND the FBI will kill you on the spot. I hardly think the average American is getting out his ‘military’ machine guns to shoot them down. And death threats? That a very common event in most public servants lives. What’s really happening is everybody is being trained to be very scared of the government, because IRS will now, shoot you, you are SUCH a danger to them all.

If Americans are scared of the government, they have good reason to be. Biden ARMED the IRS, before the IRS was even threatened by anyone, and yet, they claim the egg came before the chicken. They ARMED the IRS because the American people are so dangerous. In fact, it has been reported that arming the IRS started with President Bush.

This is their excuse for arming their various departments with lethal weapons, to build a Gestapo right before our eyes. It’s also why they are using the vaccine and BLM to get rid of the local police.


While Americans have to jump through an increasing number of hoops in order to own a gun, federal agencies have been placing orders for hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point bullets and military gear. Among the agencies being supplied with night-vision equipment, body armor, hollow-point bullets, shotguns, drones, assault rifles and LP gas cannons are the Smithsonian, U.S. Mint, Health and Human Services, IRS, FDA, Small Business Administration, Social Security Administration, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Education Department, Energy Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing and an assortment of public universities.


Nobody Remembers: Remember, that Oklahoma City was housing many FBI very secret documents, AS was the 7th building that was taken down on 9/11 and not by the attacks from Saudi’s. That building was also full of government records. Here in St. Louis, another FBI building that held records was destroyed. Whose to say that Trump has a few of those records hidden somewhere and that’s what they were looking for? FBI records must be destoryed before anybody figures out the details of just how tyrannical and criminal our government is.

Like I have said before: We must insist on our 2nd amendment rights. It’s all that’s left between us and the government putting us into slavery for life. And it’s why they want to START a revolutionary war so that they can come in, and disarm us all.

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Nobody Flashes: Tyranny In America

Yesterday, for the first time in American History, a former President’s resident was raided by the FBI. Even his home safe was broken into.

It was illegal, and no doubt, some kind of fake ‘evidence’ was planted in order to frame him for…for what? I don’t think its only power that they are after…with every day passing, what they are REALLY afraid of is all their many crimes against America and humanity being exposed.

Stealing the election for the first time in history was one thing: but this? To break into his home and go through his safe looking for what?

Proof of crimes? Or proof of crimes committed by the various former Presidents?

Or is it simply that Trump will destroy too many gravy trains of cash.

President Trump probably has documents that prove the vast crimes that all of the people at the top have been committing. From sex orgies, to drug running, to money laundering, to major crimes committed against the American people, to proof that the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Obamas, how they have been bought and sold to the highest bidders and the treasonous crimes they have all committed against America. We’ve all read about it, and are being told time and again to ignore it all.

The Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas: all destroying as much as they could.

Or is this just another ‘stunt’? Another stunt to discourage the American people for voting for him?

We have sat by for years and watch the Clintons and their many crimes: Killings of over hundreds of people who worked for them, by plane crashes, and suicides. Even Putin should be jealous of the many mysterious ‘killings’ of the vast Clinton murder lists.

Bill’s trafficting in sex with Epstein—Hillary selling off America’s assets to Russia, MASSIVE treasoous crimes commited and ignored. Now the Bidens are giving America to China. Weakening us at every turn: economically, and militarily, so that China can rule us all. Disarming, us. Taking away our energy, food—doing what any other emeny nation would do to take us out.

All the while behind the scenes the vast movers of the global corporate elite planning to have us all marked and controlled like cattle with electric sensors in our brains.

Never in our history, has an American President been attacked so viciously than President Trump. Even Abraham Lincoln didn’t have to fight the vicious democrats/Marxist who cheat, kill, lie, and plan, to take and destroy America.

Whose behind the DOJ and the FBI being used as a weapon to destroy Trump?

I have one name: Hillary Clinton. And Hillary is the world’s biggest whore. (Metaphorically speaking.)

Nancy Pelosi works for Hillary. She’s the second in command. And I think that the speeches at CPAC, and the recent nominations of Trump supporters in the last primaries, put them in high panic attack gear:

Trump HAS to go. It’s not just Trump. That new woman on the blog, Kari Lake, of Arizonia, is the REAL threat. Not Ron DeSantis. Kari Lake. I bet Hillary and Nancy are planning right now a car crash or a plane crash.

You can bet on it.

The FBI raiding Trump’s home in Mar-a-lago, might just be the final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s march to power. To carry machine guns into the X-President’s home?


We all know the crimes that have been committed and nobody goes to jail, but this?

As Kari Lake put it so beautifully the other day: It’s time for the dynasties of Bush and Clintons to end.

The good news? We can fight back. And many will. The GOP is about to raise a LOT of money.

The bad news: The deep state can start WWIII and never hold elections again. They’ve killed millions with the virus, they can kill millions more with a war.

We’d better have a plan. If they will steal an election, and turn America into little Russia, then they will do ANYTHING to destroy us, and soon.

One thing that we CAN be sure of: Don’t expect the RINOS to come out and join the American people to say “this has gone too far.”If they do, don’t believe them.

I’m not going to. Do you really think Dick Cheney is going to say a word?

The RINOS…are in on it. So, don’t listen to what they say: watch what they do.

In the meantime, we pray for the safety of President Trump. THE REAL President who is now, in exile.

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Nobody’s Thoughts on a Sunday

I was pretty down today, like this gentleman. Rain is expected throughout the July the 4th weekend. I went shopping in the local favorite spot, Old Town St. Charles, Missouri, and there were only a few people out, on a Saturday. On 4th of July weekend. The riverbanks were covered with hundreds of tents, getting ready for the 4th, but only a few people walking in the mud. Flags were up, but the spirit…gone.

I stopped and talked to a Jewish merchant, who had a little shop on the street for over 40 years. I could tell, he didn’t want me to leave. I spent money on a few things I really didn’t need, because, well, when those local shops are gone, it will be too sad, as all the malls have closed down.

I went to a Best Buy, who used to take old electronics…all you had to do was drop them off. Now, you have to pay THEM $30 dollars to take one item: computer, TV..etc. China is not taking our junk anymore and I thought, since there IS a shortage on electronics chips surely the old electronic could be picked for metal, chips, etc, right? That would be smart….right?

But only if you pay them.

Nancy Pelosi was seen with the Pope this week, getting her communion. So was Elon Musk.

Too funny I thought. But SO wrong.

So, what else can we do…but hope good men bring us through?

Sorry, I’ll try to cheer up by July the 4th, but really…today, I felt like this veteran.

And in a REAL world, one where evil does not dominate us all, THIS man would be Pope: We look to God to help us all, and good men and good women…to lead us.

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Nobody Wins With a Carbon Footprint Tracker

Gee…isn’t Alibabab a Chinese company? Listen to how this unelected dweeb sounds like he’s talking to his five-year-old, trying to convince him how wonderful spinich is for you.

Okay. This is worse. This is how they plan to ‘sell’ you the wonderful app to be put on your phone, where YOU can monitor every little move you make, and it will be sent to the authorites who will at first, advise you, and THAN, if you eat that steak, FINE you. Or drive you gas-fueled car more than the allowence, first you will be warned, THEN you will be punished.

But…to put this all as some kind of exciting thing?

Can we all scream now?

This is what they do in China. THIS is what they want to do to every single person on the planet.

Let’s not let them.

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Nobody Flashes An Important Message from Neil Oliver: Guess W.H.O.?

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Nobody Remembers: The Farmer’s Rebellion of 1740

Nobody Remembers

Hey! What happened to the American Truckers going to Washington D.C.? Notice they showed nothing ANYWHERE on ANY station…well, okay, a few pictures, but compared to the Canada trucker protest, it was crickets. The U.S. cleverly put roadblocks up in every state and really discouraged them…the whole thing sort of grew flat.

The brave Canadians showed the world that the people were REALLY pissed off. Truck protests started happening all over the world.

Suddenly, the mandates came down all over, and sports came back in a huge way, and no more talk about ‘protesting.’

Coincidence? Did you notice how quickly the media and the politicians reacted?

So, as I love to do,…let’s go back to 1740 in Boston. The people, much like today, were fed up with the aristocracy elite that put their boot on the necks of the local merchants. The then Governor Belcher wrote that the people “are grown so brassy and hardy as to be now combining a body to raise rebellion.”

1740: It was said that thousands of farmers would march to Boston on election day to join forces with the town Land Bankers.

2021: (Truckers everywhere drove to capitols to protests the current elites.)

1740: The embattled farmers, assisted by their urban allies, would then “force the currency of the Land Bank Bills” and demanded grain from the merchants;”


From the book SAM ADAMS, by John C. Miller


1740—What might have gone down in history as the Great Massachusetts Rebellion was nipped in the bud. Governor Belcher who had been busily ferreting out radicals, learned that certain extremists were planning a desperate attempt to beat down opposition to the Land Bank.

He struck quickly and hard. (Trudeau)

The leading conspirators were rounded up and jailed. (Jan 6)

Election day passed without a sign of the threatened uprising. But though the people did not openly revolt, they gave the Land Banders such an overwhelming victory at the polls that when the new House of Representatives met, Deacon Adams and other prominent members of the popular party were elected to the Council and were prevented from entering that aristocratic stronghold only by the governor’s veto. (One word: V.P. Pence)

There was no question that the Land Bank had the support of the vast majority of Massachusetts voters and that the leadership of the Boston Aristocracy had been completely repudiated. Yet just as the LAND Bank party was taking the reins of government in Massachusetts, it was learned that Parliament had responded to the pleas of Belcher and the merchants had had outlawed the LAND BAN BY EXTENDING THE Bubble Act to the colonies.


Just like in 1740, where the people were losing their farms, and the population was starving, now OUR world leaders have orchestrated famine, and starvation for the world

2022: Headlines:

Farmers Warn About Rising Food Prices – “Wait Until Your Grocery Bill Is Up $1,000 A Month”

PLANNED STARVATION: Grain Deliveries by Rail to Be Partially HALTED, Devastating Dairy Herds and Meat Operations Nationwide (

US rail carriers, we have learned, are right now declaring force majeure and cancelling contracts on their obligations to deliver hundreds of thousands of rail cars of bulk grains to cattle and dairy operations in America. Right now, tens of thousands of dairy animals face starvation within weeks, and grain supplies will be gone in many areas in just a few days. Importantly, if dairy animals are culled because of a lack of grain, it will take many years to rebuild dairy operations to the present level.

Say goodbye to affordable milk, cheese, yogurt and whey protein. Don’t forget this also affects infant formula.

This is all being done on purpose to create mass chaos and civil unrest, of course.

Ultimately, this means that dairy and meat operations in America are going to be significantly smaller in the coming years, which just happens to coincide with the globalist effort to banish all meat and animal products, to be replaced by “cultured meat” which is made from the cloned heart stem blood cells harvested from baby calves, by the way. (It’s not vegan. It’s insanely cruel.)


Our founders knew how easy it was for the people in power to become tyrannical. It seems the greed of men once in power care little about their “people” and more about money, power, and fame.

There is one big difference between 1740 and 2022. Fifty years from now, the truckers around the world who tried to protest the tyranny of the elites will not even be given a footnote.

That’s my nobody opinion: unless of course, the pendulum swings back with such force, the evil is destroyed.

And the evil is Biden and China: watch this from the brillaint mind of Tucker Carlson if you can.

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Canada Uses Radiation to Hurt Its Citizens

So, this Sunday we pray for the Good People of Canada.

Trudeau is just warming up.

Is this to show Americans and the rest of the world WHAT they can do to us?

Why am I getting ads to protect myself against EMP by Trump’s former director of ICE? They are everywhere on my computer. If the grid goes down, they won’t do much good, and yet it’s very expensive. And if the grid goes down, it will take a year to get it back up, and then all these little gadgets will do is maybe keep you from having to replace your car or your electronics.

IF you don’t starve first.

And NOW we know WHY our government has NEVER protected our grid against an EMP attack.

Why didn’t President Trump make it just as important as the wall?

After all we’ve seen happen in the last year, who has any doubt that IF the Americans do not comply with Fauci and Gates…and the China takeover of our country, they will just destroy it.

I still remember Bill Clinton’s last novel of fiction. An EMP attack was the danger.

Sorry, this is on my mind tonight. Too much is going on WAY too fast.

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Nobody’s Opinion: The NWO Starts in Australia

Here’s a lady who tested negative, (see first video) and yet, she will be fined if she even dares move INSIDE her prison. While many of us remember how quarantine camps looked long ago in history, filled with beds and nurses, with NO barbed wire or even threat of fines, THIS one has barbed electrical wire. This Nobody here in America can hardly believe that in our lifetime we would see such tyranny…and yet, our politicians remain silent.

I was standing in line at my local grocery store, and notice that now, the self-service machines will accept no cash. This cashless society has been in motion for quite some time now, and it’s a way to put all power of finance into the ‘powers’ who rule us. When you can’t control your own money, they own you.

Nobody Knows that the whole world now seems to be in control of the “Build, Back, Better” United Nations New World Order plan. Notice now, the ‘leaders’ are openly saying “Build Back Better” every chance they get.

You may think, because your little neck of the woods is still America, your politicians in your state are still conservative, but, for how long?

The German people looked away when the Jews were being persecuted. America came to their rescue, but they paid a heavy price. And now, the psychological warfare is so well developed, along with technology that far surpasses even ten years ago, they mean to implement this fast.

Just because you can watch sports or movies on TV, and you still have your house, and your life, doesn’t mean your life isn’t about to change drastically.

I watched the movie “IKE” tonight with Tom Selleck. WE ARE AT WAR. They are just really good at keeping us all now…accepting our fate.

Come on Joyanna, you are being silly: America will never die.

It’s already halfway there and not too many people notice it.

The man from the Holocaust knows.

Austria, Germany, Australia: the West is being given over to the Hilter’s of our time.

And they are doing it…perfectly. As they say: You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

Think that’s a joke? Nobody Wonders it seem but a few.

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Build Back Better with FOOD Shortages!

Nobody’s Opinion

Last night I was reading in an old book called Conversations in Cuba by Barry Reckord, a black journalist who went to Cuba in the late 1960s to talk to ordinary Cubans. He met a young girl who talked about how her life was BEFORE the revolution:


“And you would space out the shopping you know, perfume this week, a long trek all round before you buy a bottle, you’d set your heart on long before. Sandals next week. It was truly a freedom for the few, and what they say we are making in Cuba is a freedom for the masses. So, there will be lines and shortages, perhaps for a long time, perhaps forever like in Russia.”

That girl left for America the next day. She’d rather ‘suffer’ and be able to buy a bottle of perfume working as a secretary, than be forced to cut sugarcane and wait in long lines for food, that she probably couldn’t even get.

Here in my little neighborhood, we still have stocked food grocery stores, but many of the items are sold out immediately and not stocked back for months. You drive down any main street and you see ALL the fast-food restaurants with at least ten to fifteen cars ahead of you just to get a McDonald Hamburger, and you will pay ten dollars more than you did last year for the same meal.

Janet Yellen and our elite politicians, never count the inflation of food or energy in their “graphs” and for good reason. It’s the two thing most everyone depends upon to live.

All over the county of St. Louis, food trucks are being seen in the parks. Our local park now has food truck days, and soon those food trucks will be getting bigger and bigger: Nobody asks WHY?

Jen Psaki has warned Americans to stock up on toys, but Nobody Wonders, should we be stocking up on food also?

Read this: From the All News Pipeline…to me, a scary read, but a warning to at least think about:  

Globalists Warned Of A “Hunger Pandemic” Ahead Of The “Engineered Famine” And “Reset Of The US Food System” Now Pushing Us Towards The Brink Of Starvation (

Need to Know News last year showed in “Engineered Food Shortages and Famine to Justify ‘Reset’ of US Food System” a clip on and mention that in the past five years venture capitalists and corporations invested almost $10 Billion to replace traditional food sources with synthetic lab produced “food”.  They also mention that covid is a method of reducing farm labor to artificially reduce food production.  This was covered in a Rockefeller Foundation paper available online that outlines in caged verbiage how they are accomplishing that task.  In many ways, Covid-19 has boiled over long-simmering problems plaguing America’s food system. What began as a public health crisis fueled an economic crisis, leaving 33 percent of families unable to afford the amount or quality of food they want” is how they word it.  In other words, the fake covid bio-warfare attack is doing its designed job, killing the population off

Sarah Westall opines that the engineered food shortage is being used as a weapon of war as she goes through Farmers being forced to destroy their crops because of the engineered drought – remember that California supplies over 1/3 of our veggies and 2/3 of our fruits and nuts – while the usurper Biden adds millions of more acres to the “Conservation Reserve Program” created in 1985 by paying one and a half times the value of the land to stop production on it.  The USA in the last 20 years has lost over 48,000,000 acres of productive farmland because of insane federal programs like this.  This is ENGINEERED FAMINE. Last year was no different, with even ABC News flying that same theme “The head of the U.N. food agency warned Tuesday that, as the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it is also “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” that could lead to “multiple famines of biblical proportions” within a few months if immediate action isn’t taken.”   It should be obvious that the UN is just pushing the Climate Change farce although the weather is indeed changing as that is the very definition of “weather”.  What caught my eye was the phrase “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” which seems like some sort of warning to us

It’s hard not to believe that this world pandemic was not carefully planned out. When millions are now quitting their jobs due to being forced to take the vaccine…Nobody Wonders: When WILL the people wake up?

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Nobody Escapes

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s the most important headline for today:

Does Biden Want to Destroy America? by Terry Paulson (

And here’s what Mr. Paulson so succinctly listed to answer the question, and I hope you follow the link and read the whole thing…And I’ve added a few of my own at the end.  

If you want to destroy America, open our Southern border to all who want to come in.

If you want to destroy America, do everything you can to end our energy independence.

If you want to destroy America, stoke the fires of racial hatred in an already divided country.

If you want to destroy America, allow crime on the streets to go unpunished.

If you want to destroy America, keep calling for lockdowns and strict mask guidelines.

If you want to destroy America, allow congress to pass reckless deficit spending creating government dependence and rampant Inflation. 

If you want to destroy America, establish the federal control of elections.

If you want to destroy America, project military weakness and failed leadership in times of crisis.


Mr. Paulson blames all who voted for Trump, assuming that the election was legitimate.

And he blames Biden on the American voters.

THIS nobody puts the blame on China, who basically has played the long game of the takeover of the world. They bought and sold many of our politicians, they released a bio-weapon with the help of Bill Gates and Fauci, who will make BILLIONS off the vaccines. They own half of Congress, and ALL of the democratic party. They are now working with The Taliban, the Muslims, Russia, and many dictators in South America and Africa, AND the European Union.

They’ve managed to kill all small business, and will now go to push global warming which they ALSO control. Our biggest CEO’s have already made deals with them, and China has bought and paid for the destruction of our country.

While Biden gave the Taliban our weapons, China is taking California, New York, and are on their way to taking Texas and Florida.

President Trump was the only one standing in their way. But, because he won, the “globalists” controlled by China, had to speed up their global agenda.

They released the virus, and soon, very soon, will take over complete control of our biggest companies: Wal-Mart, Disney, Ford…and even Apple and Microsoft. They already own Facebook and Twitter’s CEOs.

The CEOs of those companies, and the American politicians WHO think they are going to get a place at the China table are going to be into a big surprise. China will gobble them all up.

So, the ONE thing that can save us is holding onto our guns.

The Taliban has already said they want all guns turned in.

China wants to destroy America, and Joe Biden is the bought and sold puppet that has been put in place to do it.

If the NEXT elections are stolen like the last one was, and like before, we have even people like Mr. Paulson, still thinking this America is still ours…

Nobody Knows if the American people will get what happened to them.

Lindsey Graham is already saying another 9/11 will happen.

Remember, Joe Kennedy, who is trying to tell us about the danger of this ‘vaccine’, now admits it was our own CIA who killed President Kennedy.

Sure, Joe Biden is destroying the country, but he had a LOT of help, and I’m pretty sure it was NOT the American people.

Watch this video, for some answers.

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The Muslim Invasion: Created on Purpose?

Nobody Wonders

Everyday, I tune into the Glenn Beck Program, and for the last few days he has raised MILLIONS to get everyone, out of Afghanistan. Last time I checked; it was over 20 million. He hired a pilot, and said they got about 300, but getting more was hard because our STATE DEPARTMENT would not give them permission, or something to that effect. I don’t know. A lot of it seems to me to be “Look, I’m such a humble good person and the government wont’ do anything but I will.”

Sorry, but why didn’t he just, like Ross Perot use his own money and send men to rescue them? Ross did that for men left behind in Vietnam but he never tried to use other people’s money, or even bragged about it. So why did Glenn?

He’s a radio talk show host. AND…

Because, GLENN wanted the brownie points.

Glenn is giving the same argument we are hearing from most everyone. Those poor people will be KILLED! They HELPED us. We promised them…now they will be killed. He opens his big heart to ‘Do the right thing.”

I’ve never heard Glenn be so passionate about the veterans on our streets. But he reminds me of a pool lady that I swim with: Mrs. J. I’ll call her. She gathers the ‘turtles’ (I call them turtles because they are all in their 70’s and just get in the shallow end and move their feet…like turtles.) and they talk for hours. Mostly about all the good deeds they have done. All of them are Christians.

Yesterday I overheard her talk about how the Muslims that have moved into our neighborhoods don’t bother anyone. She likes them.

I have talked about the Muslims in my neighborhood them before, (Not the same attitude) and here’s how the global elites are USING good hearted Christians to accept the Muslims into their neighborhood. Christians are hell bent to show YOU and themselves and GOD, just how tolerant and merciful they are to all religions.

It’s the old ‘Love your enemy and give him the other cheek.” They feel all good inside when they do that.

The liberals USE this good-hearted nature of most Christians to accept what will eventually be, their own downfall. Muslims lie. Here in my town, they have built their Mosques next to the churches, every single time. They do it in every country. And they do NOT blend. They do not want to be Americans. And I don’t believe for one minute that the leaders of the world do not know this.

Of course they do.

This didn’t just start, mixing the Muslims into the West, and the wars that all our Presidents have been getting us into. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter started moving Muslims into the United States by the thousands.

They are SUCKERS for what they are doing, which is destroying their own countries. Or the NWO plans.

Now all the conservatives talk about how the United States rebuilt Germany, saved those countries, and we should do the same for Afghanistan.

Germany, was bombed to oblivion. You cannot compare, and we are not as strong as we once were. How many men DO we have left to fight wars? Not many I bet. Too many abortions. That was not happening before WWII.

Everyone is talking about Biden destroying America’s reputation. And yes, this is the most insane thing that any American President has done in history.

Trust me, this was planned. Obama brought in millions of Muslims, we now have them in Congress, and he WAS a Muslim. Still is. Well, if he is anything besides a giant racist and hater of America. Obama has given more of our weapons to terrorists that he should be…well, fill in the blank……..

But this isn’t just about Muslims. Who really wins in this destruction of all Western nations?

China. Let the Muslims attack and kill Americans. China does it without firing a shot. The Nazi’s used the Muslims to further THEIR goals. Nothing new here.

Unless free men woman start realizing that China is using Biden to take over not only our country, but all of the West, we will be doomed to a nightmare.

And China is using the Western Leaders to help them out.

The Virus was just a warm-up act. If the vaccine passports become reality, like Fauci wants, then the West will never recover.

Many of the good women cry “Where are the voice of our men?”

Guess what? That’s what the women’s revolution was all about. To take over countries you MUST silenced the men. Make them wimps. Now they could lose their jobs….they are keeping quiet.

And the ones who stand up: Are being arrested. Burn a BLM flag, you go to jail. But Biden just burned all of the American flags in Afghanistan. He takes a knee to BLM, a subsidiary of China.

God help us now. If the God-fearing people of the WORLD don’t all unit, we will all fall to the tyranny that is coming fast. I see it here every day.

Today a man at my husband’s work got so frustrated by not getting the help he needed at work, because of all the shutdowns, he walked out on HIS boss, got in his car, and ran into a tree.

That’s how bad it is. The Covid lockdowns are WAR. WAR on the West. WAR on everyone.

WAR on your freedom. And they will never give it back. They are trying to break the will of the people.

It’s that simple.

Waiting for Trump?

Yeah. He’s only one man. And they have silenced him.

In the meantime….it starts:

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Nobody’s Fool: AnOmaly

Nobody’s Opinion

Two major disasters going on right now in the world: The fall of Afganistan, and the push to have everyone in the world vacinnated or else they will NOT be able to hold a job, buy groceries, or live their lives.

So, watch this first. All that you are hearing about the Virus and the stats they give to support the loss of freedoms coming your way, is explained by this young man.

Anomaly makes a lot of good video’s. He puts pieces together that most people do NOT put together, but make perfect sense.

So, Welcome a new “NOBODY’s FOOL” man to my roster of really intelligent Tuesday rants.

Anomaly, thanks for reading Bill’s Book.

Who knew? Proof! Of the scam, in which the elites will take over the world with.

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The Tyranny is Coming FAST!

Nobody Wonders

Every day I visit the Liberty Daily:

🔔 The Liberty Daily – The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report

It’s a FULL MOON tonight. And here are SOME of the headlines and some  Nobody Opinion about them:


Nine-year-old girl speaks out about the BLM poster in her classroom in Minnesota

              Wanna bet she doesn’t make it to the next grade?

Parents Arrested Protesting Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting

              That’s what they do IN CHINA! Worried yet?

Why Lockdown States May Shut Down Again This Fall

              Yes. The Indian variant is already being touted as the new scare. We will all go back to being locked down.

California Ha 1.8M More Registered Voters Than It Should.

              Are we surprised?

Investigative Journalist Exposes Reported US Government Ties to CCP, Organ Harvesting Death Camps

              So that’s how they are keeping Kessinger, Biden, Feinstein, and half of the elites alive.

Google Helped Fund Bioweapons Development That Led to the Creation of Covid-19

              And why not? Who’s going to stop them, Obama? What’s a government internet invention for anyway?

How New York City Republicans Profit by Losing

              Wall Street has been “VEDY GOOD TO MEEEEEE.”

The FBI is the KGB

              Right. Maybe Putin gave Hillary some lessons in “How to arrest anyone who is against you” along with his million dollar  payments to her foundation for our Uranium.

Vaccine of No Benefit to People Who Already Had Covid-19

              And yet, my woman friend at the pool today, who HAD Covid, even though she is diabetic, and survived, was so proud today to show off her SECOND vaccine bandage. Nobody Wonders: Well, the same thing you do. Why get the vaccine after you have antibodies?

mRNA Vaccines Appear to Be Damaging Red Blood Cells

              But…don’t watch the film…please…remember, as Fauci says, data changes ALL the time!

Colorado Town Mayor Cancels Pledge of Allegiance at Town Hall. Attendees Recite Anyway

If there was a town square, they would probably all be beaten by Antifa.

Critical Space Theory: NASA Puts Diversity Before Merit

              The first people to Mars will probably die of diversity. The race war will continue.

Underwear Inspired by George Floyd

              It won’t let your private parts  breathe.

Leaked Iowa School CRT Docs Show Teachers Forced to Classify “Make America Great Again’ as ‘Covert White Supremacy’

              Covert? What’s covert about being white? I don’t get it. Making America great again is now a crime. Who knew?

‘I’m Not Going Back to Work’: Indiana Residents File Lawsuit After Governor Ends Unemployment Benefits

              Why work when you can go to the pool? No kidding. There is a guy that comes to our pool every day, and calls his wife while SHE is at work. He is VERY Tanned.

State Official Promotes Critical Race Theory-Based Classes at Military College

              China is VERY happy about this one. They also have Drag-Queen shows.

For this STEM Scholarship, Middle-Income White Males Ineligible to Apply All Other Welcomed.

              Won’t matter. They might be better off. Who wants to go to a racist school?

Of Course, the FBI Was Infiltrating January 6 Groups.

              King George is BACK! Heck they do it in all other countries…why not ours?

China wants Nobel Prize for Wuhan Lab

              And why not? They got the WEST to fund its own destruction! Brilliant!

Outdated Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Electric Car Batteries Will Clog Landfills with Hazardous Waste According to New Report.

              Our groundwater will help us produce two headed babies! Obamacare will be saved.

Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say

              Such is history…and clearly, our elites have the blueprint.

Now, excuse me while I go slaughter the fly buzzing around my computer, it’s probably a drone.

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Smartest Man in America: IQ 200

Nobody Flashes: If you don’t believe a word I’ve said about the elites and the vaccine, then maybe you’ll believe THIS man. He pretty much lays it out.

Too bad he can’t stop these “elites” from continuing their tyrannical plans.

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